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Grade 6 Language Arts Worksheets

At this grade level students begin to perfect all aspects of information output and input. Listening takes center stage in many different ways in this grade level. Locking down more difficult vocabulary is a must here. Sixth grade students have one of the most significant jumps in reader level. Students are expected to see an explosion of language growth over the course of this school year. There are many concepts that first appear in the 6th grade language arts curriculum. 6th graders are making a bit of leap into unknown territory. Rather than reading into inferences, we expect students at this level to make their own inferences and back them up with a traceable and well documented argument. Where before we were looking for students to state their opinions at the 6th grade level we want to only hear validated facts.

6th Grade Language Worksheets

Understanding the Use of Pronouns - Time to work on usage as well as placement of the words. [L.6.1.A]

Object Pronouns - When you focus on a single object they all get going together. [L.6.1.A]

Possessive Pronouns - When someone owns something, these words come into play. [L.6.1.A]

Subject Pronouns - These are focus on a specific thing or object. They are very easy to recognize. [L.6.1.A]

Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns - These forms of language usage really give students more inner meaning. [L.6.1.B]

Plural Pronouns - When you have to define a group. [L.6.1.B]

Singular Pronouns - You only have one, this what you need. The establishes an agreement between the verb and subject. [L.6.1.B]

Pronoun Shift - How do we move those words to make us feel more. [L.6.1.C]

Gender Nouns - We have you transform preset language. [L.6.1.C]

Working With Vague Pronouns - Some pronouns just don't tell you enough. We can correct that. [L.6.1.D]

Language Variations - Time to mix it up for movement. [L.6.1.E]

Sentence Completion - Knock off those last words of the sentences. [L.6.1]

Subjects and Predicates - When you are trying to make a solid sentence, this a fundamental part. [L.6.1.E]

Direct and Indirect Speech - Talk right at it or away from it. Direct is usually found in quotes. [L.6-7.1]

Using Punctuation To Set Off Elements - This section fact checks the previous topic. [L.6.2.A]

Grade 6 Spelling - Some of the words found in here might make feel that they are meant for middle schoolers. [L.6.2.B]

Sentence Pattern - How does the sentence flow off of the tongue. This is fundamental skill in English. [L.6.3.A]

Style and Tone - This takes a lot of thought, on the part of the author, to put you in just the right mood with their work. [L.6.3.B]

Verb Patterns - Controlling the word flow will create powerful sentences. This part of speech can make the reader take action. [L.6.3.B]

Word Position or Function As Context Clues - What is the purpose of each word is what you should be looking at. [L.6.4.A]

Using Affixes and Roots To Determine Words - Root words can tell you a ton about why an author chose a word or phrase. [L.6.4.B]

Pronouncing Words and Clarifying Their Meaning - Why do we say a word a certain way? That is what we look at. [L.6.4.C]

Verifying Word Meanings - Where do we find out how words move in and out? [L.6.4.D]

Negation - How to reverse roles or stances in a sentence. [L.6]

Personification In Context - Where does the idea come from? Some authors have a great command of this. [L.6.5.A]

Personification - This is when you try to bring a rock to life with words. It can really capture your audience. [L.6.5.A]

Understanding Relationships Between Words - This is an extremely tough concept for kids to grasp. [L.6.5.B]

Connotation and Denotation - It's really how we define words and how those definitions leave us feeling. [L.6.5.C]

Grade 6 Vocabulary Words - These words are on par for what you will see. [L.6.6]

6th Grade Reading: Literature Worksheets

Using Evidence In Text to Support Analysis - Arguing is great, but have facts that back up your argument will get you listened to. [RL.6.1]

Summarizing Text - This is a very valuable skill for anyone to have. Not everyone has this mastered. [RL.6.2]

Explaining Literary Elements - Putting more ideas together and getting a good string of thoughts is the key to this section. [RL.6.3]

Character Development - How do the character's come to life throughout the work? [RL.6.3]

Story Plot and Sequence - Determine how the author arranged the story to have an impactful affect on their audience. [RL.6.3]

Plots - Understanding plots and the flow of story themes. [RL.6.3]

Plot Twist - We help students learn to identify the use of this technique and we help them get comfortable with using it in their own writing. [RL.6-8.3]

Story Elements - Your run of the mill: characters, conflict, plot, setting, and of course the resolution. [RL.6-7.3]

