193 Sports Persuasive Essay Topics [with Tips & Examples]

persuasive speech topics baseball

For many of us, physical activity is an essential part of life. From morning yoga to professional soccer, it helps us stay fit and healthy. Besides, it’s a source of entertainment that can relax us and calm us down.

Writing or talking about sports can be as enjoyable as doing or playing them. Are you passionate about some game or event? Do you have a favorite player? Have you ever participated in a championship? Watched the Olympic games? All these aspects can be explored in a paper, and a good sports persuasive essay topic will help you with that.

Whether you need a subject for public speaking or you are writing a persuasive text, you will find the right idea here. Our professional writers prepared gathered sports persuasive speech topics and essay ideas. So, check out our list to find something you can convince your audience of.

  • ✍ How to Start?
  • ⭐ Stellar Sports Topics
  • ❄ Winter Sports
  • ☀ Summer Sports
  • 🏈 American Football
  • 🏀 Basketball
  • 🏋 Olympics Topics
  • 🏆 NBA Topics
  • 🏃 NFL Topics
  • 🏒 NHL Topics
  • 🤸 Exercises Topics

🍏 Fitness Topics

✍ How to Start a Sports Persuasive Essay?

You may be familiar with the term “hook” concerning the essay writing. If not, well, it’s a catchy sentence or two at the beginning of the paper. It’s supposed to intrigue the reader and grab their attention so that they follow your train of thought.

The writer places a hook before the thesis statement of their paper. This way, the reader will be more focused on the core message.

Let’s be real:

Not everyone is interested in sports. Or not in the particular game that you center your paper around. So, in the persuasive essay on sports, a catchy hook is essential. You need an attention grabber to make anyone engaged. Plus, it helps to get a clear understanding of your thesis later. You can check out some college essay examples to better understand what we’re talking about.

Starting an essay with a hook ensures that your audience will want to keep reading.

So, how can you intrigue from the start?

There are several popular hooks for sports-related essays:

Make sure not to make baseless assumptions and statements.

⭐ 12 Best Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

🍂 Persuasive Essay Topics: Seasonal Sports

Some sports activities differ from one time of the year to another. Here is a list of good persuasive essay topics about seasonal sports:

❄ Winter Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

☀ Summer Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

🏏 Sports Persuasive Essay Topics: Games

Games can be one of the most exciting things about sports. Take a look at the persuasive essay topics about team sports:

🏈 American Football Persuasive Essay Topics

Some insurance policies are only of value to college players.

⚽ Soccer Persuasive Essay Topics

There are too many scandals concerning the World Cup corruption.

🏀 Basketball Persuasive Essay Topics

⚾ Baseball Persuasive Essay Topics

There is an entire subculture of unwritten rules in baseball.

🥇 Professional Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

We honor a variety of sports on different large-scale events. Here are persuasive essay topics about professional sports:

🏋 Olympics Persuasive Essay Topics

🏆 NBA Persuasive Essay Topics

By the early 1980s the NBA was plagued by money-losing franchises.

🏃 NFL Persuasive Essay Topics

Dak Prescott entered the 2019 season with some of the same lingering doubts he’s faced throughout his young career.

🏒 NHL Persuasive Essay Topics

🚴 Physical Activities Persuasive Essay Topics

Sport is not always about competing. For many of us, it is a way to stay active and get that good old endorphin rush.

🤸 Persuasive Essay Topics on Exercises

Swimming is a healthy activity that you can continue for a lifetime.

💃 Dance Persuasive Essay Topics

📝 Writing a Persuasive Essay about Sports

Now that you’ve seen the topics let’s talk about writing. Persuasive essays differ from the other academic papers in both the goal and structure. You have to keep in mind that you’re composing not for yourself but for the reader. That’s why you have to present your arguments logically and coherently.

You should outline the persuasive essay before writing.

Here are some tips on writing a killer persuasive essay about sports:

Read the sports news before writing the final version of the essay.

Thank you for your attention. Share this sport related persuasive essay article with a friend. And don’t be shy to convince everyone your opinion is the right one!

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209 Sports Topics: Argumentative Essay & Persuasive Speech Ideas

Persuasive speech is the art of convincing the audience to understand and trust your opinion. Are you ready to persuade someone in your view? Our list of sports persuasive speech topics will help you find a position to take and defend. If you need more options quick, apart from contents of this article, try a speech topic generator for school .

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for $13.00 $10.40/page

Argumentative essays , on the contrary, dwell upon two possible opinions. You can make them balanced or defend one, contradicting the other. If you are unsure which perspective you should adhere to, sports argumentative essay topics are here for you.

