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Tuchanka - shopping and side quests.

This page of IGN's Mass Effect wiki guide is all about the Tuchanka level. In particular, it details everything you can and should do in the level when you first visit it, including shopping and all the Side Quests you can do at this point.

Before We Begin

Landing platform, killing pyjaks, fortack's database, urdnot throne.

Tuchanka slice2.png

Tuchanka is located in a system called Krogan DMZ (De-Militarized Zone), just a bit South of the Widow system where the Citadel is. The Krogan DMZ doesn't unlock until you speak with either Mordin or Grunt and acquire their Loyalty Missions , which become available after completing the Horizon Mission. This page won't cover those, instead this page will just cover what you can do when first landing in the hub area.

As with The Citadel, Omega and Illium, you'll want to browse the stores first before making and purchases so that you know what's available to you. You don't want to blow all your credits only to find the other store had something you really liked!

If you're interested in mining, here are the Rich planets in the Aralakh system:

Tuchanka slice3.png

The first area you arrive in is the Landing Platform, where your Kodiak Shuttle drops you off. After a few seconds you'll be called to by an Overcaptain, but ignore him for now. First, on the platform itself you can find a Blood Pack Recruiter with three replies that makes it very clear he doesn't like you. If you did the Blue Rose of Illium Side Quest and suggested the Asari get together with Charr, you'll find the couple at the railing nearby. There will be four exchanges for you to listen to.

Tuchanka slice4.png

Now head down the ramp and talk to the Overcaptain. He strongly suggests that you speak to the local clan leader, and if you have Grunt in your Squad he'll also "suggest" that you give him "the Rite" soon, whatever that could mean. Luckily there's no punishment in seeing the clan leader last, so that's what we'll do.

Head through the door and down the stairs to enter the access tunnel. On the right are a pair of complaining Krogan, who'll have three exchanges as you pass by. As you go down the tunnel, EDI will inform you of what she knows regarding Mordin and Grunt's Loyalty Missions , but feel free to ignore it for now.

Tuchanka slice5.png

At the end of the tunnel you'll go up a pile of rubble to the main area. This is actually a forward camp: the main one is located elsewhere, but you won't ever get to see it sadly. Instead, we're first going to head to the first store.

Ratch's Wares

Tuchanka slice6.png

Take a left to head over the Ratch's Wares. On the way you may bump into a pair of Krogan, one of whom thinks he may have sired a child (if you know anything about Krogan, you know how important that is). They'll have five exchanges to make as you pass by.

Around the tarp behind them will be Ratch, as well as Urz, a "tame" Varren whose owner died a while ago. You can pet Urz, but that's about it... for now. Talk to Ratch and you'll discover that his food and beverages aren't exactly fit for humans, but he's also been frustrated by the local Pyjaks always stealing it. You can then offer to take care of it for him by shooting the Pyjaks, which we'll cover below.

Here's the list of what Ratch offers, with their non-discounted prices. The Asymmetric Defense Layer and Shield harness are only available after you complete the Collector Ship Mission.

Tuchanka slice7.png

To get the discount at Ratch's Wares, you'll need to complete the Killing Pyjaks Side Quest. To get there, head back around the tarp, then make a U-Turn to your left, down the rubble and to the area where the Scout Chief is, under the sunlight. Avoid talking to him for now and just use the Defense Gun Controls to begin.

Tuchanka slice8.png

The way this minigame works is intuitive, but the controls are not. The goal is to shoot the incoming Pyjaks with rockets before they get to the bottom of the screen, defending the Food Stores for three rounds. You can only let five or six Pyjaks through before you fail, and you only have 20 shots per round in order to do it (which can get tricky because you have to shoot more Pyjaks with each round, as indicated in the upper-right corner of the screen).

The tricky part is the way the rockets work. There's a delay from when you hit A / X and when a rocket is actually fired, and there's a further delay for the rocket actually getting to the target. While the rockets do have a blast radius, you'll need to lead your shots by shooting in front of the Pyjaks, so that the Pyjak is there by the time the rocket connects.

To make things even more confusing, the turrets alternate between left and right, which will affect whether a rocket will hit the target or collide with a tire. You'll do well to remember which side of the screen your next rocket will come from. The last facet is that the aiming reticule takes a few seconds to get to full speed, which makes it tricky to catch Pyjaks who've gotten past your reticule.