Epilogue - We look at how this part of a book can be used for additional comments or to bring a conclusion to the work. [RL.6.3]

Excursus - This is when the author spins off topic. This can be helpful, when used properly. [RL.6.3]

Foreword - This is found in the front of a book that explains to the reader why they should read the work. [RL.6.3]

Word Meaning - You might need some reference tools to work with you on this. [RL.6.4]

Analyzing the Significance of a Sentence, Chapter, Scene, or Stanza - Where does this all link up? How much toward a work does that sentence or even chapter hold? [RL.6.5]

Narrator's Point of View - The story is being told by someone. Did you ever wondering why he/she is telling the story? [RL.6.6]

Compare Works of Literature to Other Mediums - We even go back far enough to look at the radio. [RL.6.7]

Comparing Theme and Topics Between Texts - You will need to compare two texts and see the difference between them. [RL.6.9]

Genres - When reading different writing forms, they require a slightly different approach. [RL.6.9]

Framing Persuasive Arguments - Write them in such a way that the you can't possible question the thoughts. [RL.6.9]

Farce - This is a literary genre that uses comedic situations that are greatly exaggerated to entertain the audience. [RL.6.9]

Grade 6 Reading Literature Comprehension - Literature at this level approaches more Classic works. [RL.6.10]

Little Women - Students explore this classic Louisa May Alcott novel. [RL.6-8.10]

6th Grade Reading: Informational Text Worksheets

Citing Textual Evidence - Students start to understand the importance of facts to back up your thoughts. [RI.6.1]

Central Ideas of Text - If your job was to write headlines for the local paper, this would be your job. [RI.6.2]

Analyzing Key Details From Text - You really need to pay attention to detail when working with these. [RI.6.3]

Figurative, Connotative, and Technical Word Meanings - These are the big words that your parents warned you about. [RI.6.4]

Collocation - These words just always seem to be hanging with one another. It helps you form proper sentences. [RI.6.4]

Oxymorons - This is a blindingly dark topic for us. Get it? [RI.6.4]

Analyzing A Specific Portion of Text - Usually the section of interest are covered in bold writing . [RI.6.5]

Author's Purpose - What is he/she taking this stance for? [RI.6.6]

Evaluating Claims In A Text - This skill helps you become an intelligent consumer. [RI.6.8]

Comparing Authors Presentation of Events - In most cases, you will be comparing two different works. [RI.6.9]

Grade 6 Literary Nonfiction Reading Comprehension - This seems to be the prevalent type of tasks we are seeing nationally these days. [RI.6.10]

6th Grade Writing Worksheets

Argument Introduction - It tough to know where to start with this one. Effective trial lawyers are really good at this. [W.6.1.A]

Topic Sentences - Get that body of work off to a head start. When written well an audience can get immersed quickly in a story. [W.4-6.1.A]

Using Evidence To Support Claims - Here we start to use inference skills. Make sure to document things properly. [W.6.1.B]

Writing With Pronoun Shifts - This is when you want to mix up your use of pronouns. Sometimes a single pronoun just doesn't do it. [W.6.1.C]

Formal vs. Informal Style Writing - What level of sophistication does your reader have? [W.6.1.D]

Language Variations - Spice is one of the greatest things you can add to your thoughts. [W.6.1.E]

Riddles and Clues - Use the clue to solve each riddle. [W.6.1]

Informative Text Introduction - The reader has a bit of an expectation when reading nonfictional work. [W.6.2.A]

Topic Development Writing - I like to use outlines when setting these up. I helps to make sure you covered everything. [W.6.2.B]

Using Transitions Words To Show Relationships - This really smooths out the text for the reader. [W.6.2.C]

Using General and Precise Words - A simple word doesn't do it as effective as a highly targeted word can. [W.6.2.D]

Formal Explanatory Writing - Technical writing and this form have a great many similarities. [W.6.2.E]

Explanatory Conclusion Statement - Piece it all together and see if we can sum up everything that needs to be said. [W.6.2.F]

Notice Writing - When you need to get the word out about something, usually an event. [W.6-8.2]

Narrative Introduction - Some of the best movies ever made have powerful narrative openings. [W.6.3.A]

Narrative Techniques - Different ways to craft a message to make a listener or reader understand the setting. [W.6.3.B]

Shifting Time and Settings Through Writing - You can skip generations or even centuries using the proper techniques. [W.6.3.C]

