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Student Memes

These school related memes perfectly summarizes your typical student with these #studentproblems.

Grades / Homework / Tests /  That Feeling /  Paying Attention   /   Teachers /  In Trouble /

I dont always care about my grades

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Excuses for PE. Not dressing out, not be able to run or walk. Girls. It’s that time of month do I have to dress out. My mom said if I wasn’t feeling good I could sit during PE . I hurt my arm so I can’t run. I know you sAid I needed a dr note to excuse me but my mom wrote me a note and said that I didn’t have to do PE because she knows I’m sick.

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spanish homework meme

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spanish homework meme

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spanish homework meme

spanish homework meme

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Doing Spanish Homework for Hours There's still 10 more assignments due

I wish my family wasn't so rich then maybe i could have a poor persons work ethic like you.


I hate my government but I live too comfortably to get motivated enough to do anything about it.


Forgot I was watching a recording Sat through commercials


got hired Will have to start waking up early again


My diamond earrings Keep scratching my iPhone


my turban came out really nice today all my friends are white and can't tell


I had something witty to say But the topic was changed before i could say it


Someone didn't refill the Brita pitcher and now I have to wait 30 seconds for water


My husband does everything I ask But I have to ask


The cashmere lining in my calfskin gloves keeps getting stuck on my diamond engagement ring


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spanish homework meme

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spanish homework meme

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Spanish Meme: El oso

Ole Ole Ole

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Tener Idioms- Meme Activity

Tener Idioms- Meme Activity


Spanish Affirmative, informal, commands Writing/Speaking activity

Senora Holmes

Rapidez y velocidad - Speed and velocity digital worksheet in Spanish - FREE

Educa Conmigo

Joke of the Day Spanish Class - Chiste del Dia


Spanish--Practice with "Antes De..." and "Despues de..." (Before / After)

Spanish--Practice with "Antes De..." and "Despues de..." (Before / After)

Profesora Brown

Gustar Meme Poster

Senorita Divertida

Reflexive Verbs - memes

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Bilingual Food & Drink vocabulary. French-Spanish Word Search.

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Srta Flynn

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Holy Frijoles

Spanish Lesson Food / Comida "Do Now"

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Srta Mullins

Hazmeme un Meme

Profesora Raquel

Homework Pass (in Spanish)


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To Do List - Nothing meme

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When you go to do your Spanish homework - But you realize you already finished it

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So much for Spanish homework...

spanish homework meme

Skylanders was the shite

except for that thing what purpose does it serve i am having ptsd flashbacks of that thing

holy f#ck i hate that abdomination of a villain's son

referring to the skylanders... thing, if it wasnt clear

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    Homework is good because it gives students a chance to practice and internalize information presented during classroom lessons. It also encourages parents to get involved in the student’s education.

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