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How to Create a Business Plan Presentation [Plus Templates]

How to Create a Business Plan Presentation [Plus Templates]

Written by: Masooma Memon


Creating a wow business plan presentation is a myth. Or, is it? The truth is, as long as your business idea is in your head, it’s perfect. But it comes undone as soon as you try to translate it into a presentation.

We get that. We’ve all been there.

But, this shouldn’t stop you from creating the perfect business plan presentation you’ve been dreaming of. After all, dreams come true. And, to help your dream of creating a winning business presentation jump into reality, we’ve created this guide for you.

We’ll cover everything that you have in mind including how many slides does your business idea presentation need, what goes into those slides, and how to create a business plan presentation with Visme.

Here's a short selection of 8 easy-to-edit Business Plan Presentation templates you can edit, share and download with Visme

what is business plan ppt

Along the way, we’ll also show you a series of ready-to-use business plan presentation templates that you can customize to use as your own. See? We did say creating a presentation isn’t rocket science.

Ready to learn how to create a business presentation?

Let’s get started already.

What is a Business Plan Presentation?

We know a business plan as a formal document that includes your business goals, mission, strategy and the rest of the starting-a-business shebang. 

A business plan presentation is all that with added pressure since you’ve to convey the entire information in slides – clearly and concisely. 

Hey executives! Looking to cut design costs?

Sign up. It’s free.

what is business plan ppt

Put another way, you don’t have wordy documents to convey your ideas. Instead, you’ll need to be clear about selling your idea to investors by sharing all the important details in an engaging and succinct manner. 

How Many Slides Does Your Business Presentation Need?

Ideally, between 10-12 slides are best. As you plan your presentation’s content and the slides you need to accommodate it, keep in mind the following two rules.

Firstly, Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule . Here’s what it’s about.

business plan presentation - 10-20-30 rule for presentations

Secondly, the 9 minute rule . Although this one’s for salespeople, it helps presenters too. Short and powerful messages leave a far deeper impression than a long, rambling presentation. Besides, you’ve your audience’s attention as well. 

So, make sure you deliver 2-3 slides per minute or try a closer version.

But, hang on. 

What if you need more slides? Say, over 12 slides. 

Over 12 slides is a no-go zone. You can go for 13, but any more and you end up choking your audience with a lot of information. Something called information overload , and you shouldn’t do that. So scale down.

Basics of Creating a Business Plan Presentation

With the recap out of the way, let’s talk about the fundamentals of preparing a business presentation that you need to keep front and center as you plan.

Your message needs to be clear and concise.

This is the heart of any successful presentation — one that makes it a winner. To ensure your message comes off coherently, explain your business idea to yourself.

The stronger your grip on your idea, the better you’d be able to explain it in a few sentences, or paragraphs at most. 

In other words, make sure you can summarize your plans into an elevator pitch. Also, don’t forget, use simple language — can a child understand your business idea? If so, you’re in the right direction. 

The presentation slides need to be easy to read and understand.

If a clear message is the heart of a prizewinning (read: investor winning) presentation, good readability and ease in understanding are the lungs, working to keep your presentation alive and breathing. 

The question now is, how do you go about creating digestible slides? Here are a couple of things that can help.

Choose a font or two that's easy to read.

Garamond, Helvetica and Gill Sans are some of the best fonts to use in a presentation .

And while you’re at it, select a readable font size. 30 points is a good benchmark size to keep in mind like we discussed above. 

Take a look at how well the font size is adjusted in this template. The changing font size also creates a visual flow that navigates viewers’ attention.

business plan presentation - use readable fonts like in this template

Pick a color contrast that’s easy on the eyes.

Know those bright colors that hurt the eye and are hard to look at? Steer away from them. A subtle color combination works best like in the Visme presentation template below.

business plan presentation - use colors that are easy on the eyes like in this template

Use minimal text.

To do so, read each word carefully and ask yourself: can I do just fine without this word? If you find yourself replying in the affirmative to this question, remove the word. In short, make each word earn its keep.

Here’s a template using only as many words as needed to get the message across.

business plan presentation - use minimal text like in this template

Pay attention to the visual elements in each slide.

The goal is simple: you’ve got to use design elements smartly without over doing them. Sure, you’ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words, but nailing visual components in your presentation can take some effort. 

Put another way, it isn’t about throwing in a bunch of thumbnail images and icons to each slide and calling it a day. Instead, it’s about adding them thoughtfully so they’re impactful rather than extra baggage. 

Check out this template from Visme to get an idea of what we’re talking about here.

business plan presentation - incorporate visual elements like in this template

On the whole, aim for creating a business plan presentation that’s readable, comprehensible and clutter-free. 

10 Slides You Need in Your Business Plan Presentation

Now that you know how your slides need to look, let’s talk about another important point – your presentation’s slides and what they need to talk about. 

The bare minimum slides you need are 10. Remember, cover only one business aspect per slide.  Here’s what your slides should be about.

Slide 1: The Title Slide

This needs no explanation — it’s your introductory page that should include your business’s name, any slogan that you may have, and a logo as well (if it’s ready). Don’t forget to add your name to the slide. 

Since this is the first slide, it needs to be an impression maker. One way to create such a slide is to rely on a powerful image that showcases your business idea. 

Take, for example, this presentation template by Visme. It pretty much speaks for itself, narrating the business idea is related to social media scheduling.

business plan presentation - title slide template

Looking for the perfect image for your presentation? Grab one from a pool of 700+ free presentation images . 

Slide 2: The Problem Your Business Solves

Dedicate your second slide to diving into the pain point your business solves.  You can use facts to make things convincing. But, there’s nothing that beats a good story. 

