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How to Partner with Oyo Rooms | Oyo Rooms Registration

In This Article, I will Tell you About What is Oyo rooms, What is The Business Model of Oyo rooms and how to tie up with Oyo rooms or partner with oyo rooms. That will enable you To get Oyo Rooms Registration and  Commence The Oyo rooms Business.

Oyo rooms Registration

What is Oyo rooms Registration ?

Oyo Rooms is the biggest marked system or Branded Network of inns and Hotels at present working in India and Malaysia. The plan of action of Oyo Rooms Business have highlights of an aggregator plan of action yet with some bend. The firm sorts out the disorderly organizations working in a similar area, influence them to fill in as their accomplices by marking an agreement, and offer their items under its own particular image. The primary concentration, in these kinds of plans of action, is the nature of the service gave. Henceforth, to keep up the name, they influence the accomplices to give services to foreordained norms while they make them more noticeable to their client base. for the more details on the Oyo Rooms Checkout on Wiki .

What is The Business Model Of Oyo Hotel Registration ?

Oyo Rooms Business Model is an inn or a Hotel Aggregator Model. The clients purchase the service from the brand Oyo rooms and couldn’t care less who the accomplice is. Much the same as Uber , Oyo gives rooms institutionalized quality and price. Business Model of Oyo Rooms is unique in relation to AirBnB’s plan of action as Oyo doesn’t concentrate just on the discoverability of the accomplices among the clients yet additionally on the institutionalized nature of the service given. Oyo Rooms give guests a quality lodging room remains at better places around India. They have collaborated with inns and influenced them to work with them under their name.

What is The Revenue Model of Oyo Rooms Business?

The income model of Oyo Rooms Business is basic.

How to Partner with Oyo Rooms or Tie up for Hotel Registration ?

In order to Get Oyo rooms hotel registration or Oyo Rooms Registration, you have to follow These steps :

Conclusion on Oyo rooms Registration

I Hope you like this article about How to Partner with Oyo Rooms. still, if you are confused you can check out our website to Get Help regarding Legal Formalities related to Oyo Rooms registration or partner with Oyo rooms.

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OYO Vs Airbnb - Competitors in Hospitality Industry of India

Abhishek Gupta

A traveller, a tourist and a first-time backpacker. These three have something in common despite their differences in experience. They all want a peaceful night to stay after having a long walk to someone's dream place or to a normal visit or a trip. The business of giving people home or a place to stay dates back to AD 707.

The hospitality business is one of the indestructible industries wherein famous chains have generations of families leading, in particular, the empire built by people through hospitality. Hotels are the face of this industry. There are buildings that provide people with a place to stay with the utmost comfort. They make people feel cosy in corners not owned by them, yet have rights over them.

The hotel industry was once owned by the owners with no regulatory bodies on the top of their heads. They had their own business model. But the new generation turned the system into a marketplace that involved filters of the various layers. The whole system was immediately converted into a well-oiled machine. A new system that sided with the huge Indian population.

This huge system turnover was brought by a 22-year-old Indian Boy named Ritesh Agarwal.

Current Status of Hotel and Tourism Industry OYO Vs Airbnb - Experience in Industry OYO Vs Airbnb - Front-end OYO Vs Airbnb - Places to Stay OYO Vs Airbnb - Stay Duration OYO Vs Airbnb - Business Model OYO Vs Airbnb - Revenue Model OYO Vs Airbnb - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) OYO Vs Airbnb - Marketing Strategy OYO Vs Airbnb - Social Media Conclusion FAQs

Current Status of Hotel and Tourism Industry

The Tourism and Hotel Industry in India is one of the main drivers of growth among the services sector of the country. The tourism industry in India has significant potential as it has rich & diverse culture, historical heritage, a vast range of ecology, and flora and fauna. Indian is known for its geographical diversity, attractive beaches throughout the coastline, 27 world heritage sites, 10 biogeographic zones, 80 national parks and more than 441 sanctuaries.

According to reports, over 39 million jobs were created in the tourism sector which equates to over 8% of the total employment in India. By 2029, the country’s tourism sector is expected to grow 6.7% to reach $488 billion, which will account for 9.2% of the country total economy. The industry has slowed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, as the country had many lockdowns and restrictions on travel.

As per the Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI), the Indian hotel industry had a loss of approximately $17.82 billion in revenue due to the ongoing pandemic. Despite taking a hit, the industry is looking to come back up with the help of schemes and opportunities provided by the government . The Indian Government is providing free loans to the MSMEs to help them deal with the crisis and revive the tourism sector.

It is also planning to tap into a staycation, which is an emerging trend where people stay at luxurious hotels to revive themselves of stress in a peaceful getaway. With many upcoming developments, the international tourist arrivals are expected to reach 30.5 billion and generate revenue of over $59 billion by 2028. OYO and Airbnb have in many ways helped the industry grow especially in 2020 and 2021, as domestic tourists are expected to drive the growth post-pandemic.

OYO Vs Airbnb - Experience in Industry

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO of OYO Rooms

When it comes to trust, experienced companies are trusted more.

Ritesh Agarwal , the founder of OYO , formed the most famous chain of leased and franchised hotel chains. We Indians often refer to it as a place to look for the best deals for hotels, The Oyo Rooms . Oyo Rooms started 7 years ago with a bunch of hotels. The company has now expanded globally with thousands of hotels and vacation homes. Oyo Rooms was started in the year 2013.

Ritesh is the second youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

Airbnb's Founders

Airbnb was conceived years ago by two roommates who rented out an air mattress in their living room. This turned their whole apartment into a bed and breakfast. This was done to sustain the high-priced living in San Francisco. This gave the company its name Airbedandbreakfast . Airbnb was started in 2008.

So the winner here is, Airbnb, which has a lot of experience.

