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What is Account Assignment Category in SAP MM, How to configure?

This Blog Post will give the overview on what is Account Assignment Category in SAP MM and How to configure it within SAP system. I will explain configuration step by step in SAP configuration.

This article will guide you through step by step procedure and will give you the complete idea on usage of Account Assignment Category and Item Category.

Account Assignment Category:

It indicates what type of purchase the company is doing in Purchasing Documents, whether it is for consumption or anything relation to orders, projects etc. The nature of this also indicates which accounts it needs to be charged for when the incoming invoice and Goods Receipt are posted.

Depending on the requirements you can create customized ones as well. Select one line item and click on the icon (with the magnifying class). Or if you want to create one Hit the “New Entries” icon.

account assignment in po sap

Certain configuration needs to be maintained for a particular account assignment category and the screen selection. Below image shows the configuration and screen selection..

account assignment in po sap

The above screen will pop-up to maintain the configs. For now, lets consider K- Cost Center

So, for “K” only GL Account, Cost Center needs to be mandatory i.e. user need to specify the respective value for this and for rest can be maintained as optional/hidden/display.

In the detailed Information tab, we can see certain options

After this we have certain checkboxes like Goods Receipt/ Invoice Receipt – Defines whether Goods Receipt will be relevant or not for the items created with this account assignment category.

After completing all the steps you can create the Purchase Orders using an Account Assignment Category.

So here we complete the configuration about the Account Assignment Categories.

Let’s move to what combination of Account Assignment and Item Category is allowed in Purchasing document.

account assignment in po sap

It is a mapping between the Item Categories and Account Assignment that indicates what are the relevant and correct combination that can be used in purchasing document.

Okay, now you might be wondering what are item category?

Item categories are defined to provide additional control functions for the documents to meet the demands resulting from different business transactions.

Basically it has the same functions as of Account Assignment but with a different set of usage.

There are different Item categories configured in system. You can define/create them here

account assignment in po sap

The above are some standard Item category defined by SAP, but always open to create a custom one as per the requirements.

Here I complete the detailed explanation of Account Assignment,  Item Category & it’s configuration in SAP MM.

Please do provide your valuable feedback on this post in comments section, this will help me in improving my content and share more knowledge with this community, also you can follow me for more content related to SAP!

Till then Happy learning!

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account assignment in po sap

Nice thanks for sharing

Author's profile photo guruprasad pandurangi

Hi Garvit, i guess new Item categories can't be created and only those provided by standard system to be used.

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author's profile photo Former Member

Account Assignment chang in purchase order

Is it possible to change the account assignment catagory in purchase order.

While creating contract we use account assignment U - Unknown and when we create a PO wit referece to Conract, We want to change it to U to K - Cost Center.

Currently account assignment field is display in PO.

Samir Bhatt


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