Here is an amazing business plan presentation example that does just that.

presentation examples - metaphors

Image Source

Additionally, make sure you let your design do the talking. For instance, this presentation template uses a few words and pairs them with icons that explain facts.

business plan presentation - problem/solution slide template

Slide 3: Your Business’s Solution

Now that you’ve introduced the problem, give the solution. 

This is the part where your story comes to its happy ending. And what’s the happy ending? Your business idea.  

Again, make sure your solution-offering slide isn’t wordy, but digestible. Try a diagram or sketch to explain your idea like here.

business plan presentation - solution slide template

Slide 4: Your Pricing Plan

Okay, so investors know you’ve a great idea that you’ve delivered in an even greater story format. They’re impressed. What’s next? Your pricing structure. 

Go on to tell who your customers are, what your revenue sources are going to be, and how much you expect customers to pay for your product/service? 

But, instead of writing it all, present your pricing plans in a simple-to-grasp chart. 

Here’s what I mean.

business plan presentation - pricing plan template

Slide 5: Business Operations Information

Now is the time you give your audience an inside peep into the operating nuts and bolts of your business. 

Where will your business headquarters be located? What about the staff that runs the show in the background. What equipment will you need? Answer all that in this slide. 

Just make sure you offer all this info in a chart or diagram.

business plan presentation - process slide template

Slide 6: Your Marketing Plan

Next, tell your audience how you plan to market your business. 

Nope, "TV and ads" is not the right answer. Instead, share your marketing plan including the channels you’ll use and how you plan to do so. 

business plan presentation - marketing plan presentation template

Planning to make a separate marketing presentation? Dig into this guide to create one with free templates.

Slide 7: Industry Overview

In other words, this slide is for competitor analysis. Make sure you keep it clipped and use a positive approach. 

Defaming or bad-mouthing competitors won’t help. What’ll make a difference in your favor though is how well you explain your unique selling proposition (USP) or what makes your business a winner. 

Share this information in a comparison chart or outline the key pointers using bullet points like this template below does.

business plan presentation - industry overview slide template

Slide 8: Financial Projections

Time to pull out the crystal ball that shows the future!

Answer the following in this slide: what financial projections do you’ve for the next 3 years and 5 years to come. Then, explain how you reached those numbers. 

Slide 9: Your Team

Here’s the part when you talk about the key players who’ll help you build your business. 

See how this template intros teammates.

business plan presentation - team slide template

Slide 10: Concluding Slide

This is your last slide. It’s best to close your presentation with your contact details (check out the slide below for an idea) and a sense of urgency.

But why the urgency, you ask? Because you want to tell your audience that now is the right time for your business to enter the market. 

business presentation plan - conclusion slide template

Customize this presentation template and make it your own! Edit and Download

How to Design a Business Plan Presentation with Visme

So far, you’ve learned a lot of theory on making a business plan presentation. It’s time to put all that and more into practice. 

Start off with writing your content. And, go on to design your slides next. 

With Visme, you’ve two ways to go about creating your presentation: either start with a template or work from the scratch. 

Have you already started making your presentation in PowerPoint, but only just discovered Visme?  No worries! Nobody’s going to ask you to start over.

Instead, simply follow the steps in here to import your PowerPoint presentation in Visme .  Or, watch this video to understand how do so.

Now, let’s start designing.

Design a Business Plan Presentation Using a Visme Template

1. pick a template.

Visme offers templates in various categories, so you’ll be sure to find a template that fits your business idea. 

For instance, here’s a business presentation template.

business plan presentation - business presentation template

Here’s something for those of you with an idea in the finance sector.

business plan presentation - financial sector presentation template

Plus, a template for a product idea.

business plan presentation - product presentation template

Each of the available templates are editable, which means if there’s something you want to change about it, you can easily do so.

Looking for something that takes creativity to a whole new level? Pick from one of our animated presentation templates.

2. Adjust the Slides

Once you’ve picked your template, click  Add New Slide to bring other slides from the template into your presentation. Pick and choose any and all of the slides you need to use in your business plan presentation.

You can also bring in slides that you've previously saved to your slide library to help customize your presentation even further.

3. Customize the Template

Lastly, customize your template’s font and color. 

If you already haven’t settled on your brand colors, dive into color psychology to pick colors for your presentation that inspire trust.

Take advantage of Dynamic Fields to always keep important data like names, dates and contact information accurate. Once you've customized the fields and assigned values , your data will be pulled in throughout your project.

Alternatively, you can create your presentation from the ground up. How so? 

Let’s show you the steps you need to take. 

Create a Presentation From a Themed-Canvas in Visme

1. log in to visme and pick your theme.

First, log into your Visme account and pull up a blank canvas by clicking Create on the left of your dashboard. 

Pick your theme next. Remember to give this some thought instead of selecting the theme that appeals to you. Ask yourself which theme reflects your business idea and which would suit your audience the best? 

2. Add Details to the Title Slide

Once done, start working on your title slide. You already get a dedicated space for the title and subtitle, so you don’t need to worry about aligning the two correctly. 

If you need to add another line to your first slide, click on the Header & Text on the left. This’ll show you a variety of options to play with. 

Here’s a peek.

business plan presentation - add details to the title slide

3. Beautify with Icons, Illustrations or Images

To replace the icon, click on it and hit Replace Icon on the top of the drawing board. This will show you a variety of icons — choose whichever icon(s) that meet your goals the best. 

