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Fishbowl Debate

Team-Based Learning

Group Problem-Solving

There are many instructional strategies that involve students working together to solve a problem, including inquiry-based learning, authentic learning, and discovery learning. While they each have their own unique characteristics, they fundamentally involve:

FREE 10+ Group Assignment Contract Samples in PDF

Are you working with a group for a certain project in school or your organization? Working with a group can be burdensome for some, especially for people who prefer to work alone on a task or project, but if your work involves working with your peers, you can always expect to work with groups whether you like it or not. To avoid any clashes or frustrations with your group members that may put tension and unease with every member and make it hard to work efficiently, a group assignment contract is essential to help create an open and respectful environment for your members to work together comfortably and they can freely share their ideas and opinions without getting ostracized. The contract can also help you be more effective in your group work and even tolerate the fact that you’re dealing and working with people. Read the article to help you create a group assignment contract.

Group Assignment Contract

Free 21+ band contract templates, free 11+ team contract samples, free 10+ responsibility assignment matrix samples, 10+ group assignment contract samples, 1. group team assignment contract.

group team assignment contract

Size: 112 KB

2. Group Assignment Contract

group assignment contract

Size: 373 KB

3. Group Collaboration Assignment Contract

group collaboration assignment contract

Size: 384 KB

4. Sample Group Assignment Contract

sample group assignment contract

Size: 88 KB

5. Group Work Assignment Contract

group work assignment contract

6. Student Group Assignment Contract

student group assignment contract

Size: 189 KB

7. Group Assignment Management Contract

group assignment management contract

Size: 325 KB

8. Business Group Assignment Contract

business group assignment contract

Size: 30 KB

9. Group Health Care Assignment Contract

group health care assignment contract

Size: 218 KB

10. Group Share Assignment Contract

group share assignment contract

Size: 36 KB

11. Group Balancing Assignment Contract

group balancing assignment contract

Size: 457 KB

What is a Group Assignment Contract?

A group assignment contract simply called a group agreement or group contract is a written document that a particular group makes to officialize the expectations of group members . The contract can increase productivity and a good working experience for every member since they already know their roles and the tasks they need to do and accomplish and at the same time, respect other members and their roles as well.

Details to Include in a Group Assignment Contract

Making a group assignment contract may vary to what type of group you have, what activities you’re assigned to do, what organization you belong to, and what terms and conditions you agree to comply with. However, the details below should be present in your contract to ensure that it is written well and it contains all important details for your group members to agree on and use as a basis on how they will function well in the group.

Why do groups need rules?

Groups need to have rules to avoid frustrations and misunderstandings by setting clear expectations of each other. They can be honest with what they want and expect to have and to do and they can also contribute their recommendations to enhance the group.

What are the benefits of creating a group contract?

There are a lot of benefits in forming groups, especially when they are tasked with working and learning together. The benefits are:

What are some examples of group tasks?

Some examples of tasks that can be done by a group are:

Once you’re done writing the contract, make sure to discuss it with your group members first before you finalize it. Welcome their questions and recommendations for the contract and write them down so you can revise them later. You must make sure that everyone is happy with the contents of the contract and nobody should feel that they are forced to agree on terms they didn’t give their approval freely. To help you get started making the contract, download our free sample templates above to use as your guide!

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Group Projects

Students should be engaged with each other on a regular basis.  Group work is one way to ensure there is interaction among peers.   

A host of technology tools makes collaborating much easier than one might think.  Students may hold virtual meetings using tools such as Google Hangouts, WebEx, or Zoom.  Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allows shared access to documents.   

As the instructor, make sure group activities are comprehensive enough that students see the benefit of working together.  Consider incorporating a peer evaluation rubric to encourage equitable contributions by all group members.  

Successful online group work depends on clear instructions, concrete deadlines, articulation of student roles, and thorough explanations of how activities will be graded. Use the template below to set up your group project. Fill-in-the blanks to help answer the questions you’ll need to know to create the prompt. Answering these questions ahead of time will help communicate to students what the expectations of the project are upfront and prevent confusion later. Replace the information in the right hand column with your own group project details.

