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What Does a Workforce Planning Manager do?

workforce planning manager

A workforce planning manager is someone who keeps companies running smoothly. They work with a company’s executives and human resource department to ensure the company employs the right amount of people who have the skills the company needs. Some positions may be easy to fill, while other job openings may be harder to find enough qualified people to hire. If staffing positions do not reach capacity, a company’s revenue may suffer.

A knowledgeable workforce planning manager can help a company determine its overall staffing needs and which positions need filling. If you are a strategic thinker at heart and would like to work in business, then this is an ideal management position for you to pursue. It requires a lot of communication between the human resource department and the front-line managers.

Before you enroll in a degree program, you should find out what workforce planning specialists do. Here is what you need to know about the job duties of a workforce planning manager and the job outlook for this position.

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What is the Primary Role of a Workforce Planner?

strategic workforce planning manager job description

Workforce manager is one of the top management positions in any organization. A workforce manager must be a highly experienced professional with excellent managerial skills. The entire reason that an organization hires a manager in charge of workforce planning is to align the company’s business plan with its workforce. The manager also has to address workforce issues within the company and predict future problems that the company may face. A talented manager can help an employer project staffing needs, respond to staffing needs quickly, develop job classifications, deploy staff to different departments, manage risk, and create a company culture.

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What Are the Common Job Duties of Workforce Planners?

Many companies make the mistake of hiring too many new people for some positions. Unfortunately, some employees hold jobs where they do not meet company requirements or qualifications. When such jobs become available, companies need to determine who to hire and how many people they need to hire. A workforce planning manager can help companies ensure that all employees meet their qualifications and that their profitability can increase through the effective utilization of employee labor.

Workforce planning roles and responsibilities include overseeing workforce practices and implementing new policies within the talent management department of an organization. While duties vary based on the size of the company and the industry that the company is in, most managers oversee similar tasks. Some of the job duties that you perform as a workforce planning specialist include:

• Forecasting staffing needs – A workforce planning manager has the task of developing a staffing strategy by working with the HR department and the executive management team. They develop accurate forecasts for near-term hiring needs and assess the skills new employees need to have. They also look at the current and projected job outlook and future competition for key positions within the company.

• Recruiting skilled applicants – Once the company executives analyze the data, the workforce planning manager can develop a detailed staffing plan. This plan will help match a job candidate with the most suitable jobs.

• Skill development through employee training programs – A workforce planning manager needs to develop training programs for the employees. These training programs can give employees the knowledge and capability to meet the specific goals of the company. Developing employee training programs allow the staff to understand how to work efficiently and effectively. The employees will know what activities they need to do to help the company achieve its goals. They will also learn new methods to make their work more efficient. Moreover, by continuing to train the employees, the company can achieve higher levels of productivity.

• Job fulfillment – One of the main responsibilities of management is to ensure the employees are productive while maintaining the quality of their work performance. There are several ways a manager can retain the excellent performance levels of the employees. Some ways to retain performance levels include developing employee training programs, improving workplace communication, resolving conflicts equitably, and implementing reward and compensation bonuses.

• Generating reports showing production volume to assess future and current needs – Employee production volume will determine hiring needs. Some of the factors to consider when forecasting the job outlook according to employee production volume include analyzing employee training programs, assessing current and future competition, and monitoring the skills of each employee. To create accurate forecasts, the workforce planning manager must consider the demand for qualified professionals. The demand for qualified professionals is likely to increase over time.

• Collection of data to improve business operations in one or more departments – Analyzing the types of open positions in key departments is necessary to help improve business operations. A workforce planning manager can develop a very accurate assessment of staffing needs by examining the current trends in each job category.

• Changing work schedules to optimize performance – Employee burnout reduces productivity and work quality. The workforce planning manager should implement various techniques to achieve a high level of productivity without creating employee burnout. A shift work schedule can help prevent burnout and improve productivity. The manager can develop a fair and functional work schedule that is flexible to meet employee needs. The manager can also allow some employees to work remotely to create a better work/home life balance.