You can also cancel the icon options to see other elements to add. Those could be Shapes , Arrows & Lines , and (drum roll, please) Animated Graphics including animated illustrations, gestures, characters and more. 

business plan presentation - use icons, illustrations and images

If you plan to power your first slide with images, select Photos on the extreme left and you’ll get the option to either select images from Visme’s library or upload your own image.

4. Add More Slides

Moving on to the next slide now. Find out the Add New Slide option on the right side of your dashboard. This will get you the following screen.

business plan presentation - add theme slides

Say you need an introduction slide now. Click that and you’ll get a variety of intro slides from the theme you’ve selected.

business plan presentation - slide preview

Go on to design your intro slide. Then work on other slides in the same manner. 

If you’re planning to create an animated presentation, don’t forget to check out these quick tips to animate your presentation .  

How to Make Your Business Plan Presentation Memorable

Before we wrap this up, let’s leave you with some bonus tips to make your presentation memorable. This way, investors will be more likely to say ‘yes’ to your idea. 

Make an Interactive Presentation

Undoubtedly, interactivity breathes life into your business idea, helping you stand out. Interested in creating an interactive business presentation?

Here are 17 tips to get you started. You can also take a look at how to create an interactive quiz within your presentation below.

Create engaging interactive content with Visme.

Pay Attention to Your Presentation’s Design

Not only is visual design an important component of any presentation , but it’s also what hooks your audience. It takes about 50 milliseconds for your audience to assess a design’s visual appeal. So, it's best you aim for leaving a visual impression. 

Use a powerful image like this template does.

business plan presentation - create quality presentation design

Or try a color-based design like the one in the presentation template below (not going to play favorites, but this is one of my fav Visme presentation templates).

business plan presentation - visual identity template

Visualize Data

Wherever you can, use line charts, Venn diagrams, pie charts, and any of the various chart types at your disposal.

But why should you use charts to share your data? Simple: data visualization makes boring numbers easy to understand in one glance. Besides, making them interesting to look at. 

Here’s a donut graph in a presentation, for example.

business plan presentation - pie chart slide template

And a plotted graph.

business plan presentation - line graph slide template

You can also add infographics to your presentations to take them to a whole new level.

Create a Business Plan Presentation That Wins Investors

Creating a business plan presentation really isn’t much of a tough nut to crack. Consider half your work done if you’re cent percent clear about your business idea. This way your presentation’s content will come easy to you. 

As for the design? Leave that to Visme. Sign up today for free and go on to create a clear, clutter-free business presentation that leaves a solid impression on your audience.

Create beautiful presentations faster with Visme.

what is business plan ppt

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what is business plan ppt

About the Author

Masooma Memon is a pizza-loving freelance writer by day and a novel nerd by night. She crafts research-backed, actionable blog posts for SaaS and marketing brands who aim to employ quality content to educate and engage with their audience.

what is business plan ppt

The Easy Guide to Making a Business Plan Presentation


Failing to plan is planning to fail.

That’s why a business plan is crucial to your business. If you want to make sure that the promising business idea in your head is feasible, you have to start with a business plan .

Visuals make anything easier to understand. That’s why including them in your business plan presentation is a foolproof way to ensure that it’s readily welcomed by your audience and digested without confusion.

By no means is this business plan template limited to presentations; you can also include these diagrams in your business plan documents to make them more readable.

Following are downloadable Simple Business Plan Templates

What is a Business Plan?

Let’s start by clarifying the business plan definition.

A business plan is a document that describes your business in terms of what it does, the products and services it offers, your business strategy and business goals, and your action plan outlining how you plan to achieve your goals and earn money.

The main purposes of a business plan are to

Show the future financial performance of the company and its economic situation for the owners and investors Help identify risks that may affect the growth of the company and provide strategies to overcome them Help make predictions about market trends, competitor behavior, customer requirements and define and prioritize key business objectives Serve as a key resource for developing budgets

How to Create a Business Plan Presentation – The Key Elements

Executive summary.

Although this comes first, it’s smarter to write it at the end. The executive summary of your business plan should explain what is great about your business model and its products or services.

It should be concise and appealing to the reader. And it’s easier to write a meaningful summary once you have filled in the rest of your plan.

Company Profile

Your company profile should provide details on,

All these details can be presented in a much nicer way with an infographic like the one below. It’s easier to read and understand and more compact and clearer than paragraphs of detail.

Company Profile Template

Market Analysis

Through a market analysis, you can find enough detail to define your target market, its size, customer segments, and their needs.

Your market analysis should also include a competitor analysis, where you will research your key competitors in terms of their influence in the market, their strengths and weaknesses, the threats they pose to you, their products and services, their pricing plans, their marketing strategies etc.

Some visual techniques you can use in this section to present your data are

Customer Profiles

These aptly summarize all your findings on your customers such as their demographic details, jobs, responsibilities, needs, challenges etc.

Customer Profile Template for Business Plan

Perceptual Map

This tools helps you depict and analyze how your (potential) target customer perceives the brands or products of your competitors. It helps you make sense of your product or service’s competitive positioning through the survey data at your hand.

Perceptual Map for Business Plan

Porter’s Five Forces

This tool is used to assess your business competitive strength and position against your competitors. Using it you can understand whether you new product or service is profitable.

Porters Five Forces Template for Business Plan

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a great way to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and the opportunities and threats they bring to you within the industry. You can also use it to assess the capabilities of your own company.

SWOT Analysis Template for Business Plan

More on SWOT Analysis: What, Why and How to Use Them Effectively

PEST Analysis

PEST stands for Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technological factors. It’s a great way to examine how the external forces in your market can impact your company. It will also help you shape your marketing strategy and develop your risk management plan.