Both the companies share a common goal, i.e. to provide accommodations, a safe place and comfortable corners to people. Yet both the companies have a very different working business model.

Oyo is often believed to be India's answer to Airbnb. This article will take you through the different business models and things that are uncommon between the two companies.

OYO Vs Airbnb - Front-end

OYO Rooms

OYO, as people know, is a website where one can go through various filters and find a hotel. But this is the front-end of how the Oyo company is . Oyo is a marketplace for only hotels.


However, Airbnb is a marketplace that helps a traveller find an abode of his type. It can be for lodging, primarily homestays and homestays. It also lets the provider of the property fix a price. This helps both sides as well as Airbnb. The company has recently started offering experiences too.

This shows a more varied and real-world applied concept. So, Airbnb has a better front-end.

OYO Vs Airbnb - Places to Stay

OYO Online Booking

Oyo used to get hotels and book a majority of the rooms for a definite time. It then standardizes the room according to the Oyo standards. Later, list the hotels on its website with huge and heavy discounts. The whole business model used to work by acquiring clusters of hotels for a definite time. Standardizing them and making them proper before listing.

Airbnb Online Booking

Airbnb is based on the sharing economy. It makes owners share the property or rooms they own with travellers who in turn share money with the owners. It is believed to be the most successful business that works on sharing economy. A two-faced system that works for the public.

OYO Vs Airbnb - Stay Duration

Oyo works on hotel stays, so an individual can stay there for a good amount of time. Oyo rooms have no particular rule about leaving a room after a set date. The whole system is similar to how one can stay in a hotel. But in Airbnb, there is a 90-day rule. This rule was introduced in 2017. This rule is only for areas in London. The listings in that area cannot be occupied for more than 90 days.

This makes Airbnb not suitable for very long.

Oyo had 5,855 hotels in its network in the year 2016 with an inventory of over 68 thousand rooms. If compared to today it has a portfolio of more than 35 thousand hotels and 125 thousand vacation homes. It has over 1.2 million rooms across 80 countries and 800 cities.

But, the founder and CEO of Oyo - Ritesh Agarwal made an announcement in the year 2017 that the company had evolved its Oyo business model to 100% franchise , managing, or operating. He also mentioned that his company would no longer go for hotel aggregation and will shift towards becoming a proper full-scale hospitality company. The CEO stated that this change in business model will reduce operational costs. Hence, improve service.

give your property to oyo

OYO Vs Airbnb - Business Model

Oyo changed its business model to the Franchise model in the year 2017. The company earlier used to take up some rooms on lease and would sell them to customers. This model involves partnering with many hotels and asking them to operate as a franchise. Then selling their rooms to all the customers at competitive prices.

Airbnb, known for not owning any of the properties. Yet known for having a business that does work on providing shelter. All the company does is providing a platform. A platform on which all the people can rent out properties they own or spare rooms to guests. The property prices are set by the owner themselves. But the company intervenes when it comes to the collection of money.

The Business model of Airbnb is a multi-sided marketplace that connects all the travellers with the host and experience providers. The company makes money from the fees that come from bookings from stays and experiences. Airbnb's model is exponential when it comes to growth.

Airbnb has a better business model in terms of customer comfort and reach.

Airbnb's business model is quite simple yet very innovative which often dubs it as the world's fastest-growing travel site.

give your property to oyo

OYO Vs Airbnb - Revenue Model

Oyo charges around 22% of commissions. This has to be paid every month by the hotels' owners. However, commissions may vary as per the services and features offered. Oyo also charges a commission out of the room reservation fee according to their services chosen.

Airbnb makes all the money through commissions. It charges a 3% commission on every booking from hosts and between 6 - 12% from guests. Unlike Oyo, Airbnb takes reviews and feedback from both ends. Be it the host or the guest, this makes it a proper marketplace.

Airbnb seems to have an upper hand at everything, making it a proper place to visit before actually vising one.

give your property to oyo

OYO Vs Airbnb - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool that lets a company store customer and prospect contact information. It also helps the company identify sales opportunities, record service issues, and manage marketing campaigns. Depending on what type of CRM a company has, they can get basic information about their prospective customer and interact with them. CRM helps the company in better analyzing and understanding their customers, which will help them offer better and more efficient customer service. Airbnb and OYO have very different CRM strategies.

The CRM that OYO uses is Blueshifts Programmatic CRM, which has helped the company to become a leader in 1:1 customer engagement across all marketing channels. With Blueshift's precise recommendations and targeted triggers, OYO has been able to achieve 5X higher bookings from email and mobile channels. The company also has a mobile-first approach which has helped it to expand in over 500 cities across ten countries.

CRM of Airbnb

The CRM that Airbnb uses is Twilio, which helps connect with hosts. How it works is, when a traveller makes a reservation through Airbnb, the host has 32 hours to respond to a booking request and this is possible because of its CRM. There is systematic mobile communication between hosts and travellers using a text message. The host can also decide whether they want to accept or deny the customer. The company also uses Hootsuite social media management , which helps them monitor their follower’s growth and social CRM. The system also helps the company to find certain keywords that can eventually be used in campaigns.

OYO Vs Airbnb - Marketing Strategy

Oyo - marketing strategy.

Oyo is known to use the 360-degree marketing method as it implies having a presence on all forms of digital and traditional media . They also have their unique room strategy which helps in attracting more customers with lower room prices in comparison to the base price of the hotel. Besides that OYO has made many successful multimedia marketing campaigns such as #AurKyaChahiye. It also shares location-based posts, promotional posts, which helps people to browse destinations to travel, check for new offers & discounts and encourage them to book OYO.

