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21 Office Party Ideas & Games for Work Celebrations in 2023

You discovered our list of the best office party ideas .

Office party ideas are methods for celebrating special occasions at work. Office parties unify coworkers and solidify a sense of community through a planned event. The ideas on this list suggest games, food, activities, decorations, and other fun features that make your work party a memorable affair.

This category includes company Christmas parties , team celebrations , and office mixers , and is an in-person version of virtual team building celebrations .


This article includes:

Grab your party hats, because here come the ideas!

List of office party ideas

From baby showers to black-tie breakfast parties, here is a list of ideas for office parties that will entertain and engage your crew.

1. Office Party Bingo

Bingo is one of the simplest office party games. Everybody knows the rules, and the game requires no setup or equipment beyond Bingo cards. To make your life easier, we made an Office party Bingo card you can use at your next company gathering.

To play, hand cards to party entrants, and encourage guests to play while mingling. The first player to mark five consecutive squares and shout “BINGO!” wins a prize. Preparing a few prizes is a good plan, since sometimes multiple folks hit Bingo.

Be sure to randomize the squares, so not every guest gets Bingo at the same time. Feel free to add your own ideas, too. Customizing squares to be company-specific gives the game a more personal feel.

Check out icebreaker Bingo for more ideas.

2. Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties and office happy hours are one of the best work party ideas. These events give employees the chance to relax and socialize while having a drink. You can take the party to a local bar or rent out an event space, or book a bartender to visit the office. To make the event more memorable, you can create signature cocktails, or give the group mixology lessons.

Here is a list of ideas for doing happy hours remotely .

3. Office Games

Holding Olympics-style games is a fun way to blend celebration with competition. For entertainment, partygoers can team up and square off in a series of challenges like relay races and desk chair soccer. Winners can get trophies or medals, and all the “athletes” can get festive after the games by sharing snacks, drinks, and sportsmanlike conversation.

Here is a guide to doing virtual Office Olympics .

4. Bad Day Party

Everyone has bad days. Sometimes, the office collectively has a bad day. On these occasions, lighten the mood with a bad day party. Bad day parties involve anything that will cheer the group up, such as a karaoke machine, punch balloons, nerf guns, motivational quotes , and snacks. Employees can de-stress by talking or playing games with colleagues, and focus on topics other than work.

Since rough days are rarely predictable, most bad day parties are spur-of-the-moment affairs. To simplify your spontaneous party setup, assemble a bad day party team building kit  ahead of time, so supplies are already on hand. After all, the last thing you or your teammate wants to do on a stressful day is to wait in line to buy plastic forks at Walmart.

You can also set aside a small budget for ordering food or splurging on other indulgences, such as mini-massages or trips to the batting cage.

5. Murder Mystery Party

Folks love a good whodunnit. By playing a murder mystery, you transform the entire office into a lifesize game of Clue. Many companies offer pre-made murder mystery scripts that you and your staff can re-enact. Though you could acquire props and costumes to create a more immersive atmosphere, at minimum you will need characters, clues, and enough players to make the game a challenge.

During your party you can play a fun murder mystery game. First, get a script, then assign parts to players. Participants act out characters and read lines, and partygoers stay alert for clues to try to solve the mystery before the activity ends. Props, costumes, and dramatic flair make the game even more fun.

Check out this list of online murder mystery games .

6. Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day is on April 22. Few folks know that fact offhand, because though we observe the day, we rarely celebrate it. This year, you and your team can honor Earth Day with an environmentally-friendly soiree.

Some Office Earth Day party ideas are:

As climate research increases, corporations and consumers care more about going green. By hosting an Earth day extravaganza, you remind employees of the importance of nature and encourage your staff to be more environmentally conscious.

Here are some virtual Earth Day ideas for work.

7. Office Awards

Office award shows are a party and employee recognition activity rolled into one entertaining evening. Recognition makes employees feel valued, appreciated, and secure in the workplace, and is a useful employee engagement technique.

Hosting an awards ceremony and party is a way to make staff feel even more special. Most companies order custom-made trophies to hand out to winners, with categories ranging from “rookie of the year,” to “customer service award,” to “top performer.” Humorous categories like “ruiner of everybody’s diets,” can also be fun.

Hosting the awards at a restaurant or event venue makes the affair more momentous, but you can create a buzzy atmosphere in the office by rolling out a red carpet, hanging gold twinkle lights, and floating star-shaped balloons. Encouraging a fancy dress code adds an extra layer of fun and glamor. Provide food and drinks to enjoy during the ceremony, and recruit a charismatic host to present awards and charm the crowd.

Here is a guide to doing award shows virtually .

8. Black-tie Breakfast Party

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the occasion rarely receives the pomp and circumstance it deserves. One of the best office party breakfast ideas is to host a black-tie breakfast. A black-tie breakfast party starts the day off on a fun and fancy note. This affair involves more than a box of bagels on the breakroom table. The dress code is cocktail attire; think dresses, suits, or upscale pajamas. This type of party is great for big days when your team has a formal presentation, and needs to arrive in formal dress.

Black-tie breakfast party ideas:

Breakfast is one of the best office party food ideas, since hectic mornings and commutes often prevent folks from enjoying a proper meal. By laying out a solid spread and planning energizing activities, you can ensure your team starts the day on a positive note.

9. Photo Booth

Photo booths are a hit at any party. DJ’s and event companies rent out photo booths for a few hundred dollars, but this kind of budget might only be an option for swankier corporate retreats or holiday parties. Luckily, you can DIY your own photo booth for any occasion.

Here are the materials you need to make your own photo booth:

Though professional booths are pricey, budget photo booths are cheap and easy to assemble. Dollar stores are great places to buy props or you can print free accessories.You can also use a sheet or throw together a simple balloon or streamer curtain to use as a background.

Photo booths are one of the most popular office party activities. Posing for pictures is fun enough, but you can entertain your guests even more by hosting a photo competition and offering a prize to the team with the funniest photo.

10. Office Movie Night

Movie nights are classic office get-togethers in part because they are so easy to throw together. At minimum, all you need to throw a movie night is a film or two and a television or screen and projector. Of course, these events are more fun if you add extras like popcorn and candy, movie trivia games, and Hollywood-worthy decor.

You may want to model your movie night after a particular theme.

Office movie night theme ideas:

With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, you can select and project a film right from your laptop or phone.

Here is a list of team building movies to foster camaraderie.

11. Cultural Festival

Educating and celebrating diversity enriches workplaces. Your office can salute many nationalities by hosting a cultural festival. In place of observing only your own country’s national holidays, pay tribute to international holidays. You could either set up different stations on the same day for a trade-show like extravaganza, or hold a series of parties throughout the year.

Here are a few global holidays and festivals you may consider:

You could also celebrate mainstream holidays like New Year’s and Halloween by featuring customs from around the world. Of course, you want to honor other cultures, not appropriate them, so a tactful approach is necessary. Consider inviting authentic vendors, artists, and restaurateurs to educate and entertain your group, or inviting colleagues from these cultures to voluntarily lead activities.

12. Blast from the Past

Nostalgia possesses a wide appeal and extraordinary bonding powers. Throwback parties are great ideas for office get-togethers. To throw a blast from the past, pick a decade such as the fifties or eighties. Or, you could ask your staff to arrive dressed in fashion from a decade of choice, and use the outfits for a fun guessing game.

Food, decorations, and activities should relate to the chosen time period. For instance, you can hang a disco ball for a seventies party, dress in tie-dye at a sixties party, and serve old-school diner-style burgers and shakes at a fifties party. Of course, you should curate an era-appropriate playlist, too.

If you select a recent decade, then reminisce about your company’s history during that time. You could also ask guests to submit a photo of themselves from that era, and invite other attendees to view the slideshow and guess the coworkers from the photo.

13. Potluck Party

Food has united humans for centuries. Potluck parties are a basic and low-cost office party idea that are easy to plan and execute. For best results, create a sign-up sheet, so no two colleagues bring the same items, and no one forgets drinks. This record also helps guests know which chef to compliment for a scrumptious dish. Stocking up on disposable plates, napkins, utensils, and cups is a good idea, as many folks do not think to bring these supplies. You may also want to provide serving utensils, crock pots, and extension cords.

Big spaces like canteens allow your whole group to mingle at the same time, but if your break room is tiny then you can allow employees to dip in and out to chat and snack periodically throughout the day.

14. Demolition Derby

Even the most serene office spaces get stressful sometimes. Your staff can blow off steam by participating in a demolition derby. Though unconventional, a demolition derby makes for an unforgettable office event. Destruction is the theme of the party.

How to throw a demolition derby:

For even more atmosphere, build a smash-happy playlist with songs like “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus or “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister.

15. Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is few folks’ favorite task, but tackling messes together is more fun than sprucing up alone. If your building is due for a spring cleaning, then turn the event into a party.

Some office spring cleaning party ideas include:

There are many ways to make the event fun. Best of all, once the party ends, your staff will have a clean and serene work environment free of distractions.

16. Casino Night

Casinos feature various forms of entertainment, such as food, drinks, gambling, dancing, and live performances. There is something for everyone to enjoy, meaning that casino nights are great themes for office parties. You can either take a trip to the nearest casino, or transform your office into a swanky lounge. If you choose the latter option, then decorate your workspace with glitter, feathers, cards, and dice. You can set up game stations like blackjack and roulette, and help your teammates perfect their poker faces by running team building activities like Two Truths and a Lie. Tutorials like bartending lessons and card-dealing how to’s help round out the evening. To recreate the full casino experience provide plenty of food and beverages, and entertainment, such as comedians, singers, dancers, or perhaps even fire jugglers.

17. Recruitment Party

Greek organizations often host recruitment events to educate and entice new pledges. You can take a page out of the fraternity and sorority playbook by turning the standard company job fair into a recruitment party.

Here’s how:

Recruitment parties offer employees the chance to break away from the normal work routine and can serve as a valuable reminder of why your teammates chose to join the team.

You and the team can brainstorm ways to market your company that fit with the party theme. For instance, a travel-themed party can tout your international locations, while a nineties party might tell the tale of your company’s founding during the dot com boom.

During your party, share your company’s mission statement and values so that potential recruits understand your organization’s motivation.

18. Baby Shower

Officemates celebrate both personal and professional accomplishments together. Baby showers are common office party ideas, since these gatherings are often the last chance teams have to spend time together before a colleague departs for monthslong maternity leave.

Office baby shower ideas:

Though traditional baby showers are typically all-female affairs, office baby showers welcome all genders. After all, many men are fathers and have parenting knowledge to share, and male colleagues can be just as happy for their coworker’s new arrival. To further shift the paradigm, host a baby shower for a male associate.

Pregnant colleagues do not have to be the sole recipients of office baby showers. You could throw other non-traditional office showers by honoring adoptions of older children, the start of a pet fostering relationship, or even the “birth” of a project or side hustle.

19. Company Tailgate

A tailgate is a parking lot party where folks hang out in the back of trucks or on top of trunks, and enjoy food, drinks, and sports-related entertainment. Company tailgates are ideal office party ideas for major sporting events like the Superbowl or the hometown team’s playoffs, but you could also host tailgates for company softball games, or just because.

To hold a company tailgate, section off the parking lot for the event. If your building uses a parking garage, then we recommend you use the top level, so your staff can enjoy the sunshine. Only a few designated employees should park and open their vehicles, preferably folks with big cars like trucks and minivans.

Some company tailgate party ideas include:

Even non-sports fans will appreciate the chance to get outside, socialize, and eat good food with coworkers. The sports and the corporate world both center around teamwork, skill, and determination, making tailgates the perfect workplace celebration.

20. Beach Party

Since seniors often settle oceanside, the beach party is an apt theme for an office retirement party . Beach parties are great ideas for other office occasions, too. If located near the coast, then you and your crew can roadtrip to the shore and enjoy an afternoon or evening of sun, sand, and waves. If landlocked, then recreate the experience by donning leis, swapping office chairs for lounge chairs, and feasting on fish.

More ideas for an office beach party are:

Though summer seems like the most natural time for an office beach party, you can banish the winter blues by throwing an indoor office beach party during the colder months.

Here is a list of beach party ideas for work .

21. Desk Decorating Contest

Office decor is functional, but not necessarily exciting. Transforming your building into a festive, party-ready space can involve serious labor. One of the best office party decoration ideas is to let staff handle the setup by hosting a desk decorating contest. Simply select a theme, such as the eighties, Christmas around the world, or movie madness. You may consider setting some ground rules, such as no fire hazards, only safe-for-work content, and a maximum budget of twenty dollars.

On the day of the party, departments spend an hour decking out the space. When complete, a panel of judges or peer vote decides the winner. For extra fun, you can even map out a scavenger hunt to encourage coworkers to visit every desk.

Check out more workplace competition ideas .

Celebrations build rapport and camaraderie between coworkers. Workers get the opportunity to mingle and bond with unfamiliar colleagues, which helps form a more cohesive sense of community among your organization. Parties are also great for employers to give staff a break or show appreciation.

The standard birthday sheet cake in the breakroom or Secret Santa at Christmastime is fine, but the party ideas on this list involve ingenuity and out-of-the-ordinary factors that are sure to dazzle and delight your team.

For more workplace party tips, check out this list of event planning books , these corporate party entertainment ideas , and this guide to holiday party etiquette .

We also have a list of fun break room ideas for work , breakfast ideas for the office , and return to office celebration ideas .

FAQ: Office party ideas

Here are the most common questions and answers about office party ideas.

What are office party ideas?

Office party ideas are ways to celebrate special occasions with your coworkers. These ideas cover categories like food, themes, decorations, planning tips, games, and team building activities.

What are good office party ideas?

Good office party ideas include company tailgates, photo booths, and Online Office Games.

How can I make office parties fun?

Office parties are a way to escape the monotony of work routines. One way to make these gatherings fun is to choose an exciting theme, such as a beach party, company tailgate, or casino night. Parties offer coworkers a chance to unwind and get to know each other. You can help colleagues socialize outside their immediate departments by planning fun icebreakers and team building activities. Entertainment is important, too. Games and performances can make your event more fun. Of course, everybody loves good food, so quality catering brightens any gathering.

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31 Best Corporate Office Party Games, Activities, & Ideas For Work In 2023 (Have Everyone Buzzing For Weeks)

office party ideas

It’s no secret, office party event planning is an art form. If done properly, employee retention , satisfaction, and a number of other workplace factors will improve. At some companies, employees will patiently wait all year long for a signature work party event.

Pro-tip: Get more workplace culture and employee engagement tips from The Assist , a free 4x weekly email newsletter loved by HR & People Leaders.

Corporate office party games, activities, and ideas are critical for workplace celebrations. An effective work social event provides the opportunity for employees and staff to connect on a personal level while participating in fun work party activities that are great for a large group setting.

Whether it’s a going-away party , a retirement party , Employee Appreciation Day , or a holiday work party , these fun office party ideas will ensure the good times keep rolling!

Helping your work party to…

And do it all for an affordable value, we’ve come up with 31 of the best corporate office party games, activities, and ideas!

Without further ado, let’s get this party started! 🎈 🎉 🎈

Want to become a better professional in just 5 minutes?

Fun Corporate Office Party Games For Work

Corporate office party games for work are inclusive, entertaining, and designed to bond coworkers and employees for a more cohesive workplace.

1. Charity Office Party


Millennials and Gen Z love social causes. In fact, social causes are becoming more and more popular across all generations, so it’s only natural to see office parties mix them in with the festivities.