PEST Analysis Example

View More More on SWOT Analysis: PEST Analysis Tools

Competitor Profile

All the details you have gathered on your competitors, such as their sales numbers, strategies, partners, suppliers etc. can be organized here. It’s a great way to prepare your competitor analysis data to be added to your business plan presentation.

Competitor Profile Template for Business Plan

View More Competitor Analysis Tools

Competitive Intelligence Mind Map

Or you can convey these data in a mind map. You can use Creately Viewer to add this to your online documents, websites, intranet, Wiki, or business plan presentations. This way you can view any links included in the mind map and navigate through it easily.

Competitor Intelligence Mind Map Template

You can learn how to use these tools along with other useful techniques in more detail in;

View More Market Strategy Planning Tools

Marketing and Sales Strategies

This is where you outline how you plan to market and sell your product. It’s easier to do now as you have extensive knowledge about your market, target customer and your competitors.

With your marketing strategy, you have to consider factors like your marketing or communication channels, marketing goals, marketing budgets, resources etc.

With your sales plan , pay attention to your sales targets, sales tools, resources etc.

You can use mind maps to visualize all this data to your audience. You can either use two mind maps to outline your sales and marketing strategies separately or a single mind map to showcase both.

Marketing and Sales Plan Template

Marketing and Sales Plan template for business presentation

If you want separate a marketing plan and sales plan, check out the templates below,

Organizational Structure and Management

Who are the key personnel involved in your organization? List them down in this section along with their expertise.

Use an organizational chart to represent your team, their roles and skills. It can help you highlight the hierarchy of your organizational structure as well.

Organizational Structure for Business Plan Presentation

Services and Products

This section explains your services or products and how they can benefit the customers. Here are some visualizations you can use to make this section more interesting to your audience.

Product Canvas

Product canvas is a tool used to map, design and describe your product strategy. It takes into consideration your target audience, the important features of your product (decided by storyboards , epics, design sketches, mockups , and the tasks you need to carry out to build the product.

Product Canvas Template

Learn about this in more detail here .

Value Proposition Canvas

It’s a tool you can use to ensure that your product or service fits the requirements of your customer. It helps you look into

Value Proposition Canvas for Business Plan

Financial Plan

This is the section where you provide all financial information related to your business. This section is required if you are presenting your business plan to investors.

It will include both historical data such as cash flow statements,profit and loss statements, income statements etc. and financial projections based on the impact of your new product.

If you are pitching a new product to your investors, you may also want to include your funding requirements.

For a business plan presentation, you can use a digital database of your financial information with a simple Creately mind map. You can link up all your financial statements on your mind map.

This way anyone who refers to the mind map can easily access the linked resources from one single place.

Financial Plan Template

Want to Extend the Guide to Creating a Business Plan Presentation

In this post we have explained how to create a business plan presentation step-by-step. Make use of the templates that are provided to make your presentation more eye-catching and easy-to-understand.

Here are some more tips on making your presentation a hit.

Join over thousands of organizations that use Creately to brainstorm, plan, analyze, and execute their projects successfully.

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Amanda Athuraliya is the communication specialist/content writer at Creately, online diagramming and collaboration tool. She is an avid reader, a budding writer and a passionate researcher who loves to write about all kinds of topics.

what is business plan ppt

Business plan presentation

what is business plan ppt

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Construct a business plan presentation with this template and outline. A business plan PowerPoint template will help you put together all the pieces and help instill confidence in potential investors. Elements include mission, market summary, team, and concept. Business plan template PowerPoint makes it easy to put it all together in a compelling package. This is an accessible template.

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13 Free Business Plan Powerpoint Templates To Get Now

By Iveta Pavlova

in Freebies

3 years ago

Viewed 189,325 times

Spread the word about this article:

13 Free Business Plan Powerpoint Templates To Get Now

Are you looking for business plan PowerPoint templates to grab right away and blow your audience away? In this selection, we’ve gathered 12 modern and completely free business plan PowerPoint templates designed according to the latest trends . The templates include everything you need in order to impress your potential partners with your business planning. They are easily editable, certainly memorable, and completely free to download.

You may also be interested in The Best Free PowerPoint Templates to Download in 2022

1. Strategic Business Free Powerpoint Template

Strategic Business Free Powerpoint Template

An attractive template for Powerpoint made to help you present your business plan and strategies. The template comes with 25 handy slides that can be edited according to your needs. Plus, you have over a hundred business icons and high-quality vector graphics to depict your concepts and ideas.

2. Voodoo 2.5 Free Powerpoint Template with Animations

Voodoo 2.5 Free Powerpoint Template with Animations

3. Investment Business Plan Template for Google Slides & Powerpoint

Investment Business Plan Template for Google Slides & Powerpoint

A minimalist business plan Powerpoint template made in a modern style and a classy grayscale color theme. The template includes 30 different slides with super useful layouts. Pretty much, you’ve got all you need to present your business overview, market analysis and competition, marketing, management, operating, and financial plans, and more.

4. Insurance Business Plan Template for Google Slides & Powerpoint

Insurance Free Business Plan Template for Google Slides & Powerpoint

A business plan presentation template is available with versions for PowerPoint and Google Slides. This template is made in a modern corporate style and is suitable for serious topics. With 30 different templates and customizable assets, you can easily include your business overview, present your sales, management, and financial plans, and more.

5. Clean Corporate Biz Free Powerpoint Template

Clean Corporate Biz Free Powerpoint Template

A clean Powerpoint template with 10 different slides for professional business presentations. In this short template, you will find all you need to present your business objectives, business plan, key features, and more. Loaded with useful graphs and charts, you will easily visualize your data, as well.

