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  • Asesors NH Asesores 2023 Manresá €800 - €2K (Employer est.) Easy Apply 30d+ Abrimos primer proceso de selección del año. Formación 4h tarde. Fijo 800 más No se requiere experiencia. Formación profesional a cargo de la empresa.……
  • Catalana Occidente Agente de seguros Granollers €2K (Employer est.) Easy Apply 5d Buscamos personas residentes en el Valles oriental con o sin experiencia comercial, sin necesidad de desplazamientos.…

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  • Reformas Díaz Hernández Especialista trabajos verticales Barcelona €2K - €3K (Employer est.) Easy Apply 30d+ Especialista en trabajos verticales. Trabajos en alturas desde cuerdas. Imprescindible carnet de conducir. Tipo de puesto: Autónomo Salario: 1.800,00€-3.000……


  • XBA Finance Asesor Financiero Barcelona €2K - €6K (Employer est.) Easy Apply 16d Apoyo en comunicación, tecnología y todas las herramientas para que puedas desarrollar tu actividad. Estamos buscando personas que quieran emprender en el mundo……
  • ECOZONO Y CULTURA Atención al cliente Rubí Easy Apply 1 day ago Se requiere don de gentes y habilidades comunicativas así como buena presencia y actitud positiva para formar parte de este equipo.…
  • NARANJO CUINES S.L. Operario Montador de muebles Spain €18K - €23K (Employer est.) Easy Apply 30d+ Empresa dedicada al montaje de cocinas. Necesitamos operarios para montar cocinas. Persona con ganas de trabajar, que se comprometa con la empresa,……
  • Channel Direct Teleoperadores Comerciales Vodafone Spain €1K - €5K (Employer est.) Easy Apply 5d Tu principal misión consistirá en captación de nuevos clientes aplicando nuestro plan de venta y poniendo en valor los beneficios de nuestra gama de servicios.…

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  • FT Disseny Interiorisme Interiorista Barcelona 30d+ Incorporación inmediata, puede ser a tiempo completo, parcial o freelance . Realización de pedidos y planos para los fabricantes.…
  • BEC Technologies, Inc Business Development Manager-Spain Barcelona €65K - €80K (Employer est.) Easy Apply 26d Candidates must be a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit who can operate independently to build long-lasting clients and partner relationships.…

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  • English Kids&Teens English Teacher Barcelona Easy Apply 30d+ Qualifications in Infant Education, Foreign Languages, Language and Literature, Translation and Interpretation, and other similar types of qualifications will……
  • Inèdit Comunicació Community manager a gurb Spain 4d Horari Horari flexible, mitja jornada (20h setmanals). Titulació Grau en marketing o similar. Gestionar i planificar les publicacions de les xarxes socials de……
  • Edicions del Pirata Atenció al públic Sabadell Easy Apply 24h Atenció els visitants a la nostra parada en fires del llibre o generalistes , tant per la compra, com per l'informació de llibres.…
  • NATURUEL S.L. Cortador de jamón Spain €6.25 - €20.00 Per Hour (Employer est.) Easy Apply 25d Para importante empresa del sector de la alimentación, necesitamos incorporar un/a cortador/a profesional de jamón, maestro artesano, que domine la tradición……
  • Asesors NH Gestor nueva convocatoria Manresá €800 - €2K (Employer est.) Easy Apply 30d+ Imprescindible ESO. Experiencia en trabajos de cara al público. Formación profesional homologada en gestión de clientes y productos. Asesor con dedicación……

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MWC Barcelona Exhibitor Promoter

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Product photographer for ecommerce project

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The freelance life

by Clare Considine

December 30, 2009

The freelancer life

Photo by Gustavo Osorio

The freelancer life

Get Your Acts Together

Chloe Tolmer, partner in musical booking agency Get Your Acts Together

1) What do you wish you'd known before becoming an autónomo? A good accountant, a great lawyer and a mentor of some kind. 2) What was the most difficult part of the process? Getting started. It’s like looking at a blank page—a million ideas, but you don’t know where to start. 3) Was financing your project difficult? Yes, but you get wise and you get used to it.

Andrea Civettini and Andrea Capodivacca

Andrea Civettini and Andrea Capodivacca, Italian deli owners

1) What do you wish you'd known before becoming an autónomo? What services are available to autonomos. 2) What was the most difficult part of the process? The long waiting times and difficulties caused by the red tape. 3) Was financing your project difficult? After start-up costs, we now have to wait for a return on our investment—it will be some time before we see real money for ourselves.

Monica Nanti

Monica Nanti, clothing designer and shop owner

1) What do you wish you’d known before becoming an autonomo? When working with friends it is important to make agreements before starting. 2) What was the most difficult part of the process? You have to pay autonomo every month, but you have no help if you are sick. 3) Was financing your project difficult? No—we did everything ourselves and were resourceful.

Miss Van

Miss Van, artist

1) What do you wish you’d known before becoming an autonomo? It can be hard to make a living in Barcelona—international contacts are essential. 2) What was the most difficult part of the process? You have to motivate yourself—nobody will do it for you. 3) Was financing your project difficult? I mostly earn money from my paintings and use it to develop new projects. Then, the difficulty is getting to a position where these projects finance themselves.

Inti Velez Bolero and Daniel Mancini

Inti Velez Bolero and Daniel Mancini, architectural and interior designers (Wanda)

1) What do you wish you’d known before becoming an autonomo? We knew it wouldn’t be easy but nobody told us that it would be this hard. 2) What was the most difficult part of the process? Making people believe in us and what we do. 3) Was financing your project difficult? Oh yes! We had no government help and had to find ways to support ourselves.

The freelancer life

It is pretty nerve-wracking to become a freelancer here, and may take an initial leap of faith. There will be taxes and expenses to meet each month, and the freelance life is often one of feast or famine—it can be hard to budget very far ahead. Nevertheless, a life is a long time to spend working for someone else and, despite the crisis, from the back alleys of the Raval to the avenues of l’Eixample there are studios, flats and offices full of DIY-ers with a dream—locals and foreigners alike, becoming masters of their own destiny, taking the plunge, becoming autónomos .