Choose one of the following informative sports topics to develop your viewpoint. Plus, you can contact Custom-writing.org experts if you need any help with this or any other assignment.

🔍 References

🔝 top 10 sports persuasive speech topics.

🏈 Great Persuasive Football Topics

When we say football, we mean American football. If you need soccer debate topics, then keep on scrolling! The football speech topics are controversial, so some research may be required to succeed.

⚽ Best Soccer Persuasive Speech Topics

The game of soccer offers some good topics for motivational sporting speeches. Just see for yourself:

🏀 Basketball Persuasive Speech Topics

As the world’s third most popular sport, basketball naturally draws a lot of attention. Which basketball-related questions can you discuss in a speech on sports?

⚾ Sports Topics on Baseball

Is baseball your favorite sport? Then research it in more detail by using some of these great ideas of baseball speech topics:

🏒 Hockey Sports Topics

✨ Sports Debate Topics

🏟️ General Sports Topics to Talk about

🤼 Controversial Sports Topics

🏅 Other Sports Topics

Sports persuasive speech topics: coaching.

Sports Topics to Talk About: Women’s Rights

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics: Mind Sports

Sports Topics: Importance of Games

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics: Injuries

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics: Student Life

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics: Health

Feel free to browse for other topics related to sports to prepare great informative speeches or write unique and persuasive essays.

If the typical and popular persuasive speech ideas, like the question of steroids in sports, are getting on your nerves, then stand out from the crowd!

Choose any of these fresh persuasive speech topics on sports to convince your audience and earn high grades.

And what should you do if you need to write an essay instead of a speech?

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

Just take any of the prompts above and use it as a sports persuasive essay topic!

Remember that you’re not alone—our experienced writers are always at your service and ready to help you at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to editing.

Now it’s time to get started! Just choose the topic of your dreams and start changing people’s minds.

This might be interesting for you:

Just $13.00 $10.40/page , and you can get an custom-written academic paper according to your instructions

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Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics: There are times as a student you are given assignments on Sports Persuasive Speech Topics.

When given a certain topic to write about, you should select a topic that will draw the attention of your reader.

Below we have compiled the best persuasive speech topics about sports . These Persuasive sports speech topics will give you a rough idea of what to write about depending on your interest.

A baseball salary cap would come at too great a cost.

Cheerleading is a sport.

Professional sports players’ salaries should not be capped.

Chess players should be given more recognition.

College athletes should be paid for the matches that they play.

Benching a player is a smart move from the coach.

Bowling should be an Olympic sports discipline.

Children must play sports, even if they don’t want to.

A healthy lifestyle helps to attain the right body shape and fitness level.

A player should keep working hard even when no one is watching.

A referee that loses control of a match ruins the match for both teams and fans.

A round of matchplay golf can bring rival communities together at hole nineteen.

Age-old rivalry in sports is the most fun to watch.

All forms of animal sports should be banned.

Read: Sports Informative Speech Topics

Almost all multi-discipline activities require much more planning for skill training than you think.

An NBA age limit is stupid.

Athletes should retire at the top of their careers.

Athletics is too much of a priority in schools.

Badminton is not more popular because it is not understood.

Ban blood sports.

Baseball is more exciting than cricket.

Baseball salary caps would come at a great cost.

Basketball should change its rule of fouling out after five fouls.

Boxing does cause brain damage.

Boxing isn’t entertaining.

Children should be taught not to ‘boo’ at other teams.

Competitive sports can teach us a lot about life.

Creating a peer incentive climate in a volleyball team will pay off.

Darts contestants are no athletes but only fun-making beer drinkers.

Darts should be considered a game event.

Diego Maradona should not be hailed as one of the greatest soccer players.

Every amateur needs a pro mentor.

Everybody should practice sports for at least half an hour a day.

Everyone should take part in at least one form of sport.

Exercise should be a daily routine.

Fan girls know nothing about sports.

Fans attending sports events in another country should respect local customs.

Fans should never disrespect the opposite team’s national anthems.

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Persuasive Speech Topics Sports

FIFA should not be allowed to be run by men who are over 60 years old.

Fill in … is an astonishing sports player and qualifies for the Hall of Fame.

Fill in your favorite team – is the greatest baseball team of all time.

Football coaches and managers should focus on newly discovered sports science technologies.

Football has many health benefits.

Golf has a major impact on business deals.

Golf is exciting to play but boring to watch.

Home exercise equipment is a waste of money.

Hunting should never be considered a sport.

Ice is the best first-aid remedy for a sports injury.

Invest in excellent sports achievements.

Is NASCAR a sport?

It is good for winning teams when they are beaten by underdogs.

Kickboxing should be banned.