6. A Free PowerPoint Template “Investor”

Investor Business Free PowerPoint Template

7. Marketing Plan Free Powerpoint Template

Marketing Plan Free Powerpoint Template

A tastefully prepared business-themed presentation template for Powerpoint in a blue-and-green color scheme. This template is available in two aspect ratios: 4:3 and 16:9. It also contains useful data visualization tools like charts, graphs, tables, and more.

Infographic templates for PowerPoint

8. Business Idea Free Powerpoint Template

Business Idea Free Powerpoint Template

A rich business plan template consisting of 31 unique and useful slides. The design is available in 27 color schemes, so you can customize it according to your brand. You will find all kinds of charts, graphs, infographic slides, SWOT analysis slides, and more useful content.

9. “Nook” Minimalist Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Nook Free Minimalist Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

This template will allow you to make a quick overview of your company and business plan. With 12 attractively designed slides, made in a gold, white, and black color scheme, you will definitely impress with style and modern vision. Easy to edit with high-quality vector graphics included.

10. Free Simple Business Plan Presentation Template

Free Simple Business Plan Presentation Template

A simple and practical business plan template suitable for presentations in most PowerPoint versions, Keynote, and Google Slides. The 8 slides included are designed to be useful and effective in presenting your company data. You will find high-quality vector shapes, diagrams, charts, and infographics. The slides are versatile and can serve various purposes.

11. Free ‘Xe’ PowerPoint Modern Business Minimal Template

Free Xe PowerPoint Modern Business Minimal Template

12. Free Modern Business Powerpoint Template

what is business plan ppt

A two-color design choice of light or dark including charts, maps, diagrams, and other useful slides for multipurpose presentations. a smooth, consistent, well-ordered look.

13. Corporate Presentation Free Template

what is business plan ppt

Clean and classic design suitable for presenting your business. The pack has 85 different slides for you to customize and adapt to your brand.

That’s all!

Fingers crossed that this collection helped you find the right free business plan Powerpoint tutorial for your needs. With their modern design and fully editable content, you are on the way to success for sure.

Would you like to browse even more freebies? Check out these suggestions:

Premium: MultiSplash PowerPoint Templates

MultiSplash - Presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

A professionally designed PowerPoint template with 77 slides for every type of presentation – report, marketing, educational, product introduction, plans, and more.

what is business plan ppt

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what is business plan ppt

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what is business plan ppt

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what is business plan ppt

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what is business plan ppt

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what is business plan ppt

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How Do You Make Business Plan PowerPoint Presentations With PPT Templates? (+Video)

Julia Melymbrose

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur preparing to give an official business plan PowerPoint presentation. Or maybe you're getting ready to deliver a proposal to a prospective client. One thing’s for sure: You’ve got a lot riding on these slides .

Business plan slide

Do you know how to make a PowerPoint presentation that'll get that resounding “Yes!” from your audience?

If not, worry not. We’ve got all the tips and resources you need to make a smashing impression with your upcoming PowerPoint presentation right here! We'll also share some ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">time-saving business plan templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements and ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">GraphicRiver .

Download the Guide to Making Great Presentations (Free eBook)

Also, be sure to grab a copy of the perfect complement to this tutorial. Our free eBook:  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations will help you master the presentation process. You'll learn everything from coming up with the initial idea through to writing, design, and delivering with impact. 

Making Great Presentations Free Guide Download

Now let's learn step by step how to make a great business plan PowerPoint presentation.

The Best Source For Unlimited Business Plan PowerPoint Templates

If you want to learn how to make a business plan PPT, the secret is this: start with a template . You'll be amazed by how much work is already done for you. 

One way of working in PowerPoint is to draw everything from scratch. Then add your content and revise it until it's usable. But this takes too long.

Instead, source ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">business plan templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements. This saves you design work and lets you re-focus on planning and running your business.

Envato Elements Business Plan PowerPoint

Even better, Envato Elements is an "all-you-can-download" service. You can source unlimited PowerPoint business plan templates and so much more—all for a single, flat-rate cost. Learning how to make a PowerPoint presentation is so easy with templates.

If you're wondering how to make business plan PPTs like the professionals, don't forget the design extras like stock photos, graphics, and more. Those are included as part of your subscription to ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent"> Envato Elements .

If you're an early-stage business and want to learn how to launch, check out the tutorial below. It focuses on pitch decks, which help you garner support for your new business:

what is business plan ppt

5 Top Business Plan Templates for PowerPoint on Envato Elements

With Envato Elements, just fill in the placeholders to complete your PowerPoint business plan. Open the business plan template. Add your content. And you're ready to share your business plan.

Here are five of the best ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent"> PowerPoint business plan designs on Envato Elements to help you create your business plan presentation:

1. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Business plan templates for PowerPoint

The success of a business plan presentation often hinges on the professionalism of the slide. This template is sure to hit the mark with well-designed slides. 

If you're learning how to make a business plan presentation, a template like this is the best possible investment. Thanks to the included slides you'll easily make your presentation.

2. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Business Plan PowerPoint

Business Model PPT

The clean and minimal designs in this template cut straight to the chase. Your business model takes center stage with the help of this template. 

One of my favorite features in this business plan for PowerPoint is the infographics and charts. They show data and financial plans for your business that show your objectives.

3. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Business Plan 3.0 PowerPoint Template

Business Plan 30 PowerPoint template

You're staring at a blank screen, wondering " how do I prepare a business plan in PPT? " You've got a big idea, but you need help launching it and don't know what to include. 

The answer is a great business plan template for PowerPoint like this one. It already has all the slide designs you need so you won't be left guessing what to include.

4. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Business Plan PPT Presentation

Making a business plan presentation is easier when you start with a template. This one is the perfect example with plenty of business-centric slide designs. It features free icons, engaging animations, and a wide variety of layouts that work for any business concept.

5. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Business Plan Multipurpose PowerPoint

Business plan multipurpose PowerPoint presentation

Modern and minimal slides make this template a great choice. Custom image placeholders are just waiting for illustrations to show your business plan in action. With 30 unique slide designs and five color schemes, there's no shortage of slide designs.

How to Quickly Make Great  Business Plan Presentations With PowerPoint PPT Templates (Video)

Are you ready to start learning how to quickly make business plan PowerPoint presentations?  Watch this quick video to find out what you need to know to use PowerPoint templates to create effective presentations quickly:

what is business plan ppt

For even more tips on how to make a business plan PPT, study the rest of the written tutorial below.

How to Make a Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation With an Elements Template

Are you wondering how to make a business plan with PPT? So far, you've seen top business plan PowerPoint templates that you can use for your presentation.

But you might  still  be wondering: how do you use those templates to create your own business plan? If these slides are already populated, how do you customize them?

Now, let's learn how to make a business plan PPT with the help of an ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent"> Envato Elements business plan template . You'll see that you don't trade off customizations when you start with a template.

1. Choose a Template

Luckily, choosing a template is the hardest part of this process. And it's only challenging because Envato Elements has such an extensive library of business plan templates!

In this section, I'm going to customize the ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Business Plan 3.0 PowerPoint  presentation. It's got over 40 unique slide designs that are perfect for building a business proposal.

Business Plan PowerPoint template

Don't forget: ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent"> Envato Elements has an incredibly deep library of business plan templates. You don't learn how to make a business plan PPT on your own when you use a template.

2. Open the Template

Once you download your template, open it up. It comes packaged as a zip file that you can double click to open. Then, open the  PPTX  folder. Choose from the animated or non-animated versions, depending on your preferences. 

Business plan PowerPoint presentation

For my example, I'll use the animated version.

3. Select the Slides to Use

As you work with business plan PPT templates, you'll find that they include a ton of slide designs. They usually include far more slide layouts than you'll need. That's not a problem because it helps to have more options. Skip the designs you don't need.

Open the PowerPoint template and select the slides you need. Drag and drop the slides you'll use to the front of the presentation. On the left side of PowerPoint, click and drag the slide thumbnails into proper sequence.

PowerPoint business plan slide selections

Spend some time thinking about what slides are most crucial to  your  business plan. Then, drag-and-drop the slides to the top of the deck.

4. Customize Your Slides - Part I

Remember: slide templates are a starting point. They need to be customized with your content to represent  your  business idea. That's easy to do.

Let's walk through customizing a slide. I'm going to work with  slide 37  in the original template. It's a simple team slide that would work perfectly in any business plan.

About slide 37 in business plan PPT

Most slides are customizable in just a few steps. In this example, here's what I'll change:

Final slide in business plan PPT

5. Customize Your Slides - Part II

As you learn how to make a business plan presentation, it may help to see multiple slides customized. Let's work with a second slide from our business plan PowerPoint.

On slide 24, you've got a flexible project status infographic. As you're launching your business, it's important to keep track of your objectives. With the help of a project slide like this one, you can show how key projects are progressing.

Starting point for business plan

Again, this slide is customizable. Here are just some of the steps you can take to customize it:

Finished business plan project

This is just one example of customizing a PowerPoint slide. Repeat this process for any other slides that you need to round out your business plan PowerPoint presentation. Learning how to make a business plan PPT is a matter of replacing placeholders.

6. Save and Print Your Finished Presentation

Once you've selected and customized your favorite slides, it's time to wrap up your business plan. 

First, save your presentation. Go to the  File > Save As  option to save a copy that's separate from the original template. Save your business plan for PowerPoint somewhere safe and accessible so that you can share it easily.

File Save As PowerPoint presentation

Use our guide below to help you print your PowerPoint business plan. Potential investors and employees might want a copy they can use to review your concept.

what is business plan ppt

How to Customize a Pro Business Plan PowerPoint Template From GraphicRiver

With it's all you can download deal, ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Envato Elements has a fantastic offer. But if you don't expect to need other business plan templates in PowerPoint or other design assets Envato can still help. 

Get a single  ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">PowerPoint business plan template  as a one-time purchase from GraphicRiver. You'll find the same professional layouts and ease of use.

1. Choose the Perfect Business PowerPoint Template

You could open PowerPoint. Throw a bunch of pictures and charts up every which way and call it a day. But if that's your plan, you might as well skip your business plan presentation altogether and accept defeat now.

The success of your business plan is riding on this presentation. Now isn't the time to lean on your own design skills.

With the help of ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">PowerPoint presentation templates , quickly and easily create your own professional-looking presentation in a matter of minutes.

Are you unsure of where to start with so many templates to choose from? Look at some of the ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">most popular business plan PowerPoint templates that business professionals and freelancers love and trust for closing deals:

Popular PowerPoint Templates on GraphicRiver

2. Choose Your Favorite PowerPoint Presentation

After browsing and drooling over all the wonderful business PPT presentations, it’s time to choose one. Difficult step, I know!

Choose a template that's got plenty of options. That means choosing a business plan with plenty of layouts, as well as extras like icons. Also, be on the lookout for print friendly templates that are ready to share.

For this tutorial, I’ve selected ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">this Modern Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation . This template has 50 slides and three custom color schemes for an unlimited number of combinations.