• Identifying critical job titles and classifying jobs – A workforce planning manager is responsible for making sure a company hires the appropriate number of workers who have the necessary skills the company needs. They do this by identifying and hiring the workers who will most likely be a good fit for different job openings. This identification includes evaluating the skills of each of those workers and placing them in the right job categories.

• Reassigning workers to different jobs – It is important to ensure each worker has the proper training. When positions become available, the workforce planning manager can recommend reassigning these workers to fill the open positions. Then the company can hire new employees to continue to grow the business.

• Deciding when a job becomes obsolete – The way companies do business constantly changes. They look for ways to become more efficient by using technology to improve organizational effectiveness. A workforce planning manager can prevent job losses by creating training and continuing education assistance programs for employees. This assistance can help them learn the skills they need for new job opportunities.

• Hiring seasonal employees – The holiday season is a busy time for many companies. They need to hire additional employees to handle the increase in business. A workforce planning manager is responsible for ensuring a company can meet its staffing needs for anticipated increases in a seasonal business.

• Proposal of staffing plans and staffing budgets – Planning staffing needs and budgeting requires a workforce planning manager to provide the necessary leadership and guidance in the planning process. They help to formulate the staffing strategies and budgeting goals of a company. They are also responsible for guiding on implementing these policies. The workforce planning manager ensures that the goals are achievable, the company efficiently makes use of the resources, and all executives and employees are implementing the policies.

• Providing strategic advice to decision-makers – A workforce planning manager is responsible for creating and implementing strategic plans for the executives and employees of a company. The development of these plans takes into consideration the resources available to the company, the skill level of the employees, employee work performance, and the needs of the employees working in the various departments of the company. The strategic plans become the basis for the future direction of the company. The planning process also involves a lot of communication between the company executives, the employees, and the managers in charge of different departments.

How Do You Become a Workforce Planning Manager?

workforce planning

No day as a workforce planning manager is the same. If you want to become a workforce planning manager who helps to recruit and manage workforce talent, the first step to take is to earn a bachelor’s degree. It is best to major in business or human resources while you are working toward an undergraduate degree.

Once you have a 4-year degree in a business-related area of study, you should start to pursue an entry-level position in workforce talent management or HR. This position will give you the experience you need to take the test to become a Certified Workforce Planning Professional. Once you are a CWPP, you can network and land yourself a workforce planning manager position by showing that you can be competent as a management professional.

What is the Job Outlook for Workforce Planning Professionals?

workforce planning manager duties

Developing a strong and skilled workforce is the focus of many organizations. Since it is a focus, the job outlook in the workforce planning field is positive. The need for workforce planning managers will grow by up to 11% over the next 10 years, which is faster than average for all occupations. If you specialize in HR management, strategic planning, and employee development, you will be high in demand.

If you are ready to advance your earning potential, start by studying for a degree in business or human resources. Once you are qualified to work in talent management, show off your skills and get certified to work as a respected workforce planning manager.

Workforce planning managers play an important role in staff planning, budget managing, and overall company operations. Their contribution can make quite a big difference to an organization’s ability to succeed. When you want to find out more about the job duties of a workforce planning manager, then do some research online or talk to someone in the field. It is sure to help you understand what their role is in the success of a company.

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Strategic Workforce Planning Job Description

Strategic workforce planning duties & responsibilities.

To write an effective strategic workforce planning job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included strategic workforce planning job description templates that you can modify and use.

Sample responsibilities for this position include:

Strategic Workforce Planning Qualifications

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience.

Licensing or Certifications for Strategic Workforce Planning

List any licenses or certifications required by the position: SPHR, SWPP, HR

Education for Strategic Workforce Planning

Typically a job would require a certain level of education.