Tuchanka slice9.png

Once you've passed the minigame, return to Ratch and talk to him to cash in your discount. Since you've done that, you can now by Pyjak Meat. Buy it, then feed it to Urz: Urz will now follow you around the level! Urz will also be available to you in the fighting pit: he has a very high win rate, allowing you to reliably get credits betting on him, albeit only modest amounts.

Tuchanka slice10.png

Now we'll head to the other store on Tuchanka, the Med-Lab. To get there, head towards the Scout Chief, but this time head right up the ramp, then take a right to get to the lab (ignore the Krogan working on the giant truck for now). In here you can find a Pyjack in the back corner you can Punch for no reason (don't worry Paragons, you won't get Renegade Points for doing this). You can also talk to Fortack himself, although you'll need to use Charm or Intimidate for him to talk about himself and what he does.

Here's the list of what's sold at Fortack's Database, at their non-discounted prices. All of this stock is unlocked from the get-go.

To get the discount at Fortack's Database, you'll have to complete Grunt's Loyalty Mission. Obviously, this means that you can't get the discount if you don't awaken Grunt from his tank.

Tuchanka slice11.png

The last place to visit here is the Urdnot Throne, in the North-East corner of the area. If you recruited Wrex in Mass Effect 1 and spared him on Virmire, he'll be present as the leader of Clan Urdnot. If you didn't recruit Wrex, or did and killed him on Virmire, or started Mass Effect 2 fresh, Wrex will be dead and replaced with his much more traditional brother, Wreav.

Tuchanka slice12.png

Wreav will let you learn more about Clan Urdnot in general, while Wrex will inform you about his sweeping changes for the Krogan. Of course, Wrex will have a joyous reunion with Shepard, while Wreav sees Shepard more as a political tool than anybody he honestly cares about.

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Description [ ]

Scarred by bombardment craters, radioactive rubble, choking ash, salt flats, and alkaline seas, Tuchanka can barely support life. Thousands of years ago, life grew in fierce abundance under the F-class star Aralakh (a Raik clan word meaning "Eye of Wrath"). Tree-analogues grew in thick jungles, their roots growing out of shallow, silty seas. Life fed upon life in an evolutionary crucible. This world died in nuclear firestorms after the krogan split the atom. A "little ice age" of nuclear winter killed off much of the remaining plant life.

In recent centuries, many krogan have returned to their homeworld. The reduced albedo has caused global temperatures to rise. In order to maintain livable temperatures, a vast shroud was assembled at the L1 Lagrange point. It is maintained by the Council Demilitarization Enforcement Mission (CDEM), which is based on orbiting battlestations.

CDEM ADVISORY: Visitors to Tuchanka land at their own risk. The CDEM will not attempt to extract citizens threatened by clan warfare.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: The ecology of Tuchanka is deadly. Nearly every native species engages in some predatory behavior; even the remaining vegetation is carnivorous. Travel beyond guarded areas is strongly discouraged.

Codex Entry [ ]

Mass effect 2 [ ].

Codex Image

The krogan homeworld boasts extreme temperatures, virulent diseases, and vicious, predatory fauna. Around 1900 BCE, the krogan discovered atomic power and promptly instigated many intraplanetary wars, sending Tuchanka into a nuclear winter. With most of their industrial base destroyed, the krogan entered a new dark age and warring tribal bands dominated. Populations remained low for the next 2000 years.

First contact with the salarians made resurgence possible. Krogan brought to less hostile planets bred exponentially and returned to reconquer their home. They built vast underground shelters to shield themselves from surface radiation, which proved prescient during the Krogan Rebellions when many of them isolated themselves in a vain attempt to avoid the genophage. Convinced they could outbreed the genophage, they transmitted it into more than 90 percent of the sealed bunkers. Today, Tuchanka's population is sharply limited and while individual krogan are long-lived, the genophage ensures few replacements.

Mass Effect 3 [ ]

Codex Image

Tuchanka, the krogan homeworld, boasts extreme temperatures, virulent diseases, and predatory fauna. Around 1900 BCE, the krogan discovered atomic weapons and promptly sent their planet into a nuclear winter. The majority of the population retreated to underground bunkers, and krogan culture slipped into a dark age dominated by tribal clans.