Why this is a fun work party game: A Charity Office Party is engaging and it’s also a serious culture builder. The best companies make the world a better place and that’s something your team will be proud to be a part of.

Check out a few of these community-building office party ideas:

Philanthropy is the new corporate flex. And what a beautiful trend that is!

2. Virtual Office Party

Whether you’ve got a pandemic keeping your team apart or your business requires your team to be distributed around the world, throwing a Virtual Office Party is a perfect way to bring everyone together — even if it’s to celebrate behind a screen on Zoom !

Why this is a fun work party game: Who says dancing and playing and partying like it’s 1999 can only be done in person? With a Virtual Office Party, coworkers can get to know the silly, fun, and partially wild side of one another.

Set up your own Virtual Office Party via your favorite conference call service or select an interactive host to lead you through virtual games like:

There is no shortage of virtual office party ideas out there so take some time to plan a memorable online party for your employees.

3. Office Game Show!

Our next lucky contestant, come on down! Liven up your next office party with an Office Game Show! They’re perfect for team building, and they can be customized to fit the theme of your party. Plus, with so many different types of games to play with this format, the possibilities are endless.

Why this is a fun work party game: Office game shows are excellent for boosting morale and building team spirit. They combine the thrills of a game show with the camaraderie of the office environment. Plus, their connection with classic game shows will bring back a little bit of nostalgia for participating coworkers.

If you are ready to play, grab your buzzer and check out these game show-themed activities:

An office-wide game show will help make your next work party one to remember.

4. Murder Mystery Office Party

Ever binge-watched cold case shows or serial killer documentaries? There’s just something irresistible about trying to solve a crime.

Why this is a fun work party game: A Murder Mystery Office Party is the perfect way to bring the spooky, strange, and fascinatingly macabre into the workplace.

For some of the best  Murder Mystery games , follow these clues:

Dim the office lights and let the whodunnit scenarios begin!

5. Scavenger Hunt

Office Party Scavenger Hunt

An office scavenger hunt is an easy way to get everyone competing or working together if you decide to form teams. To really make this an exciting corporate party idea, up the ante by giving away a super cool gift for employees to the winner!

Why this is a fun work party game: The best office party games have a low barrier to entry, meaning anyone can play! Unlike poker or a skill-based game, scavenger hunts are the sort of activity we’ve all done since we were kids.

Set up your own scavenger hunt or let the scavenger pros help you out. Check out:

Also, these scavenger hunt ideas can be customized by location, theme, type of work event, and much more for a truly unique corporate party experience.

6. Unique Office Party Games

party planning ideas for work

Are you looking for a corporate party event that is a bit out-of-the box? Something your coworkers will remember for years to come due to its unique nature. You might want to consider hosting an office party that your coworkers have never attended before.

Why this is a fun work party game: A unique office party activity is a refreshing way to bond as a work team. They can put coworkers into a new environment that is sure to spice things up and keep people engaged .

Explore a few unique party games & ideas that are sure to be the talk of the town:

These examples are perfect when you want to try something new with your employees and truly have a unique experience.

7. Holiday Office Party In A Box

holiday gift box

Why this is a fun work party game:  Perfect for teams with employees that work remotely, part-time, or from home — these party in a box events are a unique way to bond and laugh with your coworkers over an activity that is engaging and easy to jump right in on!

Try out one of these fun holiday office party boxes to ship right to your employees’ doorstep:

These party boxes will come with all the necessary supplies to host a holiday party that your coworkers will not soon forget.

8. Bonding Together Over Food

What’s a party without delicious food? Bonding together over food is a party 101 fundamental and it gives your party-goers the fuel they need to dance, laugh, and enjoy the event for its entire duration.

Why this is a fun work party game: Some people come to parties just for the food. Anything else is a bonus for the taste-seeking crowd.

To get your employees or coworkers bonding over food, have a look at the:

In many cultures, having a meal together keeps friends and family close-knit. Snack boxes and these other treats might just be the family meal of the workplace.

9. Escape Room

DIY Escape Room

Looking for a team building activity ? An Escape Room is a fun brain-busting challenge designed to get brilliant minds of the workplace collaborating to solve it!

Why this is a fun work party game: These virtual or in-person workplace activities  will boost communication, chemistry, and excitement all at once. Whether you choose to simulate an escape from a bank heist, a crashing spaceship, or a giant labyrinth, there’s an Escape Room to support your vision.

Kick-off your own adventure and get out before it’s too late with one of these adrenaline-pumping options:

Most of these Escape Rooms come with a variety of options to stretch you and your team’s imaginations and wits.

10. Office Christmas Party Games

Office Christmas Party

One of the best ways to get everyone in the holiday spirit is by playing some Christmas-themed party games. Office Christmas party games are a great way to break the ice and have employees and coworker bond feel engaged.

Why this is a fun work party game: Office Christmas party games add excitement and competition to your event. There are a variety of games available, from simple icebreakers to more complex team-building exercises that attendees can enjoy. No matter what type of game you choose, have some prizes on hand to award the winners.

Check out a few of these office Christmas party games:

Whatever game you choose will add holiday cheer to your office party!

11. Happy Hour

City Brew Tours Beer Tours

The great thing about Happy Hour is that it isn’t a  once-in-a-blue-moon celebration . You can celebrate Happy Hour every month — heck, you can throw a Happy Hour once per week if you’ve got that kind of fun-loving office culture going on!

Why this is a fun work party game: Nothing gets social juices flowing and lifts the spirits quite like libations. After all, they call them spirits for a reason! Pair your Happy Hour with snacks and appetizers and nobody will want to miss these occasions.

Host the happiest of Happy Hours with a:

Some of these fantastic Happy Hour options will deliver on the promise of a wine tasting right to your and your coworkers’ homes, other options will combine libations and explorations, but all of them are worth the hype!

Fun Corporate Office Party Activities For Work

Corporate office party activities for work are things that attendees can do at parties to  have fun , get to know each other better and make memories during those big celebrations.

12. Don’t Forget The Pets

party planning ideas for work

Pets — like food — are pretty much a guaranteed winner. It’s hard not to have an impossibly good time with fur babies running around and being super adorable.

Why this is a fun work party activity: Pets  make everything more fun , less stressful , and happier. Just be sure to find out if anyone in the office has pet allergies so you can plan accordingly.

Turn your office into a pet-friendly workplace with:

Again, make sure to double-check for any allergies before welcoming the fur babies to the office party. Besides that, look forward to having tail-wagging fun!

13. Office Talent Show

Office Talent Show

An Office Talent Show is the ideal way to see the other side of your coworkers! This gives everyone in the workplace a chance to reveal their hidden talents when the lights shine the brightest.

Why this is a fun work party activity: “Work, work, work without any play is just no fun, but an office talent show gives everyone their time in the sun” 🎶

Get your talent show ready and find the next big office star with:

Setting up an Office Talent Show isn’t as easy as it might seem, so feel free to enlist a little outside help!

14. Food Truck Rodeo

party planning ideas for work

Fire up the food trucks! It’s time for a food truck rodeo. Once you have the space set aside for your very own office rodeo, reach out to local food truck operators or use a food truck catering resource to help call in the right kind of help.

Why this is a fun outdoor work party: Food Truck Rodeos work for almost anywhere because it’s a mobile party. You can call them for the parking lot or you can rent out an open area and have them come there.

To get the yee-haw deliciousness started check out:

You could even make food trucks a recurring thing with events like Taco Tuesdays!

15. DIY Photobooth

party planning ideas for work

Selfies, anyone? DIY Photobooths are a hit at parties because they fit right in with the ethos of our times. Nowadays, there’s no shame in whipping out the selfie stick and at parties, there’s nothing keeping you and your group from capturing a memory through a photobooth.

Why this is a fun work party activity: This office party idea will draw people in like no other. Besides, did you even party if you didn’t take pics?

Set up a party photoshoot for you and your coworkers by using:

To turn a party into a literally unforgettable event , give a DIY Photobooth a spin!

16. Karaoke Night


Karaoke Night is a night for singing — whether real or lip-syncing — in order to wow the audience.

Why this is a fun work party activity: Karaoke is a great opportunity to let personality, talents, and passion shine through. This corporate party activity will quite literally give everyone a chance for others to hear their voice!

Sing the night away with:

You’ll hit all the right notes with your employees or coworkers with this corporate party idea!

Fun Corporate Office Party Ideas For Work

Corporate office party ideas cover a wide spread of activities, games, and other things for employees, executives, and coworkers to do at company parties.

17. Office Awards Banquet

The Office Awards Banquet is a simple yet always effective way to boost employee engagement and recognition .

Why this is a fun work part idea: They can invite friends and family to witness their greatness and be entertained all at once.

Enjoy an awards banquet and:

This Dundees-inspired event is the perfect celebration of employee excellence!

18. Throwback Game Night

Pandemic Board Game

Throwback Game Night is a retro nod to the games we grew up on!

Why this is a fun work part idea: This office party game night is an interesting way to tap into nostalgia, which allows coworkers and employees to reminisce and bond over their childhood.

For a super fun game night check out:

Shoots and Ladders? Twister, anyone?

19. Mini Basketball Hoop Tournament

Mini Basketball Hoop Tournament

Mini Basketball Hoop Tournament At Limeade

You can host a Mini Basketball Hoop Tournament anytime! This fun office party game can also turn every day into a party even during the workweek.

Why this is a fun work part idea: Part of the reason Mini Hoops is so enjoyable is that it’s simple and gives people the opportunity to stretch their legs and compete!

See who the office MJ or Lebron is with:

Give a Mini Basketball Hoop Tournament a shot!

20. Obscure Holiday Party

An Obscure Holiday Party is quite literally an excuse to throw a party — and hey, nobody blames you! We should find every excuse we can to celebrate the big and small victories in life and in the workplace.

Why this is a fun work part idea: While Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco De Mayo celebrations are fairly common, have you ever thrown an office holiday party  for Unicorn Day? What about Squirrel Appreciation Day?

Check out some of the most obscure of the obscure holidays:

Turn every week into a celebration with these obscure holiday party ideas!

21. Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork Party

party planning ideas for work

Team building activities are the perfect bonding events for office parties.

Why this is a fun work part idea: The benefits of team building last long after the party ends. These fun games will boost everything from better communication to better morale . They can even be done online for virtual team building fun .

Find out why Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork with:

Break into teams and give it a go!

Fun Corporate Office Party Themes For Work

Office party themes are themes or specific topics you can plan a workplace celebration around.

22. Hawaiian

party planning ideas for work

Bust out the Hawaiian shirts and say aloha to your new favorite office party theme for work.

Why this is a fun work party theme: Work can be stressful and nothing welcomes your coworkers or employees to destress and unwind quite like a Hawaiian-themed office party.

Throw the perfect luau with these office decor ideas :

And don’t forget the healthy office party snacks and the tropical punch!

23. Holiday Ugly Sweaters


In the same vein as white elephant gifts, holiday ugly sweater parties are designed to break the serious tone and monotony of day-to-day corporate hustle and bustle.

Why this is a fun work party theme: Holiday sweaters allow people to be as goofy, free, and playful as they’d like in the most harmless way. It’s one step closer to a judgment-free corporate atmosphere.

Remember, the tackier and more grandma-approved the sweater, the better!

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to check out our virtual holiday party ideas  article!

24. Roaring 20s

This Gatsby-esque office party theme is all about lavishness, excess, and glamour.

Why this is a fun work party theme: The flapper, jazzified style of the Roaring Twenties has remained popular for good reason and that reason is — extravagance!

Turn the hands of time back to the Roaring 20s with:

Break out the suits, the gowns, and the champagne!

25. Olympics

Hosting a workplace Olympics is a chance to light the fires of competition. See what your employees and coworkers are made of!

Why this is a fun work party theme: Friendly competition makes the workplace go round. The office Olympics are a time-tested office tradition where wits, wills, and talents are tested.

Get the opening ceremonies started with:

Reward the medal-winning teams and individuals generously with snack boxes and other goodies!

26. Decades

party planning ideas for work

Whether you’re into the counterculture or disco of the 70s, the euphoric 80s, or the nostalgic 90s, there’s a theme for that.

Why this is a fun work party theme: Decades-themed office parties give employees, clients, and whoever you invite, the opportunity to be transported to another era.

Time travel with themes like this for each department:

Make each decade as interactive as possible. For instance, at a 90s theme party, you could have a Nintendo handy for attendees to play Super Smash Bros.

Fun Corporate Event Ideas Outside The Office

Corporate event ideas outside the office are events that help employees step outside of their usual 9-to-5 environment.

27. Tour Around Your City

A staycation can be just as much fun as an exotic getaway — especially when it comes to discovering hidden gems right there in your own city.

Why this is a fun outdoor work party:  Touring around your city lets your employees and coworkers bond over and find local hangouts and cool sites!

Tour the city with:

Consider doing a virtual scavenger hunt  in the city as well!

28. Sporting Event

Sporting Event

Sporting events are a go-to outside of office corporate events.

Why this is a fun outdoor work party: Whether you invite the corporate crew to a baseball, football, or soccer game, the real reward will be the quality time and the electricity of the stadium.

Alternatively, you can also turn the team from spectators to participants with:

Let the games begin!

29. Around The Potluck

Office Party Potluck

People relish the opportunity to show some individual flare. With Around The Potluck, every employee or coworker gets the chance to show off their finest recipes — or to indulge in everybody else’s!

Why this is a fun work party activity: If any Office fans remember Kevin Malone spilling chili all over the office floor, you know immediately how much pride people take in their cooking. Now is their opportunity to show off their culinary skills!

Try your Potluck with:

And it’s okay to take the leftovers — we won’t tell anyone!

30. Rent an Epic House on Airbnb

Rent an Epic House on Airbnb

Renting an epic Airbnb house is the ultimate corporate office party hack!

Why this is a fun outdoor work party: Having your own space outside of the workplace is ideal for an office party.

To throw an absolute rager of a corporate event, try:

Airbnb is the go-to for short-term rentals because there’s an option for your exact needs. The catch? You gotta book your dream rental while you can!

31. The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

This outdoor party theme is great for taking a break from the cubicles and the corporate setting.

Why this is a fun outdoor work party: This is perhaps the most outside the office you can get. Nature recharges and rejuvenates, which is why most retreats involve the great outdoors.

To get your next company retreat started:

Break out the hiking boots and breathe in that fresh air!

How to Host a Successful Corporate Work Party for Your Office 

Successfully hosting a corporate work party for your office is a deliberate process, but the end results are worth the effort. These are a few recommended steps to pulling off the office party of the year:

  Step 1   –  Figure out the number of attendees, the food, the venue, and all the other particulars for the in-person or virtual event

  Step 2   – Figure out the time and the date that conveniently allows the most people to attend

  Step 3   – Create a party planning committee to help pull it off

 Step 4   – Create a budget and don’t deviate from it more than the company can afford

  Step 5   – Decide on alcohol limits and bartending details

  Step 6   – Lay out the rules of the party so everyone is on the same page

  Step 7   – Figure out vendors, caterers, and sponsors for your event

People Also Ask these Questions About Office Party Ideas

Q: how do i throw an office party in 2023.

Q: Are there any good games to play at a work party?

Q: What are some party ideas for work to bond outside of the office?

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party planning ideas for work

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party planning ideas for work

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Excellent ideas 🙂

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Thanks, Orlina! Hopefully you can implement one of these down the line.

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Fun Fun!!! I’ve been trying to get the fun factor into the ParTee – so thanks! Love the GooseChase app idea… checking it out STAT

Thanks, Laura! It’s pretty cool, your team will have a good time.

