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Students shouldn’t have homework on weekends.

Jonathan Kuptel '22 , Staff Writer | November 7, 2021


Jonathan Kuptel

MC senior Imari Price works on a assignment for 21st-Century Media class.

Teachers and students have different opinions about homework. Saying it is not fair is the usual argument, but being fair is not the issue. It is about students being prepared. Daily homework assignments can be difficult, and weekends homework assignments are worse. Students operate best when they are well-rested and ready to go. A weekend with no homework would help them to be fresh and ready on Monday morning. Weekend assignments tend to be longer and more difficult. 

The students have a difficult day with classes, practices, and going to school. By Friday, (test day) they are near exhaustion. Most tests are given on Fridays. Homework on Monday-Thursday is time-consuming. Some weekends will include assignments in more than 1 class. Those who go to Mount Carmel are near the end of their rope by 2:40 PM on Friday. I have had other discussions with the senior class and we all feel pretty tired at the end of the day at 2:40 PM. A free weekend helps to get prepared for the next grind to start. No homework weekends assures better sleep cycles and a body that has recovered and refreshed. Weekends include chores around the house and family commitments. This plus weekends assignments lead to a lack of sleep. This means Monday will have a positive attitude. No homework on weekends also means more family time. This is a bonus. 

Alfie Kohn in his book The Homework Myth: Why Are Kids Get Too Much Of A Bad Thing says, “There is no evidence to demonstrate that homework benefits students.” The homework on weekends starts in elementary school and continues throughout high school. 

Mr. Kohn states that homework on weekends starts in elementary school and continues throughout high school. This supports the argument that weekend homework starts in elementary school and now students at Mount Carmel High School have to deal with weekend assignments. The weekend assignments take too much time and are a waste of students’ time. 

Nancy Kalish , author of The Case Against Homework: How Homework Is Hurting Our Children And What We Can Do About It, says “simply busy work” makes learning “a chore rather than a positive, constructive experience.” 

Receiving weekend homework that is not discussed in class and counts only as “busy work” is counterproductive. Students finish the assignments because they are required to be done. When the homework is not reviewed on Monday, it leads to frustration. Busy homework that serves no purpose is never a good idea. 

Gerald LeTender of Penn State’s Education Policy Studies Department points out the “shotgun approach to homework when students receive the same photocopied assignment which is then checked as complete rather than discussed is not very effective.” Some teachers discuss the homework assignments and that validates the assignment. Some teachers however just check homework assignments for completion. LeTender goes on to say, “If there’s no feedback and no monitoring, the homework is probably not effective.” Researchers from the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia had similar findings in their study “ When Is Homework Worth The Time?” Researchers reported no substantive difference in the grades of students who had homework completion. Adam Maltese, a researcher , noted , “Our results hint that maybe homework is not being used as well as it could be. Even one teacher who assigns busy shotgun homework is enough to be a bad idea. 

Students come to know when homework is the “shotgun approach.” They find this kind of assignment dull. Students have no respect for assignments like this. Quality assignments are appreciated by students. 

Etta Kralovec and John Buell in their book How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children, And Limits Learning assert that homework contributes to a corporate style, competitive U.S. culture that overvalued work to the detriment of personal and familial well being. They go on to call for an end to homework, but to extend the school day. 

Cooper, Robinson, and Patalc, in 2006 warned that homework could become counter productive. Homework is counterproductive when it is a (shotgun) assignment. To reiterate, not all homework is bad. Bad homework which is not reviewed in class just plain “busy work” is not positive and could be counterproductive. 

Sara Croll, Literacy Coach and Author, believes too much homework causes stress for students. Diana Stelin, teacher, artist, and mother says, “I’m absolutely in favor of this ban. Homework is homework, it doesn’t matter what class it comes from. What it does is create negative associations in students of all ages, takes away their innate desire to learn, and makes the subject a dreaded chore.” 

When students come to dread their homework, they do not do a great job on these assignments. Making students do a lot of homework isn’t beneficial because they get drowsy when they work at it for hours and hours at a time. It is hard for the brain to function properly when it is tired and boring. 

Pat Wayman, Teacher and CEO of says, “Many kids are working as many hours as their overscheduled parents and it is taking a toll.” “Their brains and their bodies need time to be curious, have fun, be creative and just be a kid.” 