People like Monica Nanti, an Italian who has lived in the city for eight years—she designs and makes clothes, and sells them in her own shop (Cotoners 12, Carrer Cotoners 12). She said her business is helped by the city’s creative atmosphere—colourful streets, a relaxing ocean and a mixture of cultures. There’s also a spirit of rebellion that dates back to the Franco years when Barcelona was one of the last pockets of resistance, attracting bohemians and artists from across Spain. “Barcelona is a city where you can be what you want to be,” she said. “Catalans are hippies at heart.”

For Nanti, the crisis meant she had to to roll with the punches, a skill she deems indispensable for a freelancer. She noted that shoppers have less disposable cash, but that they don’t want to stop spending. The answer? Focus on more affordable options—give customers the opportunity to buy a €5 wallet if they can no longer afford the €40 skirts. But never, never sacrifice the standard of your work. As a result, she said that for her and her partner business is on the up. She stressed that freelancers’ pride in their products, whether it’s a silk scarf, a new band or a 10-foot origami swan, is the essence of success.

Two more Italians, Andrea Civettini and Andrea Capodivacca are set to open a shop and bar specialising in Italian produce in Poblenou (Melocomo, Pujades 188). They stand in the space that they are slowly turning from a mattress shop into a flamboyant eatery, and they beam with pride. They have personally sourced produce from various regions throughout Italy, and the mozzarella that they will be offering is from Civettini’s father-in-law’s farm in Brescia. “We want to make mozzarella Barcelona’s new drug,” said Capodivacca with a glint in his eye. They have something good to offer and they know it.

Barcelona’s autónomos come from all over the world. Wanda ( ) consists of two high-energy Colombians who create atmospheric architectural spaces for the likes of Bread & Butter, Diesel and Lladró. Inti Velez Bolero and Daniel Mancini have lived here for four and five years, respectively. They have worked at numerous jobs from ice cream sellers in Plaça Catalunya to door-to-door sales for Jazztel before finally finding themselves in a position to go full-time with their business. For a year they have had their own light, bright and beautifully chaotic studio in the Raval—a magical world where sofas are piled with coloured balls, cardboard chandeliers hang from the ceiling and a three-legged dog snaps at your ankles. “We didn’t find anywhere to express what we had to say, our creativity needed its own way, and that’s why we created Wanda,” said Velez.

For a lot of freelancers, it seems, a job simply wasn’t there for them in Barcelona, so they decided to make one up themselves. Get Your Acts Together are a four-strong international booking agency whose members come from France, England and Australia. For two years they have been building a reputation and now have the likes of Nouvelle Vague and Phoebe Killdear on their books. All of them arrived in Barcelona with no Catalan and only basic Castilian. They decided they had no chance of breaking into the music scene, so their only option was to go it alone. They did find some things in their favour, however. “It’s cheap to live here—there are less career opportunities for foreigners, but a better lifestyle,” said one of the group, Christophe Quemin.

This is a common thread that can be noted amongst freelancers in the city. There is a quality of life and affordability to Barcelona that make the initial risks less daunting. There may not be a market here for what a freelancer is offering, but this is not necessarily an impediment to living in Barcelona. Many of the city’s freelancers use the city as their base and travel to work elsewhere.

Miss Van, from France, is a well-established street artist who has lived in Barcelona for six years. She did not want to be linked to big brands, always having to satisfy the wishes of others, so she is currently setting up her own clothing label with local designer Anaoana ( ). She said that there are a lot of artists, designers and photographers in the city with not enough work to go around and she advised freelancers here to make the most of Barcelona as a base whilst maintaining contacts abroad and travelling as much as possible. “I feel lucky as I am not working here properly—I show my work in the rest of Europe and America.”

In Spain’s current financial climate, becoming a freelancer can seem like a daunting prospect. There are a substantial number of bureaucratic hoops to jump through and the outcome is never certain. But, for some, freelancing might just prove to be the perfect answer to an employment crisis. Barcelona’s autónomos are a varied group but they share one thing in common—a dogged spirit of independence and a minor obsession with deciding for themselves what time they get out of bed.

More info...

Six steps to being an autónomo , according to Roger Brumwell from TAX Accountants ( ) in Barcelona:

1. Get your Número de Identidad de Extranjeros (NIE), if you don’t already have one, from the Ministry of the Interior ( ).

2. Register at your local tax office (Delegación de Hacienda); find your nearest office on the web of the Agencia Tributaria ( ). There is a list of all the professions—find which fits you best. You will be IVA (VAT) registered and your NIE number will be your IVA number.

3. Register at your local social security office ( ). You will need your passport, NIE and tax office register form.

4. To invoice you’ll need your full details on your invoices (name, address,

NIE number).

5. File your taxes quarterly in January, April, July and October. You will have to file your IVA returns and withholding tax on your personal income tax.

6. Your full-year personal income tax (IRPF) has to be filed in April of the following year.


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Jobs in Barcelona

Finding jobs in Barcelona

Looking for a job in Barcelona? Here are Expatica’s tips to help you find a range of available jobs in Barcelona, including jobs for English speakers and expats.

Working in sunny Barcelona is an exciting prospect, although finding jobs in Barcelona, similar to elsewhere in Spain, has been more difficult since the economic crisis. Finding work in Barcelona is not impossible but it can require time and patience. Although, as Barcelona is one of the largest international cities in the world, finding a job in Barcelona as an expat can be easier than in other parts of Spain.

Unemployment figures are also improving and there is a variety of English-speaking jobs in Barcelona and jobs for expats, particularly highly skilled workers. In the last quarter of 2016, Spain’s unemployment hit a seven-year low, although still represented one of the highest levels of unemployment in the EU.

freelance jobs barcelona

If you don’t speak Spanish, you may be limited to hotel jobs in Barcelona, or to bars and restaurants (waitressing, dishwashing, food delivery). You can apply for a job in telesales, as an English teacher in Spain , or as an au pair if you have a good command of English. If have a good working knowledge of Spanish or Catalan, then the job opportunities in Barcelona will be significantly more diverse.