Employers hiring for the strategic workforce planning job most commonly would prefer for their future employee to have a relevant degree such as Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Business, Finance, Statistics, Human Resources, Economics, Business/Administration, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Management, Science, Mathematics

Skills for Strategic Workforce Planning

Desired skills for strategic workforce planning include:

Desired experience for strategic workforce planning includes:

Strategic Workforce Planning Examples

Related Job Descriptions

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strategic workforce planning manager job description


Workforce Planning Manager

Company description.

Common Purpose, Uncommon Opportunity . Everyone at Visa works with one goal in mind – making sure that Visa is the best way to pay and be paid, for everyone everywhere . This is our global vision and the common purpose that unites the entire Visa team. As a global payments technology company, tech is at the heart of what we do: Our VisaNet network processes over 13,000 transactions per second for people and businesses around the world, enabling them to use digital currency instead of cash and checks. We are also global advocates for financial inclusion, working with partners around the world to help those who lack access to financial services join the global economy. Visa’s sponsorships, including the Olympics and FIFA™ World Cup, celebrate teamwork, diversity, and excellence throughout the world. If you have a passion to make a difference in the lives of people around the world, Visa offers an uncommon opportunity to build a strong, thriving career. Visa is fueled by our team of talented employees who continuously raise the bar on delivering the convenience and security of digital currency to people all over the world. Join our team and find out how Visa is everywhere you want to be.

“Visa will consider for employment qualified applicants with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the requirements of Article 49 of the San Francisco Police Code.”

Job Description

The Workforce Planning role will act as an internal consultant to HR leadership, Business leaders, HR Business Partners, Finance Business Partners and other key stakeholders regarding the implications of workforce analytics & insights. The team helps the business leaders to define and understand strategic objectives, and develop meaningful and actionable workforce plans and metrics to drive workforce decisions.


Workforce Planning and Provide Strategic Insights  •    Support the end-to-end cycle of workforce planning from collection during the annual operation plan to tracking and governance and related forecast processes through effective design and data management, and reconciliation •    Providing consultative work including insightful analysis to business partners to drive workforce related decision making  •    Partner with internal key stakeholders to understand workforce requirements in terms of headcount, budget, & skills needed now and in the future •    Partner with University Strategy team to drive the Campus workforce planning process and provide consultative work to all business functions •    Prepare summary reports for executive/business management reviews by function •    Thoughtful evaluation, management and reconciliation of data with an emphasis on accurate and appropriate interpretation of data and to be able to identify potential issues and provide solutions

Data Analytics  •    Providing analytics and interpret results to support the business decision involving internal labor modeling, location strategy, organization workforce design, workforce competency modeling, etc. •    Support development of benchmark and reporting dashboards including structural ratios (hiring and other business volumes and metrics)  •    Execute timely analysis while managing multiple competing priorities


Job Requirements: •    Advanced skills in MS Excel and Access or other database application, and strong skills in MS PowerPoint and Word. HR Workday experience highly preferred.  •    Solid understanding of people metrics with ability to explain the data insights to the business partners  •    Demonstrated experience modelling workforce trends and analytics, including the utilization of various forms of data analysis •    Experience working with a variety of information systems and large and complex data files, analyzing file structure, using, and creating file layouts •    Demonstrated analytic and data management capabilities and reporting presentation of complex data •    Must be able to collaborate with multiple stakeholders as well as work independently •    Strong communication skill with ability to present to different levels of business partners  

Additional Information

Visa will consider for employment qualified applicants with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the requirements of Article 49 of the San Francisco Police Code.   

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

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Director, Strategic Workforce Planning and Organizational Enablement job

Description, company description.

Caring for the world, one person at a time, inspires and unites the people of Johnson & Johnson. We embrace innovation—bringing ideas, products and services to life to advance the health and well-being of people around the world. We believe in collaboration, and that has led to breakthrough after breakthrough, from medical miracles that have changed lives, to the simple consumer products that make every day a little better.