No homework on weekends is not just a wish, but it is supported by all of these educators and authors. They all champion limiting homework are totally opposed to homework assignments. Educators and students agree that no homework on weekends is a good idea. Meaningful homework, a longer school day, and discussion of homework are what these educators and authors encourage. 

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doing homework on the weekend

Teachers vs. Students: Weekend homework

Naisha Roy , Copy Editor

April 8, 2019

After climbing up the precipitous mountain that is the school week, Friday awaits students like a rewarding jewel. For many students, weekends are a refresh button on school, tests, assignments, and life. However, this idyllic weekend is a rarity for most high school students. Homework assigned over the weekend is one of the more controversial topics in education today, with opinions ranging all across the spectrum.

Pros and Cons

There is a schism between people who think weekend homework should be banned and those who think it should be mandatory; both sides have strong reasoning and arguments. The following chart shows the pros and cons of weekend homework:

The Teachers’ Take

Teachers at South Forsyth seem to have an opinion about weekend homework. Some think it is necessary, others optional, and others think it shouldn’t be assigned at all. In a weekend homework survey of teachers, about 20% of Sofo teachers give no homework over the weekend. Out of the 80% that do, almost 50% try to avoid it when necessary, and 29% only assign a couple of times per month. Most teachers try to avoid giving weekend homework unless necessary. They mostly assign it as extra practice or make-up work. According to Learning Lift Off, one huge reason for teachers giving weekend homework is to complete their lesson plans. Many teachers simply don’t have enough class time in order to complete their assigned plans and have no choice but to assign weekend homework.

I try to avoid it [weekend homework] because I think students need a mental break. Unless it is a project or preparation for a summative, there is small value academically.”

— Kelsey Parent, Science Teacher

This view is shared by many teachers. Oftentimes, weekend homework won’t be assigned unless a test is on Monday. Even then the homework is often optional, like study guides. Bobby Scott, Headmaster of Perimeter School in Johns Creek, explains how the minimal homework policy at his school helped kids gain more quality time with their parents, improving mental health. Academically, while weekend homework does provide a review for the lessons of the previous week, many students procrastinate, doing it on Sunday night. This provides no academic value because students aren’t doing it to learn or review; they are doing it simply to get it done.

I think if the amount of homework given is minimal, it should impact both mental health and academics positively.”

— Lisa Millsaps, Math teacher

This is a very valid perspective on the situation. According to , homework (as long as it’s minimal) can help improve time management, studying, and engagement skills. A little homework on the weekends means that students will have to figure out how to fit it in with their lives, just as adults have to do with their jobs (which often extend beyond the office). explains that “homework can involve parents in the school process, [..] allowing them to express positive attitudes toward the value of school success,” which means that students can, using homework, foster more connections with their parents, and improving their mental health.

Homework in general stresses out the students. I understand sometimes it is a necessary evil, but it should be the exception instead of the norm.”

— Caye Enzweiler, Math Teacher

Describing homework as a “necessary evil” is probably one of the most common takes on the situation. Oftentimes, teachers need to assign homework in order to make sure students are prepared. However, this leads to additional stress for high school students who are already juggling work, college applications, relationships, and a lot more. The Washington Post wrote an article highlighting a school which started implementing homework-free weekends. Both students and teachers described it as a “breather” and “reprieve”. The exception and not the norm is a good rule of thumb for weekend homework. A few stressful weekends may help improve time management, but too many may open the door to depression and anxiety.

The responsible high school student will manage his activities so that he does a little homework each night and pays attention in class, so that he may have mostly free time on weekends.”

— Caroline Cranfill, Math Teacher

The responsible high school student may be able to do all these activities. However, it takes lots of time to develop the responsibility and mindset required for this. A common solution would be to gradually increase the amount of weekend homework as students get more responsible and learn how to manage it. For example, teachers may start by assigning 5-10 minutes of homework per weekend and gradually increase their time as students grow, instead of assigning a huge amount all at once. Doing a little homework each night (or completing a subject each night) is also a good strategy, and responsible students will ask teachers for studying strategies, homework advice, and extensions.