Below you’ll find several ways you can look for a job in Barcelona, plus information on:

Job vacancies in Barcelona

Who can work in barcelona, jobs in barcelona for expats, english-speaking jobs in barcelona, where to find jobs in barcelona, expatica jobs, online job sites in barcelona, newspapers with jobs in barcelona, temping agencies, direct contact, applying for jobs in barcelona.

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While the unemployment rate in Spain is improving, the situation differs from region to region. Barcelona has an unemployment rate of around 18%. As Spain recovers from the financial crisis, the good news is there are jobs to be found, especially for highly-skilled workers, as well as some English-speaking jobs in Barcelona for expats.

Catalonia’s unemployment rises when you look at youth unemployment. University graduates in particular are still having trouble finding steady and well-paying jobs in Barcelona. This doesn’t bode well for foreigners; they might find it less likely for employers in Barcelona to hire a foreigner if they can hire a local.

The protective labor laws in Spain , which some say contributed to the country’s economic crisis, are still causing problems today. A lot of companies in Barcelona are reluctant to offer new employees permanent contracts; as a result, about 50% of labor contracts are temporary. Even for part-time jobs in Barcelona , this isn’t inspiring news, although there is also the option of self-employment in Spain .

Combined with lower salaries in Spain, however, high unemployment has also contributed to skilled workers looking for jobs elsewhere in the EU. This has opened up job opportunities in Barcelona for highly skilled workers coming from abroad.

Barcelona jobs

Though, if you are looking for work in Barcelona, you first need to consider your language skills. If you have some Spanish skills, you have a significantly wider range of jobs to apply for. In Barcelona, Catalán is also spoken; foreigners who have some Catalán skills along with Spanish will have better chances of landing a top-paying job. If you have poor Spanish skills and zero Catalán, don’t worry. There are still many English-speaking jobs in Barcelona catering to the city’s extensive foreign community.

EU/EEA (European Economic Area) and Swiss citizens are allowed to work in Barcelona without requiring a Spanish work permit. People coming from any other country, however, typically need a Spanish visa , as well as an NIE . You also have to register with the Agencia Tributaria, the Spanish tax office .

To get a work visa for Barcelona, a company or employer must officially hire you first. They then arrange a work permit on your behalf through the Dirección Provincial de Trabajo, Seguridad Social y Asuntos Sociales . Once you have a work permit, then you can take the next step and apply for a Spanish work permit. Read more in our guide to Spanish work visas .

Around 15% of Barcelona ‘s population is foreign – and rising in recent years. Barcelona also accounts for the largest population in Catalonia (around 75% live in Barcelona alone).

Foreigners represent around 20% of the unemployed population, but also account for around 20% of new job contracts in Barcelona.

While the agriculture and construction sectors are still recovering, there has been an employment increase in these sectors, as well as in services and industry. In general, the sectors that generate the most employment are industry and services. Barcelona’s industry sector is notable for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, car manufacturing and agri-food, while activities in the services sector relating to tourism, trade, logistics, new technologies and transport also show a tendency towards growth. Foreigners with expert or management skills in such areas can find a decent range of jobs in Barcelona, and may also have less trouble getting a permit approved when local workers can’t fill the position.

freelance jobs barcelona

Some of the larger companies have jobs in IT, social media marketing or other computer and communication areas in English, so it pays to check which companies have non-Spanish audiences. There are also numerous international companies based in Barcelona.

As Barcelona is quite an international city, some expats also establish startup companies or become sole freelancers in Spain ( autónomos ) . Native English freelance writers, editors, and translators are in demand, although you will need a Spanish work permit and be registered to pay self-employment taxes in Spain . With enough good clients and experience, you can make a decent living considering the cost of living in Spain .

If your Spanish and Catalán skills are lacking, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find work in Barcelona. In fact, there are plenty of English-speaking jobs in Barcelona, which can still help develop your language skills, your social network, and insight into how Barcelona works in general.

If you’re qualified to teach in Barcelona, you can search local universities , international schools in Barcelona , and  language schools in Barcelona .

An easy job for expats is to teach English . In Barcelona, there are many British English language teachers but not as many American ones; sometimes employers have accent preferences. Getting an ‘English as a second language’ teaching certification (ESL) boosts your chances of being hired. You can also consider taking on private students.

If you have experience in childcare , you can consider working in Barcelona as a canguro (nanny), which can include a place to live. Often you only need to work certain hours of the day; if the children attend school, you have time to pursue other things, such as taking Spanish and Catalán language courses in Barcelona . You will find many parents looking specifically for canguros that are native English speakers.

English speaking jobs in Barcelona

There are also a number of jobs in Barcelona only for native English speakers, for example, English-speaking customer service representatives. It might involve working at a call center. The hours of many call centers allow for time to take language classes, as well.

In some cases, being a native English speaker can give you an advantage. Barcelona is hugely popular for tourists, so there’s no shortage of bars, restaurants, hotels, and hostels looking for English speakers. Hotel jobs in Barcelona are popular among foreigners. Knowledge of other languages is a plus in the hospitality industry. Even if it’s not the role you hoped for, it’s a starting point.

Your best opportunity to find jobs in Barcelona is online and through your contacts, but there are also local newspapers that advertise jobs, plus plenty of networking groups and temping agencies you can join. The government also provides information (in Spanish) on working conditions and tips for job-hunting, as well as a national job search tool.

For jobs in Barcelona for expats and English speakers, check Expatica’s job search which covers a range of industries.

Below is a list of some of the main online job websites, including some that specialize in jobs in Barcelona for English-speakers and expats .

freelance jobs barcelona

If you speak Spanish, look for jobs in the classified ads of the local newspaper, La Vanguardia . La Vanguardia has a well-respected jobs section .

You can also check Metropolitan Barcelona , which is a free English-language magazine with a jobs section aimed towards expats. This is a good source to find English-speaking jobs or jobs for expats in Barcelona.

Although it may take more time and effort, building a network of contacts can lead to better jobs in Barcelona. You can look for expats and business groups on social media networks or local networking groups in your field of work. Find a list of groups and clubs in Barcelona . Some examples of expat groups include Barcelona expats , Meet Up , and Guiripreneurs .