Using Descriptive and Sensory Language Writing - This helps quickly establish the mood of any work. [W.6.3.D]

Narrative Conclusion - How can a narrator wrap this up solidly for you. It should leave you wanting more. [W.6.3.E]

Comic Strips - When you need to engage students in learning to frame narrative these are pure gold. [W.5-6.3]

Writing Thank You Notes - Everyone needs a little thank you pick me up now and then. [W.6-8.3]

Character Descriptions - You need to take a deep dive into brainstorming here. [W.6.3]

Exposition - Students explore the various ways these can use these types of techniques in their own compositions. [W.5-7.3]

Writing With Purpose and For an Audience - Take the audience off in their minds. [W.6.4]

Revising and Editing - This goes hand-in-hand with proofreading skills. We definitely recommend to make this collaborative. [W.6.5]

Grade 6 Typing and Publishing - You will need access to a computer for this, preferably a desktop. [W.6.6]

Grade 6 Research Skills - In most cases you will get to choose your own topic. Otherwise you will at least have a choice of topic. [W.6.7]

Paraphrasing and Quotes - This helps you directly cite evidence in a body of work itself. [W.6.8]

Understanding Literature - When you are given a piece of literature you have to know where to start and finish as well. [W.6.9.A]

Understanding Literary Nonfiction - What about things that are all fact based. Some people actually prefer reading this over fiction. [W.6.9.B]

Writing For Purpose and Specific Audiences - Understanding the motivations of your readers and listeners is the key to any great work. [W.6.10]

Biographies - Life stories are always fun and engaging. [W.6.10]

Science Related Language Content - A nice mix of reading comprehension and grammar. [RST.6.1]

History/Social Studies

Social Studies Related Language Arts - Tons of reading comprehension work for you. [RH.6.8]

Sequential (Procedural) Writing - Time to distinguish between the two. [RH.6-8.5]

Facts or Opinions - Time to distinguish between the two. Use evidence when ever it is possible to do so. [RH.6-8.8]

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Homophones and Word Choice Worksheets


Very amazing site, & easy to use. Many thanks for making it available.

Thank you for this incredibly useful resource.

please provide the solutions (answer sheets) of the given worksheet exercises as well

How do students edit the worksheets, whether RTF or PDF? In these days of distance learning, my fellow teachers and I are looking for editable digital resources that kids could turn in… The homophones worksheets look great, but how would we see their answers?

I don’t recommend that students use those formats. Those are for printing and editing.

For online learning, I recommend that you use my online worksheets:


Or maybe my parts of speech app:


Best Wishes!

Check out my online learning resources:

Just wanted to thank you Mr. Morton for these excellent resources. It makes homeschooling so much easier. Take care.

Uhhhmmm, I asked for grade 8 worksheets and this is what I get! Seriously go for some higher order questions

Thanks for visiting!

Thanks a lot! Great activities!

shama khalid

best ever sources i found, easily accessed, well done. Thanks, keep going

simply amazing… teaching esl is more fun now… thank you!

Pamela Hurley

Super helpful to supplement my summer school curriculum. Thank you!!!

JEffy Jeffy

THis is the littest website e ver!!!


I love this website. Do more

I love these!!! They’re helpful for all of my students no matter their level. What I have had trouble finding anywhere is a quiz on adjectives and adverbs that compare. I made my own of course, but just for thought, they are hard to come by even as worksheets!! 🙂 Thanks for all you do.

Mr. Morton,

I teach remedial grammar at a local university. I find that your work supports me in my instructional process to reach these students who may have not been “tuned in” during high school.

Thanks for the work you do and allowing us access to this—you are always referenced!

That means a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

De Shawn A.

I am 50 years old and just brushing up on my English, as I find my recall of subject needs improving. Your material made it an easy process. Thank you

You are so welcome. Best wishes!

This site is amazing for me! As a first year English teacher it is helping me immensely in building a foundation of lesson plans and assessments. Thank you so much!

I’m so happy to hear it. I have been working for months on new grammar resources. I hope to add them to the site around Christmas break. You may appreciate the updates. Thank you for visiting and come back again.

it is a very good website which helps when we need it. please further improve the processing

This was a great help.

got a lot of good informations. Thank you!

this site is sooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Am grateful, your worksheets help me in remedial work.

