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Study Tables


High Quality Office Furniture in Manila Philippines | Queens Arts and Trends

The most durable Office Furniture in the market uses E1 Board, a moisture-resistant, 10 times stronger than general boards, keeps its colors, shape and design for at least 10 years.

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study table quezon city

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study table quezon city

Dining Chair Dcn – 33

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study table quezon city

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study table quezon city

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study table quezon city

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study table quezon city

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Office Table Art – 01

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office table philippines, office desk, office furniture, computer table

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Executive table, L shaped desk, office table, office furniture

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office table philippines, office desk, office furniture, computer table

Office Table Apt – 08

carcinogen free E1 board is carcinogen free which makes your office A healthier environment for you and your staff.

Save on cost e1 board is specially treated with a high-end technology moisture resistant resin., fast delivery time so, you can transform your workplace in 7 to 10 working days., worry-free protection 5 year limited warranty on all e1 board office furniture.terms and condition apply., our services.

We design, customize, supply and install high quality office tables, conference tables, workstations, reception counters office chairs, filing cabinets, sofas, operable wall and accordion doors.

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study table quezon city

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study table quezon city

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study table quezon city

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study table quezon city

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study table quezon city

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study table quezon city

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Nilkamal Furniture

Study Tables

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Having a personal study table is essential for those who work from home, kids who need a desk to study or office-going individuals. It gives them the advantage of having all the study or working materials in one spot and provides privacy from others. A segregating system is also offered at most desks, allowing one to organise the needed books and other materials. Check out the numerous kids table options online quickly by browsing with your phone. Measure the area in the home or office where the desk will be placed and buy accordingly. Confirm the study table price and choose according to your budget. A study set is also available for kids in attractive colour combinations and safe rounded designs for protection. Scroll through the many designs available such as desks with chairs, portable desks, foldable desks, desks with storage facilities, etc. One may choose a study desk based on the needed storage, whether shelves, drawers, or both. The type of material required for the desks, whether particle board, solid wood, metal or plastic, can also be chosen. There is also a study table for kids available that are spacious enough to be used by 2 persons or kids. Buy study table online from Nilkamal Furniture in the latest concept for the office or home in attractive deals. Order from home in a desired payment mode for convenient delivery to the doorstep.

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Nilkamal Leo Computer Table (Black/Walnut)

Secure Robust Study Tables from Nilkamal Furniture Online

Writing tables or desks are essential living room furniture in today's lifestyle. Since electronic gadgets now dominate almost every household, working with gadgets requires using study desks. Gadgets like computers, laptops, sound systems, etc., can be easily kept atop convenient tables for long sessions. The tables provide separate working stations for those who need to concentrate on working online or studying. Due to their compact sizes, the desks may be placed in any corner of the home. Nilkamal Furniture has study table with chair and without for those who wish to buy. They are available in various size options, materials, finishing touches, number of shelves and compartments or colour combinations. There is study table for kid , too, in the surplus varieties available online. 

How to Select Best Study Sets for Kids and Adults

When you want to buy study table online , it is essential to know the following facts and then go ahead.

The type of desk you want, based on the material, is vital to be comfortable working. Also, the desk has to be durable as long as the person using it needs it. For example, if a kid needs a study desk, the appropriate material will be chosen based on how long he will need it. For this purpose, an adjustable table can also be bought that may be adjusted and used as the kid grows up. Solid wood, engineered wood, plastic, metal, etc., are some types of materials that may be chosen before selecting a study desk. Some desks are available with a matching chair , too, so the material must be considered before buying the table chair set for study . 

The most important factor when studying or working on a study table is comfort, affecting the quality of work produced. The person can concentrate the best and produce good results when in a comfortable setting. This is true for kids and adults; hence, it is essential to be most comfortable when working on a studying desk. 

The exact size of a studying desk is a must when spending considerable time on it. And especially when it comes to kids, the right height on the desk is essential. Adults also tend to spend a long time working on a study desk. Hence a suitable size is a must, with some extra space to move around. Some people prefer a table that may be used in bed, like a foldable variety. A required space for a chair can take comfort to a higher level. 

A study desk is not just required for temporary work for some individuals. Those with many working materials like books and stationery may also need larger spaces and segregated spaces. Shelves or drawers are an excellent option to consider in the design of the desks. Also, if the desk is kept in the living room, it is essential to match the design of the table to the other living room furniture . A modern concept in the living room furniture mandates the study desk to be in a similar design. 

The budget of the study desk is also to be kept in mind before you choose one. With online shopping, one has the advantage of checking and comparing prices of the desks from the comfort of the home. Different designs and materials can be easily checked for ratings given by previous buyers, which helps one choose the best study table price according to the budget. 

Why Choose and Buy Study Table Online From Nilkamal?

Some reasons why Nilkamal Furniture has the most appropriate study table have been outlined below. 

There are desks available at Nilkamal Furniture that have been built with customised details. Whether you need the desks for home use or office, check out the many designs available that you may select. The size and features are made to suit different preferences.

The modern designs are crafted ideally using only the finest raw materials at Nilkamal Furniture. The study table for kids has been safely designed without sharp edges or corners, and the furniture keeps the comfort factor in mind for prolonged use. 