The Students Side

Unlike the teachers at South Forsyth, the students seemed to have unanimous answers to the survey. The majority of them reported having weekend homework consecutively over the weeks. However, it was different for each subject. The following graphs show what weekend homework looks like at South:


After looking at this survey, it is easy to see that for the average high school student, a homework-free weekend is a rarity. Math is the subject where students get the most weekend homework assigned. This is understandable because math is a class that requires intensive practice and skill building. However, students often have tests on Mondays, which means that they get overloaded with both studying, doing homework, and spending time with their family. In addition, many students feel that all their assignments can be overbearing when they have no choice but to extend the work onto their two-day reprieve. The biggest annoyance for students at South Forsyth is busy work. Homework can be useful at times, however if the assignment is lengthy or tedious, it gets lost in all the other pending work.

“[One suggestion for teachers would be] to not give as many or lengthy assignments, because we need a break from school; if we are bombarded with work from all classes it gets difficult,” says junior Arusha Khan.

School districts across the US have started implementing homework-free weekends as a method to aid their students’ stress and give them a breather. By having a balance of having homework on weekends occasionally , teachers can still fulfill their curriculum. These periodic breaks can give students relief from homework or extra time to catch up on assignments. Schools that have started incorporating this practice into their schedule include Watkins Mill High and Poolsville High in Maryland , Ramapo Indian Hills High School in New Jersey, Hinsdale High School in Chicago, and many more. South Forsyth can also utilize this strategy by offering students one or two completely homework-free weekends twice a year or so. We can make students’ lives easier by increasing motivation for all the other all-nighters. One strategy that the video to the right highlights is for students is to plan their homework. Students can also break down their homework and do a little each night to avoid the situation of weekend homework altogether, or at least prevent all the work from piling up to 11:59 on a Sunday night.

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Homework should be reserved for weekdays only

Bridget Linchuk ('12)/Eastside staff February 16, 2011

During the school year, weekends are the only time students can have free time to spend with their family and friends, unlike weekdays when students are piled on with loads of homework given by teachers. Students should not have homework on the weekends because it interferes with other obligations such as the time you can spend relaxing with family, resting, and studying the knowledge previously learned that week.

On a typical school night, a high school student spends around two hours, at a minimum each night on homework, according to a survey from  During weekdays students miss out on sleep, socializing, and crucial family time. If a person spends all their time doing homework Monday through Thursday, there should be a break on the weekend for time to catch up on things missed during the week.

During the week, children and family do not spend quality time together because of six hour school day, which is followed up by extracurricular activities and homework.  Parents too long forward to weekend, since they have jobs during the week that demands much of their own time.

Although some believe that homework creates bonding time between parents and students, since parents can aid in their child’s school work, many other parents believe that homework is stressful on kids, and when it comes to the weekend, that time should go towards strengthening the family connection, not doing homework.

Many students are involved in extracurricular activities, sports or even work hours on school nights. This causes students to get home from school late. Kids don’t usually start homework right away; they take care of other priorities first, pushing their homework further into the night.

“After I get home from volleyball, I go right into the shower and eat dinner with my family. By the time everything’s settled, I can’t usually start my hours of homework till 8:30 p.m,” said Danielle Montgomery.

Many other students are put into this situation also cutting down on crucial needed sleep during the week to do well in school the next day. By having this same routine every weekday, when the weekend finally arrives, a student is run down on energy and missing out on a lot of sleep. Knowing that they are free of homework on

those days brings a huge relief and allows them to finally rest and regain energy.

Being assigned loads of homework during a time that you could rest, does not allow you to do so.

Some people may say that with better time management, the student can get his or her homework done in the time needed to still allow a decent night’s sleep. If extra time is needed on an assignment, they can squeeze it in at lunch or even in another class that allows some free time.  When kids try to figure out how to get everything done, but fail, they get discouraged and their work ethic is affected. They have no choice but to stay up late into the evening making sure everything is done for the next day.

Another important argument is that students have other obligations such as church, Sunday school, or sporting events that if they have homework on the weekends, it would prevent them from attending any of them.

Some say this is a lesson that has to be learned, and gives good practice for

Future events, since an adult may be called into work, or have to finish something for a job on the weekends even though he or she has off. Having homework on the weekends as a teen helps you learn responsibility of when to choose work over other plans in the real world. Although it would be good practice for a kid, now isn’t the time to learn because they should enjoy their childhood while they still have it.

