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Space Homework Grid - remember these are only suggestions

Thanks to the following children for their contributions to our Space  display :

Unfortunately not the ones with chocolate chips.

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  1. How Big Is Space?

    As far as humans can tell, space is infinite; it has no end or borders. Scientists believe that space will always seem infinite to humans for two reasons. First, our investigation of space has never found an edge (or any indications of an e...

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    A small living space can still be stylish. All you need are the perfect products and accessories to liven up your studio or one-bedroom apartment, while maximizing your space. “This is exactly what I was looking for,” says one satisfied Ama...

  3. Why Is Homework Good?

    Homework is good because it gives students a chance to practice and internalize information presented during classroom lessons. It also encourages parents to get involved in the student’s education.

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    Encourage your KS1 students to take responsibility for their learning with this fantastic, teacher-made Space Homework Ideas KS1 Grid! Read More... Related

  5. Here is a range of space related homework activities

    You can choose which activities you would like to complete each week. Enjoy! 1. Create your own space themed top trumps cards. 2. You are going on a spaceship

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    For your homework project this half term, I would like to you create something at home linked to our learning in the classroom. There are some ideas below, but

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    10 Solar System and Space Themed Activities For Kids Preschool Science

  8. solar system projects, kids homework, planet project

    Activities For Boys, School Crafts, Preschool Activities, Space Activities.

  9. Topic Homework

    Can you find out about Space? Here are some ideas… Use Purple mash to support your work. Useful websites:

  10. Homework Grid

    Thanks to the following children for their contributions to our Space display :

  11. Year 5 Homework Project

    Could you include eye-witness accounts? Set Friday 11th January 2019. (Topic based learning). Choose on activity from this row. This task is

  12. Year 2

    Please try to complete at least four of these activities. Find out facts about the space missions. What was the first creature sent into space?

  13. Year 5 –Out of this World Homework Grid


  14. Mild Hot Each week pick one task off the Space homework grid

    Challenge yourself! Can you complete at least one spicy activity? We will display your wonderful work on our homework display in class. Weekly tasks