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2022 BTEC Business Level 3 - Unit 5: International Business Assignment 2( Distinction*)

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unit 5 international business assignment brief

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unit 5 international business assignment brief

2022 BTEC Business Level 3: Unit 5: International Business All Assignments

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Institution North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire Hinckley College

Study BTEC Business Level 3

Course Unit 5: International Business

Language English

Subject Business

Updated On Dec 15,2020

Number of Pages 38

Written 2022-2023

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unit 5 international business assignment brief

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unit 5 international business assignment brief

2022 BTE Business Level 3...

unit 5 international business assignment brief

2022 BTEC Business Level ...

unit 5 international business assignment brief


unit 5 international business assignment brief

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unit 5 international business assignment brief

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unit 5 international business assignment brief

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unit 5 international business assignment brief

BTEC Nationals in Business: assessment support

This page will try and help you understand the assessment of our Level 3 (RQF) BTEC Nationals in Business.

There is also a sister page to support you in the delivery of this qualification.

Go to the delivery support page.

Internally assessed units

An assignment is set after the content of specific learning aims has been delivered.  The assignment is a distinct activity completed independently by learners, and is separate from the teaching and learning for that learning aim or aims.

An assignment is issued to learners as an assignment brief with a defined start date, a completion date and clear requirements for the evidence that they need to provide. A valid assignment will enable a clear and formal assessment outcome based on the assessment criteria.

The specification for each unit includes the assessment criteria and guidance for assessors in the section headed 'Essential information for assessment decisions'.

The BTEC Centre Guides below provide guidance on how to run the assessment of internally assessed units.

{{ gatDoctitle }}

We have provided Authorised Assignment Briefs (AABs) which you can download and use with your learners.

Go to the Authorised Assignment Briefs.

You may prefer to write your own assignment briefs.  We provide an Assignment Checking Service which offers you feedback on your assignment briefs.

In order to access the ACS, you will need to complete the form using the following options:

You can then complete the rest of the online form providing all the information relevant to your case, attach the assignment brief once you have submitted the case.

Please ensure that you have also read the ACS terms & conditions.

Classroom Picture

All of the forms required for assessment and verification can be downloaded from the web site.

Assessment guidance

The guidance below is largely taken from Senior Standards Verifier (SSV) Reports.

For this mandatory unit, up to four different businesses are required – two contrasting businesses for Learning Aims A and B, another business for Learning Aims C and D and a further business for Learning Aim E.

For this unit it is expected that learners will work in small groups. Organising an event on your own is tricky but a group of learners will be able to plan and run a sizable event which gives scope to achieve all the criteria. But, remember group evidence is not acceptable, and learners must produce their own, individual evidence of their contribution and participation.

Please make sure the event allows the learners to demonstrate the skills and activities required in the assessment criteria and that individual evidence is produced. The important thing is individual learners have the opportunity to do justice to the unit requirements and produce their own evidence.  

The event itself must be sufficiently complex. Learners have to plan and stage the event to showcase their organisational and management skills. Something like a school/college special event for other students to raise money for charity would be appropriate. Something like a raffle is too simple and not suitable.

Th 2016 OSCA materials include an example of learner work for Learning Aims B-E.

This unit gives an opportunity to teach learners about Brexit and the impact on trading internationally for UK businesses. To do this, learners will have to use UK businesses, and this is recommended as it allows them to investigate finance/support and barriers, trade agreements.

This is a popular optional unit. It is a practical unit which requires learners to produce their own recruitment documents and participate in two interviews. A large business of 250+ staff should be selected for Learning Aim A, and learners investigate their methods of recruitment and selection. Many businesses publish such information online for potential recruits, but learners must not copy/paste chunks from a website as this doesn’t show they’ve understood the process. They must show they understand why the business adheres to ethics and legislation, not just that there are laws to protect people.

Externally asessed units

There are four externally assessed units and they are either of 90 or 120 GLH.

Each assessment is taken under specified conditions, then marked by Pearson and a grade awarded. Learners are permitted to resit external assessments twice during their programme. Learners may resit an external assessment to obtain a higher grade of near pass or above. If a learner has more than one attempt, then the best result will be used for qualification grading.

These two videos provide a useful introduction to BTEC external assessment and how best to prepare learners for them.

Video Icon

Youtube Video Title

Related videos, examiners' reports.

After each exam series, the Lead Examiner for each unit writes a report to provide feedback to teachers. Examiners' reports are the communication channel between senior examiners and teachers and contain an explanation of how the senior examiners have interpreted the mark schemes as well as examples of both good and poor candidate responses.

You can download the question papers, mark schemes and examiners' reports for each past exam series and taken together, these will give you the best insight into what is required in each unit.