Airbnb - Marketing Strategy

Airbnb on the other hand uses the marketing approach to building and maintaining a strong community among its users. It also mainly targets long term loyalty from both the guests and hosts. The main marketing strategy of the company is to take your business in front of your potential guest and turn them into bookers. The customers who previously enjoyed their stay with Airbnb places are sent an email encouraging them to list their own property. Airbnb India aims to make its guests feel welcome, its app did the same, as it has a unified interface on Android and iOS platforms .

OYO Vs Airbnb - Social Media

Oyo on social media.

Over the years the company has leveraged the power of social media as it has been able to retain its ranking and stay ahead of OYO competitors in the market. OYO currently has over 169k followers on Instagram and 65.4k followers on Twitter , with actor Sonu Sood as its current brand ambassador . On all the social media platforms, the company promotes itself as being a brand that offers two types of services which are promoting tourist spaces and a safe space to spend time with your loved ones in your own city. OYO also uploads many ad campaigns like ‘Fir Badhega India’ and ‘Sanitised Stays’ that helps in engaging with their customers especially during the COVID-19 pandemic .

Airbnb on Social Media

Airbnb has a different approach to social media marketing as it heavily relies on awareness generating strategy. The company also uses travel influencers to further promote the platform as it does its social media relies on user-generated content (UGC). So far the company has over 4.9 million followers on Instagram and 733k followers on Twitter. It also has over 6.3 million photos using #airbnb on Instagram which shows us how widespread the company is. Airbnb also heavily invests in video marketing as a part of telling its brand story, it currently has more than 500 videos generating over 100 million views on YouTube .

In a nutshell, Airbnb and Oyo share the same kind of services, i.e. hospitality service. Moreover, Airbnb is a website for people to list, find and rent lodging whereas Oyo is a chain of budget and premium rooms partnering with different hotels . Oyo is all about providing a customer experience within a stipulated budget range while Airbnb doesn't control the customer experience as such.

What is the difference between Airbnb and Oyo?

OYO has more hotel rooms whereas Airbnb has more residential plots. In Airbnb, the apartment may have been misinterpreted, not so in the case of OYO as an audit is done every week.

Are OYO Rooms similar to Airbnb?

OYO's business model is kind of similar to that of Airbnb, i.e. they are an online aggregator of budget hotels. Bookings for these rooms would be made via the website and the mobile app of OYO Rooms. However, the main focus is always is the quality of service provided.

How to give your property to OYO Rooms?

For OYO Rooms registration, you can write an email to [email protected] or give a call to this number +91 70530 70530.

Is OYO successful?

OYO Rooms has been one of the most successful startups in India being the country's largest budget hotel chain. It focuses on standardizing the hotels in the non-branded hospitality sector.

Is Airbnb better than Oyo?

OYO is better in terms of privacy and security. OYO assures quality service while Airbnb doesn't guarantee anything from their end.

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Bungalow For Sale Irepodun Estate, Off Sharp Corner, Oluyole Extension Ibadan Oyo

Newly Built 4 Nos Of 2 Bedroom Flat.

Bungalow for sale.

Irepodun Estate, Off Sharp Corner, Oluyole Extension Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

Realty Point Limited

Updated Today

₦ 85,000,000.

Bungalow For Sale Bobby Olofa Street, Off Oke Badan, Alao Akala Way Ibadan Oyo

3 Nos Of Three Bedroom Flat

Bobby Olofa Street, Off Oke Badan, Alao Akala Way Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 90,000,000

4 bedroom Duplex For Sale Aerodrome Gra, Samonda Ibadan Oyo

Tastefully Finished 4 Bedroom Semidetached Duplex With C Of O

4 bedroom duplex for sale.

Aerodrome Gra, Samonda Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

Updated 16 Mar 2023, Added 28 Feb 2023

₦ 130,000,000.

Land For Sale Ibadan Oyo

500sqm Of Land

Land for sale, updated 15 mar 2023, added 11 jan 2023.

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Massive 2 Bedroom Bungalow With Bq On 2 Plots

2 bedroom bungalow for sale.

Apata Area Off Oluyole Akala Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

Loyalty Property

Updated 15 Mar 2023, Added 22 Nov 2022

₦ 47,000,000.

Land For Sale Ido, Off Eruwa Road Ibadan Oyo

Six Acres Of Land

Ido, Off Eruwa Road Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 3,500,000/sqm

House For Sale White Gate, Oluyole Extension Ibadan Oyo

Twin Duplex

House for sale.

White Gate, Oluyole Extension Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 75,000,000

Search in popular location.

Bungalow For Sale Beside Gas Land, Along Bashorun Road, Akobo Ibadan Oyo

A Completed House

Beside Gas Land, Along Bashorun Road, Akobo Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 50,000,000

Land For Sale Oke Bukun, Elebu Ibadan Oyo

Oke Bukun, Elebu Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 6,500,000

3 bedroom Flat & Apartment For Sale By Freedom Way Lekki Phase 1 Lagos

Luxury 3 Bedroom Apartments By Freedom Way

3 bedroom flat & apartment for sale.

By Freedom Way Lekki Phase 1 Lagos


Updated 15 Mar 2023, Added 18 Nov 2022

₦ 100,000,000.