Lance Armstrong should be remembered as nothing more than a cheater.

Learning how to swim should be a requirement for all humans.

Learning to swim should be a requirement.

Losing a match can help with motivation.

Mental prep for auto racing athletes is crucial to prevent accidents.

Most female professional bodybuilders take steroids or other performance enhancers.

NASCAR should be considered a sport.

No coach should be fired after just one season.

Not all players need to retire at 35.

Not every retired famous sportsman or woman is a good coach.

Obsession with sports is unhealthy.

Parents and coaches should reward children regardless of their performance.

Parents should let their children try out for all the sports they are interested in.

People who practice sports are more proactive.

People who play sports are more social.

Physical activity raises self-esteem and confidence levels.

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Sports Speech Topics

A sports team sports with no team-building spirit won’t succeed.

Teams should not keep players that don’t want to be there.

Teams who are superior to other teams in a league should earn more from TV rights.

The Hawaii deep sea sportfishing industry must be better controlled.

The integration of mind, body, and spirit is an essential sports factor.

The most-watched sports or sports events in the world are boring.

The Olympic bid books of candidate cities must contain the financial on social effects on society and local economies in the long term.

The Olympic Dream will not come true.

The Olympic flame tour costs too much.

The Olympic ideal needs renovation.

The Olympic Oath is considered perjury live on television.

The player that wins the ‘Balon d’Or after Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi is going to be a big deal.

The Tour de France cannot be won repeatedly without using doping extracts.

The wild card system (like tennis) should be introduced in all competitive and recreation team athletics.

There is no purpose in sports for cheerleaders.

There should come a biological passport for pro athletes to monitor any use of doping throughout a career.

Tiger Woods should be remembered for the great golfer he is and not for his sex scandal.

Video technology will ruin the flow of a soccer game.

Watching sports on TV is better than watching live.

Persuasive Speech Topics about Sports

Fans should not judge players.

Fans that pay a member’s fee should have a vote in club matters.

Fans who racially abuse players should be banned for life from attending live matches.

Female referees should not referee male teams.

Female sports should be given more media coverage.

Sport teaches children about teamwork.

Sports bring out the worst in people.

Sports events cannot do without sponsoring.

Sports events should give men and women equal prizes.

Sports gambling should be banned.

Sports are the opiate of the masses.

Sports marketing is a great career option

Parents should not insult coaches from the sidelines.

Participating in competitive sports too young is unhealthy.

People need to support the underdogs.

A team that works together is unstoppable.

A baby is not an excuse to skip working out.

Advertising alcohol during sports matches should not be allowed.

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

Play sports and you get a lot more than just a fit body.

Players’ jerseys should display their main sponsor’s name only.

Players in good teams will always win something.

Players should be sent to the sidelines until the bleeding is under control.

Players who cheat must be banned or punished regardless of age.

Players who use drugs while practicing sports must be banned.

Playing sports helps build character in children.

Politicians should never interfere with the management of sports.

Professional athletes are not overpaid because they entertain millions of people.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are the best examples of sportsmanship.

Professional athletes should be careful with how they spend their money.

Rugby football is nothing without its rough tackles.

Rugby is a dangerous sport.

Rules in sports are not always to be followed.

Salaries of sports players should be based on their previous season’s performance.

Scandals hurt the Olympic Games.

Should cheerleading be considered a sport?

Should FIFA have price ranges?

Should sports teams be named after ethnic groups?

Sleep is very important in sports recovery.

Smoking should be banned in stadiums.

Soccer is the best sport of all.

Professional players should stick to a diet throughout the season.

Professional sport is too commercial nowadays.

Sports can unite even the most divided countries.

Sport has the power to unite people.

Sport helps our mental well-being.

Sport is a great way to connect with people.

Sport is a key to positive self-esteem in children.

Sport is a universal language.

Sports shouldn’t only be played by specific genders.

Sports players should never let wins get to their heads.

Sports psychologists play an important role in sports.

Sports stars now are bigger household names thanks to social media.

Stadiums that are built especially for world cups often end up as liabilities.

Steroid scandals hurt a team.

Persuasive Essay Topics about Sports

Professional sports players are better role models than rock stars.

Rags to riches stories about sports stars should be told to school-going children.

We should make facilities more accessible to people with disabilities.

Wear the proper protective gear when doing sports.

Weight-cutting techniques in sports competitions are unsafe.

What coaches must know about sports-related persuasive speech topics to create real winner champions.

What makes performing extreme physical exertions so popular.

Why everyone should get a sports massage once a week

Why measuring your body mass index is important.

Why people should dance more.

Why sports should be encouraged.

Why take a sailing vacation?

Why do we worship sports?