At Nilkamal Furniture, one can avail of many attractive online deals. Scroll through the best service on different study desks and choose according to your budget. The best price is based on the material used and the size of the desks. 

There are lightweight designs available at Nilkamal Furniture in the study desks. These are easy to move around whenever needed and have stylish patterns too. Check the material of the desks as plastic varieties are lighter than wooden ones.

Many designs in study desks may be chosen based on the space available in the home or office. The desks' height, width and weight are to be considered when buying. Since there are different numbers and types of shelves and drawers available, whether open or close, you can select according to your needs. There are desk with bench for a single person or multiple persons to use too that may be bought. The extent of storage area and types of storage are to be considered too. Some people may need storage areas for display, while others may need locked cabinets. 

Trending Designs in Study Tables

Some of the latest designs available in study chairs and table sets are discussed below. This will assist you in selecting the most appropriate variety. 

There are various sets available in study desks with suitable and matching chairs. They have been designed for comfortable use keeping the height in consideration. No more neck sprains due to an inappropriate chair or stool , as the most practical designs are made. The sets also enhance the living room décor as the latest designs are available. Choose a matching concept in the desk sets according to the other furniture in the surrounding. Kids tables are also designed in attractive colour combinations in the chair and desks. 

We all think of more storage, whether it is for home use or office use when it comes to furniture. And study desks are one way of accommodating extra items such as reading material, stationery, sound systems, etc. Electronic gadgets can be used most safely on such study desks away from all the clutter in the home. The best study desks are those with added storage in drawers or shelves. The shelves may be vertical or horizontal and with varying breadths. One may choose the number and size of the desks with storage based on the number of items to be stored. 

Indulging in portable study desks is now a mandatory practice for those constantly on the move. A portable study desk is a must even for those who do not keep moving from city to city but like to shift their furniture around the home very often. Such tables are not only lightweight but also have minimum details to them. Make the best of the portable design in such nomadic times where space is a deciding factor too. Foldable designs are available in such portable varieties, which is convenient. Especially in smaller apartments where space is a constraint, portable desks with chairs are most practical. Materials like particle board or plastic are used to design such tables and chairs. The study tables for kids are available with wheels for easy movement around the house. This is convenient for kids as the table can be moved to the corner of the room to create space for playtime. 

These desks are created to save space with their foldable designs that are extremely handy in today's living conditions. The area in an office or home can be the norm as to how large a study one can buy. This is where the folding table concept comes into effect for convenience purposes too. The tables may be folded and stored neatly after use in the corner or under the couch. Some adjustable kids tables may be increased in dimension as the child grows older. The wall-mountable study desk is the latest design available that saves an immense amount of floor space. Such desks are also available in a collapsible concept, which can be neatly folded after use and left intact with a wall bracket in place. 

Modern Table Chair Sets for Study from Nilkamal

Some of the latest study sets available at Nilkamal Furniture are described below, which you may buy online.

This desk has a height of 95 cm and a breadth of 78 cm. The desk is made from particle board in a 15mm thickness, and the smooth PU material finish gives it a durable and matt look. There is one drawer and 2 shelves below the main upper shelf for extended storage. 

The table is crafted from particle board material having 2 different thicknesses of 18 mm and 25 mm. There are plastic bushes on the underside of the table for scratch-free use. There are 3 drawers on the right side under the main shelf for easy storage of items. The drawers are provided with a lock mechanism. 

This is a lightweight desk made from steel tubes coated with plastic material. It has a height of 33 cm and a width of 84 cm. 

The desk has a width of 150 cm and a height of 75 cm. The upper shelf uses an 18 mm thick particle board, while the lower structure uses a 12 mm particle board. There is a shutter compartment on the left of the desk with a locking facility, and the 3 drawers on the right also have a locking mechanism. The desk is provided with a leveller on the bottom for easy adjustment in case of uneven floors. 

The table shelves are made from particle boards of 13 mm thickness, and the framework is made using metal with a thickness of 25 mm. The sturdy metallic frames are powder coated for protection and durable use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best design for study desks?

Desks with an appropriate height that may be adjusted are the ideal tables for those who spend long hours working or studying. This is to prevent any neck pains or shoulder sprains. 

What are some designs available in study desks?

Foldable desks, adjustable desks, portable desks, study table with chair and storage desks are some of the designs available in study desks. 

Is it necessary to get study desks for kids?

It is essential to buy a study table for kids as they can have a private spot to concentrate and study without any disturbance. 

What is the main advantage of having a study desk with bench?

The desk is a private spot for those who wish to concentrate and work in an organised manner. Books and other studying material , like online research with a personal laptop, can be kept here. 

Is my location serviceable?

Enter the delivery pin code on the product page to know if a product delivery option is available in your area.

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study table quezon city

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Office Study Table in Quezon City, National Capital Region for sale

Office and study table 1 month pa lang nagamit With 4 drawers. Nabili sa SM ng 3.5k For Pick up: SM Trees Residences malapit sa SM Fairview

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Office / Study Table

Unused office/study table rush sale P9,500.00

Office/study table

Office study table, study /office table.


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