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A DIY photo booth would be a great addition to the comedian for our Christmas party this year. And we’ve always wanted to do a scavenger hunt. I’m so excited to learn there is an app to help with that!

Thanks Courtney! It’s such a good idea, let us know how your team enjoys some of these ideas.

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Great ideas and we’re going to incorporate the photo booth at our Christmas party this year!

Awesome! Photo booths always make for great memories.

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Some of the ideas are fabulous! The food truck idea is rather unique for a corporate party, but sounds like a lot of fun. And, sharing food (and drinks) is the best way of building camaraderie!

' src=

Photobooths really adds spice to any event! During our company party, we hired a GIF photobooth service and it was hella fun experience! It’s like a harry potter experience, truly magical prints!

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How about an “ice” skating party. There are a few companies that can bring rental ice and skates to you! http://www.topshotinteractive.com/glice/

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Hi, Lannister’s house motto is “Hear Me Roar” not “A lannister always pays his debt.”

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Great catch, JC! We’ve updated the motto.

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this is definitely what we need! Me and my friends in high school are planning a reunion probably in a private resort we always rent a resort whenever we are having a reunion but because of this post we had an idea. a BETTER idea. Thanks a lot

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Really great and helpful ideas. I have arranged so many anniversary parties and looking to do something different. I think I found from your blog. Thanks a lot!

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Wow! I think that’s amazing! This is a great read! I learned something new today.

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This is exactly what we need for the office party. Some of the ideas are top-notch. We are planning an office party next month so that these ideas will be helpful. Thanks a lot.

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This very fantastic tips. I appreciate the post. Thank you for the post.

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This is such an amazing list !!! The Games you have mentioned are very interesting. It is important to remember that no matter how formal or serious the event, people will always appreciate entertainment and fun. There are many un-known ideas and tips mentioned in this blog which has given me a great motivation to implement some for my next corporate event. Thank you for sharing this great list.

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Great information ! Thank you for sharing this article.

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Love all the ideas and tips specially “office talent show” where I got a chance to impress my girl hahah just kidding.

Found some more ideas for office party Singing party Cookie challenge Cultural day Cooking party Pumpkin contest

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I really appreciate the amount of virtual office party ideas around here. I mean, although through the vaccination of many people, we’re finally fighting back COVID, but the pandemic isn’t over yet and many people prefer (or have) to avoid the office. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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18 Ideas for an Unforgettable Office Party

18 Ideas for an Unforgettable Office Party

What comes to mind when you think about an office party ? Is it a picture of never-ending, watch-checking, awkwardness? At some point, we’ve all been there and we certainly don’t want to go back.

An office party is perhaps one of the trickiest events to plan, for it is indeed a serious task, mostly because you have to balance two very opposite objectives: your responsibility and your guests’ fun.

But if you’ve been put in charge of planning your next office party, fear not, we’re here to help. Here are 18 of the most exciting office party ideas that will take away any restraint and help you organise the best office party ever.

1. Office Olympics

2. diy photo booth, 3. gift exchange, 4. pub quiz, 5. scavenger hunt, 6. talent show, 7. games tournament, 8. food night, 9. escape room, 10. decade parties, 11. murder mystery, 12. office awards, 13. shut down for lunch, 14. karaoke, 15. film night, 16. bowling, 17. cocktail making, 18. obscure holiday, 1. check with your office before choosing a theme, 2. find the right venue, 3. get the drinks going, 4. involve yourself, 5. embrace the moment, 6. last but not least: say thank you., our list of 18 best office party ideas.

Office Olympics

Every four years, Olympic fever sweeps the globe, creating an atmosphere of positivity and togetherness. Holding an Office Olympics will bring this ambience to your party and, hopefully, into your office. This is a great way to mix different departments, create teams and arrange a variety of fun and unique events . They don’t have to be any of the typically sporty activities, and you don’t even need an open space in which to carry them out, as long as they are something your employees will enjoy, there’s more than enough ways to do what you want. To fully embrace the occasion, you can also hold an opening and closing ceremony, medal presentations, and have each team choose their own ‘national anthems’.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are always popular at parties, but they can be expensive. Making one yourself is quick and easy, saves you money, and adds a far more personal touch. You will need: Backdrop : This can be anything from a strip of paper, bedsheet, or curtain. Props : These can be easily made by downloading templates from the internet and cutting them out yourself, certain accessories are also extremely cheap to buy in party and fancy dress shops. Camera: Ask around the office to see if anyone has a good quality camera that they’d be happy to donate for the night. Failing that, a smartphone camera can work just as well and allow you to upload photos immediately.

Gift exchanges are another great way of mixing up different groups and encouraging new friendships. They can also take the form of a variety of different games . The Danish Christmas game ‘Pakkeleg’ is a particularly fun one that will create plenty of laughter and suspense.

Another idea could be to have a small lead-up to your gift exchange at the party. Give everyone a ‘secret friend’ a week before the party and leave envelopes in the office with everyone’s name on it. People can then place small gifts, notes, or clues in the envelope of their friend before the big reveal at the end-of-week party.

Pub Quiz

While the idea of a pub quiz can sometimes be met with rolled eyes, get it right and it can make for a truly memorable night. Balance is key – don’t copy and paste generic questions that you hear down the boozer every week. Try and add a personal element and include questions specific to the office, or with open-ended answers that you can judge yourself.

Here are some ideas for fun quiz questions that can be incorporated into your quiz and are guaranteed to keep everyone on their toes and make for a memorable night. All you will need to do is watch as the evening unfolds and teams begin to work together in a healthy, engaging, and competitive spirit.

Scavenger Hunt

A great way of getting everyone outside and exploring, scavenger hunts have the ability to bring people together from all across the office and add a fun, competitive, and interesting edge to your party.

Familiarise yourself with the location where you’d like to have the hunt and then think about how to structure your teams, tasks, and prizes. Try to make it personal to the office and get creative with your clues and tasks. Here are some ideas to get you going.

An office talent show is a really interesting way to get to know more about your colleagues and any hidden talents they may possess. It can also encourage people to show new sides to their personality that may be difficult to convey in an office environment. Encouraging people to take part – whether serious or silly – lets people get involved to whatever degree they wish and in turn creates some great talking points around the office. More importantly, it will create a newfound camaraderie and bring people of shared interests together, helping to create a more positive mentality amongst your workforce.

Games Tournament

A cheap and cheerful way of bringing everyone together, ask your attendees to bring in whatever games they may have at home and then set up a tournament. You can select whichever games are your favourite and position them on different tables. Split the office into different groups and have each one rotate to a new table every hour, so they get a chance to play all games.

If possible, you can also use the same format but with different video game consoles and games, or provide a mixture of the two. Couple this with some snacks and drinks, and you’ll see everyone start getting involved and engaged.

Food Night

Great food is something that can unite everyone, while also acting as a fantastic conversation starter. If you’re working in an international office, getting everyone to bring in a traditional dish from their country is a lovely way to sample some delicious new treats, as well as learn more about everyone’s culture.

For domestic offices, why not try and bring in a range of local and homemade food and have your own mini food festival. Couple that with some drinks, decorations, and music and you’ll have an awesome party in the making!

A trend that’s gathering pace, Escape Rooms can be an interesting way of trying something new and different with your colleagues. While being trapped inside a room with all of your work colleagues may seem like familiar territory, in this case, you’ll have one hour to escape by solving a range of different cryptic clues. This is fantastic for team morale and allows you to get to know your colleagues in a much different context than in the office. If you have one in town, why not give it a try?

Afterwards, you can also go for food and drinks and discuss the activity. Win or lose, there will be plenty of different talking points and it’s a nice way of bringing everyone together and unwinding after the activity.

Are you all from the same decade in your office, or do you have a particular favourite? Decade parties are a great way of bringing everyone in the office together for a fun dress-up and interesting party experience. You can include famous music, fancy dress, and games, alongside assorted food and drinks, to set the tone for the party very early on and encourage everyone to bond over the theme. Including prizes for the best dressed will also encourage everyone to make their best effort in dressing up.

Murder Mystery

A murder mystery is a fun way to create a spectacle and add some fun and suspense to your party. Allowing everyone to take on different personas is a nice way of taking away any possible awkwardness and will help people to come out of their shells a bit. As the night goes on and the mystery unravels, it’s especially fun to see how everyone engages and takes to the challenge.

Having some relaxed drinks afterwards will allow people to discuss the night and make jokes, increasing relations across the team. Here are some ideas for what kind of mystery you can choose for your night.

An office awards ceremony can be a humorous way to show appreciation for all your staff and the quirks of the office. Coming up with a shortlist of funny and unique awards can be a light-hearted way of poking a bit of fun at yourself and the office. Mixing it up with some more serious and sincere recognition will also show appreciation for the work everyone does and create a positive atmosphere. You can even go all out with a black-tie dress code, decorations, and envelopes with the winners’ names to add some drama to the occasion.

Upper Terrace Room

Surprise everyone by shutting down for lunch and taking them out for the afternoon. The surprise element of this can be a nice way to instil a positive attitude and encourage everyone to get involved from the off. Perhaps more importantly, a delicious lunch is sure to bring about plenty of smiles and full stomachs.

Alongside the surprise lunch, this is also a great opportunity to show your appreciation to everyone in the office. Thank them for coming, and praise their hard work – you can even hand out some small gifts to sweeten the event.


We know this idea may not fly with certain offices but in the right context what better way to bring people together than by organising a big karaoke night? Watch as people who were nervously waiting by the bar at the beginning of the night finish off by belting out the lyrics to Bon Jovi and refusing to give up the microphone.

It’s important not to be too pushy and force people out of their comfort zone too much. Allowing the night to progress organically is often enough to bring people out of their shells and create a fantastic atmosphere for your office party. Don’t be afraid to get up there yourself either, if people see you making an effort then they will be far more likely to get involved themselves.

If you’re not looking to overcomplicate things, a film night is a great way of bringing your office together without forcing awkward engagements or conversations. All you have to do is stock up on snacks and drinks, and compile a great list of films that everyone can choose between. If you start early enough you can even watch multiple films, as well as include other activities or opportunities for mingling once everyone feels relaxed.

Bowling At The Lodge Room

Easy to organise and fun to play, bowling is a nice way to bring everyone together for a fun time. Most bowling alleys will provide food and drinks, as well as let you play multiple games and keep the energy high. This is a great opportunity to mix up your colleagues and encourage them to meet and play with different people in the office. You can even do some team competitions and award prizes for the winning teams and highest scorers.

Cocktail Making

Bringing in a cocktail maker or mixologist is a fun way to get people to mingle. Giving them the opportunity to make their own cocktails will also encourage them to get involved and alleviate any possible first-hour jitters. The thought of everyone enjoying their time together and bonding across departments with their own homemade cocktail in hand is an especially nice catalyst for further collaboration and friendship across your team.

Office parties can often be mundane affairs; throwing in an element of the obscure sets the tone for the rest of the night and creates a more ‘anything goes’ atmosphere. Here you can find a list of all different kinds of obscure holidays that you can celebrate with your colleagues. How about sampling an assortment of pickles on Pickle Day, or bonding over a love for Ugly Sweaters? There’s loads to explore!

6 Key Things to Make the Party Truly Great

Now you’re full of ideas, here are six more points to consider that will make your party run like clockwork, and ensure everyone goes home happy.

As you have seen, there are loads of newly emerging fun themes for office parties. If you’re organising the office party yourself, it can be easy to get excited about certain ideas without asking the office, so it’s important to give them a voice. Propose some ideas to them, but also be receptive to their thoughts. If you’re desperate to organise a karaoke party, but no one in the office is motivated by the idea then it wouldn’t make much sense to go through with it. Choosing a theme together that everyone is happy with is far more likely to create excitement and encourage people to get involved.

Regardless of what you’re planning, a suitable venue is pivotal. Don’t try and cut back on the nearest cheap bar or pub. Think about what you’re planning, the number of guests, and plan to find a venue that suits your needs. This includes any support or equipment you may need, such as an open bar, bartenders, professional staff, IT support and DJs, amongst others. Consider also the location of your venue. The right place is one that’s easy to reach for everybody. This may mean compromising is necessary – think about it carefully in advance and take into consideration where your attendees will be travelling from. Depending on your plans, a truly unique but also familiar space for your guests will make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at all times. Don’t go for the easy option and hold it in the office, change up the location slightly and add some excitement to the familiarity. You can find a whole host of fun and interesting venues using our free and easy-to-use venue finder right here .

Another great ice-breaker, a nice welcome drink can help everyone feel at home and settle any pre-party nerves. Be sure to stock up and have a range of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as the night continues.

Of course, for an office party, there will be some degree of moderation involved. Don’t pin all your hopes on the night being great because of the drinks. Centre the night around your planned activities, using drinks as a welcome addition, rather than making them the most important aspect of the party.

Don’t be too shy to enjoy the party yourself! As manager and organiser, it can be easy to sit on the sidelines and let everyone else have fun. Break the mould and be sure to mingle, have fun and make everyone feel comfortable. This will rub off on everyone else and will help all involved enjoy the moment in a relaxed atmosphere.

How often do you all have the opportunity to come together in a non-working environment? Make the most of this opportunity to party together and strengthen relationships within the office. If you’ve chosen an interesting theme or activity go all out to make it special and don’t cut back just to save money. Use all of your budget to the best of your ability and try to impress. After all, you want people to be coming into the office during the next few days talking about how awesome the party was.

Be sure to thank everyone for coming and give your best efforts to make them seem welcome. As well as providing them with a great atmosphere, food, drinks and music, why not buy some small goodbye gifts to add a personal touch? Try your best to get rid of any stress at the beginning as this will guarantee a relaxed and fun office party. Try to take photos for good memories and to share on your social media sites and the office pinboard. A good office party can be the start of something much larger and instil a positive mentality throughout your workplace.

Find and book the perfect office party package for your team online

Looking for an office party idea that would meet both your team’s needs and your wallet? Or maybe need an all-inclusive party package for stress-free team bonding? We’ve got you covered!

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Bands For Hire

30 Office Party Ideas to Energise Your Team

30 Office Party Ideas to Energise Your Team

Are your employees looking a little run down? As many as 70% of office workers in the UK have experienced burnout or extreme stress in the past year. Your best employees are working harder than ever to keep your company afloat against challenging odds.

If there was ever a time to throw an incredible office party in their honour, this is it!

A great office party is as unique as its guest list, with no single theme or venue serving as a one-size-fits-all solution. Thus, we've compiled this list of unique office party ideas to suit any work squad! We've included inspiration ranging from intimate in-office celebrations to outdoor blowouts for the whole family to ensure you find something to inspire your staff shindig.

If you're eager to pull those employees back from the brink of burnout, read on to discover thirty ideas for a fun-filled party at work!

Corporate Entertainment

Take your event to the next level with one of our live corporate bands

Musical Office Party Ideas

Did you know that there's a direct link between music and memory ? If your goal is to throw a memorable party, hack your staff member's brains by throwing a musical bash! Whether you hire a band or let your employees serve as the stars, no one will be able to forget these rocking work events!

Staff Talent Show

You can learn tons about your staff when you turn your office party into a staff talent show! Rent a venue, hire someone to run the lights, and you'll be seeing your meekest employees in a new light - literally! Have a beloved work personality serve as the MC and allow your multi-talented family of workers to strut their stuff to thunderous applause!