Recruitment agencies in Barcelona

If you have qualifications, temping agencies in Barcelona may be able to help you find part-time or full-time work. You’ll need to visit in person for a brief interview and fill out a form. In addition, you may need to do an aptitude test, and will need to bring a copy of your CV.

Search the government’s online tool for all registered empresas de trabajo temporal (companies for temporary work, or ETT) or check the Yellow Pages to find a list of agencies located in Barcelona. Some agencies only speak Spanish but still have jobs for expats in Barcelona, while there are other agencies that specialize in English-speaking jobs in Barcelona.

If you are interested in a particular company, do not hesitate to contact them, either by phone, e-mail or in person. With your CV, good qualifications and positive attitude, you might have a chance to find a job in Barcelona this way too.

freelance jobs barcelona

When applying to jobs in Spain, you should write both the CV and cover letter in the language of the job listing. Whether you write it in English or Spanish, the format should remain the same; read how to prepare a Spanish CV . It’s also worth using an online service such as to produce a professional resume easily.

If you get to the interview stage, dress appropriately regardless of the type of job. Ignore the lore about Spaniards arriving whenever they please and get to the interview 10 minutes before it starts. Let the interviewer offer their hand for you to shake, and also wait for them to signal for you to sit down.

Though an interviewer may speak English, it is best to check first which language to speak in. Make sure to address your interviewer with the formal usted rather than tú , unless they say you may use tú . Try to show your friendly and personable side, but don’t get too comfortable with slang, joking and informal language. Lastly, do not ask about pay; it is not appropriate to ask in an interview. Read more in our guide to Spanish job applications and interview tips .

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Barcelona Jobs 2023/2024: How TO ACTUALLY Find Work

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world and as a place to live it has a variety that most other cities just cannot compete with.

No wonder many people thinking of working in Spain consider moving to Barcelona and finding a job.

Spain’s second largest city is actually the fourth most visited city in Europe because of the many famous tourist attractions such as the Gaudi designed Sagrada Familia, Saint Eulalia Cathedral and the Castell dels Tres Dragons. See live views from Barcelona webcams .

We know Barcelona is rich in culture with many famous monuments and sites but it is also a fantastic place to live being located on the coast with wonderful beaches right in the heart of the city such as Mar Bella. For winter ski lovers you are only two hours away from ski resorts in the Pyrenees.

Few cities allow you so many options for leisure and culture. FC Barcelona are one of the most famous football teams in the world playing at the famous Nou Camp stadium – there are many possibilities for living the outdoor lifestyle and keeping fit.


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Other vacancies in Spain are listed on our main job page .

Table of Contents

Work For English Speakers

Most of the advice on this page is aimed towards English-speaking people looking for jobs in Barcelona.

Unfortunately Barcelona will be one of the hardest places in Spain to find work if you are an English speaker. Even if you are fluent in Spanish the problem with Barcelona is that they are fiercely nationalistic and speak Catalan and not what we know as Spanish, which is actually Castilian (Castellano in Spanish ) .

In the sections below we concentrate on the best possibilities for finding English jobs in Barcelona. As a general rule the city is best for finding professional jobs with major international companies based in Barcelona.

Alternatively you will be looking for work such as becoming a nanny in Barcelona or an au pair in Barcelona whereby you will be living with a family and looking after their children while they work. These Spanish families will be employing you so that their children also pick up the English-language.

There are other smaller towns in Spain which have large expatriates populations in comparison to the native Spanish population. In these towns there are better possibilities for working all the year round providing services to English-speaking people such as tradesmen jobs like plumbing and electricians.

We refer to towns such as Marbella and Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol or Torrevieja and the surrounding area on the Costa Blanca.

Realistically, working and living in Barcelona and getting a job there will require some knowledge of Catalan.

Barcelona Summer Jobs 2022 or 2023

There are much better places in Spain to look for summer jobs but because Barcelona does have a thriving tourist industry there will of course be opportunities in the peak summer months to find work.

To be honest for summer work you are going to find jobs easier to come by in beach resorts such as Benidorm and Marbella and islands such as Tenerife , Lanzarote , Ibiza , Mallorca ( Magaluf ) and Gran Canaria .

You should be aware when looking for summer jobs in Barcelona that the month of August is actually relatively quiet because many residents go on holiday to other parts of Spain. So there is actually less work than you might think but nevertheless the influx of tourists means many bars and restaurants will require extra help.

Certainly if you are a student looking for work in Barcelona we would steer you towards the more popular tourist destinations elsewhere in Spain where it is much easier to find work in bars and restaurants.

Most summer jobs will be in the tourist trade such as serving behind the bar or waiting on tables in popular restaurants located in the city centre or on the beachfront. Some opportunities exist for cooks and chefs in the kitchens.

Other seasonal opportunities to work in Barcelona would include working in the many hotels and hostels located throughout the city and naturally which experience extra demand in the summer.

Hotel jobs in Barcelona working as a receptionist are very rare and you would need to speak Catalan as well as Castilian. More likely you would get work as a waiter or waitress.

Hourly rates of pay in Barcelona are likely to be around €5 an hour for seasonal and summer jobs.

Bar Work in Barcelona

One of the most popular summer jobs in Spain is working in a bar in a tourist resort. Barcelona will also fit into this category and the good thing is that you will need only to speak limited Spanish or Catalan in order to serve drinks and give the correct change.

As usual we would still advise that you are better off looking at the international tourist resorts on the Spanish islands such as such the popular Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

The Balearic Islands are also very popular especially Ibiza and Majorca/Mallorca.

All of these islands have busy resorts famous for their nightlife and packed with hundreds of bars catering exclusively to international tourists where you can even get a job without speaking a word of Spanish.

The best opportunity in Barcelona for work and jobs would be in one of the expat bars specifically aimed towards the foreign population. These will include popular English pubs and Irish bars.