Go to the question papers, mark schemes and examiners' reports

In this unit learners examine marketing aims and objectives for existing products/services and understand the importance of relevant, valid and appropriate research in relation to the needs and wants of customers. They will use market research data and other information to make recommendations about the type of marketing campaign that a business should undertake.

Part A introduces learners to the context and consists of a research pack released on the afternoon before the Part B is taken.  Learners can use their time with Part A to annotate the research pack and to prepare up to two sides of A4 notes to take into the Part B supervised assessment.  Learners’ notes can include notes about the provided research.  Learners’ notes must not include any attempt to pre-prepare marketing plans, budgets or timelines. Please note that any attempt to do this it may actually restrict learners’ ability to respond to the specific context that will be presented in Part B.

Part B is a three-hour supervised assessment taken on the timetabled date set by Pearson. The controlled conditions for this unit allow learners to:

Learners must not have access to the Internet, email, or any other resources aside from their permitted notes.

An Administrative Support Guide is available to help guide you through the assessment process.  

Go to the Administrative Support Guide

This unit includes aspects of both personal and business finance.

Personal finance involves the understanding of why money is important and how managing money can help prevent future financial difficulties. Learners need to understand the financial decisions they will need to take throughout life. This unit will also give learners an insight into where they can get financial advice and support.

The business finance aspects of the unit introduces learners to accounting terminology, the purpose and importance of business accounts and the different sources of finance available to businesses. Planning tools, such as cash flow forecasts and break-even, will be prepared and analysed and measuring the financial performance of a business will require learners to prepare and analyse statements of comprehensive income and statements of financial position.

In this unit learners examine how businesses adapt their approaches to management in response to challenges in their environment. Depending on their roles and responsibilities, managers need to develop skill sets that enable them to work effectively in areas such as the management of people, financial, resource and quality management, and the management of change. Learners will investigate some of the issues that managers and leaders have to deal with in the workplace in making businesses more efficient and ensuring their survival and growth.

Part A introduces learners to the context and is released before the Part B is taken. Learners can use Part A for familiarization but are not permitted to make notes to take with them into Part B.

Part B is a three-hour supervised assessment taken on the timetabled date set by Pearson.

In Unit 7 learners draw together learning from previous units in the qualification. The unit consolidates understanding and skills to enable the interpretation of data, and formulation of decisions and solutions to given complex business problems. Learners will consider business situations/scenarios where they are required to select and use appropriate evidence from several sources and support their arguments. They will be able to predict probable consequences, identify faulty arguments or misrepresentations of information or data, compare information and data, provide reasonable alternatives, and evaluate and justify proposed solutions.

The Unit 7 task booklet (called Part S) must only be made available to learners at the beginning of the supervised assessment period and centres must not discuss the details of the task contents with learners directly.

Part S is completed on a computer. Learners are permitted access to any relevant software to enable them to complete the Part S task. This includes, but is not limited to offline versions of:

Learners are not permitted to take notes or any other materials into the Part S supervised assessment period but they may have access to blank paper and pens to jot down ideas or sketch out plans. These plans must not be submitted as part of the learners work and will not be marked by examiners.

Learners must not have access to the Internet, email, or any other resource.  

An Administrative Support Guide is available to help guide you through the assessment process.

Grade boundaries

All of the grade boundaries for the BTEC externally assessed units are given in ‘raw’ marks. A raw mark is the actual mark awarded by our examiners for an assessment. Raw mark scores can be downloaded by Exams Officers from Edexcel Online.

A grade boundary is the minimum mark at which a grade can be achieved. For example, if the grade boundary for a Distinction is 29, then 29 is the minimum mark atwhich a Distinction can be achieved. A mark of 28 would therefore be a Merit.

Unit results for BTEC National qualifications are reported on a 5 point grade scale: Distinction (D), Merit (M), Pass (P), Near Pass (N) and Unclassified (U).

Raw marks from the external units are converted into points based on performance in the assessment. Points are awarded on a sliding scale between the grade boundaries based on the number of raw marks achieved by each learner.

The grade boundaries for past Unit 2 tasks are as follows:

From May 2020 onwards, the total marks for the assessment of Unit 3 was reduced from 100 marks to 80 marks. This should be borne in mind when using past papers for mocks.

The grade boundaries for previous exam series are as follows:

The grade boundaries for past Unit 6 tasks are as follows:

The grade boundaries for past Unit 7 tasks are as follows:

Grade statistics

The grade statistics show the number of learners who completed each qualification each year, and the proportion achieving each grade.

Subject advisor

Colin leith.

Colin Leith, Business Subject Advisor

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