In 80 CE, decades into the Rachni Wars , the Salarian Union made first contact with the primitive krogan and initiated a "cultural uplift" to shape them into a modern army capable of confronting the rachni. During this uplift, the salarians constructed the Shroud facility on Tuchanka to shield the planet from harmful forms of solar radiation. Later, during the Krogan Rebellions , reproductive rates were curtailed by the genophage, ensuring the krogan remained a species in decline--and Tuchanka a desolate wasteland.

Missions [ ]

Assignments [ ]


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me2 tuchanka missions

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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Walkthrough main missions.

me2 tuchanka missions

You’ll gain access to Tuchanka when you start the loyalty missions for Mordin or Grunt , which, of course, requires you to recruit Mordin and Grunt . After they’re recruited, completing a few missions should trigger their loyalty missions. This may vary a bit, but you should have access to Tuchanka after completing the mission on Horizon , at the latest.

Talk to Mordin and/or Grunt to start their loyalty missions, then travel to the Krogan DMZ , where you’ll find Tuchanka in the Aralakh system. When you arrive (your party doesn’t matter), you’ll be accosted by some krogan, who demands you speak to their leader. Despite their insistence, you’re under no real obligation to do anything if you don’t care to.

Walk down two corridors to the east and north and you’ll reach the main chamber, where pretty much everything on Tuchanka worth seeing can be found.

Talk to Ratch to start the assignment

(1 of 3) Talk to Ratch to start the assignment "Killing Pyjaks",

Ratch’s Wares ¶

When you enter this chamber, immediately turn left to find Ratch, who runs a humble shop. Before you buy anything, note you can talk to Ratch about Tuchanka’s Pyjak problem - space monkeys are generally being a nuisance, and being krogan, they’ve got the most krogan solution you can imagine: blowing the monkeys up with artillery. This starts the assignment [Tuchanka: Killing Pyjaks] .

Killing Pyjaks ¶

You’ll start this assignment by talking to Ratch, after which head down a rubble ramp and make your way to the Chief Scout , where you’ll find a Defense Gun Controls console. Interact with it to start a minigame where you’ll have to shoot encroaching Pyjaks - a very easy minigame, just aim ahead of the Pyjaks as they approach to compensate for the travel time of your missiles. Do a satisfactory job and return to Ratch to complete this assignment and score a discount.

After completing the Pyjak minigame, you can buy some meat and feed Urz,

(1 of 2) After completing the Pyjak minigame, you can buy some meat and feed Urz,

After completing the Pyjak minigame, you can buy some meat and feed Urz, (left), which will allow you to use the varren to participate in high-stakes pit fights. (right)

Urz and the Fighting Pit ¶

Near Ratch you’ll find a varren named Urz , which you can pet if you interact with it. More importantly, if you buy some Pyjak Meat from Ratch (you’ll need to complete [Tuchanka: Killing Pyjaks] before he’ll sell this) and interact with Urz, you can feed the reptile-dog, which will follow you around Tuchanka afterwards. Somewhat meaningless on its own, if you head over to the Pit Fight Gambling Station you can bet on match with Urz - either for or against Urz, winning 500 Credits each time you bet correctly. If Urz loses, you’ll have to return to the Normandy, then land on Tuchanka again, giving the varren time to recover. You can save scum credits this way, but given the duration of the fights and the low payout, you’re better off just being frugal.

Talk to the Chief Scout to start the assignment

(1 of 2) Talk to the Chief Scout to start the assignment "Missing Scout",

Talk to the Chief Scout to start the assignment "Missing Scout", (left), while talking to the Mechanic will start "Combustion Manifold". (right)

Chief Scout ¶

If you head down the rubble ramp and turn left you’ll find the Chief Scout . You’ll need to talk to him to travel to the site of Mordin’s Loyalty mission , and he’ll also give you the assignment Tuchanka: Old Blood: Missing Scout . Lastly, you can find the Defense Gun Controls near the Chief Scout, which will let you play the Pyjak-shooting minigame for the assignment [Tuchanka: Killing Pyjaks] .

Mechanic ¶

Between the Fighting Pit and the Chief Scout you’ll find a ramp leading up to a massive vehicle. Talk to the Mechanic nearby to start the assignment Tuchanka: Combustion Manifold .

Fortack’s Database ¶

To the right of the Mechanic you’ll find a tent, which serves as a hospital of sort. Inside you’ll find Fortack, who is what passes as a doctor as far as krogan go. You can chat with him if you want, but the real draw is his shop. You can gain a discount by completing Grunt’s loyalty mission . While Fortack doesn’t sell much, almost everything he sells is interesting, depending on your build. It’s also tremendously expensive; buying all his wares will set you back 270,00 Credits (22,500 with a discount).