Modern Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Here's a demonstration of this PowerPoint template's features:

what is business plan ppt

The template also comes with lots of icons that you can use to draw attention to key points. And thanks to image placeholders, there's less to learn as you build your business plan in PowerPoint.

3. Set Up Your Template

After downloading a template, you’ll see that you've got a few options to choose from in the main folder before you edit your presentation.

First, decide the ratio of your presentation: 4:3 or 16:9. (Some templates also offer a third, printer-ready mode). It's all about maximizing the screen that you'll share your presentation on.

Check out our guide to choose the best PowerPoint size, every time:

what is business plan ppt

For this tutorial, I’ll use the 16:9 ratio of the ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Modern Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation template .

Next, choose whether you want to open up the presentation in PPT or PPTX mode. This depends on the version of PowerPoint you’re using for your presentation.

If you’re using Microsoft Office version 2007 or later, use the PPTX file. If you’re using a Microsoft Office version that was released before 2007, you’ll want to use PPT. Creating and saving your presentation in PPTX allows for greater compatibility of your file with other programs and software. So, opt for that whenever possible.

Green Version of Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Now, decide whether you want to create an animated or simple presentation. 

Both versions look and act the same during the editing process of the presentation. Your choice depends on the aesthetics you’d like for your finished products. Since I enjoy animated presentations, I’m going with that version.

Finally, choose your favorite color template. Launch it, and we’re ready to start editing!

4. “Save As” Your Presentation!

It may seem weird to start saving when we haven’t created anything in our presentation.

It's not so weird when you understand the two things we’re trying to avoid:

So, after opening your template is to click on File in your horizontal menu bar. Then click Save As…

Give your file the desired name and save it to the appropriate location on your computer.

Note : If you don’t already do so, get into the habit of hitting Ctrl + S (or Command + S , if you’re working on a Mac) every now and again. This will save the latest changes you've made to your presentation.

5. General Editing and Options

In the center of your screen, you've got the first slide of your presentation. In the left you can see a vertical menu containing all the different slides of your presentation. And in the top of your screen you see various horizontal menu bars and options that'll help you edit your presentation.

The great thing about making a PowerPoint presentation from a template is that everything you see on a slide is editable. That means you can make your presentation look exactly like you want it to.

Let’s start with the text elements in this step and move on to the graphic and visual ones in the following step.

Double-click on the title of your first slide to change the words “Our Business Plan” to the name of your presentation. Do the same for the subtitle and all other textual elements on the first slide to add your details.

Business plan PPT text title changes

When you’re happy with the information on the first slide, go over to the menu on the left and click on the second slide. Double-click on any piece of writing or numbers on the slide to edit, just like before. Change the wording to fit your presentation or delete a piece of text entirely if it doesn’t suit your purposes.

Want to add a new line of text where currently no text appears? Click once on the edge of the slide’s grey background to deselect any item you may currently have selected with your mouse. (You should see no editing boxes anywhere on the slide when all items are deselected.) Then insert a text box where you want the new text to appear and begin typing, as in the image below.

Add text to your PowerPoint presentation

Using the top menu of your software, edit any new or existing piece of text to the size, font, color, and look you like. The options are countless!

In the same way, change, add, or delete any textual elements on any of your presentation slides. You can even change text that doesn’t run horizontally on your screen. For example, the word “Renew” in slide 4 of our Modern Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation.

PPT text adjustment

Double-click it and type to edit.

6. Images, Graphics, and Other Elements

Knowing how to make a PowerPoint presentation say exactly what you want it to say is only half the work. The other half is making it show exactly what you want to show. Which is just as easy!

You can edit, change, or delete any icon, picture (or picture placeholder), and graphic element you see on your template.

Let’s start with pictures. The little images with a yellow sun shining over green mountains that you see in the screenshot below and which appear scattered throughout your template mark the location of picture placeholders.   

PPT Template Picture Placeholders

Think of these picture placeholders as ghost pictures. They’re holding the space that your actual picture will occupy once you insert it into your presentation.

When you click on the picture-placeholder icon a dialog box will appear on your screen. Select the picture you want to use from your computer. Or, you can also drag a picture from your computer over to the picture placeholder to add it on.

The best thing about picture placeholders? No matter how large your image is, it'll be automatically resized to fit the area occupied by the placeholder. Look how different my picture looks when I add it to slide 1 of the template.

Adding large image to PPT theme

And when I add it to slide 8 of the template.

Add small image to your PPT business presentation

Same picture, same process, same template. Both additions took two seconds of my time. And I haven't had to make any changes to my picture. Magic!

A good PowerPoint template doesn’t just allow you to add pictures to your presentation. It also has places for icons.

Pictures are the full-colored photographs or images you can add to a presentation. Icons are simpler graphic elements that help enhance the main points of your presentation through visual representation.

To change an icon in your PowerPoint presentation, click on it once to select it. Then right-click (or click down with two fingers on a Mac trackpad) to bring up the Options menu.

Change PPT template icon

Choose the Change Picture option. When the dialog box opens, find your saved template folder. Choose the icons subfolder, select your desired icon, and click Insert.

Choose a new icon for your PPT slide

Resize, reshape, and recolor all png icons in any way you like using the right-hand side and top menu bars of your program.

Resize and recolor icon in PowerPoint

Finally, let’s talk about other visual elements of your presentation, such as graphs.

Our template already contains some graphs in it. Like all other elements, these are fully editable. To change a graph, click on the specific element you want to change and drag it to a new position. Change its color or resize it to fit your data.

Notice how in the example below I’ve changed the size and color of both the red and light blue lines in the chart of Slide 6 of our presentation template.

