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how to write research report sample

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Research Reports: Definition and How to Write Them

Research Reports

Reports are usually spread across a vast horizon of topics but are focused on communicating information about a particular topic and a niche target market. The primary motive of research reports is to convey integral details about a study for marketers to consider while designing new strategies.

Certain events, facts, and other information based on incidents need to be relayed to the people in charge, and creating research reports is the most effective communication tool. Ideal research reports are extremely accurate in the offered information with a clear objective and conclusion. These reports should have a clean and structured format to relay information effectively.

What are Research Reports?

Research reports are recorded data prepared by researchers or statisticians after analyzing the information gathered by conducting organized research, typically in the form of surveys or qualitative methods .

A research report is a reliable source to recount details about a conducted research. It is most often considered to be a true testimony of all the work done to garner specificities of research.

The various sections of a research report are:

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Components of Research Reports

Research is imperative for launching a new product/service or a new feature. The markets today are extremely volatile and competitive due to new entrants every day who may or may not provide effective products. An organization needs to make the right decisions at the right time to be relevant in such a market with updated products that suffice customer demands.

The details of a research report may change with the purpose of research but the main components of a report will remain constant. The research approach of the market researcher also influences the style of writing reports. Here are seven main components of a productive research report:

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15 Tips for Writing Research Reports

Writing research reports in the manner can lead to all the efforts going down the drain. Here are 15 tips for writing impactful research reports:

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how to write research report sample

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Reading a Research Report

Before you begin the process of writing a research report, you'll want to see how others did so. This lesson shows you a sample research report, explaining each of its main parts. As you read the sample, think about how the writer integrated information from different sources to explain the topic in an informative manner.

Reading a Sample Research Report

A research report has some special features, but the actual report has three main parts, just like an essay. The beginning paragraph introduces the topic and leads to a focus statement. The body paragraphs support the focus statement by citing evidence from sources. The ending paragraph revisits the main idea.

Research reports end with a works-cited page , which lists the sources used in the writing. Source material is cited within the report using in-text citations .

Sample Research Paper

Gutierrez 1

Maria Gutierrez

Mr. Meddaugh

Social Studies

11 February 2016

The Legacy of Sally Ride

Beginning Paragraph Before Sally Ride, space travel was mostly a club for men. Even though studies showed women had the stamina and fortitude to thrive in space, NASA excluded them from its first space missions based on a rule that astronauts had to also be fighter pilots, a profession deemed "too dangerous" for women at that time (Gannon) . By 1983 only two women had ever been in space, and they were both from Russia. Ride would change that. Focus statement Sally Ride’s trailblazing journey to outer space opened doors for women interested in science and space.

Despite growing up in a time when science was considered a mostly male interest, the subject fascinated Ride early on in life. Born in 1951 in Los Angeles, California, her favorite subjects in school were math and science. She especially liked the scientific method of asking questions and testing answers (Macy 42) . “For whatever reason, I didn't succumb to the stereotype that science wasn't for girls. I got encouragement from my parents. I never ran into a teacher or a counselor who told me that science was for boys. A lot of my friends did,” said Ride (Smith) . Her passion helped her get accepted into Stanford University, where she studied physics. She was one of few women in the physics department but received great grades (Macy 45) .

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FREE 27+ Sample Research Reports in MS Word |Apple Pages | Google Docs

The sole goal of a school is to see to it that their students are learning. Teachers have a variety of methods to make their students learn and have their knowledge assessed or evaluated. Some of the most common activities students are very familiar with are assignments, seat work, and term sample papers .

Sample Research Reports

Sample research report – 6+ sample, example, format, sample research report - 6+ documents in pdf, 12+ research report templates - free sample, example, format.

However, students will come to a point in their academic lives when they have to produce a thing called a research paper . A research paper is a document that contains an individual or a group’s systematic investigation about a certain topic or inquiry. If you are already asked to do your fair share of researching, below are Sample Reports you shouldn’t miss out on.

Market Research Report Template

market research report template

Sample Academic Research Report Template

academic research report template

Business Research Report Template

business research report template

Research Report Cover Page Template

research report cover page template

Sample Investment Research Report Template

investment research report template

Corporate Research Report Template

corporate research report template

Company Research Report Template

company research report template

Sample Brand Research Report Template

brand research report template

Research Report Executive Summary Template

research report executive summary template

Product Research Report Template

product research report template

Sample Equity Research Report Template

equity research report template

Monthly Research Report Template

monthly research report template

Survey Research Report Template

survey research report template

Sample Research Progress Report Template

research progress report template

Quantitative Research Report Template

quantitative research report template

Scientific Report Template

scientific report

Size: US, A4

Basic Equity Research Report Template

sample equity research report

Size: 109 KB

Annual Research Progress Report in PDF

research progress report1

Market Research Report Example

market research report example

Size: 504 KB

Research Methodology Report Template

research methodology report

Size: 794 KB

Research Project Report Template

research project report

Size: 181 KB

Sample Qualitative Research Report Template

qualitative research report

Size: 141 KB

Parts of a Research Paper

When you do your research report, make sure that you have all these parts I have enumerated. Also, do not forget to write your paper in an objective manner. For more information on other reports, you may check out our Sample Service Reports and Sample Trip Reports .

