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This course is part of the Business Strategy Specialization

Strategic Planning and Execution

Image of instructor, Michael Lenox

About this Course

Avoid the pitfalls of strategy planning and execution with the tools and skills from this course. In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and taught by top-ranked faculty, you'll learn the pillars of strategy execution--analysis, formulation, and implementation--and how to use the 4A model to effectively approach strategy execution. Finally, a panel of leaders from entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and industry, share their expertise gleaned from years of successful strategy planning and execution.

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What you will learn

How to connect strategic analysis to strategy execution using hypothesis testing to unearth key assumptions and assess their validity

Four different approaches to strategy formulation and how governance ties into effective strategy formulation

Use the 4A Model for effective strategy execution to ensure appropriate human and organizational resources are in place

Tips from industry experts for successful strategy development and execution

Skills you will gain

Strategy implementation, strategy formulation.



Michael Lenox


Jared Harris


Scott Snell


University of Virginia

A premier institution of higher education, The University of Virginia offers outstanding academics, world-class faculty, and an inspiring, supportive environment. Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, the University is guided by his vision of discovery, innovation, and development of the full potential of students from all walks of life. Through these courses, global learners have an opportunity to study with renowned scholars and thought leaders.

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Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

Strategy analysis.

This week, you'll connect strategic analysis to strategy execution. You'll walk through a series of questions to frame your analysis and ground your approach using the strategist's toolkit--and you'll learn a new tool, Hypothesis Testing, to unearth key assumptions related to choosing a strategy and assessing the validity of those assumptions. You'll also review data sources and how to "make the data speak" to guide your strategy decisions.

This week you'll learn about how strategy gets set and implemented in organizations. You'll discuss factors key to effective strategy formulation--and common challenges and pitfalls of strategy execution. You'll explore four different approaches to strategy formulation and how governance ties into effective strategy formulation.

We welcome Professor Scott Snell to the course this week! He's a global specialist in strategy execution, and he shares his 4A Model for effective strategy execution: alignment, ability, agility, and architecture. This framework will help you ensure the human and organizational resources are in place to effectively execute your strategy.

Practical Perspectives

This week we welcome guest speakers from a range of industries, from startups to nonprofits, to share their expertise from years of successful strategy development and execution. They'll communicate their best tips to help you develop your strategist's toolkit. We're also fortunate to be joined by Darden's Dean Scott Beardsley, whose 26 years with McKinsey informs the concrete tips he shares to improve strategy development and execution.


Good course, but not as strong as the prior 3 courses of the Business Strategy Specialization.

I must recommend this to those who want to understand the Strategy Planning and its Execution. This course helps them a lot to understand the basic structure of developing a strategy.

Thank you so much. It is the most difficult course among the 4 but your approach made it easy and useful.

Introducing some guest speakers was a very good addition to the course. It's always great to get many perspectives.

About the Business Strategy Specialization

This Specialization covers both the dynamics and the global aspects of strategic management. You'll learn how to evaluate industry evolution, build and sustain competitive advantage, formulate and assess business strategies, and align efforts to organizational strategy. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll apply your skills by creating a comprehensive Strategic Analysis for an existing business or a venture of your own.

Business Strategy

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Strategic Planning

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Continuing Education

Strategic planning training programs, learn to plan and execute effective strategies with ama’s live online or in-person courses.

Corporate leaders need effective strategy formulation skills to reach business goals and improve profitability. AMA’s training courses provide you with strategic planning knowledge and skills for leaders and managers at all levels. From the basics of strategic planning to implementation of a strategic business plan, learning and applying these skills will help you define and articulate your organization’s core competencies, vision and mission and effectively map your organization’s future success. AMA’s hands-on, interactive courses are available live online and in person.

what is strategic planning course

Develop the best strategic planning process to support your company’s goals.

Classroom, Live Online

4.6 ( 374 )

Facilitating an Effective Strategic Planning Process

Efficiently prepare and run strategic planning sessions that produce real results.

Agile Leadership and Strategy

Fast. Flexible. Decisive. Orchestrate a new game plan to respond to complex and unpredictable changes.

Strategic Thinking

Develop a strategic mindset to increase the success of your strategic plans.

4.6 ( 277 )

Fundamentals of Strategic Planning

Improve your knowledge of strategic planning to understand what senior management is thinking and why—and increase your value to your organization!

4.6 ( 144 )

Strategy Execution: Getting It Done

Get the skills and knowledge to accomplish what so many others don’t—the successful implementation of strategic goals.

Scenario Planning: How to Better Position Your Organization for the Future

Plan ahead more effectively using the strategic futures approach

what is strategic planning course

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Strategic Planning

This course will help you build a fundamental knowledge of strategic planning and goal setting, teaching you how to integrate both into the functioning of your department or organization. Ultimately, this course will improve how you collaborate with other leaders to engender an environment that creates purpose and meaning for all employees. In addition to learning the strategic planning process, you will have an opportunity to create a plan of action to immediately implement in your organization.

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what is strategic planning course

what is strategic planning course

Welcome to Management Concepts. Can we assist you?

Management Concepts

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Course Syllabus

what is strategic planning course

Course Description

Strategic planning is vital for ensuring an organization still will be a leader in its field 20 years in the future. The plan is a tool leadership can use to judge an organization's health at that moment.

This course is a complete guide for writing and implementing a strategic plan for your organization. Lessons delve into why a plan is needed and explains the difference between a business plan, long-term planning, and a strategic plan. The course also explains how the plan will ensure an organization's success.  It explains the importance of mandates – both formal and informal; how to write a mission and vision statement and why they are important for an organization; and it explains values and how they play a vital role in how decisions are made along with their guiding force within the institution.

We'll take a look at the issues surrounding the organizing of a plan and the types of questions that should be asked so leaders can truly learn an organization's strengths and weaknesses. The course shows how to strengthen weaknesses and also if a weakness is a bad thing or actually a good one for the organization. Risks are inherent in everyone's life and that includes doing business as an organization. The lessons teach leaders how to assess risks and prioritizing an organization's needs as the strategic plan is being constructed.  A look is taken at prioritizing the tactics within the plan and the resources needed to make the plan a success. 

Finally this course gives a complete outline of the main areas found within the plan and offers guidelines for all information contained under the main headings. It also gives guidance for creating ownership within the organization and how to communicate the plan. Guidance also is given for keeping the strategic plan updated and viable for years to come.

what is strategic planning course

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Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation Training

Management & Leadership

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Course Info

Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

Available Dates










Course Details

Strategic Planning and Implementation first focuses on defining strategy, looking at the process of strategy formulation, and describing the role of senior management within that process. It instructs how to craft vision and mission statements, how to identify and manage external strategic influences, and includes discussion on corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The course examines methods for appraising the effects of the external environment on an organization’s overall position.

To achieve effective implementation, a business must ensure that any changes initiated by the strategic plan are reflected in areas such as budgeting, reward schemes and information systems. The overall goal is to integrate the results of strategic planning with daily, weekly and monthly routines.

Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation training course will help participants to gain the knowledge needed to formulate, execute and monitor the strategic planning to meet organisational and developmental business objectives.

By the end of Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation training course, participants will be able to:

This Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation training course is ideal for :

Course Outline

5 days course,  strategy and strategic planning.

Strategic Models and Paradigms

Effective Strategic Implementation

Strategic Leadership

Driving Strategic Performance & Success

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