Jazz Band Performance

Dancing is notable as an outlet for stress reduction, so turn an ordinary Friday into an occasion by bringing in a jazz band ! Encourage your staff to shut down their stations, enjoy a cocktail, and dance out the stress of a long, productive week! You can even bring in a professional bartender for a surprise happy hour they'll never forget!

Bandeoke Bash

You know your team is full of superstars, so why not allow them to prove it by singing live with a professional band? Bandeoke is the latest party craze, combining the tipsy fun of video karaoke with live performers! Your employees will love loosening their ties and stepping up to perform with the support of an all-star band behind them!

Acoustic Musician

If you're seeking a lower-key way to turn an ordinary day at the office into something special, consider planning an event with an acoustic musician . It's one of our favourite options for in-office parties because the sound will transform your space into a dynamic music venue. An acoustic musician provides the perfect accompaniment to a staff lunch or breakfast, including coffee and pastries from a local patisserie.

Larger Office Party Ideas

The more employees you have, the harder you need to work to make sure they feel appreciated as individuals. One of the best ways to do it is by throwing a large blow-out bash, often outside the office, to accommodate the whole team. Find a great venue and try one of these festive party themes.

Movie Night Bash

When you're celebrating with a large group, you need big entertainment! An all-staff movie night allows you to gather a crowd and enjoy a relaxing evening with no responsibilities.

Rent a projector for an outdoor movie night under the stars and have families bring blankets or chairs from home. In colder weather, you can also rent out a local cinema. Whatever you do, be sure to provide freshly popped popcorn and plenty of cinema snacks to enjoy during the film!

Casino Night

A casino night or Monte Carlo night theme is a way to keep a large staff engaged during a party. Include everything from table games to high-stakes bingo to keep every staffer busy during the night's festivities! Of course, you can complete the ambience by bringing in a swinging jazz quartet to ensure even those who don't gamble can dance the night away!

Taco Night Fiesta

Who doesn't love Taco Tuesday? Serving a crowd is easy when you offer a do-it-yourself taco bar, complete with all the fixings! Serve some frozen margaritas to help your stressed-out staff take a load off and cut loose!

For cultural flair, hire a mariachi band to play throughout the event. This roaming ensemble will flit from table to table. No one will feel left out, even at a massive event!

Hawaiian Luau

In Hawai'i, ohana means family, and you can make your employees feel like part of one big ohana by throwing a staff luau! A traditional luau includes an outdoor pig roast, but any barbeque will do the trick! Hand out colourful floral leis and hire a roaming acoustic band to wander the grounds as your staff pigs out!

Dance Party

When all else fails, dance! Dancing releases endorphins, which help relieve stress after a busy day in the office! All you need is a dance floor to host a party that will get the whole crew on their feet, leaving the overwhelming work week behind!

The key to the best office dance party is a function band that knows how to keep a crowd moving! Consider a decade-themed event, such as a 90s party with a nostalgia-packed 90s tribute band . Give out some favours that evoke the era - you'll have the whole office rocking all night long!

Great Gatsby Party

Your hard-working, dedicated team of employees deserve the finer things in life. A gilded, jazz-age affair inspired by roaring 20s decadence might be just the thing for an office full of dreamers! Hire a postmodern jazz band to play today's biggest hits in a jazzy style to keep everyone moving, shaking, and singing along throughout the night!

Outdoor office party

Outdoor Office Party Ideas

If all of your employees work inside the office, they are probably eager for some fresh air! Studies show that just thirty minutes spent outdoors can boost employee productivity! Help the team destress with an active celebration that helps them recharge, refresh, and return ready to take on the world!

Office Olympics

Every employee in the office deserves a gold medal, but it can be a blast to make them work for one at an outdoor Olympics-themed field day party! Secure an outdoor space and plan events like a three-legged race, tug-of-war, obstacle course, and baton relay. Staff members can earn points for their team, with successful teams walking away with a prize (or bragging rights) at the end of the day!

Office Carnival

If your staff consists of folks with young families, it's wise to throw a party that allows them to bring the kids along. A carnival, complete with plenty of games , prizes, and sugary sweets, is a fun way to spend an evening in celebration. Be sure to rent a dunk tank so employees can release their stress by dunking their managers, bosses, or supervisors!

Office Garden Party

If you work in a more casual environment, or even remotely, it can be a nice change to allow your staff to dress to impress! A classy garden party with champagne, hors d'oeuvres, and live classical musicians offers a refreshing change of pace. Hold the event in a beautiful natural place and allow your employees the luxury of casually mingling, dancing, and relaxing.

staff garden BBQ

Grill and Chill

When the weather is fine, bring the kitchen outside and grill up enough tasty food to feed the whole crew! A grill and chill party can be an after-hours affair or a casual way to say thanks in the middle of an ordinary work day. Set up some popular lawn games and allow your staff to spread out with a brew in hand.

There's nothing more stifling than spending a day in the office when the sun is shining! Invite your staff to trade their suits for some trunks and dive into a pool for the perfect outdoor get-together! Show appreciation by ordering a few pizzas and filling a cooler with beers.

Entertaining Office Party Ideas

After another day of doing the same old job, your employees are eager to encounter some new experiences! The most entertaining event ideas allow staff members from different departments to work together, get to know one another, and enjoy something unique.

An entertainment-focused event is a great way to embrace your group's blend of preferences and interests to create a custom-tailored celebration that embraces who they are.

How do you really feel about the boss? A boss roast allows well-meaning staff members to show off their observational humour chops while throwing a designated supervisor under the bus! This event goes best if you hire a professional comedian to MC and keep everything above board.

staff awards ceremony

Staff Awards Night

Sometimes the best way to say "thank you" is to notice. An awards banquet is a simple way to reward your employees for going above and beyond. Each award is an opportunity to express your appreciation for the unique gifts and talents they bring to your team.

Of course, there's time for fun, too! Consider giving out funny awards, such as staff superlatives, to keep the tone light and fun! When you've given the last award, invite a band on stage and end the night with a dance party!

Escape Room Party

For a small, close-knit staff team, there is no challenge more rewarding than completing an escape room! An escape room facility will host your event, setting up a timed room full of collaborative puzzles. All you have to do is show up, work together, and then celebrate your victory!

Most escape room experiences last about an hour, so you should plan to hit the pub or a restaurant afterwards!

Pub Quiz Night

Sometimes the key to relaxation is kicking back with a pint. You can keep your employees' brains in check by hosting an all-staff pub quiz night at your local bar (or even at the office)! Form a staff team and hit up the nearest established trivia night, or have employees compete head-to-head in a trivia showdown for the ages!

Show your staff you care by offering drink tickets or just covering the tab. The event will feel much more celebratory when they don't feel like they're pinching pennies to pay for their next pint!

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Dinner

A theatrical group of employees calls for a dramatic event! Bring a murder mystery troupe to entertain the staff during a dinner party. They're experts at getting everyone involved in an immersive experience, complete with costumes, clues, and plenty of humour!

You can host the dinner party at a local restaurant or bring in a feast and hold it at the office. You can even forego the party company and host the performance yourself. Be sure to have a few ringers on your staff to deliver award-winning performances!

Minute to Win It Challenge

Not every party needs to be a blowout bash. Sometimes the best office events take place right at your desk! A minute to win it party allows employees to compete in bite-sized challenges within a very tight timeframe, breaking up the day in a silly and satisfying manner.

A minute to win it event is a low-cost, low-time commitment way to help add some lightness to a stressful week. Award some worthwhile prizes to show your appreciation.

Office Comedy Night

There is a link between laughter and stress reduction , so treat your burned-out staff to a comedy night to help them get their joy back! Head to a local comedy club or hire a stand-up comedian to perform a set at the office. If you're daring, you can make space for your most outgoing employees to try out their tight fives for the crowd!

Jokes are funnier when you've had some liquid with your lunch, so be sure to feed and water your staff!

Pyjama Party

You've probably heard your exhausted employees say that they can't wait to get home to their pyjamas at the end of a long day. You can create a fun, relaxed vibe by throwing an office pyjama party! Encourage staff to wear their cosiest ensemble, complete with slippers and robes, and spend the day watching movies, eating junk food, and relaxing.

Paint and Sip

They say everyone's an artist, but when you're working a 9-5 job, you might not have time to prove it! A paint and sip party allows staff to enjoy wine or spirits and learn to paint a work of art. An instructor will offer step-by-step guidance until everyone in attendance has completed a themed painting they're proud to hang on the wall.

As paint and sip continues to catch on, you can find all sorts of crafts and projects in this format. Instead of painting, your team might assemble succulent centrepieces, arrange flowers, create candles, or knit a chunky blanket. Whatever you choose, accept the opportunity to get creative as a team and make something beautiful!

Wine and cheese night

Delicious Office Party Ideas

Even if you have the most radically diverse team of staff members on earth, we're willing to bet they still have one thing in common: they won't turn down a free meal! Food has the power to connect human beings across cultures and unite teams, even in times of high stress. Placing food at the centre of your celebration will ensure a lively time full of fond memories and new taste experiences!

Wine and Cheese Night

Sometimes the best meal isn't a meal at all! Provide plenty of quality wine paired with delicious cheese and offer the time and space for your staff to enjoy the complex smells and flavours. It can be fun to bring in a sommelier to host the event and answer questions.

If guests remain hungry after nibbling on their gruyere, offer a charcuterie spread full of meats, fruits, and nuts. These aesthetically pleasing, protein-packed entertaining boards are all the rage at classy affairs. You can also assemble a dessert board to maintain the finger food theme throughout the event!

If you want to class things up further, hiring a solo harpist to add some elegant ambience can take a simple event to the next level.

A Potluck Dinner

For a family-style celebration, centre your incredible staff! When each staff member brings a home-cooked dish to the potluck, it provides opportunities to talk about home, culture, tradition, and family. Your team will enjoy feasting on a broad selection of dishes while they kick back, chat, and learn more about the people around them.

After-dinner dancing adds another touch of whimsy to a warm, community-centred event! Hire a professional singer to set the tone and get everyone dancing off their pudding!

Ice Cream Social

Who needs a four-course dinner when everyone is thinking about dessert anyway? An ice cream social is a simple, whimsical way to invite conversation, creativity, and joy into the workplace.

All it takes are a few tubs of ice cream and a suite of delectable toppings. Before long, everyone in the office will be beaming from ear to ear! You can add a touch of 1950s soda shoppe flair by hiring a 50s rock n' roll band to play during your party.

Afternoon Tea

An afternoon tea party is the perfect office treat when you need to include something for everyone. From savoury finger sandwiches to bite-sized sweets, everyone can find something to love during a tea service! If you have a lot of mums working in your office, it's a lovely way to say thank you around Mother's Day in particular.

For a unique tea with an alternative elegance, hire an electric string quartet to play during your event. These edgy ensembles offer an eclectic performance that won't blend into the background!

Staff Brunch Outing

There's nothing in the world like brunch. It takes the best of two cuisines and smashes them together, then serves them during a time of day that allows for a lazy morning. Plus, who doesn't love a cocktail first thing in the AM?

A brunch party allows you to treat your employees to some of the best local gastronomy in a relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of room to chat and mingle. They can get buzzed, enjoy sweet and savoury offerings, and even listen to a relaxing acoustic performance .

Instead of dreading Sunday due to the upcoming work week, they'll look forward to this staff gathering. It might even become a tradition!

Gourmet Food Truck Crawl

Some of the best food in the UK is being prepared and served out of gourmet food trucks on the side of the road. You can create a unique, casual party experience by gathering a fleet of restaurants-on-wheels and allowing your staff to sample their offerings. Food trucks sell everything from elevated junk food to delicate desserts, so you can offer a multi-course meal without doing any dishes!

Hire an indie party band to set the tone. Your crew can lounge outdoors, enjoy unique culinary offerings, and take a break from their day job while listening to live music al fresco. Set up a few lawn games - your laid-back party will run itself!

An Office Party for Every Crowd

Every office is unique, and you deserve to celebrate your hardworking staff with a spirited bash as unprecedented as they are! The best office party will reflect the interests and affinities of your employees, making them feel genuinely appreciated. All the ideas on this list can serve as the jumping-off point for a staff celebration your coworkers will never forget!

Every idea on the list only gets better when you add the dynamic stylings of a live band! From soloists to large ensembles, Bands for Hire has the act you need to make your wildest office party ideas a reality! Reach out today to book the band that will turn your office engagement into the reward your hard-working staff members deserve!

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party planning ideas for work


16 Best Office Party Ideas That are(actually) Out of the Box


Attending an office on Monday morning can only be smoothened by office parties. Coming up with some excellent office party ideas is a pain in the ass.

Not only does it have to be fun, but it is also light on the pockets. When someone throws an office party, you have to keep a lot of things in mind. Are people going to have fun? Will people participate? What if I run out of budget?

No, you can’t run away from it. And let’s face it, isn’t a big chunk of employee branding all about office parties?

Be it a holiday gathering or success celebration. Office parties are now a norm (and a headache) for the human resources department.

From deciding on a theme, maintaining the business etiquette, to making employees show up, putting up an office party is an uphill task. Now that you have been assigned the responsibility of throwing a kickass party, the job seems even more daunting! As if the task wasn’t scary enough, you are presented with a budget far less than you wished for.

Here're 15 office party ideas to make your life a tad bit easier

1. the office food party.

Let’s start with a simple one, shall we? Any office party will be incomplete without food being one of the stars. In this one, food is the numero uno star. A great way to conduct an office food party is a potluck. Assign each department or members about the type of food they are supposed to bring(or have fun sampling 16 different types of apple pies). Ask a random group of employees to get any item of their choice(for the surprise element)

Spread all the items on a huge table and let everyone sample and vote for the best dishes! Make sure you have a prize ready for the best team or member(duh?). The best part? Since the groups volunteer all the food items, the party barely makes a dent in the pockets. End the night by opening a bottle of champagne, thus making sure everyone leaves happy. And make sure you have ice cream!

You can amp up the excitement by jumping on the holiday spirit wagon and making things more festive.

2. Murder Mystery(Who killed the boss?)

The only thing more fun than food is a thrilling murder mystery. This event is full of surprises and mystery and will leave everyone thrilled. Have a storyline and allocate roles to different employees, with one of them being a murderer.

The murderer aims to remain unspotted until the end of the evening—splatter clues around the office as to who is the real murderer. The greater your creativity greater is the level of involvement of your employees. This event works as a great team-building activity and helps promote communication among your employees.

3. Disco Flashback

One thing that’s synonymous with most corporate parties around the globe is that it’s boring. Yours don’t have to be. Combine great costumes ideas with nostalgia and dive back to the 80s(or any other decade). Everyone should come with the fashion of the period and dance to the appropriate music at that time(let’s face it, everybody likes disco). If you want to take a step further, you can even make food items and beverages period-appropriate.

4. The Dad Bod Party

Sometimes all you want to do is chill, set up a barbeque, and have a beer or two. At this party, this is just what we are going to do. No complication, no extra panning, contact your local butcher, get the finest cut of meat, and get down with the barbeque pit.

And, of course, don’t skimp out on the beer. Everyone loves great food and drinks. Feel free to indulge in guilt-free sin once a while!

5. Be Good Once a While

While volunteering might not be an ideal “party” definition for everyone, but once a while, it’s a nice break to indulge in some community service.

The easiest way is to find a non-profit organization in your vicinity and provide volunteering services. Or visit an orphanage with specific activities and gifts in mind. But we believe that providing training rather than providing food or gifts for orphanages.

6. Puppy’s Day Out

There’s no better way to relax than to play with puppies. Contact a local animal shelter and flood your office with ever so cute puppies. Of course, you need to make sure about any allergies as such. Playing with puppies is a great way to relax and go to the escape room. And let’s face it, you will have an arsenal of Instagram-worthy pictures!