Land For Sale Iseyin Ibadan Oyo

63 Acres Of Farmland For Sale

Iseyin Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

Lucky Elujokor Properties

₦ 250,000,000

Land For Sale Along Gbopa, Ologuneru Ibadan Oyo

Two Plot Of Land

Along Gbopa, Ologuneru Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 7,000,000

Terrace For Sale Behind Town Planning, Oluyole Estate Ibadan Oyo


Behind Town Planning, Oluyole Estate Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 300,000,000

Terrace For Sale Wisdom Estate, Akobo Ibadan Oyo

An Uncompleted Building

Wisdom Estate, Akobo Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 38,000,000

House For Sale Joyce B Road, Off Ring Road, Mobil Ibadan Oyo

Joyce B Road, Off Ring Road, Mobil Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

Duplex For Sale Oba Mohmoh, Iyaganku Gra. Ibadan Oyo


Oba Mohmoh, Iyaganku Gra. Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 380,000,000

House For Sale Iyana Olopa, Akobo Ibadan Oyo

4 Blocks Of 3 Bedroom Flat

Iyana Olopa, Akobo Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 45,000,000

Land For Sale Laniba, Off Ui Ibadan Oyo

A Plot Of Land

Laniba, Off Ui Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 2,500,000

House For Sale Jato Street, Off Akinfenwa, Alakia Ibadan Oyo

Jato Street, Off Akinfenwa, Alakia Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 55,000,000

House For Sale Along Bembo Road, Off Apata Ibadan Oyo

Along Bembo Road, Off Apata Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

House For Sale Toye Ajagun Street, Off Nnpc Road, Apata Ibadan Oyo

4 Nos Of 3 Bedroom Flat With Boys Quarters

Toye Ajagun Street, Off Nnpc Road, Apata Ibadan Ibadan Oyo

₦ 20,000,000

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Introducing OYO Apartments


We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched OYO Apartments in the United States! Read on to find out more about this exciting initiative:

OYO Apartments is a new way to travel and stay with OYO. Designed to offer a unique and local experience, these homestays deliver the comforts of home with the convenience and consistency of an OYO hotel. OYO Apartments can include apartments, villas, lofts and more.

2. How is OYO Apartments different from OYO Hotels?

Similar to OYO Hotels, OYO Apartments are managed and serviced by OYO. However, OYO Apartments include a variety of home amenities, such as home appliances, living spaces, and more. Each OYO Apartment is unique and a property’s specific amenities can be found on the property listing page.

3. How do I search for OYO Apartments?

OYO Apartments can be found at www.oyorooms.com/us and the OYO app. Guests can also book OYO Apartments by calling 1844-BOOK-OYO. 

4. How much does it cost to stay at an OYO Apartments property?

On average, OYO Apartments stays can cost anywhere from $40 to $90 per night depending on the amenities offered and the quality of the living space. OYO Apartments offer an incredible value for a range of accommodation needs. 

5. What is included in an OYO Apartment?

In addition to having more comforts of home inside, OYO Apartments can come with a variety of external amenities such as a clubhouse, TV lounge, fitness center, playground, swimming pool, hot tub, business center and more. Every OYO Apartment offers different amenities, so make sure to check the individual property page(s) to see what extra amenities are available. 

6. Is there a minimum or maximum limit on an OYO Apartment reservation?

When staying at an OYO Apartment, the minimum reservation is (1) night and the maximum stay is (28) nights.

7. How do I modify an OYO Apartment reservation?

We would love to host you but in case your plans change, our simple cancellation process makes sure you receive a quick confirmation and fast refunds. We do not charge cancellation fees for bookings canceled within 10 minutes of creating the same booking. Any amount paid will be refunded.

8. How do I extend an OYO Apartment reservation?

OYO Apartment reservations cannot be extended. If you wish to stay further in the same unit we encourage you to book a new reservation for the desired period you wish to stay. Subject to availability. 

9. Does OYO Apartments allow pets?

No, only service animals are allowed in OYO Apartment properties. 

10. How often will my room be cleaned?

OYO Apartment units will be cleaned after guests check-out. Additional cleaning services can be requested for an additional cost. 

11. Who do I call if amenities (like heat/AC) is not working?

Please call our customer service number for assistance: 787-710-7264

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How to Take an OYO Franchise in India?

OYO rooms were founded by Ritesh Agarwal in 2013 and have since become the country’s most prominent hospitality firm in a short period. Over 230 Indian cities, as well as Malaysia and Nepal, are within its sphere of influence. The company aims to become the world’s most trusted and preferred brand. Let’s check out how to take an OYO franchise in India below.

How to Take an OYO Franchise in India

The OYO app has transformed the business by allowing consumers to browse and book rooms, order room service, and check for neighboring OYO hotels. As a managed hotel brand targeted at urbanites and the next generation of lodgers, OYO established Townhouse in 2017 as a social hotspot. The Townhouse would be a fantastic option for a traveler looking for a high-end hotel with exciting amenities and a convenient location.

Investment needed for franchising with OYO

To open an OYO Townhouse franchise, aspiring entrepreneurs must spend a total of INR 1 crore-2 crore in addition to their operating capital and investment resources. However, in line with the company’s promises, the payback time for the franchise would be reduced as the franchise gets an ROI of 40%.

OYO franchise business model

As a hotel aggregator, the OYO Rooms business model is similar to an inn. It doesn’t matter to the customers whether the service is provided by OYO rooms or a third-party service provider. OYO is similar to Uber, in that it provides rooms with an established level of quality and pricing. Unlike Airbnb, OYO Rooms’ business model doesn’t simply focus on the discoverability of its partners but also on the standardized nature of the service it provides to its customers. OYO Rooms provide a high-quality hotel option for customers in better locations around India. Influenced inns to cooperate under their name, they partnered with them.

OYO franchise income model

OYO Rooms rent out a portion of a hotel’s rooms. Institutional amenities like free WiFi and spotless restrooms are all part of the package in these rooms. The OYO Rooms website/application makes these rooms available to potential customers. OYO Rooms charge a fixed price to those who want to use them. Oyo presents itself in several cities and must provide enormous discounts to customers.

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Hotel Room

OYO rooms suffer due to these rebates, which often result in expenses that are even lower than the hotel rates. The expenses also include the enormous expenditures of limited-time activities to raise the brand’s perceived value among customers and remuneration.

How to take an OYO franchise in india: Step by step guide

Step 1: registration.

Visit the OYO website and fill out a simple OYO rooms registration form with your name in the “list your property area” and your mobile phone number and city of residence. Tap on “Become an OYO” to submit this form and begin partnering with OYO Rooms. You can also email [email protected] or give OYO franchise contact number a call to register for OYO rooms: +91 70530 70530.