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Vivian Rong , Eastside Online Editor-in-Chief | March 1, 2023

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Thank you so much! This information helped me with a project we are doing at school. – Anonymous

Anonymous • Apr 5, 2022 at 1:01 pm

Thank you so much! This information helped me with a project we are doing at school. – Anonymous

STIFFY SPIDER-MAN • Mar 22, 2022 at 2:14 pm

Homework on the weekends is just not right bros

Bryant Holmes • Feb 7, 2022 at 12:45 pm

This is an amazing place to get information for the presentation I’m organizing, and all of your claims seem to be supported by a fair amount of good evidence and surveys. One of the main troubles I have with weekend homework is that by the time I’ve gotten home and taken a shower, I can barely even stand up, causing me to have to push back my homework back. I then take the Saturday to relax and rest for the next week of school, which the weekend is meant for, pushing the work back even further to Sunday. Thank you for helping me organize my presentation!

Alan • Jan 9, 2022 at 9:15 am

Great story! I could inspire from this book. I remember the first time when I wrote my essay, writers from told me that I could become a writer. To continue the work I had begun, such a book was not enough for me.

zaeem • Jan 6, 2022 at 3:04 pm

this is all good . I think your facts are true and trusted

foop • Dec 9, 2021 at 9:49 am

Bro thanks i needed this for a class

ewwdk • Oct 23, 2021 at 9:19 pm

lol I do 4 hours of homework every single day including weekends. I also have club meetings every week so by the time I am done with everything its already 2:00AM. My teachers are just slacking off and they teach us nothing in class. All they do is assign loads of homework expecting us to have our ten assignments turned in by Monday.

Adam Ball • Jul 26, 2021 at 11:24 am

Students should do homework Monday through Thursday not Monday through Friday. Homework didn’t belong in My Friday Routine. So my parents pulled me Out of Griffin in November 2004. Monday Through Friday Homework is too Stressful. It’s more Homework than anyone can Handle.

Vincezo Licavoli • May 26, 2021 at 4:38 pm

Parents cannot make their children do the homework. To my mind, children do not have to do homework not only while virtual school but always. Because they have to be tought at school, but not in home by their parents. Parents do not have to help their children with homework, it must be done by teachers at school. Homework brings only stress and tears. I also suffered from doing my child’s homework. But now i hve already solved this problem, and want to share the solution to other parents. Do not waste your freetime, just chooe some writing service and order your homework. They will do everything in the highest quality. You can try this out . If you visit this website you will find a list of such services and reviews to them. Choose what you like.

Eliott • May 22, 2021 at 4:15 pm

my spanish teacher didn’t warn us that we had any work for the weekend, on Monday she asked if we submitted our ten assignments, thenn proceeded to give us 7 for the week, it all took me 32 hours to catch up, i also got behind on my other classes

paul ryan • May 20, 2021 at 6:26 pm

yeah I’m a middle school student with quite a bad track record of missing assignments, and I’ll admit that is due to laziness and procrastination. and when I have to work on them during the weekend and there’s also regular homework too, it’s just exponential stress.

(not showing my name) • May 2, 2021 at 11:30 am

Weekends are meant for relaxation. If teachers will give us homework on the weekends, why not just send us into school on Saturdays and Sundays? Those two options are on the same level in my opinion, since weekend homework typically takes MUCH longer than traditional weekday homework.

Yusuf • Apr 23, 2021 at 9:59 am

I agree with all of you. Having school on the weekends is annoying and stressful. I can’t watch a movie on Sundays without stressing on the fact that I have homework to do. I’m always staying up till 12 am to finish up. I want to relax on the weekends rather than stress and have anxiety. Yes, I get anxiety because of homework. I wish we could only be assigned homework on the weekdays but not Friday, since that’s basically the start of the weekend. Sometimes i’m so tired and there is so much work to do I just don’t even do it. I let it be a missing assignment for a couple of days while i’m finishing it up on the weekdays. But normally that wouldn’t even be an option to finish and get an extra day because the teachers have it marked missing. The only class where I didn’t get any homework was Spanish class, which didn’t give me stress because of my nice teacher.

mm • Apr 5, 2021 at 8:24 pm

Homework should not be on the weekend because that can lead you to be behind in class as a middle schooler it can affect metal qulitys and it does not help that there is homework on the weekend it does NOT make you smarter it just stresses people out and makes you get behind in class.

