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Touch Typing Lesson 11: Learn to type B & V Keys

This typing lesson will teach you how to touch type with the B and V keys. Both capital and lower-case letters are included in this lesson. To type a capital, hit shift at the same time as you hit the letter. If you already know the keyboard, try our our alphabet drills or misspelled words drills for more relevant practice exercises.


qwerty keyboard with letters B and V highlighted


Personalized Feedback

This feedback graph will follow you from page to page for your typing session. You can see more details by mousing over the graph. The session is reset when the tab on your browser is closed.

Type this... CHANGE TEST

Test begins when you start typing..., check your wpm typing speed here.

To find out how fast you type, just start typing in the blank textbox on the right of the test prompt. You will see your progress, including errors on the left side as you type.

You can fix errors as you go, or correct them at the end with the help of the spell checker. If you need to restart the test, delete the text in the text box. Interactive feedback shows you your current wpm and accuracy.

In order to complete the test and share your results, you need to get 100% accuracy. You can review your progress for this session with the feedback chart. Just hover over a dot to see what your average speed and accruacy are for that key.

Letter Drills

A | b | c | d | e | f | g | h | i | j | k | l | m | n | o | p | q | r | s | t | u | v | w | x | y | z.

Start at the Beginning

Share your success... challenge your friends!

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Typing Lessons: Z, X, C, V, B and Shift Keys

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How Many Words Per Minute Can I Type?

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Rally Car Typing Race Game

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タイピングゲーム: Japanese Kana Typing Practice

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タイピング練習: Japanese Keyboard Typing Practice

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Type What You See

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Pink Typing Game

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Speed Typer

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Keyboard War

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How To Type

Free typing lessons, typing practice and typing tests..


Touch Typing Lesson 3: Typing The Bottom Row

You are almost done with the basic keys! It is time to learn to type the bottom row.

The Index Finger Keys

We will begin by learning to type the two keys below your right and left index fingers: m v

Practice typing m and v with the home row keys.

The Middle Finger Keys

Now let's learn to type the two keys below your middle fingers: , c

Work on typing , and c with the home row keys.

The Ring Finger Keys

It's time to learn the ring finger keys: . x

Now try those together with the home row keys.

The Pinky Finger Keys

Now for the the pinky finger keys: / z

And combine those with the home row keys.

The n and b keys are the final 2 bottom row keys. You will reach these keys by moving your index fingers down and to the side. Practice extending your right index finger down and to the left to hit the n key. Then try reaching down and to the right with your left index finger for the b key.

Let's work on those with the home row.

Practice Typing with Words

Excellent work! You have learned to type all the letters in the alphabet, as well as basic punctuation keys. Let's put them all together!

Feel free to repeat any of the exercises in this typing lesson. When you can complete them with nearly 100% accuracy you are ready to move on to the next lesson!

You are now ready for the basic typing test!

Next lesson: capital letters.

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Lesson 13: Bottom Row Left: ZXCVB

And here are the last 5 letters on the keyboard for you to learn: Z for the pinky, X for the ring, C for the middle and the index takes care of both V and B.

B is actually a hard one. Notice how much farther your left-hand finger has to stretch to reach B from its position in the home row (on F) than your right-hand index finger has to reach for its bottom row extended character, N, from its home row position (on J). Just knowing this will help to reduce errors, but don't be surprised if you get tripped up on the B early on.

By now you probably have them memorized, but here are the Principles for Effective Learning anyways! Make sure you have them in mind before doing any typing!

Click the orange button when you're ready to begin this lesson's exercise!

The interactive typing functionality requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's preferences, and reload this page.

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