Step 2: Discussion with OYO team

A representative from the OYO rooms team will contact you after you fill out an application form, send an email, or give them a call to discuss becoming a partner. They will go over the terms and conditions with you, have you provide proof of your address and identification, and have you sign an OYO rooms partnership agreement.

Step 3: Listing

Your commercial property, hotel, or home will be listed on the OYO rooms app and website as soon as the following formalities are completed, and you will be able to accept guests via OYO rooms.


Franchisees with OYO have access to the same services as other franchisees, including induction training and professional help from the head office in setting up the franchise.

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OYO Room

Agreement duration

OYO and the franchise will pursue a five-year business arrangement that may be renewed at the end of the term.

The pricing model of OYO

Customers of OYO may book Contracted Rooms via the OYO Platform, OTA, and any other online or offline channel at a price set by OYO, and the OYO Patron is responsible for completing the reservations at that price. It’s understood and agreed upon by the OYO patron that such pricing is dynamic and subject to change and that OYO’s method of determining the price is acceptable. In addition, customers of OYO may sometimes get discounts or other incentives from OYO, which the OYO Patron must comply with.

Maintain service standards

“The patron” is expected to:

List of reasons for which OYO can suspend you

Nothing in this policy prevents OYO from canceling any OYO Patron reservations and, as a result, prohibits anybody from making a reservation for the property until all outstanding concerns have been addressed. OYO reserves the right to suspend property under the following conditions or any other situations that OYO considers appropriate:

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Hotel Room

For the time that the OYO Patron’s property is suspended, OYO is released from all of its duties under the Agreement. In addition, any customer, private or government authority, as well as anyone else who may have a claim against OYO for reasons that caused the OYO Patron’s Property to be suspended or for issues that may arise at the OYO Patron’s Property while OYO is running the property, must pay OYO for all of these costs and damages.

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Hotel Room

OYO townhouse 

New inexpensive hotel brand OYO Townhouse is centered on the “needs of the millennial traveler,” as stated on its official website. They are a fantastic match for the neighborhood’s ambiance, combining luxury and comfort with efficiency and affordability. By the end of 2017, there were 150 OYO Townhouses in India, spread across 30 cities. Keep reading if you’re interested in leasing your home to OYO for Townhouse.

Why lease your property to the OYO townhouse?

Many reasons exist to consider becoming an OYO Townhouse franchisee and renting out your property by the company’s business plan. Starting OYO’s network of hotels is rapidly expanding; you may be proud to be a part of it. Become an OYO partner hotel and join a national premium brand focused on functionality, aesthetics, and customer service.

For OYO franchise owners, their property’s design and infrastructure will improve, resulting in a rise in its worth as a result of this improvement. So ride the wave of expansion. Now is the time to begin a long-term business partnership with OYO Townhouse.

Pricing of OYO townhouse for customers

OYO Townhouse room rates start at Rs. 2500 per night and may up to Rs. 4000 per night as self-operated hotels. The affordable category of rooms would remain untouched. In other words, the OYO Townhouse hotel’s budget room rate per night will remain between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 1500. In Gurgaon and Delhi, the first townhouses were built.

They provide complimentary breakfast, WiFi, free parking, a backup power supply, a laundry, close circuit television cameras, and a well-trained security crew. In terms of OYO Townhouses’ features and amenities, the biggest thing to note is the fantastic restaurant, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Area, Cost, ROI details of OYO townhouse franchise

Costs for OYO Townhouse franchises range from 1 to 2 crore rupees. There’s a good chance that an OYO hotel franchise’s return on investment (ROI) will be around 40%, which means that the payback time for cash invested in the franchise is expected to be less than five years. The commercial property must be between 3000 and 5000 square feet in size. It goes without saying that if you’re building a hotel, you want to be near a popular tourist destination or a bustling business sector so that you can attract as many clients as possible.

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Hotel Room

The initial length of the franchise is five years, which can be extended. Under the franchise business model, OYO is adding 10,000 rooms or roughly 500 hotels each month to the list of OYO Townhouse franchise budget hotels in India. OYO Townhouse Hotel Revenue Share Commission has increased from 18 percent to 22 percent as the company’s business plan has changed to become a successful hotel franchise chain.

How to partner with the OYO townhouse franchise?

Find out how you can join the OYO Townhouse hotel franchise network by visiting the official website at www [dot] oyotownhouse (slash) join-network if you’re interested in learning more. You can contact them at partner [at] oyorooms [dot].com to get in touch with them.

How to Open a Gas Station Business in Connecticut: Business Plan, Set-Up Cost, Requirements, and License/Permit

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OYO: Search & Book Hotel Rooms 4+

Budget hotels & booking deals, oravel stays private ltd..