Lol no • Mar 21, 2021 at 8:28 pm

Wasn’t the whole point of weekends to not have a bunch of stuff to do? Why they gotta give so much homework I’m ok with school but I CAN’T DEAL WITH HOMEWORK ON THE WEEKENDS.

(who cares abt my name) • Feb 21, 2021 at 8:03 pm

Im doing homework non-stop all day every day even on weekends and I feel like it’s gonna go on forever they give me way too much homework at least 3-4 assignments every day and I have past due assignments also to do and its so insanely stressful and I can’t even do anything and I could barely play with my puppy and I never get a day off or free time like youtube or video games or something. And it takes me so long to do the assignments bc its really long and its super hard. Im in 7th grade.

( not gonna say my name ) • Feb 11, 2021 at 11:11 am

I dont think that after 5 days of working I should have more work on the day I’m suppose to be relaxing.

Beren • Jan 8, 2021 at 1:08 pm

I always do my homeworks

Amber Keller • Apr 16, 2020 at 9:20 pm

I think homework should be reserved on weekdays only because after a full 5 day school week you would like to have some free time and go to a friend’s house.

Can’tSayMyName • Apr 4, 2020 at 2:54 pm

I agree, it’s especially stressful when you not only have homework to make up from being sick, and you have to study for old and new tests.

Hazel • Mar 3, 2020 at 9:46 pm

I agree that homework should not be given on weekends. I often want to relax on the weekend and don’t want to do school work on my time off. Teachers need to realize that high schoolers have a social life and need a break from school on the weekends. Or we can have just a four day week at school 🙂

sandy • Feb 12, 2020 at 11:41 am

i wake up at six in the morning and drag my self out of bed just to go to school, then i come back and at least do one hour of homework, then i do housework, and then sleep and do all of that for the rest of the week. And especially on the weekends doing that will just take all the fun out of it.

Maddox • Feb 5, 2020 at 12:37 pm

Homework is so stressful i play sports and when i come home I have to do algebra homework for 2 hours. If i went on a family trip i could actually be able to catch up if there wasn’t extra homework from school.

matt • Jan 31, 2020 at 9:33 am

I agree with all of you. Hw on the weekends kills me bc I can’t go on any family trips.

devan • Jan 21, 2020 at 4:06 pm

i am a student and i think the idea of home work on the weekend is dumb its like never ending school and it gives to much worry about ” how will i finish all this”

Yung Anthony • Oct 22, 2019 at 5:47 am

I’m stressed bro.

Alexa Danley • Oct 14, 2019 at 11:34 pm

This particular weekend was a four day weekend, and I just finished everything up. It’s 1am. I have been working on it for the past 3 days for about 5 hours each day. I had soccer on Saturday and Monday, and church on Sunday.

Hamzah Shaif • Sep 1, 2019 at 10:05 pm

My son has been given of 24 pages of homework this 3 day weekend. He has put 24 hours so far into his homework, but he estimates tha tomorrow he will have 6 hours more at least of homwork. He has not been able to go on family trips, much less leave his room. The Ironic part is that it is Labor Day,

Matthias Scunter • Sep 25, 2018 at 10:44 am

Me: I have homework. Dad: idc come here boi Me: no!

bob davis • Nov 2, 2011 at 10:08 am

i think that there should be no hw on weekends because i am a student and it is very stressful to come home and have to do more school work. it is never ending school.

What is your method of doing homework on the weekend, spacing it out time wise?

doing homework on the weekend

I used to do it all on either Saturday or Sunday(usually Sunday). I am thinkig of doing a new method where I space it where I do some Saturday and Some Sunday, and some Friday(I have no class that day) if I cannot do it some on both saturday and Sunday. DAE do this method? I think it may be a better method so I am not spending all of my afternoon on Sunday working on my homework and studying.

' src=

I try to do some on Saturday morning before relaxing for the day. I like just devoting Sunday to most stuff. I make it my library day

I don't have classes on Friday so I'll do Homework/go to office hours during the day. I try not to have to do Homework on Saturday's if I can avoid it. Usually start homework Sunday afternoon and finish up early Morning morning.