We recommend asking for work in these Barcelona bars:

Try also Mollys Fair City, O’Hara’s, Ryans Irish Pub Paradis, Flann O’Brien, Dublin Irish sport tavern, Hogan’s, Irish Rambler, Jules Verne, Paddy’s Lane Irish Bar, Temple Stone Bar and the Fastnet Irish Pub.

Sales and Marketing

Most of the towns we cover for getting jobs in Spain are tourist destinations, yet Barcelona offers something different in that it is headquarters to so many multinational companies.

Not many Spanish towns can compare to Barcelona for sales jobs. Major companies have vacancies in the sales and marketing departments and there are many businesses with call centres which will require English speaking people catering to the large expat population in Spain. Of course many of these positions require a degree of Spanish and Catalan.

IT & Computer Jobs

I.T. stands for information technology and there are a number of vacancies and positions for IT jobs in Barcelona predominantly working for international companies looking after their computer systems. These could include popular Barcelona employers such as American Express, Avis and Hewlett-Packard.

If you are a contractor or programmer and able to offer backend computer support you may be lucky enough to find a job in Barcelona living in one of the best cities in the world for lifestyle.

Of course one of the great things about IT jobs is that you won’t need to speak any Spanish at all.

What Work Is There in Barcelona for Expats?

Because Barcelona has the problem of the language of Catalan it means that to find work in the city requires a degree of skills and qualifications that are not readily found in the resident population.

barcelona streets

This is definitely the city to find professional jobs such as human resources, media, admin, customer service, secretarial, legal or accounting positions. If you are an executive or at board level see our Barcelona headhunters page to find top-level managerial positions in Barcelona.

The vast range of nationalities working in Barcelona is vast and you will find many Germans, Dutch, French, Scandinavians, Americans, Canadians, Colombians, Moroccans, Romanians, Polish, Russians etc.

Some other miscellaneous types of jobs that you might just be able to find as an English speaker would be in nursing, care, hairdressing, telemarketing, telesales, photographer, personal trainer, fitness, beautician, secretarial, admin and as a journalist or writer.

ESL/TEFL Teaching Jobs

We have discussed how difficult it can be to find jobs in Barcelona for English-speaking people but when it comes to your language, the obvious use is to look at a teaching job. Barcelona has many of the biggest companies in Spain with headquarters here so there are plenty of translation jobs in Barcelona.

For ambitious Spaniards looking to increase their income opportunities being able to speak English is very important in order to progress up to executive or board level.

Barcelona is also home to many international schools with English as the first language. At these international schools in Barcelona, there are teaching positions.

A professional teaching qualification for teaching English such as the internationally recognised TEFL certificate (ESL and TESOL are also recognised) will go a long way towards being able to find well paying work.

Benjamin Franklin International School – A welcoming International School with over 40 nationalities in the heart of Barcelona, Spain .

Learn about Rachel from America who went through the International TEFL Academy certification and has been teaching English in Barcelona Spain:

Rules and Regulations

Most casual seasonal jobs will be paid in cash without a working contract, leaving you with no entitlement to any benefits such as free medical treatment if you are suddenly taken to hospital or fall sick.

Ensure you are employed on an official contract entitling you to the Spanish social security system and its free medical care and pension system.

You will not require a visa to work in Barcelona if you are a national of an EU European country such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland.

Other foreign nationals such as Americans, Australians and Canadians will be required to apply for a visa from the Spanish embassy or consulate in their own country before they can travel to Spain. This visa usually will last three months at which point you have to leave the country.

When deciding what job offers to accept try to take those that come with an official working contract which is usually for a duration of three months. An official contract entitles you to the free Spanish state healthcare system, free Spanish school system and unemployment and pension benefits.

An official job will require a tax identification number known in Spain as the N.I.E number for foreigners. This is relatively easy to obtain, just go to your nearest police station or Social Security office with your documentation such as passport or driver’s license. You will need to fill out a form and a temporary number and certificates will be issued to you.

Where to Find Work

Barcelona job websites & forums – there are plenty of Internet sites and job forums advertising the latest job vacancies. We offer this service whereby at the bottom of our page employers and job seekers can list their jobs vacancies in Barcelona.

Craigs List Barcelona – Craigs List is a global classified advertisement website which has a specific Barcelona section for jobs.

Other popular websites for finding jobs in Barcelona include Loquo Barcelona. At the time of writing we can see they have over 23,000 jobs advertised in these main categories:

Word of Mouth – Most jobs in Barcelona will not be advertised especially those of a part-time nature or summer jobs in Barcelona. Many bars or restaurants will simply put a notice in their window asking for staff. It also helps to be in Barcelona asking around and making contacts.

Barcelona newspapers – The city has a number of free magazines and newspapers in English which typically have classified job advertisement sections.

One of the best-known is the Barcelona Metropolitan magazine. This is a free monthly publication in English with a classified job section at the back.

This is a great place to find those expat jobs specifically aimed at English-speaking people. The magazine is distributed at many popular spots throughout the city or you can go direct to their website.

If you can speak some Spanish or Catalan then the daily newspapers are definitely worth looking at because they all have classified job sections.

Our main employment page also has some good job sources which would equally apply to Barcelona such as recruitment agencies or employment agencies.

Empresas de Trabajo Temporal (ETT) are recruitment agencies in Spain – mostly professional and admin work on temporary contracts.

Wikipedia Barcelona – Open source travel guide to Barcelona featuring up-to-date information on sights, history, climate, facts and figures, travel tips and more.

Ajuntament Barcelona – The official Barcelona website created by the City Council, is a channel of communication with all topics of visiting and living in Barcelona covered.

We receive hundreds of e-mails from people wanting to work in Barcelona. In reality it is one of the hardest places in Spain to find a job despite it being the second-largest city – you may wish to also consider the capital Madrid if you want to find work in a major Spanish city.

The problem stems from the fact that Barcelona speaks the language of Catalan which is spoken by very few people outside the region of Catalonia.

It makes finding work and jobs extremely difficult for foreigners and in particular English-speaking people.

You’ll find much more success in finding work in Spain on the many holiday islands in Spain or Costa del Sol which is full of expatriates and is more international.

Below are some of the main sections and frequently asked questions about finding work in jobs in Barcelona.