Job Description

Johnson & Johnson Services Inc. is seeking a Director, Strategic Workforce Planning and Organizational Enablement. This position is located in New Brunswick, NJ.

Caring for the world, one person at a time has inspired and united the people of Johnson & Johnson for over 125 years. We embrace research and science -- bringing innovative ideas, products and services to advance the health and well-being of people. Employees of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies work with partners in health care to touch the lives of over a billion people every day, throughout the world.

With $76. 5 billion in 2017 sales, Johnson & Johnson is the world's most comprehensive and broadly-based manufacturer of health care products, as well as a provider of related services, for the consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices. There are more than 265 Johnson & Johnson operating companies employing approximately 135,000 people and with products touching the lives of over a billion people every day, throughout the world. If you have the talent and desire to touch the world, Johnson & Johnson has the career opportunities to help make it happen.

The Workforce Analytics team at Johnson & Johnson provides the insights and perspective on our employees and workforce that allow us to fulfill our mission of helping people everywhere live longer, healthier, happier lives. The Director-Strategic Workforce Planning and Org Enablement will assume a leadership role in the design and execution of an enterprise-wide strategic workforce planning framework and building analytics capability among BU HR community. This role will collaborate with BU HR and business leaders to quantify/prioritize critical talent needs that enable Johnson and Johnson to lead transformation and meet its long-term growth objectives

The Director, Strategic Workforce Planning and Organizational Enablement will:

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies are equal opportunity employers, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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People Advisory Services - Strategic Workforce Planning - Manager (BC)

Job description.

People Advisory Services - Strategic Workforce Planning - Manager

Our People Advisory Services (PAS) professionals assist our clients in successfully defining, implementing, and sustaining their people agenda. We provide our clients with a set of integrated services and offerings solving their most pertinent people-related business issues. Our core service offerings include strategic workforce planning, organisational design, change management, leadership development, cultural assessment and development, and talent management.

Driven by our deep understanding of HR strategy and operations, and our focus on innovation, PAS is best positioned to respond to the scale and complexity of the challenges our clients face, making us the trusted advisor of choice to our clients and creating more opportunities for our people. 

The Opportunity

To drive forward the growth of PAS, we are seeking experienced strategic workforce planning professionals to join our growing team in Dublin. We have positions at both Manager and Senior Manager level.

The successful candidates will be primarily focussed on client delivery. They will manage client engagements and provide best-practice advice to clients on workforce planning and/ or other relevant PAS service offerings where required. They will also be responsible for supporting the growth of the PAS practice in Ireland and generating revenue through business development.

Your key responsibilities: 

In this role, you will be responsible for programme delivery, project management, business development and supporting the PAS practice. Key responsibilities include:

Responsibilities, Qualifications, Certifications 

Skills and attributes for success: 

To qualify for the role, you must have:

Ideally, you’ll also have:

What we look for 

We have many clients from various sectors talking to us about how can they assess, attract and nurture individual talent engagingly in varying contexts. 

We are looking for individuals who can demonstrate real impact within various areas of PAS for our clients. We require people who can build our service offerings, understand client needs, grow our internal capability, and connect effectively across our global PAS to maximise our global knowledge and experience in supporting clients to build their talent pool. 

Who we are?

EY is committed to being an inclusive employer and we are happy to consider flexible working arrangements. We strive to achieve the right balance for our people, enabling us to deliver excellent client service whilst allowing you to build your career without sacrificing your personal priorities. While our client-facing professionals can be required to travel regularly, and at times be based at client sites, our flexible working arrangements can help you to achieve a lifestyle balance.

strategic workforce planning manager job description

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strategic workforce planning manager job description


What is Strategic Workforce Planning?

Certified HR Professional

Become a Certified HR Professional

Table of contents.

There is a shortage of skilled workers, making it difficult for companies to find the right personnel at the proper phase. It is a growing problem for many businesses, failing to meet revenue goals because of inefficient hiring processes.