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OYO app turns every traveller’s bucket list into a reality. Whether a recreation vacation, work trip or a couple’s getaway, with OYO by your side, booking hotels is just 3 steps away. Best accommodation at best prices, OYO is your answer to a hassle-free stay. Different Destinations. Same OYO comfort. A platform with a network of over 3,30,000+ hotels and homes across the globe, OYO has a global footprint & recognition. From luxurious villas to budget-friendly hotels, from sea-facing rooms to hill-top suites, OYO has a vast variety of hotels and homes suited for everyone and every mood. Each hotel associated with OYO holds a promise of safe surroundings, best prices, sanitised stay, hospitable staff and excellent service towards the guests. Why book an OYO? · Years of making memories · 4+ star ratings for a comfortable stay · 330K+ places you can call home · 2.8 million+ guests who are family Feels like home away from home With world-class amenities, facilities and comfort, each OYO offers experiences that are memorable and unique. Book for your favourite destination with various types of OYOs and find yourself exploring the best of travel world with the OYO app: 1. Belvilla: Get transported to Europe like vacation homes right here in India. 2. OYO Townhouse: Smarter hotels with smarter rooms for the smarter you. 3. Collection O: Premium hotels and comfortable rooms for lavish business travellers. 4. OYO Homes: Your go-to holiday homes and comfortable vacations. Make memories. Save money. Get OYO Wizard membership to avail extra 5% discount on member hotels and 10% on favourite Wizard Hotel. That’s not it. You can avail special daily offers and utilize OYO money which is redeemable on your next stay. Wait, wait, there’s more. Get your first night stay with OYO at INR 399 and also get a complimentary night stay on repeat stays. You can also pre-book to avail 20% off with your meal plan. Booking made easy OYO is a smart app that allows you to make the booking from anywhere through debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI-BHIM, Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTm, PayZapp, WhatsApp, MobiKwik, Ola Money and Freecharge. You can also skip the hassle and pay directly at the hotel upon check-in. Easy cancellations make for hassle-free & convenient bookings and quick refunds help you make fast decisions without any worry. We’re listening OYO is always there for you from the moment you log onto the app to the time you check-out from the hotel and more. With 24*7 customer support, OYO app tackles your booking-related queries and gives you a list of FAQs and solutions. We know what you want that’s why you can search for ‘Nearby’ hotels, ‘OYOs near me’ as they are listed on TripAdvisor, Expedia, Booking.com, Yatra, Agoda, Ixigo, Trivago etc. Start booking now!!

Version 7.4

Travellers, this is our biggest update ever! We’ve squashed the bugs, completely revamped our user interface, and added many new features to improve your experience listed below. 1. We have added tags and highlights to help you make the booking faster and discover the right kind of OYO for you. 2. We’ve revamped cancellation policies because we know plans change, and we want always to be a part of your plan. 3. Our review section has also been updated as you requested, and we have also included an additional check-in rating as we want your offline experience to match the online one. Check out the app, and if you want some help or feedback, you know who to call! - Team OYO

Ratings and Reviews

Room 135 at oyo.

On the august 17th me and my friend rented the room and it was spectacular! We decided to extend until the 20th because of all the hotels trinity in Texarkana is the best!! Room was very clean, the bed was to die for, I literally slept like a baby!! I will book again as im sure they will fix my room and act accordingly to getting us into a new room.I’m having some problems with room 220 and condensation of the of air conditioner no phone and toilet doesn’t flush properly at all which I addressed yesterday around 3pm when we checked in through the oyo app. but other than this time which I’m sure they will fix, I will then give another five star rating

Nightmare experience

I booked 3rooms in OYO hotel in Bijāpur, Karnataka, India (Oyo capital Meridian)for my parents and family. Booking was confirmed and everything was paid online. After my parents reaching the hotel they were told they won’t get rooms since we have paid it online. Then i talked to OYO customer service and they suggested me to move to different property (Oyo Basava Residency) and we accepted it. After my parents reached the other property, same issue here also. Here also property owner denied to give rooms. He asked us to pay the amount in the hotel and then we will get the rooms. Again they asked us the price 25% more than what we booked for. I called to customer service and they told they will refund the amount which I paid but it will take around 7 to 14 working days. Is this the experience you guys provide? I booked 3rooms for family and I was not traveling with them. Aged parents were waiting outside the hotel without getting the rooms. I spent one whole day talking with your customer service team. There is no way to talk to higher authorities. Even Though i booked the rooms and got confirmation I didn’t get rooms and now I need to wait for 7 to 14 days to get back my money. I lost my time & peace of mind. Who will bear this loss? I would like to thank Oyo for all this loss and nightmare experience. I’ll never again book any rooms through Oyo.

Developer Response ,

Hi, we regret the inconvenience caused to you. We never want our customers to be unhappy. We request you to share relevant details with us. So that we can assist you in a better way.

Worst experience

Oyo never supports their costumers when we visit hotel by oyo booking. I went to delhi and booked room from oyo , oyo was showing me 700 rs per night I booked the room and paid in advance but when I visited hotel but the manager denied me to allow the room and said there is no any policy. We don’t give any room under 1200 rs. I requested many times that I booked it from oyo she was not ready to listen at any cost. Then i called costumer care number they were bzy they received my call after half an hour and they didn’t solve my problem i had to wait at least 3 hour but they did nothing to me. After all this thing i talked to hotel manager he provide the room without oyo booking and charge 1200 RS …since the day I decided I would never use this app again and Never suggested anyone about this app.. this incident occurred in 2019.. and the same incident occurred right before my eyes in 2022. They were couple and were struggling like this.. so I decided to write a Review for OYO..
Hello Shiraz, We are concerned to note your disappointment. Certainly, this is not the experience we wanted you to have. Please share your booking details for us to check and assist you. Thanks TEAM OYO

App Privacy

The developer, Oravel Stays Private Ltd. , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

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Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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Own Your Owns: What They Are and Why You Should Buy One.

Own Your Owns are a form of real estate ownership that pre-dates the condominium form of ownership. They are usually 2 or 3 stories, typically in 8-12 unit buildings, tucked between newer and sometimes taller buildings. Own Your Owns were mostly built in the 1950’s. Many people find these types of units appealing because of their mid-century characteristics, with older tiled bathrooms, hardwood floors, and more intimate settings. I find them appealing because of their price. They are less expensive than condos and a lot easier to manage. I’m on my 6th one. They’re all on HOMOWNERSHIP’s Facebook page.