Staff Required? Employers – please list your jobs in Barcelona below – IT IS FREE!!

Please leave your details below in the comments box if you WANT TO WORK IN BARCELONA!!

Most Popular Places in Spain To Find Work:

Most Popular Work:

Helpful Pages if Moving to Spain:

How to Move to Spain

Find Long-Term Lets & Rentals

Guide to Property in Spain

I Hate Spain – Disadvantages

We also have our main Help Finding a Job in Spain Section .

Hello, my name is Tony Cogan and I am a qualified English language teacher with 8 years of teaching experience and I am available for work in Barcelona. Further information is available on request. You can contact me via WhatsApp at 605233954. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Regards Tony Cogan

Hi, I would like to receive the newsletter of jobs talked about on this page for summer jobs in barcelona. Thank you in advance

Hello I am kuldeep Chauhan I am From India now this days I am leaving in Barcilona and I don’t have here any nationality and visa I want to work in hotel I have Degree in hotel management also I have 5 year experience in Recaption and food and service experience if have any job for me pls contact in my email and numbr 647699707

28 year old Irish guy looking for a job in Barcelona. Availiable anytime. Would mainly like to do bar work, bar back..etc Would be happy enough with waitering, hotel, or any kind of hospitality work.

[email protected]

Hi, My is Marina. I’m 34 and currently living in London. I work as a freelance Hair Session Assistant and Stylist. I help develop looks for fashion shows and have worked with world renown Art Directors and Photographers within Hair/Fashion/Lifestyle/Commercial. I also design and make Clay, Resin & wire jewellery, accessories and mini sculptures.

I have lived and worked in London for years and I am very up for a change. Before working in the Hair/Fashion industry – my experienced varied. I have worked in Music Venue & Bar Management, Creative Recruitment, I have taught Dance as well as having many supervisory roles in Bars/Restaurants.

I am very open to roles. My main goal is changing up my surroundings, experiencing something new.

Hi, I’m a student from the UK and I am looking for bar/waiter jobs abroad for summer 2023. I’ve had several years of bar/hospitality experience and dealing with customers in the UK. Best regards, Jake

Hi, my name is Ronin, 22 years old from South Africa. Currently looking to work abroad in Spain. I have security training, fluent in English, learning Spanish. I am a quick study and determined. I do not have highschool diploma due to financial troubles. I am willing to work any job and I take my work Seriously.

Kind regards, Ronin

Hola, I’m Kanta from india.Now I’m in spain.I need job in bercilona.I have 5 year experience costomer service and security officer in Dubai international airport in Emirates airline.Iam flexible any situation.I am hard working.I speek English,Hindi,Urdu,Punjabi,Im learning Spanish.I hope they will offer place to live.Kindly except my request.Thanku Soo much.

Hi. My name is Sophie and I am a 21 year old woman from Ireland hoping to work and live in Barcelona in summer 2023. I am a fluent english speaker and am open for full time work from the beginning of june 2023!

Bar work, restaurant work, hotel work

Hello. Im from Europe, Latvia and I wish to find any job in Barcelona. I hope they will offer place to live. Im speaking free in english language and russian also. Im smart and 24 years old. I will learn spanish in my free time Im open for full time work or any other.

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20 years of help finding jobs in spain.

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Freelance maya barcelona jobs

My recent searches.

I would like to inform all the freelance web developers out there about the immediate requirement of the BEST one for our company. The Job is to develop a custom website for our firm and it should be in similarity to Now, we want the freelancers to go through the above site and make sure that they can provide ehat is needed. The payout is not an issue with us, Quality and professional work will be highly appreciated and incentivised.

Looking for a freelance developer for a text based football themed mobile game. Looking for someone who can develop, monetize, publish this game on android and iOS formats. You’re a football agent signing players going pro, which agency you pick decides what positions you can pick from and you pick players that are bad at first (C players) but as you get points for having good years you level up to be able to get better players on your roster. Based on the excel spreadsheet is your players chances of having a good year, bad year, or them getting injuried. As you can see bad players have a better chance of having bad years just like in real life low draft picks usually don’t preform well in the pros. But if you notice the injury chances stay the same across the board for...

Need a 3d model designer to make a mesh ,( rhino /grasshopper /blender /3ds max / Maya / Sketchup/unity 3d / zbrush )

We need a freelance UI/UX designer for creating application for mobile and web platforms. Dating App Requirements Fluency in design tools (Figma / Photoshop / Sketch / Illustrator) Knowledge of the UX part, the use of UX-patterns, knowledge of HIG and Google Material Design, creating personas, competitor analysis, etc.

Looking for a freelance Voice Over pro to record stories for African American characters in my children's book.

URGENT!!! Need budget-friendly prebuilt ERP system with customisations for multiple branches of a retail store business. Need ERP with HRM...standards, keeping in mind security, scalability, touchscreen compatible, easy UI/UX screens and not steep learning curve for training purpose. Installation, setup, integration with the web application servers, synchronisation of stock and inventory between online e-commerce and offline stores required. Web application and app development is halfway through, which is being done by another agency. Freelance Developers are most welcome if they can customise and deliver within short span. Send your proposal with quotation and share application demo link ASAP. Bid only if you have the demo and prebuilt software solution available for sale and custo...

I need a individual freelance 3D medical animator’s to work on my project

Want to promote by website,do require freelance

I am looking for a freelance website developer who can develop few e commerce websites for me where I can import all my 3000 records using my excel sheet only. I also want to control website front end using my excel sheet only. I already have few websites. I am not looking for any company at all. I am looking for independent freelancer developer only who is good in laravel.

Hi Need an expert to convert maya 2017 file to FBX and convert the same FBX to GLB in Blender.

Hello everyone, I publish short e-books that are generally based in the gay romance/erotica fiction field. I am looking for a high quality writer that can write these e-books for me. So if you are looking for a recurring job as a freelance writer you came to the right place. I want someone to build a long term relationship with, and who can provide quality books for me quickly. The faster you produce these (with quality) the more jobs you will get. Your task will be to write gay romance fiction. I will provide the book title for you, and you will have the freedom to write about the characters and plot that you choose, with guidance from me. You must be able to write a unique 100% original quality book in English with correct grammar, spelling and proper western English sentence st...