According to labor market data, Joblessness was at 3.7 percent as of Sept. 2018, which is the least labor participation rate since Dec. 1969. While this is a boon for employees, it presents a significant challenge for HR departments and procurement departments responsible for finding the best talent for its long-term success.

It’s a good thing that the contingent workforce is booming because it has opened up new avenues for firms to obtain high-skilled workers. Businesses must implement strategic workforce planning to fill the gaps in their workforce.

If you’re interested in learning more about strategic workforce planning via video, then watch below. Otherwise, skip ahead.

CMMS Software

The design of a process that anticipates present and future hiring needs is the basis of the strategic workforce planning model. It will ensure that your company has the resources necessary to achieve its business objectives.

Business analytics, financial data, workforce data, and input from Human resources and procurement teams can help you develop a workforce strategy that fits your long-term Future business objectives and ensures the long-term profitability of your firm.

A company with a consistent employment level across all departments, with the right talents in the proper roles, will result in more effective outcomes and a greater return on investment (ROI) if you use strategic planning.

How Can I Come up with a Workforce Strategy Plan?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing an organization’s business strategy. It’s impossible to generalize a company’s demands, industry’s requirements, or workers’ expectations. Analyzing a company’s present staff can be used to detect potential gaps and address future demands.

The goal of strategic labor force Business planning is to ensure that your firm is not caught off guard by the altering demands of your personnel.

A managed service provider can provide a lot of value to most firms regarding strategic personnel planning. You may achieve long-term success with the support of an outsourced workforce strategy that incorporates new technologies, in-depth knowledge of the contingent workforce, and the acquisition of top personnel.

What are the Benefits of Strategic Workforce Planning?

It is easier to recruit the best people in your industry after implementing a strategic workforce strategy and identifying all present and necessary employees.

There are several advantages to developing and executing a strategic personnel strategy for your company. Among those highlighted by HCMWorks are the most critical:

Ability to Identify Existing Workforce Gaps

By analyzing the competencies of your present workers and workforce analytics, you may determine the current skill or resource shortfalls in your organization. This way, you can see where the skills gaps are between your existing workforce and what you’ll need to succeed in the future. Using this knowledge to find the best possible employees will assure your company’s success.

Potential to Create and Enhance the KPIs

Entrepreneurship is all about improving and managing those KPIs (KPIs). Data from your comprehensive workforce strategy may help you move ahead and guarantee that you’re improving metrics and accomplishing new goals with time.

If you have a well-thought-out strategy that considers both present and future demands, you may avoid the unexpected. In the long term, preparing for these difficulties will save your firm money and time.

The HR university offers detailed technical human resources certification courses that you can go through to learn strategic workforce planning in HR. Make sure to go through the table of contents and the course learning outcomes to get a brief idea of the outline we’ll cover in each course:

Human Resources Certifications

What are the Four Fundamentals of Workforce Planning?

Developing a strategic workforce plan is based on the below-mentioned four fundamentals.

1. The Consideration of Appropriate Individuals

The recruitment of new teammates is critical to certain firms’ success. It means that they will need to increase their personnel to handle their responsibilities.

Fundamentals of Strategic Workforce Planning

Global borders are no longer an obstacle in today’s remote business environment, where top people can be found no matter where they reside. To identify the best employees, broaden your search outside your immediate neighborhood. Consider the following for effective consideration of appropriate individuals:

2. Possess the Right Abilities

It is essential to know what your firm needs from its employees to face future challenges and fill skill shortages. Achieving strategic competencies is possible by identifying the levels of experience that support strategic competencies. Find out about these pain points:

3. The Right Location and Timing

Continuous growth needs putting the appropriate people in the proper places and having positions to deploy them in to continue to expand. Ensuring that staff is spread around the organization in the most efficient manner possible is vital.