Edit infographics from your presentation template

7. Add or Delete Slides

Each business PowerPoint presentation is as different as the entrepreneur or freelancer creating it. Besides changing the text and visual elements of each slide, you may also want to delete entire slides of the template or add new ones.

To delete a slide, select it from the left-hand side menu. Double-click (or click down with two fingers on a Mac trackpad) for the Options menu. Select Delete Slide .

Delete slide from your business plan presentation theme file

As you can see in the image above, the option above Delete Slide says Duplicate Slide . If you want two slides with the same layout in your presentation, click that option. A new, duplicate slide will be added right after the original one.

The Options menu also gives you the choice to add a New Slide , which will be added right after the slide you’ve clicked on. The Duplicate Slide option will add a new slide to your presentation with the same layout as the one you’re currently on. The New Slide option will add a new, empty slide to your presentation for you to style as you wish.

There’s also a second way of adding new slides that you should know.

Select the place in your presentation where you want the new slide to be added. (Note: new slides are always added after the slide in your current selection.) Click the Insert option from your main horizontal menu bar. The first picture option you see beneath it says New Slide . 

If you click on the picture, you’ll get an empty new slide. But if you click on the little arrow to the right of the picture, a menu of template slides will open up for you to choose from.

Open new PPT theme slide

8. Reorder Your Presentation

The great thing about using a template to create your PowerPoint presentation is that the template acts as a guide to the structure of your presentation. The slides come already ordered in a logical sequence that'll help you present your plan or proposal in a convincing manner.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make changes to the order of your slides. Reorder the slides in your presentation in any way that suits you and your purposes.

To change the order of your slides, click on a slide in the left-hand side menu to select it. Then click-and-hold your desired slide and drag it to its new position.

PPT slide order changes inside your theme

9. Add Transitions

Remember that at the beginning of this tutorial I told you I would choose the animated version of the tutorial? Well, you can change even the animation of our business plan presentation to fit your taste.

Click on any slide in your presentation. Then click on Transitions in the main horizontal menu bar of your software. The slide I’ve selected in the image below has a transition called Fly Through . But as you can see in the area I’ve highlighted in red below, you can choose to change that transitions.

Change PPT slide transitions

You can also change the duration of the transition and even add a sound if you so wish. Keep in mind though, a light touch goes a long way with transition animations. 

10. Play Your Presentation

After all the clicks and changes it’s finally time to view the masterpiece you’ve created in real time! Always play your presentation before presenting it to your clients or prospects. Check to make sure that everything flows nicely and makes sense.

The last thing you want is a small transition hiccup or other minor detail to undermine the work you’ve put into creating an awesome presentation.

Go to the beginning of your PowerPoint presentation, choose Slide Show in the main horizontal menu bar. Then click the first option below that, Play from Start . Sit back and enjoy!

Play your PPT presentation to preview it

Find the Ideal PowerPoint Presentation Template for You

In this article, you've seen two outstanding choices for business plan templates for PowerPoint. It's true that both ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Elements and ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">GraphicRiver both offer professionally designed templates. So, which one should you choose? And what are the key benefits of each marketplace?

1. Key Benefits of Envato Elements

One subscription, unlimited downloads. Every month, more creatives subscribe to Envato Elements to give themselves a major design advantage. 

With Elements, the ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">unlimited business plan PowerPoint templates are just a start. The value really starts to show when you consider all the included stock photos and graphics.  It's an unbeatable offer.

Envato Elements business plan PowerPoint templates

2. Key Benefits of GraphicRiver (and Envato Market)

GraphicRiver is a fantastic marketplace for purchasing single-use assets like business plan PPT templates. It's a part of the Envato Market network that includes every type of digital asset you might need.

When you know what you need and want to start fast, jump over to GraphicRiver. Buy a single business plan PPT, open it, and add your details to build your plan. Here are the  ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">best PowerPoint templates that are currently trending on GraphicRiver :

GraphicRiver trending PoewrPoint templates

Your Choice (What’s Right for You?)

If you're an entrepreneur who always has fresh ideas, then you'll need business plan PPT templates to match. With the help of Envato Elements, you can download all the resources you need. This maximizes your value and keeps costs low.  ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Sign up for Envato Elements now .

Envato Elements Business Plan PPT

Or, if you know exactly what you need and only want a ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">single business plan for PPT , jump to GraphicRiver. You can download a business plan for PPT and start your design quickly.

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations

With the help of templates, you've learned how to prepare a business plan for PPT. But, there's always more to learn when you use powerful apps like Microsoft PowerPoint.

To keep learning how to prepare a business plan for PPT, check out our resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.)   Check out these beginner templates to kickstart your learning:

what is business plan ppt

Download Our (Free) eBook on Making Great Presentations 

Making Great Presentations Free Guide Download

We've got the perfect complement to this tutorial. It'll help you learn how to write, design, and deliver great presentations—deconstructing the entire process.

Grab  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations  now for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. Get your ideas formed into a powerful presentation that'll move your audience. 

Design Your Business Plan for PowerPoint Today

In this tutorial, you learned how to prepare a business plan for PPT. With the help of a template, you can drop your business idea into ready-made slides.

Don't forget: you skip learning how to make business plan for PPTs from scratch when you use templates. With the help of Elements, you can source unlimited ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">business plan PPT downloads , plus stock photos, and more. On ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">GraphicRiver , you can buy single PowerPoint business plan templates.

It's time to go design a business plan of your own. Use what you learned in this tutorial to build your business plan for PPT and launch your idea to success!

Editorial Note: This tutorial was originally published in November of 2015. It's been updated to include new information including a quick start video—with special assistance from Andrew Childress .

Julia Melymbrose


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