I found that it really helped me to treat college like a job. I worked 8-10 hour days on weekdays and did nothing/little on the weekend. The exception is if there were big deadlines coming up, or I had some kind of large assignment due on a Monday. Then I would work a few hours on the weekends. But in general, it's nice to have 2 days off every week where you don't feel stressed or guilty for not studying.

Weirdly enough, sometimes Friday afternoon/evening is my most productive time. Saturday I almost never get things done (laziness mostly). Sunday afternoons I often tutor, but sometimes that will motivate me to start work in the mornings.

I usually end up doing work most of the day on Saturday and Sunday. I also do some on Friday, but that's more of my "chill" day (if I don't have TONS of work to do).

Usually spend the mornings doing home work on the weekends. Wake up around 9 and work till noon or 1pm. Then have the rest of the day free.

I would do that but I tend to sleep till 11 or 12 on weekends.

I just dont do it _^

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Students Have Homework on Weekends?

Should students have homework on weekends, reasons for no homework.

How much is too much homework?

Homework is helpful sometimes, recommendations and conclusions.

Homework is a part of a student’s life even though many of them think of it as a form of cruel punishment especially when assigned during weekends or holidays. Teachers tend to assign homework to the students mainly to keep them busy during the holiday span instead not being reasonable. This, on the other hand, makes the students hate homework which seems to be pointless to them most of the time. This brings us to a controversy discussing whether should students have homework on weekends .

Whether on weekends or weekdays, homework seems to overstress students. After spending most of the hours of the day in school they cannot possibly take time and complete the assignments . Not having homework can relieve the stress from the students and they can enjoy more time with their family which can be inspirational, educational, and even fun. They can even concentrate on other extracurricular activities, their hobbies, and sports.

The answer is no from many of us . Studies say, students who are bound with their academic works and homework most of the time of the day, actually have a poor concentration in school as well as poor academic grades. They seem to go through depression and acquire many health problems both physically and mentally. This clearly gives us the answer should students have homework on weekends or not.

I personally feel that students should not be assigned with homework on holidays, here is why. Students on an average spend about 7-8 hours of the day in school and for five days a week; this is just enough for a child to take the load of academic works. Most of the kids seem to have packed schedules of their extracurricular activities and the homework on weekends tends to clash with it.

Moreover, if the kids get to be kids and take the time to play around, they can be stress-free and that can actually increase their academic performances in school. Should students have homework on weekends?  No, they need to have a break once in a while mainly on the weekends from homework so that they can enjoy the time with their families as well as play their favorite sports.

There are a number of reasons on whether should students have homework on weekends or not. Here are a few:

Takes up family time :

Weekends are specially meant for having a quality family time for all of us. As for students, they also need to relax after a busy scheduled weekdays and homework on theweekend means the elimination of family time. This leaves the parents with no choice but to force their child to complete the homework while others are enjoying a leisure weekend. This not only stresses the kids but also makes them depressed and not wanted.

Takes up leisure time :

It is called weekend for a reason, like an end to a busy week and the time for doing leisure activities for fun and to enjoy. Homework on weekends obviously and generally stresses the students and is the prime cause for their rude behavior. It does not really allow them to be in peace of mind and enjoy their childhood as the parents are always onto them to make them finish it.

Kids need to be kids :

Weekends are the time where they can enjoy their favorite sports or improve their mind or skills performing other activities and also fulfilling their hobbies. Homework can have a negative influence on their learning experiences which often leads them to hate academic works.

Studies say that more than 2 hours of homework at a time is too much. After spending a good amount of time in the school, students needs time to gain some energy and prepare for their assignments. With a bunch of homework, students may actually expand their time with academic works which may lead them to eliminate some sleeping time. This actually leads them to depression and poor physical health in no time.

Thinking about should students have homework on weekends or not made us more aware of the fact that too much homework is actually damaging the kid’s interest in learning and reducing their curiosity level. Thus, it is good to assign students with homework which involves only reading and preparing their lessons.

Homework has helped me practice the lesson taught in the class apart from the fact that it also kept me busy in my room while others were enjoying their weekends. Homework on weekends actually helps the teachers cover more material on the ongoing lesson which is not possible in the given time of a particular period. This actually creates a debate on should students have homework on weekends or not.