Additional Resources

Eberly Center

Teaching excellence & educational innovation, what are best practices for designing group projects.

What is true for individual assignments holds true for group assignments: it is important to clearly articulate your objectives, explicitly define the task, clarify your expectations, model high-quality work, and communicate performance criteria.

But group work has complexities above and beyond individual work. To ensure a positive outcome, try some of these effective practices (adapted from Johnson, Johnson & Smith, 1991) or come talk to us at the Eberly Center.

Create interdependence

Devote time specifically to teamwork skills, build in individual accountability.

While some instructors don’t mind if students divvy up tasks and work separately, others expect a higher degree of collaboration. If collaboration is your goal, structure the project so that students are dependent on one another. Here are a few ways to create interdependence:

Don’t assume students already know how to work in groups! While most students have worked on group projects before, they still may not have developed effective teamwork skills. By the same token, the teamwork skills they learned in one context (say on a soccer team or in a theatrical production) may not be directly applicable to another (e.g., a design project involving an external client.)

To work successfully in groups, students need to learn how to work with others to do things they might only know how to do individually, for example to...

Students also need to know how to handle issues that only arise in groups, for example, to:

Here are a few things you can do both to help students develop these skills and to see their value in professional life.

It is possible for a student to work hard in a group and yet fail to understand crucial aspects of the project. In order to gauge whether individual students have met your criteria for understanding and mastery, it is important to structure individual accountability into your group work assignments.

In other words, in addition to evaluating the work of the group as a whole, ask individual group members to demonstrate their learning via quizzes, independent write-ups, weekly journal entries, etc. Not only does this help you monitor student learning, it helps to prevent the “free-rider” phenomenon. Students are considerably less likely to leave all the work to more responsible classmates if they know their individual performance will affect their grade.

To create individual accountability, some instructors combine a group project with an individual quiz on relevant material. Others base part of the total project grade on a group product (e.g., report, presentation, design, paper) and part on an individual submission . The individual portion might consist of a summary of the group’s decision-making process, a synthesis of lessons learned, a description of the individual student’s contributions to the group, etc.

One statistics instructor assigns student groups the task of presenting, synthesizing, and evaluating a set of articles on a particular topic. It is important to him that every group member have a firm grasp of the complete set of readings, even if they individually only present one or two. Thus, he builds individual accountability into the project by warning students in advance that he will ask each of them questions about the readings they did not present. This helps to ensure that students read the full set of articles, and not just the readings they present.

Barkley, E.F., Cross, K.P., and Major, C.H. (2005). Collaborative learning techniques: A handbook for college faculty. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Johnson, D.W., Johnson, R., & Smith, K. (1998). Active learning: Cooperation in the college classroom. Edina, MN: Interaction Book Company.

Thompson, L.L. (2004). Making the team: A guide for managers. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.

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Malaysia Assignment Help

Group Assignment Acknowledgement Examples

Group Assignment Acknowledgement Examples

If you are looking for an example of acknowledgment for a group assignment , this article is definitely for you. In this article, you will get a sample acknowledgment for group assignments, group projects, reports, and individual assignments. Similar to most acknowledgments written by Malaysian students in school or group assignments at work, it is obligatory that the student thanks everyone who has helped them complete their project.

Teachers and mentors should always be thanked first as they have had the greatest impact on your academic success thus far. If there was an individual who assisted with completing specific tasks within the assignment then he too should also receive recognition;

Group Assignment Acknowledgement – Sample 1

We would like to thank all of the people who helped us with this project, without their support and guidance it wouldn’t have been possible. We appreciate [ Mr. X ] for his guidance and supervision which has provided a lot of resources needed in completing our project. Our parents as well as friends were constantly encouraging us throughout the process when we felt discouraged or became frustrated because they knew how much work went into this venture so that is why we want to extend them thanks too! We are grateful to our colleagues in developing the project, for their willingness and assistance. They helped us with this project, which we appreciate dearly.