7. Celebrate The Un-Holiday Season

We get it, holiday seasons are the best, but sometimes you need to think outside the office. Celebrate pi day like never before. You can have the party according to the “pi” theme, with a pi bar or pi cake, the options are endless. A few other theme ideas can be an oreo day, sandwich day, etc.

8. Minute to Win It

Let’s face it. Everyone wanted to try out those fun games in a minute to win it. Well, here’s your chance. Organize a “minute to win it” themed company party and witness everyone go wild. The best part? Those games are super fun and easy to organize as most of the games contain household items. Make sure you have proper arrangements for prizes! You don’t want them to label you as a miser, don’t you?

9. The Sitcom Party

One thing nobody hates is sitcoms. And that’s what we are going to do here. There’s no party more fun than your favorite sitcom-themed party. Take notes on how to get details right on decoration, costumes, and food(yes, we need Rachel’s shepherd’s pie). Hitting the right nostalgic notes will not only satisfy your employees but also increase their fondness and loyalty for your organization. Don’t forget the photo booth! Your employee branding campaign will thank you later.

10. The Classic Movie Night

Sometimes post-work parties can get too tiring, both for the organizers and the attendees. Hosting a movie night can be a relatively hassle-free yet perfect event for your next office party. Some things that you might want to keep in mind are choosing the suitable date, the right timing, the right place, and of course, the right movie.

Check beforehand what date and time work for your employees. While choosing the movie, don’t go for a very serious or sad movie. You want people to leave the party on a happy note yet give them something to talk about. An excellent classic Hollywood movie often does the trick.

11. The Holiday Party

Okay, we need to have a few conventional ones on this list. A Holiday season-themed party might be cliched as hell, but it’s warm. Get into the festive season with an office holiday party, hot chocolate, and secret Santas. A holiday party theme creates a special bond among employees, which is not usually replicated in other parties.

12. The Stood Up Guy

Corporate standup comic act is the new buzzing keyword for office parties. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s a great office party idea! Alcohol? Check. Food? Check. Laughter? Double Check. Just one small whammy, the event won’t be very pocket-friendly. Standup artists are known to charge quite a lot of money for their acts. More prominent the name, the higher the rates. But isn’t the happiness of your employees priceless?

13. Are you ready to Gamble?

This one is a favorite among corporates! Come on, who doesn’t like a bit(definitely a bit!) of drunk gambling? Hire blackjack dealers, rent a few slot machines and a roulette table, and you are all set to go! If you want to keep things clean, allot makeshift coins and exclude real money from the table(where is the fun in that?) Whichever option you go for, one thing is for sure, excitement, fun, and entertainment.

14. The Field Trip

Offsite field trip works like a charm in de-stressing your employee . The best part? You don’t have to worry about the office mess. Field trips work like a charm in encouraging employees to communicate and bond. One very appealing aspect of this type of activity is that you can tweak the event according to your budget. An extravagant budget allows you for a daylong trip to the nearby(?) hill station. Short on budget? Don’t worry, a mini picnic at the local park will do just fine.

15. Board Game

Board games are a fun way to turn around any dull day at work into an evening filled with laughter and competitive goodwill. You can have multiple classic board games (Chess, Checkers, Scrabbles) and group people for different games. Since many people will be taking part (most probably), try to avoid games with a massive rulebook. And don’t forget to make a great playlist and arrange some great snacks for the party.

16. The Price is Definitely Right

This one might not be one of the cheapest ways to have fun, but it scores full marks in the fun department! The game is pretty simple!

Design or get about 15-20 cool items. The price of those items can be according to your budget. It can be anywhere from $1 items to $100 items(or even more). Allot every participant’s specific numbers. Pick four numbers from a hat(or a bowl, hey, it’s your office, so your accessories!) Now ask the people with those numbers to guess the price of the first item. The one closest to the accurate price gets to keep the thing!

Sounds fun, right? Small tip: Ensure the items you get are unique and fun and not regularly used.

Office parties are a great way to unwind, but it’s oh so difficult to hit the right notes. We will keep this space updated frequently, so you never run out of fun ideas!

party planning ideas for work

This article is written by Iftekar Ahmed . He works as a Content Creator and Digital Marketer at Vantage Circle . When he is not playing guitar or solving puzzles, he is often seen fussing over foods he can't eat because he is on a perennial dieting spree. For any related queries, contact [email protected]

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party planning ideas for work

23 Office Party Ideas for Fun Events Everyone Will Enjoy

Corporate office party games, events, and ideas are essential for workplace festivities.  A well-organized work social event allows workers and […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Corporate office party games, events, and ideas are essential for workplace festivities. 

A well-organized work social event allows workers and staff to interact personally while partaking in enjoyable party activities that are ideal for a large group environment.

Also, office parties are an excellent chance for employees to enhance their sense of belonging and engagement. 

In our post, we have compiled 23 fun office party ideas to make your next event an absolute blast .

Let’s get reading!

Table of Contents

Idea #1: virtual talent show.

Idea #2: Combined Birthday Party 

Idea #3: Cooking Competition

Idea #4: Group Scavenger Hunt

Idea #5: Winter Wonderland

Idea #6: morning breakfast party, idea #7: hollywood dress-up, idea #8: virtual escape room, idea #9: happy hour, idea #10: murder mystery, idea #11: office movie, idea #12: themed office parties, idea #13: santa’s workshop, idea #14: sports day, idea #15: photo booth, idea #16: 60’s throwback party, idea #17: fun potluck , idea #18: virtual karaoke party, idea #19: online jeopardy game, idea #20: vacay in hawaii , idea #21: pajama party, idea #22: halloween costume day, idea #23: arabian night, 6 office party essentials, frequently asked questions (faqs).

A virtual talent show is a great way to bring together distant workers and build camaraderie.

It allows employees to showcase their abilities and perform something they’re talented in or passionate about in front of a safe audience. 

A range of performances can be done including singing, dancing, acting, stand-up comedy, drawing, cooking, and so on, and individuals can even offer spontaneous acts to make them more exciting.

This can occur on video conferencing services like Zoom and Teams with the ability for individuals to upvote for the performances as part of their support for the participants. 

Moreover, polls might be launched to choose the winners if the host intends to organize several competitions.

Employees are also urged to participate in the virtual talent show with their relatives and friends for moral support and fun. 

Isn’t it true: the more, the merrier? Guests can engage in icebreaker sessions led by the emcee, vote in entertaining polls, and have a good time. 

They can also help generate funds for the virtual talent event and spread the news.

Idea #2: Combined Birthday Party

This low-cost workplace party idea is a terrific way to celebrate your coworkers. 

Whenever a team member celebrates a birthday or a work anniversary, plan a celebration for them, even if it means asking the rest of the team to take a break from work for 30 minutes so that cake and refreshments can be enjoyed. 

Try to combine the several days you’re celebrating since people are busy, which is also beneficial for your finances. 

If there are two birthdays in the same week (or work anniversary, etc.), hold just one celebration to fit both dates .

This concept may also be used to recognize a teammate’s longest tenure, a promotion, a retirement, or good team/company PR.

Instead of purchasing all the food yourself, host a cooking contest and have some fun!

Test your team by providing them with a nice treat to have a culinary competition. 

You can also have a salsa or guacamole competition; for this, it is advisable to choose a cuisine type that can be prepared quickly without the use of a kitchen appliance. 

A tasting station with paper plates should then be put up to determine which team executed it best.

Author’s Note: A cooking competition is a wonderful chance to sip on some margaritas, so why not give your fellow mates some cool margarita-making kits like the one you can see here?

party planning ideas for work

This kit has everything you need to make two delightful margarita cocktails and will liven everybody up.

Idea #4:  Group Scavenger Hunt

Everyone enjoys a good scavenger hunt, right?

Your summer workplace party can be ideal for participating in this challenging-but-fun team-building activity.

You can also concentrate on getting food and beverages by using products already at the workplace for this activity.

Depending on the number of workers you have, divide them into pairs or groups and offer each group a set of printed clues to solve along with items to find.

Set a 2- to 3-hour time restriction and choose a location where all teams will gather. 

The place is up to you; it might be an outdoor or indoor area, or it could even be across the entire city! 

Personalize the workplace scavenger hunt’s clues depending on employee interests and ask them to snap photographs of each item they locate using their smartphones.

It’s crucial to be inclusive when planning holiday parties, but picking a theme might be challenging. Something simple yet effective that highlights the season is a winter wonderland theme.

Attendees love to dress up for the holidays, so you probably won’t need to establish a strict dress code to encourage everyone to come dressed to impress. Simply let them know that things will be a bit more formal.

If the gathering is more formal, choose classic plated selections like tenderloin, chicken, trout, or grilled portabellas for a veggie meal.

Serve hot toddies, blueberry martinis, red wine, and dark winter brews to match the season’s tastes.

Since it’s the end of the year, it is the ideal moment to release a business Christmas video and a summary of the year’s successes, too.

Then, a little dancing and music can’t hurt!

A white-on-white color scheme or shimmering jewel tones seem like attractive alternatives for the office décor.

Winter staples like poinsettia plants, fireplaces, and warm blankets will enhance the ambiance. 

You should undoubtedly add a few snowflakes to give the perfect touch to this holiday office party idea.

Author’s Note: This type of event calls for giving away some nice cozy beanies that will match the winter vibes.

This workplace party idea is inexpensive, fast, and straightforward. 

Local coffee shops often provide healthy breakfasts and discounts to local companies. 

You can start the day off right for your team with a breakfast of fresh fruit, smoothies, nutrient-rich juices, and premium coffee.

You can also take this breakfast to a new level if you don’t want to be too simple.

Do you want a tray of bagels? 

For a little bit extra, mix lox with cream cheese (pre-portion quantities on tiny plates if you’re worried about just ordering what you need). 

Also, a high-quality cheese board isn’t out of place at breakfast, but it’s unique enough to make the occasion unforgettable. 

These little details convey that breakfast is an occasion to recognize a job well done and take a break from the daily grind.

Many people enjoy movies and would love to be treated like a star.

You can start by reserving a local movie theater, gala hall, or anywhere a red carpet can be rolled out.

Decor can be inspired by the Golden Age with lots of gold and silver decor or simply by black and white.

Not to mention that popcorn and movie theater candies make great options for light snacks, or, for a more luxurious alternative, steak and lobster will do.

Several movie theaters will allow you to arrange a special advanced screening of a new movie as part of your event; however, any film will do!

You may even go a step further and hire someone to take guests’ handprints in wet cement outside your building, like the Chinese Theater .

There’s nothing like collaborating with someone to achieve a goal. 

Your team won’t only be solving clues in a virtual escape room; they’ll also be developing ties that will translate into a positive and fun company atmosphere.

Teams end with virtual high-fives and even organize virtual happy hours to review those crucial moments that either won or lost them the game. 

So, whether your team escapes in 60 minutes or not, they’re developing connections that will help them tackle any challenge at work together. 

It’s a victory no matter what!

Moreover, communication is essential to team success in a virtual escape room and the workplace. 

When you’re up against a deadline, you need to be able to depend on your team to interact simply and efficiently.

You don’t want to be trapped in a situation where development is slowed because your team isn’t communicating correctly. 

Everything happens so quickly as you enter through the virtual door of the escape room. 

Hence, the team must communicate to progress.

When your team tries to figure out that last hint to help them move on to the next series of puzzles, they will learn to communicate like never before!

One of the best ideas for a work party is to host cocktail parties or workplace happy hours. 

The staff will get an excellent opportunity to unwind and chat while enjoying a drink at these gatherings. 

You might have the party at a neighborhood bar, book an event venue, or bring a bartender to the workplace.

You can even create custom cocktails for the occasion or teach the group how to mix drinks as a way to enhance team bonding and make it more memorable.

There has been a murder, and it’s up to you to figure out who committed it! 

The game has begun, so you and your squad must hurry up the pace and solve this riddle before anybody else is wounded (theoretically speaking, of course). 

Solving a murder mystery as a group will bring you closer together and give you many memories to last a lifetime.

Several classic murder mysteries and “whodunnits” are available for purchase online or at any reputable toy/game shop. 

There are mysteries to solve. For example, Murder Aboard , Murder in the Red Room , and The Reading of the Will . 

All three of these games are inexpensive and will be a lot of fun for the participating teams.

However, if your team prefers to go out and about and turn this office party idea into an all-day affair, CluedUpp is a terrific option!

CluedUpp is a “city-wide, crime-solving adventure game” that sends you on a strange treasure hunt across your neighborhood using your mobile GPS!

The software directs you to meet and question virtual suspects to solve the crime and crack the case. 

Despite being somewhat more costly than comparable boxed board games, this fun game experience is designed to generate memories that will last a lifetime.

This concept can work at any time of day; you could do a poll to see what sorts of movies your employees prefer to watch. 

Make a comfortable location for everyone to assemble to enjoy a movie with plenty of tasty refreshments. 

Author’s Tip: You can give away customized tumblers to serve refreshments and let your team members keep them afterward, creating a great, long-lasting impression.

Also, you can simply put up an outdoor movie theater if you have a large outside area. 

If not, contact your city to inquire about setting up at a nearby park. 

Otherwise, consider renting projectors, speakers, and screens to set it up yourself.

A themed office party might help break the ice and create a sense of solidarity, especially for the holiday season.

“Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties can put party goers in a friendly and lighthearted mood. 

Having something to chat about immediately alleviates some of the uneasiness that might accompany business gatherings, shifts the emphasis away from work, and fosters socialization.

If you’re searching for a theme other than ugly sweaters, we recommend going full-on ’70s basement. 

Consider embarrassing family vacation photographs and an Elton John playlist.

You can even take group shots near the fireplace using disposable cameras or an Instax (or the crackling logs station on Netflix). 

Alternatively, you can channel a Danish hygge mood with tea candles, gingerbread cookies, hot chocolate, and lots of aquavit.

Other office party themes to consider are:

What is Santa up to at the North Pole? Why don’t you investigate? 

Set up your party area to resemble Santa’s workshop with a place for Santa to visit, stacks of presents ready to be loaded into the sleigh, and various workstations where industrious elves have entertaining tasks for visitors to do.

You should be able to find someone willing to wear a Santa suit at your business. 

Everyone can also take turns getting their photo taken with Santa – the images will undoubtedly grow sillier and sillier as the night goes on. 

It might be fun to include a few accessories to make the images more engaging.

Furthermore, each elf’s “workstation” contains a variety of tasks that either challenge the guest’s inventiveness or team-building abilities. 

Make popsicle stick bridges, make your own sushi, or color each other’s faces. 

A “Santa’s Workshop” theme is also a terrific way to get your employees involved in a worthwhile cause by bringing them food and supplies for charity baskets and assisting with gift wrapping.

You could even hold a “hands-free” gift wrapping contest—everyone partners up for this. 

One person places their hands behind their back while the other stands behind them, hands passing between the openings in their arms. 

Also, each team then attempts to wrap a gift in pairs, with the person in front stooping and providing directions to assist the person in the back, who can’t see what they’re doing. 

Tailgates are great office party ideas for important sports events like the Super Bowl or the playoffs for your local team, but you could also arrange tailgates for workplace softball games or simply for fun.

Section off the parking space for the occasion if you want to conduct a workplace tailgate. 

If your building has a parking garage, we suggest using the top level so your employees can enjoy the sunlight. 