Why have women’s professional team competitions become popular among men in the last twenty years?

Why you should become a swimmer.

Without cheerleaders, sports events would be less fun.

Women’s sport is less popular because of stereotyping.

World Cup hosting countries should offer affordable ticket prices to locals.

You only become a great athlete by training and special diets.

Young children that play sports learn to respect authority and rules from a young age.

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

Student-athletes must be tested for drugs now more than ever.

Talented young players should be funded by career development scholarships.

Team spirit is what maximizes results.

Team sports are legalized organized crime.

Golf is not a sport, it’s a hobby for old people.

Good pitchers are not good hitters.

Head injuries are not taken seriously enough.

Children should not be graded for Physical Training.

Club directors shouldn’t have a say in how coaches pick players.

Coaches should never single out a player.

The command is more important than control when pitching in baseball.

Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi to each other is silly.

Professional sports players should never become coaches.

Professional wrestling is just a show.

Professional wrestling is not real, is just a show.

Public funding of sports stadiums is a bad idea.

Punish sports clubs whose fans misbehave.

Soccer World Cup referees must understand intercultural habits.

Sport has become too commercialized.

Boxing should be banned from the Olympics because a lot of the viewers do not like it when someone is getting hurt on TV.

Boxing should have stricter rules to keep boxers safe.

Bungee jumping is risky despite all the precautions taken.

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Baseball Research Topics – We Are Here to Serve You!

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The epitome of American sports and the “national” bat-and-ball game, baseball won’t stop sparking controversy and debate over its place of origin. Since the heyday of its popularity in the mid-1850s, it has remained one of the most widely played games in the world. It earned its name in the academic sector as well – many baseball-crazy students hunt for the coolest baseball research topics, trying to keep pace with the hottest trends in the baseball niche.

Developing a topic for a paper on baseball is a little more complex than it seems. The game features a vast abundance of topics and subjects to write about, so students may get tangled up in the multifaceted nature of the research subject matter. Therefore, we have selected for you an ultra-useful list of the trendiest baseball research topics.

Selective baseball research paper topics

Baseball essay topics

Most popular baseball speech topics

How we can help you with baseball topics

Writing a high-quality academic paper requires tons of time and patience. As it happens, students can’t handle the disturbing profusion of assignments they get at school and end up seeking help on the information superhighway. And this is the one and only reason why our service launched over 10 years ago. Ever since, we have delivered myriads of superb academic writing examples – research papers, essays, theses, dissertations, reviews, term papers, and many more! We can write for you a paper on any of the sports research paper topics we have listed above!

Commitment-driven and professionally equipped, the EssayShark team provides its customers with exceptional high-quality assistance, which has made us a widely admired service in the online academic writing industry. We give our clients everything that a trustworthy business facility should provide. By asking for help at EssayShark, you will get total confidentiality, 100% privacy protection, top-notch quality products, and an amazing experience of having your academic paper written for you!

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Persuasive Speech About Baseball

Persuasive speech on baseball.

Baseball is a great sport that kids want to pursue when they're older. It’s a game with 9 people on the field at a time and 2 or 3 subs on the bench. Only one person is able to bat at a time. You go through the order as many times as possible. Baseball is a game that lots of kids enjoy playing but don’t get to enjoy. However, our district gives the girls a chance to play softball. So many people might think that baseball is very dangerous, but if you think about it basketball is more physical. Although, people think that getting hit by a ball will hurt a lot, which is true, people have to know when playing any sport there is a chance that you will get hurt. That’s just part of the game. So I am here to inform you on some reasons why baseball should be at our school and at any other middle school that doesn’t have a team.

Baseball : The Origin Of Baseball Essay

The game of baseball originated from a game called rounders. Rounders consisted of two teams, a striking team and a fielding team. The striking team’s goal was to hit the ball in order to score “rounders,” or runs, in modern baseball. The rules were similar to the rules of baseball today. There were two teams consisting of nine players and four bases. One difference between rounders and baseball is that there is no foul territory in rounders. Any hit ball is in play and the player may run. In baseball, the ball must be hit in between the foul lines painted on the third and first base lines (Olmos).

Baseball And The Game Of Baseball

​ Baseball to most it just a simple game that involves one just throwing a ball, another hitting it, and then another catching it, but it’s much more than that. The ability to hit a baseball three hundred plus feet, that’s coming at you at speeds greater than 85 mph, is hard to attain. Now imagine trying to catch a ball that’s coming at the same speeds, not so easy now right? Apart from the physical abilities needed to play, the mental part of the game is also important. The game of baseball is similar to life if you’re not prepared physically and mentally to go about your business you won’t succeed.