The major challenge with buying OYO’s is the financing. Here are the nuts and bolts of it: The Housing Act of 1961 made it easy to finance Condos, but not OYOs or Co-Ops. Few Lenders give mortgages on OYO because those mortgages are not INSURED by the government, say the FHA, the Federal Housing Admin. Also these OYO mortgages can’t be SOLD on the secondary market to Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) or Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Assoc) that BUYS mortgages from lenders. These two either hold the mortgages in their portfolio, or package the loans into mortgage-backed securities (MBS) that can be sold.

(Quick digression: when people stop paying (default) on their mortgages these MBS become worthless (and banks that carry these loans defaulted on THEIR debt) and the whole economy tanks, like it did in the Global Recession of 2008-2012. (see page 73 of Homownership for more)

Back to OYO financing: so IF Lenders can’t insure them, or sell them, they don’t want to WRITE them. The Lenders that DO write OYO mortgages hold them in their portfolio. The loans are at a higher interest. (than say a conventional 30 year mortgage) They require a 20% down payment, which means the bank owns 80% of the property’s value, AND they want the borrower to live in it, be “owner occupier”. They own most of it (80%) they have your deposit (20%) and you LIVE in it, so, all that spells manageable risk for them.

The same is true when you sell it. You will need to find someone who can meet those financing needs. That may not be so easy to do, but don’t let that stop you. Provided you price it reasonably and leave some equity on the table for the next guy, it will sell.  Don’t be greedy. Be measured.

In sum: Financing can be an expensive challenge. THIS is why OYO’s usually they sell for CASH. This is why they are less expensive than condos and houses. They’re priced LESS to appeal those that have the cash on hand – often investors.

Even though it costs less than a condo, often the rental income can be nearly the same, therefore the return on your investment can be as good, if not better. They make a fine source of passive income. I’ve made as much as 12% on my monthly CAP (capitalization) rate and 83% ROI (return on investment) when I sold the place. I paid off our house with the sale of one of mine. Remember, you make money at the BUY. If you’re buying low to begin with, there’s a greater potential when you sell.

One problem with OYO’s is – parking. Usually there isn’t enough, if any at all. Remember, they’re older buildings and don’t have subterranean parking that Condo blogs have. If you don’t mind that the building only has street parking, you can pick up a nice OYO for a fraction of the cost of a neighboring condo. Some people, some perspective tenants, may not need or care about parking. It is the unit that they’re going to call home, that interests them the most. That’s the part you control. Whether there is parking or not is out of your control. Your job is to provide a nice, comfortable and clean unit to rent. Such a place will earn you a good tenant.

If your OYO building, “Goes Condo,” is converted to condominiums, the value of the unit dramatically increases, and the owner/investor/you make a significant profit. That’s great, but that potential isn’t the only reason to invest in an OYO. There is the income potential and return that makes it immediately profitable. There also the satisfaction of knowing that your money is secured by a physical, “brick and mortar” investment. It’s why people invest in real estate.

Purchasing an Own Your Own to live in would be comparable to purchasing a nice Mobile Home to live in, if you just want a place to own, one that you hold Title to. At the very least, it would accomplish the goal of owning. I’m thinking more in terms of an OYO as an investment to earn you an income.

In an OYO building, you’re usually not dealing with HOA politics and power, just people who want a low key property with a good return. As OYOs are smaller buildings with less amenities, the monthly fees are less. They pay for the property management company to maintain the books and keep up the place.

Lastly, Own your Owns aren’t frilly and fabulous. There are no pools, tennis courts, hot tubs, gyms, saunas, yoga or Pilates studios, but you’re not there for that. Own Your Owns are protected, prolonged, profitable investment properties that will earn you significant interest on your money. You’ll have to find somewhere else to be frilly and fabulous – as if that’s ever a problem.

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give your property to oyo

give your property to oyo

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Budget Chain Oyo Can Be a Nightmare for U.S. Hotel Operators Despite Its Hype

Dennis Schaal, Skift

October 24th, 2019 at 2:30 AM EDT

Oyo has a hype machine to rival any brand. But beneath all of the disruption, some hotel owners complain its technology is unstable and lacks functionality, leaving them to clean up the mess. Growth for growth's sake may seem great for a unicorn-like valuation, but the hotel chain will need to grapple with flaws in its business model that can't keep pace.

Oyo , the self-proclaimed “world’s fastest growing hotel chain,” boasts that technology is “deeply embedded” in its DNA. But hotel owners and general managers in the United States scoff at the claim as their lobbies fill with overbooked guests, and front desk staff resort to emailing check-ins to headquarters because the property management system has crashed.

Skift recently visited, talked on the phone, or exchanged emails with nine hotel owners, general managers, or properties in the United States who’ve recently transitioned their hotels to Oyo. Several complained that the Oyo-mandated property management system frequently didn’t work or has poor functionality, gives properties no ability to set room rates, offers little control over modifying or handling reservations, and leads to overbookings and poor customer service.

By giving all revenue management powers to Oyo, hotel operators were left to cope with Oyo slashing their room rates to such an extent that they sometimes trigger an influx of drug users and prostitutes. Alleged missed payments from Oyo, a lack of cash flow for property owners, and unresponsiveness in dealing with technical or customer service issues were likewise high on the complaint list.

New Skift Research Report: An In-Depth Look at Hotel Chain Oyo’s Financials and Strategy

The criticism of Oyo raises the issue of whether the high-flying hotel brand, which like WeWork and Uber is bankrolled in part by SoftBank and has a valuation of some $10 billion, has overreached in its astounding pace of global expansion. With nearly 1 million rooms in its portfolio, Oyo may have scaled its business so fast across India, China, and the United States, among other geographies, that it just doesn’t have the infrastructure and technology to make good on its lofty promises.

Skift shared with Oyo the substance of the negative comments that some U.S. hotel owners leveled against the chain, and an Oyo spokesperson replied that the company is leveraging “world class technology” to improve customer experience, and boost occupancy and revenue for owners.

But the spokesperson also seemed to acknowledge some of the issues that owners raised when we contacted them.