As the idiom says all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, every student actually need a little break enjoying their time as playing their favorite sports can relieve their stress and also keeps them active. Playing sports keep children away from obesity; however a bulk of homework on weekends could risk them for more health problems.

A kid also needs to be on their own in order to improve their mind in other extracurricular activities. They should also take their mind off of everything else so that they can enjoy their childhood playing their favorite games. Moreover, rest of mind and body is of utmost importance for a growing child.

Though experts recommend a little homework can be good but homework which involves most of the time of the students can affect them in many ways. Whereas should students have homework on weekends or not is still in a debate. They recommend homework related to reading and exploring during weekends so that they can learn more observing from the world which is both interesting and fun.

Benefits of Doing Your Homework

Do you think of quotes for homework motivation useful?

Homework Blues?

Get expert help with homework for all subjects.

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The Tiger's Tale

The student news site of MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School

Homework should not be given on the weekend

Homework’s effectiveness is in question, and stress is a real problem. Therefore, homework should not be given on the weekend.

Jessie Cao , Photo Editor | December 1, 2016

Imagine coming out of school and expecting to make plans for the weekend once you get home. When you walk through your front door, you are distraught and remember about your homework that is due on Monday.  Due to the amount of homework, you are homebound and the days where you were supposed to be relaxed are ruined.

Weekends are supposed to be the days that students, and everyone else, get to recharge.  Homework defeats the purposes of weekends.  When students are assigned homework over the weekends, this makes them feel like they have no break.  Students become stressed out on the days they are supposed to relax when they have to worry about homework.

To prevent this from happening, students should not receive assignments on the weekends.  This can happen by teachers planning their lessons out each week, so the content does not spill into the weekend.  While that may mean more time for homework on each weekday, students will enter the weekend with less to worry about.

According to Open College’s Website, The U.S. National Education Association recommends no more than ten minutes per grade level, per night.  Sometimes, homework has even been legislated.  In, fact California banned homework for students under the age of 15 in 1901!  Even older students were limited to 20 recitations a week.  

Homework does not improve student knowledge, according to Open Colleges.  Duke University found 60 studies that assigning homework was good, but too much homework was not.  Harris Cooper is a leading homework research that suggests homework needs to be “uncomplicated and short, involve families, and engage student interests.”

Stanford News even reported that homework creates stress.  In fact 56% of student stress is caused by homework.  33% is caused by the worry of receiving good grades on homework.  Less than one percent of students say that homework doesn’t stress them.  Studies show that this affects families as well. This puts stress on families because of the ability to not help the child with the homework.  

“The data shows that homework over this level is not only not beneficial to children’s grades or GPA, but there’s really a plethora of evidence that it’s detrimental to their attitude about school, their grades, their self-confidence, their social skills, and their quality of life,” said Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman to CNN.  She is an expert in family health dynamics.

Although homework does not necessarily benefit students, teachers may think otherwise.  For their perspective, homework can enhance the lesson taught to make sure the students remember the content.  Homework on the weekends, in a teacher’s perspective, is seen as improving students knowledge.  Even if that were true, the stress homework inflicts still has a negative impact.  Therefore, let the weekends be homework-free.

Moving forward, it would be best for students to not have homework on the weekends.  The weekends should be the weekends, not a continuation of the week.  

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No Homework on Weekends

doing homework on the weekend

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School Life Balance , Tips for Online Students

The Pros and Cons of Homework


Homework is a word that most students dread hearing. After hours upon hours of sitting in class , the last thing we want is more schoolwork over our precious weekends. While it’s known to be a staple of traditional schooling, homework has also become a rather divise topic. Some feel as though homework is a necessary part of school, while others believe that the time could be better invested. Should students have homework? Have a closer look into the arguments on both sides to decide for yourself.

A college student completely swamped with homework.

Photo by  from  Pexels

Why should students have homework, 1. homework encourages practice.

Many people believe that one of the positive effects of homework is that it encourages the discipline of practice. While it may be time consuming and boring compared to other activities, repetition is needed to get better at skills. Homework helps make concepts more clear, and gives students more opportunities when starting their career .

2. Homework Gets Parents Involved

Homework can be something that gets parents involved in their children’s lives if the environment is a healthy one. A parent helping their child with homework makes them take part in their academic success, and allows for the parent to keep up with what the child is doing in school. It can also be a chance to connect together.