Janice LeBlanc

I have been searching to find worksheets that target the specific skills on common core and eureka! you have shared excellent examples teachers can use to keep practicing past initial presentation. Thanks.

Thank you for these excellent worksheets. They have assisted with remedial activities. Thank you!

You are most welcome. Thank you for visiting.

Vivian JOhnson

Thank you so much! I enjoy looking at your website and being able to choose various lessons needed. Keep up the good work.

Christa Mohamed

Hi Mr. Morton Great worksheets but do you think you could put more lessons and answer sheets. If possible would you email me to talk.

I am working on it. There will be major content additions by the fall of next year.

This is great site and I wish there were more topics covered from grammar area. It has been a great help to me especially when I need the worksheet for subs or myself at times of urgency or hurry. Love this site and its materials. They perfectly match my ESL students’ abilities. Thanks.

Kudos. I’m sharing this with all my fellow homeschooling parents. I’d like to suggest a zip file holding the whole package for easy download. I haven’t found anything that isn’t very useful, especially the ppts, nicely done. Having the stories separate from the instruction (mostly) lets me exchange them for some tailored to my kids’ ages.

thanks again.

Thanks for helping to spread the word. Best wishes!

i got a c on my report card how can i improve

I suspect that you need to pay closer attention to your instructor, ask questions when you do not understand the material, and complete all of your assignments.

what a laugh cannot open any of the english worksheets

What sort of device are you using to browse?

OMG! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much I like this website actually I love it, it helped me a lot especially during my mid-year exam it had been an honor for me and now it is much easier to do the homework with my little sister, and that website had even helped my sister do her homework by herself with no help!!!!!!!!! So I thank you so much.

Super awesome worksheets

this is awesome… After many years of teaching science, I am now “surprise!” in the world of language arts and reading. I am struggling to find things to reinforce/teach the CCGPS. this is perfect! Thank you, thank you!

I am both sorry to hear it and happy for you. Best wishes!

very good information, thank you!

I love this website. I have been able to use almost all of your work to help my child with his homework. THANKS SO MUCH!

THANK YOU!!! I am currently 38 and am trying to learn Korean as a second language. Sadly, my last English grammar class was when I was 8, and thusly I am struggling to learn. Your site has provided me with great supplemental learning and practice.

I’m happy to hear it. Thanks for visiting!

THANK YOU for doing this website! You are truly an unselfish person who is helping so many other teachers. Hats off to you!!!!! If you every offer a workshop, I want to attend!

P.S. Answer Keys are great to have

I’m working on it…

I wonder if your worksheets have answer keys sorry if this question is lame. I just want to be certain with my answers and explanations to my daughter. Thanks !

I understand, and it’s certainly not lame. I’d like to get some up in this section during the next week or so.

Wonderful website! Thanks so much, it’s very helpful!

WOOOOW Thank you for the good worksheets, to the extend that i have put these worksheets in my students term exam. I didn’t have the time to thank you, but here i am doing so now.

I’ve got a bunch of new worksheets to add to this section that I’ve been using this year. I hope to post them this weekend.

Tamora Reed

I am moved to tears because of this website. The study sheets are amazing! My son is in the 6th grade and has never understand the parts of speach, or grammar period. These worksheets and study guides have been an instrument in helping him this year. Thank you sooooo much! *tear* : )

Wow, I’m so happy to hear it. Let me know if I can help you with anything. 😀

Hi Mr. Morton this is a great website I am a homeschooling mom and this information was very helpful. Thank you so much.

Sounds like you’re doing a great job! Thanks for visiting.

These are PERFECT! THANK YOU SO Much!!!! Must have taken forever to create these.

Just every school night for the last six years or so.

Great website and very helpful worksheets. You made today’s lesson prep much easier! Thanks! 🙂

vk mitchell

This was a wonderful site. Thank you so much for providing these activities for the students to sharpen their skills.

It’s my pleasure. I’m going to add to the language arts section of this website during the spring. Thanks for visiting.

Dedria Payne

Great Information!

great worksheet

Thank you for sharing! Great worksheets!

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english grammar worksheets with answers for grade 6

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english grammar worksheets with answers for grade 6

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Grammar worksheets.

English Language Arts Workbook


Plural Nouns. Plural words are words that mean MORE than one of something. Possessive Nouns. Possessive nouns show ownership. Homonyms. Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different meanings. Read More...