Baseball Essay examples

Baseball is played on a field, which usually covers about two acres. The field is divided into an infield and an outfield. These two parts are considered fair territory and the rest of the field is considered foul. The infield is in the shape of a diamond and is 90 ft on each side. One point of the diamond is home plate which batters hit from. The other three points are bases: first, second, and third base. In the middle of the diamond is a pitchers mound which is slightly raised off the ground. The edges of the diamond from home plate to first base and home plate to third base are the foul lines, which extend all the way to the wall in the outfield. Behind first base is right field, behind second base is called center field, and behind third base is called left field. Fences are placed at the farthest limits in the outfield. In foul territory beyond the foul lines in the infield are dugouts where players sit when they are not playing or waiting to bat.

Persuasive Speech : The Benefits Of Childhood Sports

If anybody in here has a child, hopefully at least one of us will, will you let him/her play sports while they are growing up? If not, hopefully this speech will at least show you some benefits from playing sports as a child.

Hall Of Fame Persuasive Speech

“It's kind of fun to do the impossible” is a quote by walt disney. I believe that anyone can achieve the impossible just by working hard. This leads into the song I chose “Hall of Fame”by the script, the theme of this song is encouraging yourself to do the impossible, will eventually lead you to the hall of fame. First, one of the verses says “you can move a mountain, you can break rocks, you can be the master don't wait for luck, dedicate yourself and you will find yourself standing in the hall of fame.” This tells us that as long as you believe in yourself you can achieve your goals. For me achieving, has always been one of my biggest goals, whether that be in academics or sports. But I have had people tell that I am not smart enough to get

Explain What Baseball Is My Favorite Sport Essay

One of the main rules in batting is you get three strikes and then you are out if you do not hit the ball. The pitcher must throw pitches in the strike zone for it to be counted as a strike. The most common place for the strike zone is in the batter’s midline over across the center of home plate. Basically the strike zone is from your knees to your stomach. If the ball is thrown outside or inside of the home plate then it is considered a ball. If the pitcher throws four balls that are not strikes, then the batter gets to go directly to first base.

Why Baseball Is Important To Me Research Paper

When we start the game, we take the field first.I head out onto the field to play second base.When we go out there my friends play the bases around me, we talk and communicate to throw the ball to the right base.When the ball is hit to me, I always take a second to make sure that it is coming to me.If I catch the ball I throw it to first unless there was already a runner on first then I throw it to second.When I throw it to second the shortstop gets the ball, tags the base, and throws it to first so we can get a double play.When we get three outs we go up to bat.

The Elimination of the Designated Hitter in Baseball Essay

Baseball is a simple game. You throw the ball. You hit the ball. You catch the ball.

Baseball Vs Baseball Today

The beginning of baseball is entirely different from baseball today. More electronics, advanced teams and players. There are more upgraded fields, equipment, and stadiums. With all of the years that have passed with the upgrades and better advances, baseball is the fifth top rated sport. Baseball is what people love to watch and even play. The baseball player's job is to satisfied their fans. Today, that's stills happening in the baseball business.

Persuasive Essay About Softball

The size of the ball, the speed of the pitch, and the distance from the mound to the plate all are variables of deciding which one is harder, softball or baseball? Debates break out all over the world with people fighting why softball is a sport made for girls. There is no real reason why the inventor of softball made it a bigger ball just for girls, but the difference is clearly noticeable. Studies show that most professional baseball players have a difficulty hitting from a softball pitcher. In order to prove this study, there must be drawbacks that make these softball players able to blow by a fastball by some of the greatest hitters.

Persuasive Essay On Baseball

Baseball is a very fun sport to watch. Many people watch this sport every game. Some people prefer to actually go to the game. Some prefer to watch the radio on TV. Some people even like to listen to it over the radio. Not many people like to listen to it over the radio anymore, but some people, such as truck drivers, would rather listen to it over the radio then go to the game or watch it on TV.

Why Is Baseball Important To Me Essay

Throughout my life, I have been apart of America’s pastime--baseball. My career started in the dog days of the ‘03 season and I have not stopped playing since. Looking back, I can see the horrid field where I first started playing, and if I shift gears and look forward, I can see the shimmering astro turf I will be playing on in college. The steps taken to learn the skills, positions, and history it takes to play the game of baseball have been stored in the very core of my being, but I was launched into this learning process. I never got to play teeball like most young players do, so I did not learn the game in the same manner as most ball players have before me. The speedy progression would discourage most from ever playing again, but I fed on the opportunity and thrived. Time and time again, the game of baseball has tried to knock me out with an array of assailants, but it has not succeeded to this point, for I have gotten back up each time stronger than before. One could say baseball was the mold that made me into who I am today.