3. Homework Teaches Time Management

Homework is much more than just completing the assigned tasks. Homework can develop time management skills , forcing students to plan their time and make sure that all of their homework assignments are done on time. By learning to manage their time, students also practice their problem-solving skills and independent thinking. One of the positive effects of homework is that it forces decision making and compromises to be made.

4. Homework Opens A Bridge Of Communication

Homework creates a connection between the student, the teacher, the school, and the parents. It allows everyone to get to know each other better, and parents can see where their children are struggling. In the same sense, parents can also see where their children are excelling. Homework in turn can allow for a better, more targeted educational plan for the student.

5. Homework Allows For More Learning Time

Homework allows for more time to complete the learning process. School hours are not always enough time for students to really understand core concepts, and homework can counter the effects of time shortages, benefiting students in the long run, even if they can’t see it in the moment.

6. Homework Reduces Screen Time

Many students in North America spend far too many hours watching TV. If they weren’t in school, these numbers would likely increase even more. Although homework is usually undesired, it encourages better study habits and discourages spending time in front of the TV. Homework can be seen as another extracurricular activity, and many families already invest a lot of time and money in different clubs and lessons to fill up their children’s extra time. Just like extracurricular activities, homework can be fit into one’s schedule.

A female student who doesn’t want to do homework.

The Other Side: Why Homework Is Bad

1. homework encourages a sedentary lifestyle.

Should students have homework? Well, that depends on where you stand. There are arguments both for the advantages and the disadvantages of homework.

While classroom time is important, playground time is just as important. If children are given too much homework, they won’t have enough playtime, which can impact their social development and learning. Studies have found that those who get more play get better grades in school , as it can help them pay closer attention in the classroom.

Children are already sitting long hours in the classroom, and homework assignments only add to these hours. Sedentary lifestyles can be dangerous and can cause health problems such as obesity. Homework takes away from time that could be spent investing in physical activity.

2. Homework Isn’t Healthy In Every Home

While many people that think homes are a beneficial environment for children to learn, not all homes provide a healthy environment, and there may be very little investment from parents. Some parents do not provide any kind of support or homework help, and even if they would like to, due to personal barriers, they sometimes cannot. Homework can create friction between children and their parents, which is one of the reasons why homework is bad .

3. Homework Adds To An Already Full-Time Job

School is already a full-time job for students, as they generally spend over 6 hours each day in class. Students also often have extracurricular activities such as sports, music, or art that are just as important as their traditional courses. Adding on extra hours to all of these demands is a lot for children to manage, and prevents students from having extra time to themselves for a variety of creative endeavors. Homework prevents self discovery and having the time to learn new skills outside of the school system. This is one of the main disadvantages of homework.

4. Homework Has Not Been Proven To Provide Results

Endless surveys have found that homework creates a negative attitude towards school, and homework has not been found to be linked to a higher level of academic success.

The positive effects of homework have not been backed up enough. While homework may help some students improve in specific subjects, if they have outside help there is no real proof that homework makes for improvements.

It can be a challenge to really enforce the completion of homework, and students can still get decent grades without doing their homework. Extra school time does not necessarily mean better grades — quality must always come before quantity.

Accurate practice when it comes to homework simply isn’t reliable. Homework could even cause opposite effects if misunderstood, especially since the reliance is placed on the student and their parents — one of the major reasons as to why homework is bad. Many students would rather cheat in class to avoid doing their homework at home, and children often just copy off of each other or from what they read on the internet.

5. Homework Assignments Are Overdone

The general agreement is that students should not be given more than 10 minutes a day per grade level. What this means is that a first grader should be given a maximum of 10 minutes of homework, while a second grader receives 20 minutes, etc. Many students are given a lot more homework than the recommended amount, however.

On average, college students spend as much as 3 hours per night on homework . By giving too much homework, it can increase stress levels and lead to burn out. This in turn provides an opposite effect when it comes to academic success.

The pros and cons of homework are both valid, and it seems as though the question of ‘‘should students have homework?’ is not a simple, straightforward one. Parents and teachers often are found to be clashing heads, while the student is left in the middle without much say.

It’s important to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of homework, taking both perspectives into conversation to find a common ground. At the end of the day, everyone’s goal is the success of the student.

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