In addition, only a few approved personnel should park and open their vehicles, particularly those with large vehicles such as trucks and minivans.

Some ideas for corporate tailgate parties include:

Photo booths are a popular addition to any event space or office Christmas party , as your employees will love how all of their selfies turn out and the unforgettable photos they take.

DJs and event businesses can rent photo booths for a few hundred dollars. 

Event photo booths should ideally meet the following criteria:

If you want to go hippie, getting decorations and materials for your party will be a breeze. 

Think tie-dye, peace signs, and brilliant wacky hues to get into that groovy mood! 

To create a hippie theme, get your hands on the following:

You can also switch your light bulbs to brightly colored ones to make the corporate party cooler.

In addition, give all of your guests love beads and flowers to wear so that they can match the theme perfectly.

To create a theme, get the following:

Bored of everyone rushing out for a fast meal at lunch? 

Then plan a monthly team potluck and encourage everyone to bring a dish to share and spice up the work environment.

Encourage each of your coworkers to bring a home-cooked meal to share with the group, whether a simple appetizer or an exquisite dessert, and then plan an office luncheon so everyone can try one another’s cuisine.

Employees will get to know one another better through their food, and potlucks are popular events since, after all, who can say no to a free buffet?

What people get is entirely up to them (ideally home-cooked, but leaving it to them), but keep note of who is bringing what. 

As the coordinator, you can fill in any meal gaps, such as if there aren’t enough vegetarian or meat alternatives or if a dessert is missing.

You might also hold a cultural potluck lunch with cuisine from everyone’s culture if you collaborate with others from various states or nations. 

Another idea is to ask them to bring in local dishes if they are from a similar city or country.

Author’s Note: This is an excellent opportunity to give out reusable lunch boxes and impress all your staff members.

If you didn’t play in a band in high school or college, here is your opportunity to do so virtually! 

A virtual karaoke is held using meeting platforms; the hosts will oversee the event, go through the rules with participants, and present the music choices. 

Furthermore, ask if anybody has access to the lyrics of a song that the group would want to perform.

After an hour, you may continue the session using Zoom or the Karaoke Online Chrome plugin . 

It has an extensive playlist with lyrics that flash on the screen as you share it, allowing everyone to give the song their best!

Jeopardy! is a famous American trivia game created by Merv Griffin in the mid-1960s.

You can build your own Jeopardy game – accessible online and via mobile gaming applications – to share with your teammates.

The structure of online jeopardy is that participants are given general knowledge hints to which they must respond. 

Moreover, you can test your wits against everyone else to determine who knows the most about international events! 

You can set the tone for your party with very little cash. 

If you incorporate pineapples and coconuts in your design, you may even plan on eating your decorations after the luau is finished! 

 Decoration ideas include:

All of the above can be included in a campy beach party, but you can also incorporate any of the following Hawaiian icons:

Also, don’t forget to dress your visitors in bright Hawaiian shirts and straw hats, and greet them with a flower lei.

Because pajamas are the new business clothes, your party goers have the dress code down pat! 

Host a pajama party with a “casual” theme with everyone dressed in loungewear. 

You can even select a movie or miniseries episode to stream for everyone to watch together. 

A movie night with snacks and ice cream is a great opportunity and a fun way for your employees to relax as a group before saying farewell to a coworker who’s leaving the business.

This is one of the most incredible virtual holiday party ideas for sparking people’s imaginations. 

Dress everyone in scary costumes and award a prize for the most horrific outfit ever. 

The reward can be a thoughtful swag item, a gift exchange, a gift card, or a voucher redeemable at online businesses. 

Also, employees who work from home can dress up as ghosts, Dracula, Annabelle, or any other figure. 

You can even give extra points if they can create mood-setting items like DIY paper skulls, black cat drawings, and pumpkin carvings. 

Hold a round-the-circle storytime once everyone shares frightening tales, or go trick-or-treating.

This will undoubtedly be the year’s biggest celebration. 

Make the place mysterious by decorating it with Moroccan décor. 

Also, you can rent a marquee complete with stools, tables, and elegant lighting. 

Make sure there will be plenty of food, shisha, and even belly dancers.

Office parties are an excellent opportunity to give away fantastic swag items and make events more memorable.

The below freebies can be used for several events.

1. W&P Champagne Craft Cocktail Kit

The original champagne cocktail kit includes all of the quality ingredients required to make two top-shelf champagne cocktails wherever you are; just choose your favorite champagne and blend it up.

party planning ideas for work

This item makes a great addition to happy hours and get-togethers. 

2. Breakfast Gift Bag

This kit is here to make anyone starve!

A typical New England breakfast is a memorable, hearty feast. 

This gift bag includes everything from coffee, to yummy pancake & waffle mix, to Maine maple syrup, and delicious blueberry jam.

You can check how the kit looks right here:

Furthermore, this great freebie makes a lovely choice for breakfast parties and is great for Christmas giveaways .

3. Portable Beach Blanket and Pillow

This portable beach blanket and pillow fold neatly into the supplied compact bag for convenient storage.

party planning ideas for work

This branded item is a cool gift for pajama parties, summer functions , or Hawaiian-themed parties.

 4. Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set

You can never go wrong with customized snacks , especially popcorn.

party planning ideas for work

This snack gift box will impress your staff members at any movie night!

5. Unisex PARALLEL Knit Scarf

This stretchy knit scarf comes in several beautiful colors and has built-in handwarmer pockets to keep you warm in cold weather.

party planning ideas for work

We’re sure this cozy fan favorite will rock any holiday party or Christmas event.

6. Soirée Tritan Pint Glass

The barware of this Tritan pint glas s is worry-free because of its durable and shatterproof structure.

party planning ideas for work

Therefore, it’s perfect for any indoor or outdoor event.

Now Over to You

Creating a low-stress and enjoyable workplace is an excellent way to keep staff happy and boost organizational motivation.

There is no reason why you can’t make gatherings more economical, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone. 

By doing some preparation and research, you can keep coming up with new and exciting events that won’t cost the firm too much time or money. 

Remember that fun can go a long way towards making people happy and developing a stronger company.

If you have any questions or are looking forward to combining cool party ideas with meaningful swag items, feel free to reach out anytime.

Q1. What is the difference between a company party and an office party?

The difference between a company party and an office party is that an office party is often held for the company’s employees and departments. 

In contrast, a company party can include corporate clients, consumers, and employees.

Q2. What is a good decoration for an office party?

Good decorations for an office party can include the following:

Q3. What do you need for an office party?

You need to do the following to organize an office party:

Featured image by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

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party planning ideas for work

24 Awesome Office Party Ideas That Are Actually Fun

The dreary, unpleasant office party is a thing of the past. There is no longer any justification for throwing a dull business event with an abundance of office party themes.

If you’re looking for office party suggestions that won’t have your employees calling out sick so they don’t have to attend, you’ve come to the right place! Listed below are some of the best office party ideas.

The Importance of Office Parties

Work parties have become a staple of small business enterprises and massive corporations and offer several advantages. They provide a venue for socializing and foster community among coworkers. By throwing an office party, you’ll be able to boost morale and create a fun atmosphere at the company.

When you organize an office party, your employees will see it as a message that you value them as an essential component of the company or organization. Office celebrations will increase your staff’s motivation by making them feel valued, especially if you acknowledge and reward your company associates and staff during office parties. 

Staff parties also encourage employees to become more connected and take more initiative within the organization.

24 Fun Office Party Ideas

To increase employee morale and create a joyful work environment, use one of these themes for office parties:

1. Dive into an Escape Room

Finding office party ideas that your team will enjoy is challenging. Every year, work party ideas typically follow the same format. It’s a gathering of coworkers in small groups wondering why they bothered, regardless of the location or the subject.

Why not make it easy on yourself and get inside an escape room at Paranoia Quest? Escape rooms are a hit if you want to throw your workers a unique and enjoyable party where they take on a challenge and collaborate. Since everyone has something to offer, an escape room gives each individual a moment to shine. 

Escape rooms also facilitate different office cliques to intercommunicate. It’s typical for established work buddies to gather at traditional company parties and avoid making small talk with other employees. While catching up with your favorite coworkers is good, forming new professional connections can favor productivity and increase morale.

2. Office Bingo

One of the easiest office theme ideas to execute is Bingo. Since everyone is familiar with the rules, no special setup or equipment is needed. Hand out cards to party attendees so they can play while socializing. As a quick refresher, the winner of the game is the first person to mark five consecutive squares and yell “BINGO!” Since numerous players may hit Bingo at once, it is a good idea to have a few rewards ready.

Make sure the squares are drawn at random so that no one gets Bingo at the same time. Don’t hesitate to customize the game either. Giving the squares company-specific customization makes the game feel more distinctive.

3. Office Olympics

Even if they try to disguise it at work, everyone has a competitive spirit! Everyone in the office wants more than a participation trophy. And what better occasion than an Office Olympics work party to showcase this never-before-seen need to triumph? You and your teams can participate in various competitions, from Paper Ream Racing to Rubber Band Archery.

The key thing to remember while planning your own Office Olympics is that the sillier the competitions, the better your concept for a company party will be! We advise getting medals for the winners of the first, second, and third places in the competition to put the icing on the cake.

Building up your own winners’ podium so your winners may celebrate in style can also be hilarious. As a team, enjoy some well-earned desserts and take many pictures to commemorate the occasion.

4. Bring Your Pet to Work Party!

Who doesn’t enjoy having a few pets in the workplace? Organizing a “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” will please workers by allowing them to bring their closest companion to work with them. Make sure everyone in the office is okay with the dogs being there! Consider holding a Bring Your Pet to Work event in a nearby park, outdoor area, pet-friendly brewery, or restaurant if your workplace isn’t pet-friendly.

5. Murder Mystery (Whodunit?)

Are you looking for the office party ideas that will unify everyone? Then toss in a little bit of Murder Mystery! 

An exciting Murder Mystery Game is one of the few things more enjoyable than eating. Each person will be fascinated by this event, which is chock full of surprises. Give each employee a role in a plot and designate one of them as the guilty party. 

Hints are left before the game starts. Who is behind the crime isn’t revealed until the end of the party. This event encourages communication among your staff and serves as a wonderful team-building exercise. The amount of engagement and inventiveness will increase with this game.

 If you want to take the game to the next level, schedule a Murder Mystery Game at Paranoia Quest for the entire team. We promise it will be a night nobody will forget! 

6. Cocktail Party

For a quick and easy solution to your office party conundrum, simply combine the ideas behind cocktail parties and happy hours. These gatherings provide workers a chance to unwind and mingle over drinks. You can host the gathering at a neighborhood bar, lease a venue, or arrange for a bartender to come to the workplace. You can produce trademark drinks or teach the group how to mix drinks to make the event more memorable.

7. Bringing Back Disco

The majority of corporate events around the world are known for being dull. It need not be yours. Embrace nostalgia and amazing costume inspiration to transport yourself to the 70s (or early 80s). Everyone should dress in period-appropriate attire and dance to the right music. If you want to go one step further, you can prepare food and drinks suitable for the period.

8. Games Competition

Are you ready to put your game face on? Participate in a Games Competition. You can take it as seriously as you wish or compete with your coworkers and staff for fun.

Organizing a Games Tournament offers various fun work party ideas that bring out a different side in everyone. Games can range from board games to video games or even your conventional (though reinvented) dinner party games. You could, of course, continue playing your old favorites like Monopoly and Scrabble or opt for newer games on the market that might bring on some additional excitement.

9. Office Party Scavenger Hunt

An Office Scavenger Hunt is a simple method to get everyone involved in the competition or working together. Increase the stakes by awarding the winner a great employee gift to make this a thrilling corporate party concept!

Why are scavenger hunts good office celebrations ideas? Well, they are a type of game that everyone has participated in since they were young, unlike poker or other skill-based games.

10. Bad Day Party

We all experience awful days. Sometimes everyone in the office has a rough day and needs some out-of-box staff party ideas. On these occasions, throw a Bad Day Party to brighten the atmosphere. Anything that will make the group smile, such as karaoke and food, is included in these events. Colleagues can help employees unwind by talking or engaging in fun activities while away from the office.

Most bad day parties are spontaneous events because low points are rarely predictable. Create a Bad Day Party team building kit in advance so that all the materials are ready to go, which will ease the setup for your impromptu party. After all, standing in line to purchase paper plates is the last thing anyone wants to do on a demanding day.

11. A Cirque du Soleil Night

This theme makes you and your group feel like you’re under the Big Top! Enjoy all the carnival games you can think of, along with popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, hot dogs, and popcorn. The options for entertainment and activities are endless, including ring toss, dunk tanks, and bean bag toss. Of course, extra points are given if any leadership group volunteers are the barkers, gamekeepers, or dunk tank participants.

12. BBQ Party

Not every office party has to be a huge extravaganza. After all, having a few beers and grilling out is all you want to do on some days. Contact your neighborhood butcher, order the best cut of meat, then fire up the grill without more ado.

Don’t scrimp on the wine and beer if the party is after work hours. Everyone enjoys delicious meals and beverages. Feel free to indulge without feeling guilty occasionally!

13. Pub Quiz

The perfect way to test your general and specialized knowledge is to do so while sipping your favorite beverage. It’s not necessary to go to the pub to participate in a Pub Quiz; you can easily recreate the ambiance of a pub in the convenience of your office! However, don’t skimp on the buzzers and some genuinely terrible team names.

14. Photo Booth

Sometimes, an office party is simply a few streamers, some punch, and a table of cookies. However, you can jump-start the festivities with a simple hack. DIY photo booths are popular at events because they reflect the present culture. Nowadays, using a selfie stick is very acceptable, and at events, nothing prevents you and your group from taking pictures in a photo booth. Like no other, this workplace party concept will draw guests. In addition, if you didn’t snap pictures, did you ever party?

15. Office Award Show

An Office Award Show combines a celebration with an employee appreciation event to create a fun evening. Recognition is an effective employee engagement strategy because it helps workers feel valued, respected, and secure at work.

Making employees feel even more special by hosting an awards ceremony and celebration is a good idea. Most businesses order custom awards to present to winners in several categories, such as “top performer.” However, don’t let these prevent you from including funny categories.

If you want to take it to the next level, you may create a buzzy atmosphere at the office by rolling out a red carpet, hanging lights, and releasing star-shaped balloons. Offer refreshments throughout the event, and choose a charming presenter to present the prizes and wow the audience. A fancy dress requirement provides an added element of fun and glitz.

16. Charity Office Party

It may not be everyone’s idea of a “party,” but once in a while, giving back to the community might be a refreshing change of pace.

Social causes are dear to this current generation, and the trend of incorporating social issues into office celebrations is only logical as social causes are becoming increasingly popular. Providing volunteer services to a local non-profit organization is the most straightforward method. Consider a specific orphanage and the activities and gifts you want to bring. 

A Charity Office Party is fun and a great way to establish a strong team spirit. Your employees will be proud to be a part of a company that makes the world a better place.

17. Talent Show

Make sure everyone knows who they’re working with by unleashing those hidden talents they’ve had for so long! Even if you have a secret talent, don’t use it to get yourself in trouble or not be invited back the following day! A Talent Show, on the other hand, could be a great way to meet new coworkers and rekindle old friendships.

It would help if you thought about everything from judges to performance space to audience members when organizing a talent show for a work party.

18. Impromptu Mini Basketball Party

A Mini Basketball Hoop Tournament can be held at any time. Even during the work week, you may have a good time at the office with this entertaining party game.

Mini Hoops is a lot of fun because it’s easy to play and allows individuals to show off their basketball skills!