In addition, it implies that firms must define their business objectives to guarantee that they are employing team members capable of supporting current and future corporate goals and giving them a competitive advantage. Adapt the following tips for effective planning:

4. The Right Price

While hiring new employees, plan for indirect and direct expenditures such as advertising costs, interviewing time and new employee salary and benefits, and insurance and other fees.

Having a clear picture of these charges will help your team stay within their budget. As a result, it will guarantee that you’re paying for what you need and not overpaying for what you don’t need. Consider the following tips:

Once you’ve completed these stages, you’ll have the right potential to assemble a very influential group.

What are the Seven Steps in the Workforce Planning Process?

Here are the seven steps that assist you in drafting an effective workforce planning strategy:

1. Evaluate The Goals

One of the purposes of human resource talent management activities is to guarantee that your company’s objectives are attainable. A strategic workforce planning approach should begin with a review of short- and long-term company goals.

In this phase, having a business partnership and H professionals or specialists is not enough. The ideal individuals for strategic workforce planning activities are line managers, financial sector representatives, HR technology specialists, and business leaders.

2. Examine the Workforce Potential and Performance

After determining the current workforce, the next phase in the planning phase is to analyze the force. When assessing the staff, business executives must make sure that both the number and quality of employees are considered.

Strategic Workforce Plan

9 Box Grid allows you to examine the potential and performance of the workforce, and from it, you can analyze in a clear way which individuals need help, who are less skilled, and who are the star performers.

3. Find out Your Strengths and Weaknesses

For the future workforce, doing a skills gap study is essential. For example, a review of an employee’s talents may reveal when they intend to retire. Instead of hurrying to find a replacement for the leaving employee, a skills gap assessment would have given human resources enough time to plan.

4. Foresee Potential Future Problems

Having a well-thought-out strategy for the future gives organizations an edge in their field.

Company executives need to develop a strategic workforce plan that predicts future business challenges and provides specific strategies to solve them. Supply chain challenges and labor market concerns are two examples of workforce issues.

5. Create a Plan of Action

Action plans are developed after you establish the goals, study the workforce, and discover the gaps in skills. Recruitment and retention initiatives, organizational restructuring, and technological advancements, all are a part of this phase.

6. Put the Strategy Into Action

It is vital to ensure that the appropriate resources are deployed, roles are defined, and requirements are satisfied to carry out the strategy and accomplish business objectives. To determine the results, you’ll need to consult with HR professionals and upper-level management.

7. Test and Monitor the Strategy

Employee planning strategy changes as the demands of the company evolve. Keeping a close eye on your plan’s development and any possible concerns with the workforce is critical to ensuring its future success.

What are the Best Tips for Planning For A Successful Remote Workforce Strategy?

Strategic personnel planning helps firms adapt to the constant and unavoidable changes that take place in the workplace. And in moments of emergency, the current Covid-19 outbreak, which has already affected how people live and work throughout the globe, provides corporate adaptability. During the crisis, several companies began to allow remote work for the safety and well-being of their workers.

To make the workers more productive who can target organizational objectives, companies must change their business strategies to accommodate the remote work paradigm. These tips show how to succeed with Remote labor planning.

In short, we can say that strategic workforce planning is a technical process with which you assess the needs of your organization, goals, and objectives, and based on these targets, planning for what kind of workforce and strategies will go best so you can target your goals in the anticipated time. Successful organizations always think and plan detailed workforce strategies that allow such companies to target their goals faster. This article provides a complete guide on how you can develop a successful workforce strategy for your organization, along with some fundamentals and tips to consider.

If you are new to Human Resources and are looking to break into any HR Operations position, we recommend taking our HR Certification Courses , where you will learn how to build your skillset in human resources, build your human resources network, craft an excellent HR resume, and create a successful job search strategy that lands you a sought-after HR Operations job.

strategic workforce planning manager job description

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strategic workforce planning manager job description

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strategic workforce planning manager job description

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strategic workforce planning manager job description

Operational Workforce Planning Manager at FIS (Jacksonville, FL)

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