◂ English Language Arts Worksheets and Study Guides Sixth Grade. Grammar/Spelling

English Language Arts - Sixth Grade - Study Guide: Grammar/Spelling

The resources above cover the following skills:

english grammar worksheets with answers for grade 6

6th Grade ELA Worksheets Printable PDF

Connotation and denotation, relationships between words, personification, verifying word meanings, pronunciation and meaning, affixes and roots, object complement, style and tone, sentence patterns, punctuations, language variations, indefinite pronouns, pronoun shift, reflexive and intensive pronouns, pronoun case, editing and proofreading, reading literature, comparing themes and topics, literature to other mediums, narrator’s point of view, story structure, figurative language, story plot and sequence, textual evidences, reading: informational text, reading comprehension, comparing authors, evaluating claims, visual details, author’s purpose, analyzing portions of text, words and phrase meaning, key details, central ideas of texts, making inferences, writing for purpose and audience, literary nonfiction, understanding literature, paraphrasing and quotes, research skills, typing and publishing, revising and editing , narrative conclusions, sensory language, shifting time and setting, narrative technique, narrative introductions, thank you notes, explanatory conclusions, formal explanatory writing, precise words, using transition words to show relationships, topic development, informative text introduction, writing notice topics, writing a conclusion, formal vs. informal style, pronoun shifts, using evidence to support claims, argument introduction, writing arguments, using semicolons, using prepositional phrases, using participial phrases, using noun clauses, using correlative  conjunctions, using conjunctive adverbs, using compound  elements, using colons, dashes, and parentheses, using appositives to begin sentences, using appositive phrases, using adverb clauses, using adjective clauses, combining sentences to write a paragraph, combining notes into  sentences, combining and varying sentences, combining by inserting phrases, combining by inserting words, combining to create complex sentences, combining to create compound sentences, revising a paragraph, revising a paragraph by combining sentences, revising sentences to create variety, revising stringy sentences, revising wordy sentences, common and proper noun, compound and collective nouns, concrete and abstract noun, preposition, personal pronouns, demonstrative pronoun, relative pronoun, indefinite pronoun, identifying pronoun, personal, reflexive and intensive pronoun, interrogative and relative pronouns, pronoun and antecedent, transitive and intransitive verbs, linking verbs, actions verbs, verb phrases, adjective in sentence, noun or adjective, pronoun or adjective, infinitive phrase, gerund phrases, infinite and gerund phrases, participle phrase, verbal phrase, identifying phrases, prepositional phrases, adjective phrases, adverb phrases, agreement of pronoun and antecedent, pronoun antecedent agreement, subject and verb agreement, principal parts of verbs, irregular verb, correct form lie and lay, correct form rise and raise, troublesome verbs, identify mood, change the tense, progressive forms, consistency of tense, using passive voice, active and passive voice.

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Grammar Worksheets

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Capitalization and Punctuation

Paragraph structure, parts of speech, prefixes and suffixes, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, reading strategies, american culture.

Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Grammar Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 6 Grammar questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.


  1. Worksheet English Grammar Grade 6

    english grammar worksheets with answers for grade 6

  2. Free Printable English Grammar Grade 1 Worksheets Worksheet : Resume Examples

    english grammar worksheets with answers for grade 6

  3. English Grammar Worksheets For Grade 7 With Answers : 3rd grade english worksheet on parts of

    english grammar worksheets with answers for grade 6

  4. English Grammar Worksheets For Grade 6 With Answers

    english grammar worksheets with answers for grade 6

  5. A, An, Das Arbeitsblatt in 2020

    english grammar worksheets with answers for grade 6

  6. Free Worksheets For Grade 10 English

    english grammar worksheets with answers for grade 6


  1. Learning Outcomes All Topics (Part 2)

  2. Grade 4 unit 3 grammar and grammar practice

  3. unit 2 grammar and grammar practice grade 4

  4. UKG English Worksheet//Senior KG English Grammar//LKG English Exam Paper @kidslearningfun2013

  5. Class 3 English worksheet

  6. Class 1 English Worksheet


  1. Browse Printable 6th Grade Grammar Worksheets

    In this engaging reading comprehension worrksheet, learners read an original two-page story and answer a set of comprehension questions. 6th grade. Reading &

  2. Grade 6 Language Arts Worksheets

    English Worksheets Land. Common Core Aligned Language Arts Worksheets.

  3. Grammar Workbook.pdf

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