Research Reflection Report Template

research reflection report

Size: 152 KB

Research Proposal Report Outline Template

research proposal report

Size: 89 KB

Action Research Report Template

action research report

Size: 52 KB

Scientific Research Report Template

scientific research report

Size: 103 KB

Sample Primary Research Report Template

primary research report

Some Tips on How to Write a Research Paper

A research report can be made for many situations, not just for school. It can be for matters on business and/or marketing. Likewise, it is not the only type of report as well, reports can actually come in many forms for different contexts; we have Sample Survey Reports in case you need these.

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Research reports

This quick guide will help you identify the common elements and basic format of a research report.

Research reports generally follow a similar structure and have common elements, each with a particular purpose. Learn more about each of these elements below.

Common elements of reports

Your title should be brief, topic-specific, and informative, clearly indicating the purpose and scope of your study. Include key words in your title so that search engines can easily access your work. For example:  Measurement of water around Station Pier.

An abstract is a concise summarythat helps readers to quickly assess the content and direction of your paper. It should be brief, written in a single paragraph and cover: the scope and purpose of your report; an overview of methodology; a summary of the main findings or results; principal conclusions or significance of the findings; and recommendations made.

The information in the abstract must be presented in the same order as it is in your report. The abstract is usually written last when you have developed your arguments and synthesised the results.

The introduction creates the context for your research. It should provide sufficient background to allow the reader to understand and evaluate your study without needing to refer to previous publications. After reading the introduction your reader should understand exactly what your research is about, what you plan to do, why you are undertaking this research and which methods you have used. Introductions generally include:

Not all research reports have a separate literature review section. In shorter research reports, the review is usually part of the Introduction.

A literature review is a critical survey of recent relevant research in a particular field. The review should be a selection of carefully organised, focused and relevant literature that develops a narrative ‘story’ about your topic. Your review should answer key questions about the literature:

The review is not just a summary of all you have read. Rather, it must develop an argument or a point of view that supports your chosen methodology and research questions.

The purpose of this section is to detail how you conducted your research so that others can understand and replicate your approach.

You need to briefly describe the subjects (if appropriate), any equipment or materials used and the approach taken. If the research method or method of data analysis is commonly used within your field of study, then simply reference the procedure. If, however, your methods are new or controversial then you need to describe them in more detail and provide a rationale for your approach. The methodology is written in the past tense and should be as concise as possible.

This section is a concise, factual summary of your findings, listed under headings appropriate to your research questions. It’s common to use tables and graphics. Raw data or details about the method of statistical analysis used should be included in the Appendices.

Present your results in a consistent manner. For example, if you present the first group of results as percentages, it will be confusing for the reader and difficult to make comparisons of data if later results are presented as fractions or as decimal values.

In general, you won’t discuss your results here. Any analysis of your results usually occurs in the Discussion section.

Notes on visual data representation:

The Discussion responds to the hypothesis or research question. This section is where you interpret your results, account for your findings and explain their significance within the context of other research. Consider the adequacy of your sampling techniques, the scope and long-term implications of your study, any problems with data collection or analysis and any assumptions on which your study was based. This is also the place to discuss any disappointing results and address limitations.

Checklist for the discussion

Conclusions in research reports are generally fairly short and should follow on naturally from points raised in the Discussion. In this section you should discuss the significance of your findings. To what extent and in what ways are your findings useful or conclusive? Is further research required? If so, based on your research experience, what suggestions could you make about improvements to the scope or methodology of future studies?

Also, consider the practical implications of your results and any recommendations you could make. For example, if your research is on reading strategies in the primary school classroom, what are the implications of your results for the classroom teacher? What recommendations could you make for teachers?

A Reference List contains all the resources you have cited in your work, while a Bibliography is a wider list containing all the resources you have consulted (but not necessarily cited) in the preparation of your work. It is important to check which of these is required, and the preferred format, style of references and presentation requirements of your own department.

Appendices (singular ‘Appendix’) provide supporting material to your project. Examples of such materials include:

Different types of data are presented in separate appendices. Each appendix must be titled, labelled with a number or letter, and referred to in the body of the report.

Appendices are placed at the end of a report, and the contents are generally not included in the word count.

Fi nal ti p

While there are many common elements to research reports, it’s always best to double check the exact requirements for your task. You may find that you don’t need some sections, can combine others or have specific requirements about referencing, formatting or word limits.

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Writing a literature review

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