There are other interactions worth having - like meeting up with an old war buddy.

There are other interactions worth having - like meeting up with an old war buddy.

There’s more to see and do on Tuchanka - including meeting the Urdnot chief (who may be an old friend, if they survived the first game… ). That said, everything else mostly boils down to opportunities to earn Paragon/Renegade points, lore, or characters related to the loyalty missions for Mordin and Grunt , which will be discussed on their own pages.

me2 tuchanka missions

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me2 tuchanka missions

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me2 tuchanka missions

Mass Effect 2 Guide & Walkthrough by

Mass Effect 2 Guide & Walkthrough

Mass Effect 2: Tuchanka - walkthrough Mass Effect 2 guide, walkthrough

Last update: Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Killing Pyjaks

Received from: Ratch [ Tuchanka - Urdnot camp ]

Description: This quest can be activated by talking to the merchant Ratch . He can be found in the central area of [ Tuchanka - Urdnot camp ] (to the south of the chief scout). Agree to help the krogan in getting rid of the pyjaks. You must now travel north and approach a control panel for a defense cannon (second screenshot).

Your job will be to steer the cannon so that it can kill pyjaks . The cannon can be moved using standard movement keys and you must press the SPACEBAR each time you want to fire. Don't forget to conserve your ammunition and to avoid shooting at barrels. Aim further ahead, because it'll take about a second for the projectile to hit its target. Don't worry if a couple of pyjaks get to the food supplies, because you'll be given a margin for error. You must dispose of three groups of pyjaks. Once they're all gone return to Ratch - he'll thank you for your help and he'll also lower prices in his store.

Betting Station

Description: A computer station can be found in the central area of [ Tuchanka - Urdnot camp ] (to the east of the chief scout) and you'll be allowed to use it to bet credits on varren fights. At first you'll only be allowed to bet money on other varrens, but you'll be given a new opportunity after completing Killing Pyjaks assignment for Ratch . Check what the merchant has for sale and buy pyjak meat .

Once you have the meat , you can approach a friendly varren found to the left of Ratch . Offer some meat to the beast and from now on you'll have a new companion during your time spent in the camp. What's the point of that? Your varren can take part in fights and you can bet more money on it ( 500 credits instead of the usual 250 ).

Combustion Manifold

Received from : Mechanic or automatically after finding the manifold [ Tuchanka - Urdnot camp or Tuchanka - Weyrloc facility ]

Description: There are two ways of activating this side mission - a more obvious way would be to talk to the Mechanic found in [ Tuchanka - Urdnot camp ] but you would have to do it before setting off on any missions in the area. Offer him to find the manifold. A less obvious way is to activate the quest after finding the manifold. This will occur during the course of Mordin's personal quest ( Old Blood ) in [ Tuchanka - Weyrloc facility ]. Make a stop after you've reached the entrance to the hospital (second screenshot).

Make sure that you've eliminated all enemy units before you start looking around. Check the area to the right of the entrance to the hospital. You must examine a destroyed vehicle. Pressing the action key while standing near it will result in taking a manifold . This quest can be finished after your return to [ Tuchanka - Urdnot camp ] by talking to the Mechanic .

Missing Scout

Received from : Chief scout [ Tuchanka - Urdnot camp ]

Description: This special assignment can be completed during the course of Mordin's personal quest - Old Blood . Talking to the Chief scout in [ Tuchanka - Urdnot camp ] is also required in the main quest so you can't really miss an opportunity of receiving this mission. You can find the scout after making your way to the hospital. You must be on a look out for a door located to your right (second screenshot) during your time spent in the hospital (soon after defeating the herald).

Enter the room where you'll have a chance to talk to a sick krogan . Be careful, because choosing standard dialogue options will result in the krogan comitting suicide. You must choose a special paragon or renegade dialogue option if you want to save him by convincing him to return to the camp. This quest can be finished after returning to [ Tuchanka - Urdnot camp ] and talking to Chief scout again.

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Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

There are two loyalty quests available on Tuchanka, as well as a small selection of side-quests. It is well worth a visit, moreover, as the Krogan homeworld and a place where both Mass Effect games put much importance in terms of storyline. To get there, head through the Mass Relay and plot a course to the Krogan DMZ.