Baseball: The Three Laws To Go With Baseball

Baseball is not just a game to play, it also has to do with newton's laws. There are three laws that go with baseball. The first law is Newton's first law, the law of motion but is referred to as the law of inertia. The easiest way to describe it is when an object is at rest the object will stay at rest, and when an object is in motion it will stay in motion in the same speed and same direction until an act of something slows it down or stops. How this law goes with baseball is when the ball is in the air after being hit on the bat, the ball will slow down due to air resistance and the stop due to it being caught or the ball hitting the ground. Newton's second law, law of acceleration. How this goes is when the acceleration of the ball would

Persuasive Speech About Esports

Do you know what eSports is? Many people in the world do not know what eSports is, but millions and millions of people each year are tuning in to watch professional video gamers compete for trophies and prizes. To put this into perspective, anyone can become a professional gamer and make a good living off of it. Although, you must have good skill at the game and be prepared to practice long hours on a regular basis. I will inform you of what eSports is, the growth, and lastly the present and future state of eSports. The term eSports stands for electronic sports and it is ultimately a platform for future competitive gamers.

Persuasive Essay About Baseball

persuasive speech topics baseball

Show More Wooooo... Baseball...Doesn’t everyone in America and all over the world just love it with all passion!!!!!! Baseball has been proven to be one of the best sports ever to play and it brings challenges yet enjoyments in families as well as bringing the community together. Some people have even said that Baseball are like sweets you just can’t get enough from it. For example, people who want to become professionals; they experience some hard cord practice lasting a minimum of 8 hours plus going to the gym. Also it has been said that one of the main requirements to get accepted into the big leagues are a high level of general and sport-specific physical capability as well as a strong hand-eye coordination and physical strength for batting or pitching. However, you should be a strong sprinter and move quickly from one base to another. Although, many people start at small leagues some make it to secondary level but very few go into professional baseball;therefore, many people are up for this challenge and family members go along the way with them and help them achieve their goal of becoming professionals. At the end of the day, family members enjoy …show more content… For example, In movies like “That’s my boy” When Hansolo had his engagement party him and his friends played baseball and although it was a little tense it brought everyone together leading them to have a fun and exciting evening, as well as in “Chicken Little” although Chicken Little was the least person people thought would win the game for the team at the end of the day Chicken Little brought victory to his team and his community leading them to an unexpected exciting/celebrable

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The influence of the little league world series.

While the kids are at the World Series, not practicing or playing games, they would be bonding with other teams, even teams from the international side. They build a friendship, a friendship that would last forever. Even after games if a team and was eliminated the other would go over to them and give them hugs and even get the crowd to cheer them on. I remember watching the 2007 Little League World Series, when a team from Warner Robins, Ga played Japan in the Championship game. A kid from Warner Robins hit the walk off home run to win the World Series.…

The Importance Of Barry Bonds In The Game Of Baseball

Baseball is a sport favored by many Americans today and also known as “Americas past time.” A sport, parents put their children into as soon as they can to get them to grow friendships at a young age and a passion for the game. A sport, where most fathers and his family cannot wait to watch their favorite MLB team clinch the playoffs and, battle for a chance to play in the World Series. Come the month October, Bars, Sports Restaurants, and Living rooms across America are filled to maximum capacity with nervous but, excited fans to watch the MLB playoffs and World Series. One of the biggest fears as a pitcher in the game of baseball, is to throw a pitch that will lead to one of the most electrifying or disappointing sensations throughout a…

Personal Narrative: My Life As A Baseball Athlete

Baseball brings passion, pain, and excitement to people all over the world; from little kids that run the bases at a major league baseball game to a previous President of the United States that throws the first pitch. Baseball is one word in which would describe my identity. The pain that I endured, the struggle that I overcame, and the championships I won have truly made me the person I am today. From the early morning practices to the midnight championships, I have learned how to become a leader, winner, team mate, and a friend. Freshman year of high school has so far been one of the best years of my life which is something most people wouldn’t say.…

Baseball Narrative

Gone, 8-7. The day was beautiful, and you knew it was a baseball day. Two teams were going to go out there play their hardest until they had nothing left, especially me. I wanted to show everyone everyday what I was made of and what I had to show for it. Southwest Little League baseball field had such a nice field that it had felt like second home when it came to All Star games.…

How Does Softball Affect My Life

I was the one the team looked forward to scoring the runs and winning the games. Only being eight years old, and my teammates and our fans counting on me put more than enough pressure on me; so much I could not handle it sometimes. I remember being up to bat the bases were loaded, and there was two outs. We was down by one run, I had the chance to win the game. My daddy had pulled me to the side, and said, “You are going to have a chance to win this game, believe in yourself, and you can do it.” Getting in the box, I was scared to death.…