Need a Freelance developer who has experience in Symfony framework for working on a client's project as dedicated resource

Need Kolkata Based freelance developer for NodeJS api development work. If you are a company please stay away. I need individual freelancer to work on a project for API development. Status will be managed in JIRA

Hello Freelance Community, I hope all is well. Kindly needing someone to design and format a professional report that is 46 pages long. Need done ASAP within the next two days if possible. Preferably the design similar to McKinsey Global reports - very sleek, professional, and clean. There are two documents: 1) Actual report (36 pgs), & 2) teacher notes (1 pgs). Need both to be designed and formatted. Final file must be PDF with work if possible. Thank you!

Hi mstpro, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

Need a freelance bidder to get and manage projects .

Want a BDE for getting freelance projects.

Looking for Freelance Recruiter. We will get your the requirement, we will get you the database. Fixed Commission - 4K - 12 K per hire

Hello Folks, I run a business coaching company and am looking to work with a freelance marketeer / content creator to help me create a large number of lead magnets for use in my new website which will launch in November. I'm specifically looking to find someone to work with moving forward on a regular basis. I have at least 10 different "How 2" guides and lot's of other content that needs creating over the next 3 months so please only enter if you have the capacity and a desire to create content moving forward. For this project, I'm looking for you to create a "How 2 guide" for creating a 1 page business plan - Using the 6W's6. Audience Your target reader of the guide is business owners who want a practical easy to follow guide. It ne...

Local freelance help designing a program that would utilize both Excel and Access for tracking inventory for a re-furbishing business located in the far western suburbs of Chicago.

it is cocos, .net, ....and had Android, IOs already. I want Freelance had experiencies can help me deploy and fix if had erorr. Thanks

I am looking for a freelance website designer.

I need a FREELANCE CORPORATE SALES Executive. My company's name is DigiUmbra. It is a Digital Marketing Agency that fulfills all the digital needs of businesses. I have a requirement of a freelancer who will approach new businesses and gets them on board. The freelancer needs to call various business providers like restaurants, hotels, shops, hospitals, travel companies, IT companies, Malls, and so on. Approach them for Digital Marketing Services provided by DigiUmbra. Freelancer will get paid on a percentage basis. According to the monthly budget of the client he/she brings, will be paid 30% of that budget after the client's 1st payment.

We are looking to hire a Social Media Manager on fixed Salary for a single vendor, E-Commerce Shop. He will be mainly managing, FB, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok. The candidate should have dedication and entrepreneur spirit, and much creative. The fixed salary will be 250 USD. + Incentive on total Monthly sales. The candidate should be able to take decision, coordinate with freelance translators, designers and web developers. We are located in Qatar Attached is the Job Description.

Hi there! Codeless is a content production agency looking to add depth to our writer bench. We're looking for committed freelance writers with a wide range of experience in the SaaS and B2B space. You'd be writing 1000-2000-word pieces for a number of industry-leading clients, typically around content marketing and SEO, project management, marketing automation, digital advertising, subscription management, and more. Please provide links to recent examples of published content. We'll provide you with a clear writing process, support documentation for every client and an editorial team. We look forward to hearing from you! - James Director of Editorial at Codeless

We have a small jewellery company and we want to offer some new pieces, mainly custom name/initial block rings crafted from sterling silver. We are just a small team so are looking to work with a freelance silversmith who has their own studio to create pieces for us. We would be paying per piece made. Coming up to Christmas this could mean 10 or more pieces per day. The silversmith would then have to package the pieces and dispatch them to our studio in the UK (postage and packaging would be paid by us). We are looking for a silversmith with experience and who is able to create high standard pieces with a quick turn around. Please ignore paid per hour price as this would be a paid per time to make/product costs job that we would need to work out.

We are a small graphic design studio and I am looking for an expert in Quickbooks Desktop, who can set up (or fix our current) chart of accounts. It must include setting up memorised reports for financia...example: an employee pays a supplier a 50% deposit in cash with her own money. Another employee pays the balance on delivery from petty cash. The first employee needs to be refunded etc. We have a good basic knowledge of Quickbooks, but have never used the program to its full potential and the bank reconciliations, vat reports, financial reports etc are all done manually at the moment by a freelance accountant, who is not familiar with Quickbooks. If Quickbooks OnLine is a better option that Quickbooks Desktop, then we are prepared to change to OnLine. Look forward to hear ...

I’m looking for a freelance for to create a book for kids for KDP The book should contain 90 pages of funny jokes, riddles, knock knock, would you rather, introduction, table of contents. You must have a book that makes you laugh. the child must entertain himself, he must laugh, he must want to read the book. the book must be 6x9 in size. PDF AND MOBI format. the first 5-6 pages must be sent to me within 24 hours to see how you work. the book should be ready in 4-5 days. If you are good at working, I can recontact you for the long term. Payment: 90 pages for 45$

Edtech company looking for freelance trainers

I need some help with finding some leads.

NARDC is a franchise company, this means that our primary focus is to replicate Integrated Aquaponics System (IAS). Our mission is a food secure world. We help understand IAS light farming technologies to bring the next global agriculture revolution in the 21st century. WE WANT: 1. New attendees for our weekly Global Online Short Course on IAS. 2. New IAS farmers who want to implement IAS. 3. New IAS consultants to help IAS farmers in their local territory, For more details check out

Warning! Bid with your previous work projects built on Core PHP Our freelance developer found a full-time job so we need someone to take over and make some adjustments and implement additional functionalities to a PHP website. Experience with API's is a must as well as ImageMagick. Currently, the biggest need is for an API development project between a PHP website and our shipping software (ShipStation). The basis of implementation is when an order comes into Shipstation, our code will analyze the details of the order, reference that details of the order to the rules that have been set up on the website, and update the order details in Shipstation afterward based on rules that have been set up. There are also small adjustments that need to be made within the PHP website for...