19. Formal Breakfast Party

Breakfast is the day’s most important meal, yet it doesn’t get the attention it should. Black-tie brunch is one of the top office breakfast ideas. 

Having a Black-Tie Breakfast Party is a fun and classy way to start the day. Bagels on a breakroom table aren’t the only issue here. Cocktail attire is required, so plan on wearing gowns, suits, or even pajamas if you want to look your best. This type of gathering is ideal when your team has a formal presentation and needs to appear in formal attire. 

Breakfast is one of the best office party food ideas because people often cannot have a whole meal because of their hectic mornings and long commutes. You can ensure that your team has a pleasant start to the day by laying out a solid spread and organizing energetic events.

20. Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are a well-known tradition during the holiday season, but they can be just as much fun anytime. Wearing the worst sweater you can find to work is encouraged, and your coworkers can vote for their favorites! It is highly recommended that you decorate with ugly sweaters, drink hot cocoa or apple cider, and eat comfort food during this time of year. Remember that even though the day’s theme may be “ugly,” all activities should be fun!

21. The Sitcom Party

Sitcoms are one of the few things that no one dislikes. Nothing beats a get-together themed around your favorite TV show than a sitcom-themed party. Decorate, dress up, and eat your way through NBC’s Must-See TV lineup. Making your employees feel good about working for your company by playing on their positive memories will make them happier and more loyal. Make sure to stop by the picture booth! You will reap the benefits of your staff branding strategy in the future.

22. Obscure Holiday Party

An Obscure Holiday Party is simply an excuse to hold a party. However, Flag Day (June 14) should really get more attention, and Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sep 19) should design its own party!

So, grab a calendar and start circling dates because there’s certainly a unique holiday to celebrate.

23. Movie Night at the Office

Part of the reason movie nights are such a classic office tradition is that they are so simple to organize. The bare minimum for a movie night is television or screen and projector, as well as a few movies. These events, of course, are more enjoyable if you include extras such as popcorn and candy, movie trivia games, and Hollywood-inspired decor.

A movie can be selected and projected from your laptop or phone using streaming services like Disney+ or Netflix.

24. The Excursion Party

An out-of-the-office field trip, also known as an Excursion Party, is a great way to relieve tension for your employees. Paranoia Quest can assist you with this. The cherry on top? We’ll take care of the mess at work for you! 

Field trips are a great way to get employees to interact and form bonds. This activity has the added benefit of allowing you to customize it to fit your specific budget. 

Create the Ultimate Party Experience with Paranoia Quest

Are you searching for office party ideas you don’t have to plan, but you’ll know it’ll be a hit? All you need to do is find the closest Paranoia Quest in your area!

We currently have two sites: Escape Room Atlanta and Escape Room Buford . Paranoia Quest may be close to your workplace, depending on your location. Georgia State University in Atlanta and the Mall of Georgia are just a short drive away from our Buford site. You can choose an escape room to fit any business event or workplace party at both locations.

Jailbreak, witch hunt, apocalyptic survival, and virtual reality are just a few of the genres we offer. Your employees are guaranteed to have a memorable and enjoyable office party. 

Contact us today to schedule your next office party and learn more about our corporate and team-building events.

Pick Your Escape Room Destination

family-on-vacation-in-the-forest-2021-12-15-19-43-48-utc (1)

Queen of Hearts

50 Unique Employee Appreciation Party Ideas

February 28, 2020

If you are looking for fun ways to recognize and reward employees for their hard work and dedication, then you are in the right place. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, our expert event coordinators compiled this guide to treating your employees in creative new ways.

We are excited to find out which employee appreciation idea matches your company’s style, and we can’t wait to make planning it an effortless task for you and your team. All the fun without any hassle—let’s get started on throwing your Philadelphia employee appreciation party!

Download the full list of 50 ideas. 

Memorable Employee Appreciation Ideas

Bring out the fun—themed office parties.

1. Superhero-Themed Party

Many companies announce a theme for employee appreciation day, but this one works great any time you want to recognize the seemingly heroic acts that your employees carry out. A superhero-themed party is a great way to bring out employees’ creative sides and motivate them to take on that next big project.

2. St. Patrick’s Day Green Party

What company doesn’t love a good excuse to deck their office out in green? Your employees will squeal in delight (or maybe pinches?) when they see all the green treats and drinks that await them.


3. Celebrate in Your Favorite Decade

The best employee appreciation party themes are the ones that are meaningful to your company. So go back to your company’s year of establishment and invite your employees to dress up in fitting attire for your flashback party.

Common Good Pizza and Tap Truck

Morby Photography

4. Sporty Office Party

From basketball to baseball and every other sport you can imagine, there is a fun way to decorate a sporty food station that will have employees’ mouths watering. Consider bringing in game day fare, pizza and beer! Try out Common Good Pizza & Tap mobile food and drink experience where everyone can order their own pizza.  Meaning everyone is happy (vegetarians and gluten-free-ians included!).

5. Red Party

On Valentine’s Day, let your employees know that your company is in love with their drive and passion by treating them to a red party. When it comes to designing your menu, check out these bright red recipes !

6. Holiday Party

Shocking, we know! No, really, there’s no better time than during the holidays to share good cheer by gathering to enjoy seasonal food and drinks! Find your Philadelphia holiday party catering style here.

Holiday Party Decor and Drinks

Transform Your Office into an All-Day Escape

7. Day of Royal Treatment

From a masseuse to a shoe shiner, everyone will find an activity that makes him or her feel like royalty. And, of course, don’t forget the delectable food!

8. Pirates’ Island

On National Talk Like a Pirate Day, you’ll have fun decorating your office like an island oasis and hiding treasure chests throughout. And your employees dressed up as pirates will love what they find in them!

9. Rocking Good Times

With the music playing, and maybe even a live band on-site, your office takes on an exceptionally upbeat spirit. With bars throughout, your employees will need little more entertainment to enjoy a rocking good time.

Live Band at Rocking Good Time Party

Caroline Morris Photography

10. Cowboy Up!

From riding a mechanical bull to enjoying some delicious BBQ food, your employees will relax in a western atmosphere.

Giving Feels Good—Community Engagement

11. Dinner on Us

Venture to a premier Philadelphia venue to treat employees to a fine dinner before giving them the opportunity to serve others at a soup kitchen.

12. Holiday Cards and Cheerful Lunch

Your lunchroom is a perfect place for employees to enjoy a full lunch spread while writing in holiday cards to be sent to a local home for the elderly.

13. Halloween Hoot

Set out a creative display of treats customized with your brand’s logo, and announce the start of your Halloween give back campaign to raise money for a local charity. Candy jars spread throughout your office make great donation bins!

Employee Appreciation Halloween Party

14. Special Olympics Outing

Schedule a time for departments to team up to volunteer their time working a Special Olympics Philadelphia event. They will leave with great inspiration.

15. Volunteer to Build a Home

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity offer the opportunity to put your team’s handy skills into work and fill their hearts with pride as they build a home for those in need.

Volunteer to Build a Home

Eat, Drink and Be Merry, Together!

16. Surprise Treats

When employees arrive to the Philadelphia office thinking it’s just another Monday, surprise them from the minute they open their office desk drawer and find some custom candies with your company logo. Continue the sweet surprises throughout your office space so treats wait around every corner until the surprise end-of-work dessert decorating party.

17. Artistic Lunch

We view food as an art form. From the recipes to the presentation, our chefs love to use their artistic talent in exciting new ways. You can treat your employees to some creative cuisine to be enjoyed while sketching a company-inspired picture. And, of course, be sure to have an award for the person whose masterpiece is voted the best by their peers.

18. Build Success—Creative Food Stations

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, any meal is a great time for custom food stations where employees put their personal style into their meals and enjoy making memories together. Try out this Mac and Cheese station!

Creative Philadelphia food Stations - Mac and Cheese Station

Crissy Everhart Photography

19.  Office Happy Hour

Anytime you feel like your employees need to recharge a bit is a great moment for a spontaneous happy hour! Company branded cups filled with their favorite liquor will lift their spirits and energy in no time.

20. New Year, New You Breakfast

It is no secret that many New Year’s resolutions involve healthy eating. You can support employees in achieving their goals by setting up a nutritious breakfast buffet their first day back to work in the New Year.

A Nation Worth Celebrating, in Your Philadelphia Office

21. National Donut Day

The first Friday of June marks donut day, and we can’t think of a better reason to set out these popular treats with glaze in your company colors.

Celebration National Donut Day

Campli Photography

22. National Margarita Day

When employees hear your company will be celebrating National Margarita Day, they will look forward to saying cheers on February 22!

23. National Cookie Day

Ice your favorite cookies with your company logo and you’re all set to celebrate on December 4.

24. National Ice Cream Day

Who doesn’t love a sundae bar with a lavish array of toppings? The third Sunday in July is your chance to bring a big smile to employees’ faces with a custom sundae bar.

Ice Cream Sandwich Station

Hoffer Photography

25. National Buffet Day

January 2 is national buffet day, and we can’t think of a better time to gather around some tasty food to set big company goals.

National Buffet Day

26. National Chocolate Day

A lot of employees will have to think back to their childhoods to remember a time they got to collect tons of candy on Halloween. Let them relive the sugar rush by setting out chocolate fondue stations on October 28.

Shine a Spotlight on Creative Talent

27. Karaoke Night

There is no bad time for a company karaoke night, but when you bring on new employees is an exceptionally good time to break the ice.

28. Talent Show

Invite employees to gather on- or off-site to showcase their hidden talents. This can be combined with a delicious meal or a standalone event.

29. Holiday Window Decorating Event

We know your employees aren’t gazing out the windows all day, but when they do cast an eye on them, make sure it’s a creative and inspiring sight! A holiday window-decorating event is a fun way to kick off the busy winter.

Holiday Window Decorating

30. Cultural Potluck

Invite employees to bring their favorite dish—simply picked up or prepared—that showcases their roots. This is a great way to help employees share more about themselves and showcase some fine cooking skills.

31. TV Game Show Reenactment

Let departments know when they will be reenacting a scene from their favorite TV show and be sure to have great prizes for the overall favorite.

32. Casino Night

Be sure to have some awesome prizes ready for those who have been practicing their poker skills.

Casino Night Company Party Idea

Relaxing Retreats

33. Company Picnic

Fire up the grill and the positive energy with a mouthwatering company picnic employees will never forget.  For an authentic Philadelphia experience, try The Lost Cow .  They offer fresh, made-to-order grilled cheesesteak sandwiches right off their custom built, stainless steel mobile cheesesteak grill.

Cheesesteaks on grill

34. Beach Day

You don’t have to be waterside to bounce around beach balls and laughter with a beach-themed bash. Mimosas, fresh fruit and good cheer all around.

35. Movie Outside

Let employees vote for what movie they would like to watch after work one day. And then have the popcorn and soft drinks ready!

Outdoor Movie Night Set Up

36. Fall Fest

From pumpkin pie to pumpkin decorating, bring out all the spice of this fresh season filled with beautiful transitions.

37. Offsite Brewery Tour

As they take a leisurely stroll through a local Philadelphia brewery , employees will unwind.

38. Painting Class

With each brush stroke, watch employees’ stress levels plummet and their creative energy soar.

Team-Building Activities

39. Cooking Class

This is one of the best ways celebrate employee appreciation day , but it can be scheduled any time that you want to reward, bond and challenge employees.


40. Obstacle Course

When they hear they will be splitting up into teams to tackle an obstacle course, employees will eagerly anticipate the challenges that await them.

41. Offsite Escape Rooms

Gaining in popularity, escape rooms are perfectly designed to test the teamwork and ingenuity of your employees in fun and memorable ways.

42. Ropes Course

Whether employees are afraid of heights or failure, they will have to work together to master a ropes course.

43. Scavenger Hunts

One of the best team-building activities, scavenger hunts demand high physical and mental energy and cohesion among co-workers.  

Competitive Activities

44. Sports Game

When you kick off a big project or goal is a great time to rejuvenate and reward employees with a group outing to a local Philadelphia sports game.

45. Olympic Games Competitions

We love the idea of forming teams for your office Olympics. Winter or summer, there is no bad time to rev up friendly competition with some athletic challenges. For summer, think lawn games at Philadelphia venues such as Springton Manor Farm where there are over 300 acres of lawn space for play.

Olympic Lawn Games at Springton Manor Farm

Emma Frances Logan Photography

46. Team 5K

When New Year’s resolutions begin to fade, give employees an extra incentive to take on healthy goals by announcing a team 5K race with highly coveted prizes like time off or a fitness massage.

47. March Madness Tournament

Encourage all employees to make a bracket and see who comes out on top at the end of the season when you host a March Madness party.

48. Pumpkin Carving Contest

A fun activity that results in perfect office decoration, encourage employees to put their personal style on display.


49. Trivia Events On- or Off-Site

Test employees’ knowledge of their company and co-workers.

Bingo boards are so easy to custom design with your company logo and a great way to reward employees with fun prizes.

Our skilled Philadelphia catering team is so glad that you realize the value of recognizing your employees, and we want to reward your ingenuity! That’s why we will make the whole planning process fun and easy. To get started, contact us online or give us a call at 610.889.0477.

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party planning ideas for work

Social Tables

1. Classic Summertime BBQ

Why it works: Outside of the office, everyone can be comfortable in their casual summertime apparel, so it’s a little less formal. That creates a laid-back atmosphere where employees are more likely to let their guard down, shoot the breeze with one another, and network across the company. It’s one of those corporate event themes that doesn’t end up feeling so corporate.

Setting: A park setting by a lake is the perfect location, plus it’s usually a free or low-cost option.

Decor: Go for big white tents, picnic tables covered in plaid tablecloths, checkered blankets, and balloons. And if you want to go really big with your decor, try these 35 summer decor ideas .

Food: Don’t overthink it: Serve burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, corn on the cob ” you get the idea.

Beverages:  On a hot summer day, you can keep it simple with cold beer and lemonade. For something a bit fancier, mix up a cold cocktail like mint juleps.

Activities: Set up simple outdoor games such as croquet, badminton, or cornhole. You can even do company Olympics by having team compete in traditional field-day games like dodgeball or relay races.

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2. Winter Wonderland

Why it works: For holiday parties, it’s important to be inclusive ” but that can make it a little tricky to choose a theme. Something that highlights the season is simple but effective.

Plus , guests always enjoy dressing up for the season, so you probably don’t need to set a concrete dress code to get everyone to show up in their holiday best. Just get the word out that things will be a little more on the formal end.

Food: For a more formal event, go with traditional plated options such as tenderloin, chicken, salmon, or grilled portabellas for a vegetarian option.

Beverages:  To play off the season’s flavors, serve hot toddies, cranberry-infused martinis, red wine, and dark winter beers.

Activities: Since it’s the end of the year, this is the perfect time to share company holiday video and recap of the year’s wins. After that, a little music and dancing can’t hurt!

Decor: The decor options are endless: We like the idea of sparkling jewel tones or a white-on-white color palette. Winter classics like poinsettia plants, fireplaces, and cozy blankets will add to the atmosphere. And let’s face it ” you should probably include a snowflake or two.

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3. Spring Has Sprung

Why it works: What’s a better way to celebrate closing out Q1 than by “springing” into Q2? After all, you’re off to a fresh start and nothing says fresh like the spring season. “Spring” is a great theme on its own, but if for a more niche theme, check out these 25 creative spring themes for parties and events.

Food: Spring has no shortage of in-season vegetables, so plan on special salads, veggie-packed hoers d’oeuvres, and pasta primavera.