The Importance Of Instant Replays In Baseball

Still the game needs to improve on the time as making the players have one foot in the batter box at all time instead of them asking for time and stepping out of the box this has helped speed up the game. Other implication that has helped speed up the game is, pitchers have a limited time to speech only 20 seconds to deliver the ball. The other thing they are testing is a pitching clock which will be used in the minor league before coming to the Mlb. Pace of play has not been only helpful when watching a baseball game, but for the teams it has helped speed up the game so they are not at the ball park for 3 hours. Instead speeding up the game to make the trip to their next game.…

Analysis: How Did Baseball Become America's Pastime

However, for the baseball lover, the familiar sounds of the crack of the bat and wild cheers, the smells of warm grass, hot dogs, popcorn, and beer, intoxicate every time. Baseball is everyone’s game; the young and the old, men and women alike, hold onto the hope of victory until the last strike. In many ways, baseball mirrors life—it spans the generations and connects us in ways not fully understood. Yes, baseball is America’s pastime and obsession where hope springs eternal with the determination of “Just wait until next…

The Importance Of Freedom In Baseball

I have never felt the love of freedom more than when I was sitting there watching these players play. Some of them came from nothing, others came from middle class homes and now they are all able to make sure Mom and Dad will never struggle again. The fact that I get to sit there and watch them for enjoyment makes me so happy. I feel like a true American watching baseball because I’d like to say it's our nation’s sport. You can see at the games that other people feel very patriotic and free watching their idols play some of the best games of their lives.…

Persuasive Essay On Sports Research Paper

Baseball fans in Chicago are enjoying one of the best season starts in a very long time... maybe even the best ever! If you think you know baseball rivalries think again this year these two clubs have the potential to turn baseball up to 11! Now the first rule you have to understand about Cubs fans and Sox fans is that anyone who claims to be a fan of both teams isn't a fan of either team! In Chi-Town you pick sides... and then you bleed with your team! Because both teams have shown up to play this season you are going to have to defend your side when it comes time to argue about them at the park, at the bar, over the fence, or anywhere.…

Personal Narrative As A Sport

Austin always loved the game more than me. Dad always loved Austin 's game more than mine. We still sit around and talk about when Austin played for the Trailblazers or the Bulldogs, or that time when Austin got the baseball stuck inside his pants leg, or the time he hit a 500 foot homerun in El Dorado. I can 't recall talking about my games, my tournaments, my accomplishments. Perhaps there 's nothing to talk…

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Persuasive Essay On Why People Should Play Baseball

Personal narrative-turned baseball player.

Baseball is a game I have been playing since the age of eight. Since then, I have been a phenomenal hitter. I was a right-handed hitter when I started playing baseball, and I was the best hitter in my age group. I always hit home runs when it was my turn to bat. The coaches who picked the teams argued about who would get the first pick because they all wanted to pick me first. Batting right-handed came naturally. I was young, and just picked up a bat and started swinging. Around this time, I played around swinging left-handed, but it was a complete failure, so I brushed it off to the side, forgetting about it for a while.

My Life Lessons Learned In Baseball

Baseball seemed to be my life when I was a little kid. Playing catch, hitting balls, pitching, the whole nine yards. It has always a life long dream of mine to play Major League Baseball. I was a little kid with big dreams, nothing seemed to be impossible. I got older though, I started to realize some dreams were just too big.I couldn’t throw 100 MPH and didn’t have lightning fast speed. I realized I wasn’t going Pro in baseball but the most important thing I took away from it was the life lessons learned.

Argumentative Essay: Is Baseball Americas Pastime?

Baseball is a very popular sport in America although there is very much controversy on whether it is fading away or still thriving strong in America. Baseball has been around since 1839. The sport has evolved very much over the past 178 years. The game has always been thought to be “Americas Pastime” but in modern society some people believe that may not be the case.

The Letter That Went Viral Analysis

Kids that become baseball players should have a lot of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship helps with making good friends. It also helps with showing people that you are kind to one another. Being a sport to people shows a lot of respect. When you show respectfulness, you show that you are kind to one another at all times. Matheny explained how he wants his players to have good sportsmanship in his main goals. The main goals were to teach the boys

How Baseball Has Changed My Life

The quote, “ Everyday is a new opportunity. You can either build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That is the way life is, with a new game everyday, and that is the way baseball is.” - Bob Feller. That quote has irony on how to be successful, likewise that baseball has helped me become successful. Baseball has taught me many things about life such as how to have a good work ethic, how to accept failure and success, and has helped teach me to keep going when times get tough. Those are a few ways that baseball has helped me be successful.