Group Assignment Acknowledgement: Sample 2

The project has been a lot of work, but we couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance from some very important people. We want to thank  [ Mr. Y ] for all their help with this project; they provided us with resources as well as essential information that was needed to complete our task successfully. Thank you also goes out to our parents and friends who were there every step of the way during this time period-without them, I’m not sure what would’ve happened! We also want to thank all of the people who have been working alongside us on this project. It’s so great that you are willing to help out when we need it! Thank you for your hard work and dedication, which has made our success possible.

Group Assignment Acknowledgement: Sample 3

We would like to thank our teachers and professors who gave us a chance to work on this project. We are very grateful that they provided valuable suggestions for the betterment of the project, which we greatly appreciate them for doing so. Furthermore, we want to extend special thanks towards our college as well because without their resources then none of what is seen now could have been possible in terms of creative or intellectual development. Last but not least, everyone involved with this think tank deserves recognition such as family members and friends. they all played an important role when it came down to giving motivation at times where there was no hope left!

Group Assignment Acknowledgement: Sample 4

We are very grateful to our teachers and professors who gave us a chance to work on this project. We would like to thank him for giving us valuable suggestions and ideas, as well as the college that provided all of the resources needed in order for it to be successful. Our parents always encouraged us through every rough patch with their support, but also friends were there when we needed them most!

Acknowledgment for Group Assignment/Project: Sample 5

It has been a long and strenuous project, but we have finally reached the finish line with our final product. We owe an immense amount of gratitude to all those who contributed in one way or another; without you, this would not be possible. The completion of such a large-scale endeavor requires support from many people, so thank you for your contributions! We are also very grateful to our teachers and supervisors for their kindness as well as patience during the process – they never once lost faith in us despite how difficult it was at times. To everyone else involved: Thank You!. Finally, we want to extend our thanks towards God (The Great Almighty) because he always had his blessing on us when nobody else did 😉

Group Assignment Acknowledgement: Example 6

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to this project. It was one of the most challenging, yet gratifying experiences in our lives and education career. We truly appreciate all those who helped us get here: teachers for their guidance; supervisors for your understanding; friends, family members, relatives – without you guys there would be no way! Above all else thank God Almighty because he always had his hand on us during every step of this journey to completion.

Group Assignment Acknowledgement: Sample 7

Mr. X thank you for your leadership and knowledge that helped us complete this project successfully, we are grateful to have had the privilege of learning from a wonderful teacher such as yourself! Thank you Mr. Z for all of your guidance throughout our work on this project including advice and support when needed! And finally, thank you again to everyone involved in making it happen because without them we would not be here today with an amazing product completed!”

Group Assignment Acknowledgement: Sample 8

We are grateful to our respectable teacher, Mr. X who has been instrumental in guiding us through this project successfully. With his wisdom and knowledge, we were able to complete this report with ease under his supervision which was a very enriching experience for all of us! We also would like to thank Mr.Z whose advice helped make the production process much smoother and easier than expected considering it was such an ambitious task from the start! Lastly, without their help along the way, I’m not sure if we could have made it here today so thanks go out as well to everyone else that contributed at some point or another during our journey on completing this remarkable undertaking together.”

Acknowledgment Sample for Group Assignment: Sample 9

We are grateful to our respectable teacher, Mr. X for his insightful leadership and knowledge which benefited us in completing the project successfully! Thank you so much for your continuous support and presence whenever needed. We would also like to thank Professor Z who provided valuable advice on a number of occasions during the preparation of this report as well as contributing some money that helped us buy necessary equipment. Last but not the least, we sincerely appreciate all those whose contribution was either direct or indirect–we could have never done it without them!

Group Assignment Acknowledgement: Example 10

A project like this would be impossible to complete without the help of a number of people. I am grateful for all those who helped make it possible and want them to know how much their words were appreciated throughout my process. My deepest gratitude goes out especially to _______, __________, and ______for making themselves available at every stage as they patiently answered my many questions about matters both big and small. A project such as mine is unimaginable without the assistance from others working on behalf or in support of me along the way; acknowledging these individuals’ efforts ensures that none go unappreciated! One cannot overstate what each person has done during different stages so below are some brief summaries:

Please do not copy these examples word for word but try to create your own version. You can also hire our Malaysian assignment helper to help you with your assignment acknowledgment page for your project.

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