Beverages: Keep things light and fresh! We’re thinking white wine, Moscow mules, and lemonade.

Activities: If you’ll be outdoors, take advantage! Plan a picnic, bean bag toss, bocce ball, group hike, or other patio-friendly games.

Decor:  Whatever you do, decorate with bright green topiaries, lots of beautiful flowers, and plenty of pastels. The theme is pretty versatile, so feel free to set a dress code as you see fit.

Setting: You can find a classy outdoor space such as a manicured museum lawn or a local botanic garden, or bring things inside with the option for a patio. 

carnival corporate event theme

4. Carnival-Inspired Corporate Event Theme

Why it works: Want a corporate event theme that everyone will remember? Throw a carnival-themed party! Between the performers, activities, and out-of-the-box decor, you’ll create an event that really sets itself apart.

Food:  Bring in classic fair food like hot dogs, funnel cakes, and elephant ears. If you want to be a little more sophisticated, you can put an upscale twist on those traditional foods. For example, serve turkey corn dogs and fries with vindaloo ketchup. 

Beverages:  No need to overthink int: Beer, cider, and a carnival-themed drink will do the trick.

Activities:  Hire a magician or a balloon artist to roam around the crowd. Set up fun game stations like ring toss. And you can never go wrong with a photo booth!

Decor:  If you can’t get a big-top tent, go for circus-tent inspired patterns, lots of bulb lights, and plenty of bright colors.

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Why it works: Take advantage of sporting events like March Madness and the MLB playoffs. Get everyone showing their colors and watching the games together. Or, create camaraderie among employees by going out to a local sporting event ” whether it’s an NFL game or a local hockey league. And remember, beer and nachos have the power to bond people.

Food:  You’ve got to have those favorite game-day snacks ” wings, nachos, fries, pizza, and ice cream, please!

Beverages:  It’s all about the beer! Offer a well-rounded beer list, and cider for gluten-free attendees. (A few wine and liquor options might also be nice.)

Activities:  Host a watch party at a sports bar, or go to a local game.

Decor:  Decorate with elements from the type of sport (like goal posts for a football game). And don’t hold back on the team colors.

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6. Tidying Up 

Why it works: It’s a trend that promotes both happiness and productivity – perfect for the well-rounded office team looking for a little pick-me-up. 

Setting: Your office is the perfect place for a little Marie Kondo magic . 

Decor: While you don’t need much for the decor, you can certainly bring in some fun supplies like new containers, storage bins, and drawer organizers. 

Food: Because Marie Kondo is a literal fairy person, things like cupcakes and marshmallow bars add a touch of whimsy to the event while health nuts might take inspiration from the health aspect of the tidying up movement.

Beverages: If you plan this party during work hours, make sure you have some coffee and tea on hands to help give one that little extra energy boost. 

Activities: Screen an episode or two of Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo then invite everyone to makeover their office or desk in the unique KonMari fashion. 

7. DIY Taco Fiesta 

Why it works: It’s hard to turn down this delicious dish that can be made to everyone’s individual tastes without any extra hassle. 

Setting: If the weather’s nice consider heading outside to a park or the greenest space near your office to set up a picnic. Otherwise, your meeting room works too! 

Decor: Chili peppers, colorful ribbons and bunting, avocado arrangements, and hot sauce bottle flower holders all make for a festive and bright celebration. 

Food: Set out a buffet station with freshly prepared veggies, meats, and taco fixings so everyone can make their perfect meal. 

Beverages: Margaritas are an excellent way to round out the theme but a chia seed watermelon and lemonade agua fresca (or any agua fresca really) is a great non-alcoholic option. 

Activities: Besides getting to make and enjoy their own tacos, guests can try their hand at cracking open a pinata or show off their cooking skills at a guacamole making competition. 

8. Murder Mystery Party

Why it works: When you hire a murder mystery company , they basically give you an entire night of entertainment and make sure everything runs smoothly for you. A virtually stress-free experience if you don’t count the killer on the loose! 

Setting: Your murder mystery guides will usually give you the option to use your own space or hire theirs for the evening. The advantage of hiring theirs is you don’t have to worry about set up or take down! 

Decor: Your decor should match the theme and location of the mystery. The most common ones are classic trains and southern gothic mansions. 

Food: If you spring for a full meal stick to the mystery theme, but a great wine and cheese spread is also excellent for this kind of party. 

Beverages: Themed cocktails, mocktails, and a quality selection of wines should be crowd pleasers. 

Activities: Solve a (fake) murder mystery complete with hired actors, cool props, and fake identities for you and your whole company. 

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9. Mini-Golf Tournament

Why it works: It can happen rain or shine with both indoor and outdoor venue options. 

Setting: Rent out your local mini-golf location. Or create your own either DIY or with a kit and host the tournament down the halls of your office! 

Decor: Faux turf, oversized golf tee platters, and putt-putt-themed cupcakes are just some of your many golf themed options. 

Food: You can combine this with the Summertime BBQ theme or keep refreshments light with lemonade and ice cream. 

Beverages: Root beer floats (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic), as well as some nice cold beer, should do the trick. 

Activities: Face off against your coworkers in this miniature sporting event. And don’t forget to hand out miniature trophies during a ceremony at the end! 

Why it works: It’s like giving your coworkers a vacation without having to pack a bag. 

Setting: If you’re lucky enough to be near a beach, definitely host it there. But if not, any indoor venue with sand (like indoor volleyball courts) will do. 

Decor: Tropical florals, grass table skirts, pink flamingos, and leis. 

Food: Serve Hawaiin BBQ and fresh Poke Bowls. 

Beverages: Anything made with pineapple and rum would be appropriate. 

Activities: Hire professional Hawaiin performers or just have a regular old dance party by yourselves. 

11. Dance Through the Decades

Why it works: If you can’t choose just one decade, why not have all of them? 

Setting: A neutral space that you can decorate with memorabilia from the ’50s to the early 2000s works well. 

Decor: Go crazy with decor from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s! To keep everything cohesive, try to pick 1-2 primary theme colors and find decade decor that matches that. 

Food: Since this theme incorporates a lot of different trends, you can mix and match your food options, although classic American fare covers all the bases. 

Beverages: Anything from old-fashioned milkshakes to absinthe will do. 

Activities: Dance the night away with the greatest hits from all the decades and encourage guests to dress up as their favorite era. Make sure you have a costume contest too. 

12. Hollywood 

Why it works: Most people love movies and would also love the chance to be treated like a star. 

Setting: Rent out a local movie theatre, gala space, or anywhere you can roll out a red carpet. 

Decor: You can either use the Golden Age as your inspiration (with plenty of gold and silver decor) or Black & White. 

Food: Popcorn and movie theatre candy for light snacks or, for a more decadent option, go all out with steaks and lobster. 

Beverages: Champagne, wines, and sodas (for any children who attend). 

Activities: Some films will allow you and your event to host a private advanced screening of an upcoming new release. But really any movie will do! You can also have a step and repeat at your party entrance so everyone walking in gets a taste of that movie star experience. You can even go a step further and hire someone to get guests’ handprints in wet cement outside of your building, Chinese Theatre style. 

13. Catered Brunch

Why it works: You can incorporate it into your normal workday without being disruptive or worrying about low attendance rates. 

Setting: Your very own office on a Friday or after a busy quarter ends. 

Decor: Striped paper straws for your mimosas, fresh fruit and citrus garlands, and checkered tablecloths. 

Food: Omelet stations, pancakes, waffles, yogurt with mix-ins, and bagels. 

Beverages: Fresh squeezed juices and coffees. 

Activities: Setting up a full buffet brunch makes it easy to have a formal sit-down meal or a free period where attendees can hang out and still get some work done. 

catered brunch corporate event theme

14. Superlative Awards

Why it works: It’s fun to pick on your coworkers, and it shows how close you all really are. 

Setting: Steakhouses and black-tie venues are both a great option for this corporate event theme. 

Decor: Like any good awards show, you should have classy decor complete with a red carpet, white linen napkins, and dramatic fabric drapings. 

Food: Most fancy award presentations include formal dining, but you can also poll your office and see what type of food they’d most enjoy. It is a celebration of them after all! 

Beverages: Cocktails, wine, and liquor are all good for this formal to semi-formal style event. 

Activities: Have your audience vote and award teammates for a whole range of funny and serious awards, including “most likely to run five minutes behind” and “best office decor.” 

15. Casino Night

Why it works: Whether or not you play for money, it’s still a very exciting form of entertainment. 

Setting: Any event space that can fit a large number of round tables and transform into a casino hall for the night will do. 

Decor: Bring in serious electric Vegas vibes using neon lights and water fountains or go full-on flapper with speakeasy-style dark and moody palettes. 

Food: Finger foods (like mini BLTs, ceviche, and caviar) served via tray pass.

Beverages: Good whiskey or scotch on the rocks will likely be a big hit. 

Activities: A lot of Casino Night events loop in a charity so other activities, such as silent auctions or a basket raffle, could also help raise funds for a good cause. 

16. Outerspace 

Why it works: It’s a little out-there as a theme (pun intended), but most science or sci-fi lovers will love it. 

Setting: This theme works for any space, but is especially effective for venues like laser tag or indoor putt-putt, where glow in the dark features play a big role in the decor. But, if you have the budget, consider renting out a science center with great views and telescopes they’ll let you try out. 

Decor: Hang various model planets, alien spaceships, and stars from the ceiling. Choose funky purple and green glitter fabrics for banisters. And don’t forget the smog machine! 

Food: Serve astronaut ice cream and basically anything you can make look cool with food coloring.  

Beverages: Cocktails that smoke or catch fire are super fun and unexpected additions to an out of this world soiree. 

Activities: Have your very own Space Jam dance party or hire a telescope for stargazing. 

17. Geeky Fandom 

Why it works: People love bonding over shared hobbies and entertainment and tend to go all out. 

Setting: Any event venue will do, but if the franchise you’ve chosen has any significant features (like a telephone booth for Doctor Who or a giant gothic dining hall for Harry Potter), look for those key identifiers in your space. 

Decor: It’s mostly already done for you by other fans whose parties they’ve shared online! Just follow the show’s main color schemes and use fun insider references to inform your decision making–and you’ll be good to go. 

Food: Anything from cookies to sandwiches can be made with character faces, show logos, or deep cut symbology. 

Beverages: You can also pull recipes from the show, like Harry Potter’s butterbeer. 

Activities: Themed board games, fandom trivia competitions, themed photo booths, and–of course–a homemade costume contest. 

18. Wild, Wild West

Why it works: It’s a relaxed, outdoor option that’s more interesting than a regular picnic and allows for more unique activities. 

Setting: Host your event at an actual ranch, a historical site linked to the history of the era, or even just in someone’s backyard. 

Decor: Hay bales, horseshoes, and ten-gallon hats are all you really need, darlin’. 

Food: Good old fashioned American BBQ, along with other summertime treats like watermelon slices and peach cobbler. 

Beverages: Homemade iced tea and beer go well with these foods. 

Activities: Classic lawn games like horseshoes, cornhole, and bocce ball along with a petting zoo (for the kids), tractor rides, and–if you’re feeling adventurous–a mechanical bull. 

19. Top Chef 

Why it works: Competitive home cooks finally get to show off their skills, and the rest of the audience gets to eat. What’s not to love about that? 

Setting: A health-certified kitchen or food prep space. 

Decor: Stainless steel counters, special event-only aprons for contestants, and a scoreboard. 

Food: There are lots of ways to run a cooking show-inspired event and what game you choose will determine what you eat. Make sure you have some actual catering, too, since contestants will be making single dishes at a time. 

Beverages: Anything that pairs well with the food challenge will do. 

Activities: Guests can either sign up to be a contestant, a judge, or an audience member. Just make sure you serve an actual meal afterward since everyone will probably be hungry! 

20. Around the World

Why it works: For international companies, you’ll have the option to showcase regions where your other offices are located so guests can have a greater connection to them. 

Setting: An event venue that allows you to divide the main area into segments to represent the chosen cities or countries. 

Decor: Cityscapes like the Eiffel tower or NYC can easily be replicated with cardboard. But any internationally inspired flavor works! 

Food: Because your guests are sampling dishes from a variety of influences, serve food as small bites so everyone can try each menu item. 

Beverages: With so many other variables at play, keep things simple by serving wine and beer. 

Activities: There are lots of hired entertainment options available, like salsa dancers or classic Mimes. 

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21. Circus, Circus

Why it works: This is one very family-friendly corporate event theme that all ages can enjoy. 

Setting: Consider renting a large outdoor tent. Or, if that’s not practice, drape matching fabrics on the ceiling of the venue to mimic the interior of a circus tent. 

Decor: Red and white striped fabrics and imagery of jugglers, magicians, and clowns. 

Food: Popcorn, peanuts, ice cream, corn dogs–really anything you’d find at a circus. 

Beverages: Lemonade, soda, and beer. 

Activities: Hire live performers and play some carnival games. 

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22. escape the room .

Why it works: The company you work with will do everything for you, making the whole planning process relatively stress-free. 

Setting: Escape rooms come fully ready to use–or you can hire them to deck out your chosen space.  

Decor: Great news–the escape room company you work with will do it all for you! 

Food: Food is not expected (or even desired) during the escape room experience, but you could always host a pizza party before or after. 

Beverages: Beer and wine should be used to celebrate the teams who solve the puzzle. 

Activities: Solve a mystery using teamwork with your coworkers. 

23. Happy Hour

Why it works: It’s casual, laid-back, and simple, which is just the kind of event most of us have the energy for after a long day at work anyway. 

Setting: Happy hour can take place right in your office after hours or at a traditional restaurant/bar space.  

Decor: Simple color-coordinated balloons, ribbons, tablecloths, and glassware add a little something special, but they’re certainly not required. 

Food: Pizza, chicken tenders, and any other carbohydrate-rich finger food will go well with this theme. 

Beverages: Cocktails will be the main attraction of the event as a whole, as will the wine and beer selection. Choose locally sourced vinos or perhaps some cocktails named after inside jokes to make things a little more unique. 

Activities: Cheap or free drinks and karaoke should be all the entertainment they need. 

happy hour corporate event

24. Comedy Night

Why it works: Everyone loves comedy–especially if you can score tickets to a show featuring a celeb. 

Setting: Any theatre or performing arts venue that regularly showcases stand-ups, improv troupes, and sketch teams. 

Decor: Your venue has it covered! 

Food: A lot of theaters will serve drinks but they rarely have food, so make sure you book a great neighboring restaurant so event goers can walk over after their meal. 

Beverages: See if the venue will provide drink tickets for large groups or if they’d allow you to bring your own beer and wine in. 

Activities: Enjoy talented comedy performers and have a good, hard laugh. 

25. Food Truck Roundup 

Why it works: Guests can eat a variety of cool foods they won’t find all together anywhere else while also mixing and mingling outdoors. 

Setting: Open-air parking lots, parks, or your business’s green lawn campus are all easy spots for food trucks to drive up to and set up shop. 

Decor: If you can, hang paper lanterns, set up table cloths with centerpieces, and spread out picnic blankets, pillows, and fold-up chairs for seating. And don’t forget the citronella candles! 

Food: You can invite any variety of food truck to your party. Everything from freshly rolled sushi to vegan chicken and waffles is being served by these restaurants on wheels. 

Beverages: Most food trucks will serve specialty beverages but be prepared with your own water station, as well. 

Activities: Since food is the main focus, you don’t need much else. But you can include a live band, some local craft or candle vendors, and selfie stations for additional fun.

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