Our Company is china-based consulting corporation, our business mainly focuses on B2B IT industry. We’re currently looking for a bold, innovative, and creative copywriter. The ideal candidate will be able to work collaboratively with our public relations team. The ideal person: * Native English-speaker is a must (First language), the people who coud read chinese will be prefered. * is familar with IT industry(Especially in technical terms) will be a huge plus. * Needs to be a good writer in English. * Is comfortable writing in various styles and for multiple formats. we can pay for the number of words of articles or the hours of your works, about once a month. The workload is about 1-2 pieces of paper one month.

An American E-commerce company b...following the terms and conditions of the company at me moment to submit the gathered information. -Monthly Payment (you can use any third party account to receive your paymentl) -All applicants must go through a test which consists in looking for a manufacturer or supplier to work with us. -Monthly Payment: Commission based, entirely on your productivity. payment is made through PayPal. -This is a FREELANCE JOB Requirements -The applicants must be at least 20 years old. -Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Bussiness Administration / Sales. -Development experience dealing with clients (Preferably). -Creativity, fast-minded, self-guided -Persistent, polite, positive-minded -Must have a computer, ear/headphones, and reliable ethern...

I need an experienced freelance paralegal to help draft a motion for an appeal in a criminal case.

FOTORTEC IS HIRING - We are looking to hire a freelance Digital Fundraising Specialist to lead our fundraising efforts. A good candidate must have a proven track record in leading successful digital fundraising campaigns across North and South America with references. In Fotortec, we believe a real food revolution can prevent more children dying from malnutrition. We have developed a truly sustainable protein, so nutrition manufacturers can supply their consumers with products that are more aligned with their values and expectations.

i am a freelance group exercise instructor and personal trainer and have decided to invest in my own fitness studio i would like some advice on the set up of the studio A website and an App

POTENTIAL QUALITATIVE MARKET RESEARCH ANALYST FREELANCE OPPORTUNITY: Freelancer will receive 10-20 transcripts, project objectives, consumer/patient interview guide. These will be interviews of consumers or patients in a health care field. A. Deliverable will be a summary and quotations of: Perceptions Opinions Behaviors Beliefs Occurrences Trends B. Occasionally: Conceptual graphics/infographics based on inductive analysis of transcripts content for hypothesis and theory generation, based on the above deliverable (A) Note: You will not be writing the market research report. We are looking for a freelancer to distill and process the transcripts and categorize ideas, opinions, perceptions imbedded in the interviews we will supply.

We want to hire a freelance partner who can build a suitable landing page for our client We will assign project on the basis of client's requirement and will pay on the basis of project Note that we are an agency and we are willing to hire candidate on the basis of a contract

We are looking for some fresh blood to make designs unique and simple designs which are attractive and catchy for young bloods So we are hiring freelance designers for our brand Inspiring and creative designs are much needed.

Hi Emily B. I would love to know if your available to take on some freelance design work for my luxury clothing label which includes both children and adult wear. I'm looking for assistance in designing 3-4 new designs for my adult and kids collection. I require help with creating the tech packs, illustrations, spec sheets for babies and adults (template already provided) and also graphic prints. If you are interested in this project please let me know. Thanks! Roxy

I would wish to use my translation skills to work on freelance , the deadlines can be according to daily schedules. As the skills required can be met I can work with pleasure.

The rate is:- 0.30USD per 100 words and hence 1.5USD for 500 words content writing. Looking for a web content writer for various websites. The contents should pass all required quality checks like Grammarly and Copyscape Premium. It might b...Premium. It might be a long-term position. I am looking for full-time content writers who can deliver 2000/2500 words articles on various topics. Also, there will be regular work and long-term collaboration is expected. Very flexible with timing and every transaction will be done via milestone. There will be bulk work assignments with a continuous flow of work. Please bid accordingly. Looking for freelance writers from India. Looking for an urgent writer with Great English skills. ** Assured long term position for the right candidate. Skill...

I have a startup-clothing company specialising in women's clothing. We have a basic site and social media presence. Looking to hire a freelance salesperson to sell. Commission-based remuneration.

Hello Maya , We are working on video ads, there will be 24seconds, we need a speaker who will make a voice over the video. Could you make a voice over with your words on the video, please advise.

need an amazing logo for a company works in the fields of web designing and digital marketing. Budget is 850INR, Need high quality logo. Apply only if you are creative and confident to create a unique logo. DONT APPLY IF YOU'RE AN AGENCY, FREELANCE LOGO DESIGHNERS ARE WELCOME!

we need freelancer in India to integrate blockchain tron wallet to application . Any freelance having existing experience will be preferred. reference site is and

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Price Range $0 - $5000

we need someone to design some wall art and show it digitally, 3 D way to present.

Fixed price | posted: 11 minutes ago, i need android developer, fixed price | posted: 2 hours ago, english to arabic speaking, hourly | posted: 5 hours ago, mobile app development, fixed price | posted: 8 hours ago, photo processing.remove the background, leave only the subject, fixed price | posted: 9 hours ago.

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Fixed price | posted: 11 days ago, seo/sem for ac &home appliance services company website in dubai, fixed price | posted: 13 days ago, fox pro to sas _ sas and foxpro knowledge req, fixed price | posted: 11 hours ago, indian content writers needed for long term work, fixed price | posted: 12 hours ago, increase organic traffic with seo, fixed price | posted: 2 months ago, slenium,behaviour driven development, fixed price | posted: 23 days ago, adult content posting to a current website, fixed price | posted: 13 hours ago, i need a business developer, fixed price | posted: 14 hours ago, i need excel expert for long term project, fixed price | posted: 17 hours ago, i need video animator who can make animation videos, fixed price | posted: a day ago.

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    Joining TransPerfect: It's more than just a job. Whether it's something as big as an organized company outing or holiday party, or something small like sharing a catered team lunch, unwinding in a rec room, or being part of one of our affinity groups, working at TransPerfect carries with it many perks. Each of our 100+ offices has its own ...

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    Hey friends, today I have a lost vlog from February. It was somewhere hidden in the deepest of my hard drive lol. But I am so happy to share this one with yo...

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