Benefits Of Playing Multiple Sports

Have you ever wondered if playing one sport is better than playing multiple sports? Studies have shown that there are many benefits to playing more than one sport. Playing multiple sports can help you in the future and can prevent you from having serious injuries. I believe, that it is much better for an athlete to play more than just one sport.

Personal Essay: How Softball Has Shaped My Life

For the last eight years, softball has shaped my life and taught me many things about leadership, sportsmanship, and how to work as a team. Softball has always made me happy, it’s not just the sport that makes me happy, but it’s the place that I get to go and the people that I get to play it with. Every time I’m on the field or in the cages I feel the most content. The softball field and cages are my sanctuary.

Persuasive Essay On Why You Should Play Softball

Another reason why you you should play is because like I said earlier, there is many positions to choose from that you could play. All of you option are pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, shortstop, and all of the outfield places. If you are better at one position than another one, your coach could place you were they think would be the best at. My final reason why you should play softball is because you might even have fun playing this sport. I think that it is a very fun sport to play. At first you might not think you’re good but you can get better.

Benefits Of Soccer Essay

Soccer is an international sport that is for many centuries and decades. It helps to release the stress from the job, homework and college. Also, preserve the children from negative influences such as drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. The children will grow with a healthy lifestyle. Soccer is a sport that includes eleven members in the team and soccer rules are the same in each country likewise it is played outside in the yard or the club. Soccer is not only about kicking the ball that most of us can do, but the soccer is complex game to play. It has some rules to obey it. However, soccer beginners can improve their skills by practicing. Soccer will improve your health, be fun play with your friends and give you chances to be successful in your life.

Persuasive Essay: Why Should Children Play Youth Sports?

In the article named “Benefits of Teamwork In Sports.” the author, Wade Harle showed how learning to cooperate with others towards a certain goal in youth sports is what builds character, friendship and important life skills for players and also coaches. The friendships built throughout a team can last a lifetime for some players, and the journey of a team throughout a season is often stuck in your memory for a lengthy period of time. Also found in that article is, the teamwork in sports offer a way for kids to compete for something together. Although it is important to know that winning isn’t everything in sports, some competition can be great for people. Kids can translate the hard work they've put into their sport by working harder to be a better student or employee and a better person overall. Kids sports can most definitely help in the area of working together with someone or a

Compare And Contrast Baseball And Basketball

As you can see, these two sports compare and contrast in all kinds of ways. But overall, both sports are a big part of our world, and has become rich in history. Both baseball and basketball are supposed to be fun, and I require everyone to try both. If you are ever bored, just ask your friends or siblings to play a pickup game of baseball or

Persuasive Essay: Should Children Have Competitive Sports?

The first reason sports help kids these days is by making them have a healthy lifestyle with good food and lots of exercise. This huge, as it stops kids from always eating junk and binging T.V. Sports let kids exercise in a healthy way through the important practice and energy required in competitive sports, which is encouraged by kids desire to win and get better, and forces kids to exercise by also getting better. For example, Kirk Mango (a physical educator, former coach, and national champion) says, “fitness improvements achieved through training...In a society where obesity has become a major health issue”(Mango, 2012). This shows that sports are a good way to keep people healthy. This is really important due to the recent problem of obesity, and sports can make kids have healthier lives, and this will lead them to a different path that will not let them cross paths with health problems caused by things like obesity. Obesity is serious and leads to things like diabetes, and can ruin the childhoods of kids if they never got a chance for sports to help them keep

Persuasive Essay: Golf, Is It A Sport

Some people say golf is just a game and you don’t need to be athletic to participate in it. However, there are many facts supporting the idea that if you play golf, you are considered an athlete. A game is considered an activity that is played for self pleasure and enjoyment only. On the other hand, a sport is a competitive activity in which precise skill and athleticism is needed to achieve success.

Competitive Sports Persuasive Essay

It is valuable because it keeps kids healthy and fit. My next reason is that it allows kids to learn to face competition, and teaches them to work as a team. The last reason is that it raises self-esteem level, improves self-confidence, and helps kids deal with pressure. If kids join competitive sports it would create a much more developed society. It will lead to more developed, hardworking individuals. Competitive sports tests us in so many different ways, our ability to work with others, our skills. The beauty of competitive sports is that it not only serves the kids but everyone around them. This is why all kids should have the opportunities to join competitive

How Does Sports Affect Your Identity

Identity.It’s what makes us who we are .Im Connor Shannon,I go to school at Riverglenn Junior High.Some things that impact my identity are my sports teams and where I’ve traveled/culture.

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