Team Selection:

As Grunt's 'home' planet, it is worth taking him with you (if you have access to him) to get a reaction from those on Tuchanka.

Upon arrival, you may notice the Krogan and his Asari girlfriend from Illium have come to Tuchanka. If this is the case, your effort to keep the two together was evidently successful, and the Asari is still being regaled with the poetry of her partner.

Once you reach the bottom of the ramp you will be intercepted by some Krogan. They tell you that their clan leader wants to met you. Follow the corridors until you come into the central area of Tuchanka.

Clan Leader:

The clan leader, who, depending on choices in the first game, may be Urdnot Wrex, a familiar figure, or newcomer Urdnot Wreav, is located to the right, up the slope from where you come in. He can give you all the information you need about the two loyalty quests, and if it is indeed Wrex, is a great chance for some reminiscing.

Ratch's Wares:

This is the first of two shops on Tuchanka. It sells upgrades primarily, and is owned by a Krogan who could use your help with a pyjak-vermin problem. If you oblige, you will unlock a discount at his store as well as enjoying a fun minigame. Accept his offer to open-up the Killing Pyjaks side-quest (see below). One more piece of fun related to Ratch is to be had after killing some pyjaks. You can then buy pyjak meat from Ratch's store. Feed this to his pet Varren and it will follow you around the hub every time you visit! You can pet the Varren without getting any meat (which is free, incidentally), but it's not the same as having a killing-machine lovingly following you around.

Killing Pyjaks:

This is a fun minigame located next to the chief scout's barricade. You must use turrets to destroy waves of monkey-like pyjaks as they run at a shopkeeper's food stores. For more information, see the Killing Pyjaks minigame below.

Varren Pit Fighting:

Just before you come to the pyjak minigame and chief scout you will find the Varren Pit. You can place a bet of 100 credits on one of the Varren to kill the other. You will be treated to a movie-sequence of the fight in progress. It's pretty much a 50/50 chance, so pick your favourite colour and you can increase your initial stake fivefold.

Fortack's Database:

Over the other side of the town, near the mechanic, is a scientist named Fortack. You can get information out of him about the role of Krogan scientists, and there are opportunities for Paragon and Renegade conversation options. He also has a shopping terminal which you can interact with for some important upgrades. No discount is available. Be sure to punch the pyjack standing on the crate in the corner of the room too. You get nothing out of it but the satisfaction of whacking the vermin is worth it.

Nakmor Ambassador:

The Ambassador is located on the upper level of the compound. There is also a Shaman nearby, as well as Uvenk's men. You can only speak to the latter with Grunt in your party at the start of his loyalty mission. The Ambassador, however, gives you the low-down on opinions on Urdnot and the clan leader's master plan.


Speak to Ratch who owns the first shop you come to on Tuchanka. He wants your help to remove the pyjak problem that blights his food supplies. To lend a hand, head past the Varren Pit and to the chief scout who you may have encountered in Mordin's loyalty quest. Use the terminal nearby to activate the pyjak minigame. It is a little like missile defence, where you must use rockets to kill the pyjak as they run at the food stores. There are tyres in the way, and the weapons alternate from launching from left to right, so you must get used to the direction your shots are coming from to avoid these obstacles. In reality it's pretty easy, as you don't even have to hit the pyjaks to kill them, or indeed to stop every one from reaching the food. With three waves defeated, you unlock the discount on return to Ratch.

Combustion Manifold:

Speak to the mechanic by the truck on the far side of Tuchanka. He is missing a Combustion Manifold which was lost in the field and is having to build one from scratch – a three day job. To help him out, keep a watch for it during Mordin's loyalty quest. The location of the device is just before entering the Blood Pack facility, and is detailed in the main loyalty quest walkthrough in this guide. Return to the mechanic when back in Tuchanka to complete the quest.

Missing Scout:

Speak to the chief scout by the pyjak barricade and he will tell you that one of his men went mising in the Clan Weyrloc and Blood Pack base. Coincidentally, this is where Mordin's loyalty quest takes place, and indeed, you can find the missing scout in one of the rooms of the base. You have to convince him to return to the Urdnot clan using Paragon or Renegade conversation, and for more information you should read the quest walkthrough for Mordin: Old Blood.

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me2 tuchanka missions

me2 tuchanka missions

me2 tuchanka missions

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