“We have taken cognizance of the feedback and are addressing asset owner concerns and issues on a war footing,” the Oyo spokesperson said. “Most of these seem to be from the early days. It’s important to note that we have already acted on many of these suggestions and will continue to do so. Oyo is a high-value-oriented company with world-class institutions as partners, and hence we will take hard decisions against anything that is not remotely right.”

Oyo did cite a couple of initiatives which tended to confirm some of the hotel owners’ grievances. For example, on the issue of unruly guests attracted by rock-bottom room rates, the spokesperson said Oyo is “working towards introducing a guest rating system to appropriately manage the quality of clientele.”

And addressing hotel owner criticisms that they are powerless to modify room rates under the Oyo system, the spokesperson said Oyo is evaluating and introduced in October “in some countries” a tariff manager tool that enables properties to adjust room rates 40 percent higher or lower from the Oyo-recommended room rate.

Oyo also stated that when front desk personnel want to interact with Expedia, Booking.com, or any of their associated sub-brands to deal with a reservation issue that came via one of these online travel agencies, the property staff can’t do so directly but must go through the Oyo escalations team, an Oyo captain, or Oyo area general manager.

Here’s what Skift heard from Oyo operators: 

Oyo Hotel JFK Airport

Consider the visit we made one day last week to Oyo Hotel JFK Airport, the first Oyo-branded property in New York City, and a former Howard Johnson. “They try to simplify things to engage with partners,” said hotel owner Miriam Chang, referring to Oyo. “However, their system has a long way to go to improve.”

give your property to oyo

A view of the exterior of the Oyo Hotel JFK Airport.

The hotel general manager at the property, who declined to use his name, had a lot harsher things to say about the Oyo operation.

“It’s the worst system around,” the general manager said of Oyo OS, the web-based property management system, adding it’s unstable and frequently crashes. “We really don’t have any control of anything.”

While we visited the property, one of only two Oyo-branded properties in New York City, and sat in its small cafe with the general manager, the front desk staff had to email check-ins to Oyo representatives because the property management system wouldn’t accept them. We saw WhatsApp messages between the Oyo area general manager and front desk staff trying to locate missing reservations that had been made through Expedia, but couldn’t be found in the Oyo system.

A day earlier, the hotel had been overbooked because the Oyo property management system lagged or just didn’t work, the general manager said. “Expedia reservations didn’t come in but the people who made them did. One lady was getting really upset but what we could we do?”

Referring to concerns about the Oyo operating system, the Oyo spokesperson claimed the system is “successfully managing” 1.2 million rooms.

“We, however, also use a third-party system to connect with some online travel agents, which we are continuously working to improve and thereby ensure a seamless check-in experience for our guests,” the spokesperson said.

Oyo uses RateGain  to connect to online travel agencies in some markets, but in the United States Oyo directly connects to Expedia Group and Booking Holdings brands, the Oyo spokesperson said.

On the issue of the front desk needing to email check-ins to Oyo because the Oyo property management system wouldn’t accept them, the Oyo spokeswoman claimed it is often an “integrity issue given our terms of engagement.”

“As an example, there have been instances where customers are checking in a day before and the hotel manager has not updated it or recorded it in the system, which results in significant revenue loss for Oyo,” the spokesperson said.

Not an Isolated Incident

The overbooking incident at the Oyo Hotel JFK Airport does not appear to be an isolated incident. For example, one Skift staffer booked at stay at Oyo Hotel Atlanta Airport Southeast through HotelTonight at 12:30 a.m. on October 11 for a stay that night. When the Skift staffer arrived at the property a short time later, front desk staff told him that Oyo had oversold the property so they didn’t have a room for him.

The front desk personnel at the Oyo property in Atlanta implied that this was not the first time a guest showed up with a reservation and the property couldn’t honor the booking because there were no rooms left.

Meanwhile, the general manager at the Oyo Hotel JFK Airport has worked at the property, about two miles from airport, for about four-and-a-half years. The property, which has fresh Oyo-branded signage, airport shuttles, rugs, credit card machines, and its signature-red pillows and bedding, went live with Oyo during the first week of September.

give your property to oyo

A room at the Oyo Hotel JFK Airport replete with Oyo red pillows

Previously, as a Howard Johnson brand, the property used Sabre’s SynXis central reservation system, which showed properties credit card information, and enabled the front desk staff to modify reservations. With the Oyo system, the general manager said, the property can’t handle it when the guest wants to change credit cards, is unable to give guests a senior discount, and can’t interact with online travel agencies about issues with reservations as it could when using the Sabre technology.

“We don’t see anything now,” the general manager said. “Any changes take forever.”

While the Oyo spokesperson acknowledged that improvements need to be made with connectivity to some online travel agencies, she added that it is “absolutely incorrect” that the front desk can’t view these bookings. But, it turns out, the front desk can view the online travel agency bookings — when they end up in the system — but must undertake the cumbersome process of going through Oyo corporate staff when there is a problem.

The Oyo spokeswoman agreed that front desk staff can’t modify bookings, a situation that the general manager at Oyo Hotel JFK Airport expressed frustration with.

“Oyo is the principle and we provide minimum [payment] guarantees etc. so we cannot allow the hotel to make this decision unilaterally,” the Oyo spokesperson said. “So we agree the staff doesn’t have the authority to take some of these decisions but can always contact the Oyo area general manager and propose exceptions in special situations.”

We asked a hotel general manager who isn’t affiliated with Oyo about that lack of price-setting and reservation-modification power at the property level, and she was appalled saying, “Wow. I have never heard of anything like that. Imagine owning a business where you can’t set your prices.”

Oyo, which lists its franchised properties through big online travel agencies, as well as its own Oyo website,  has been driving increased occupancy at the 72-room JFK Airport property at much lower rates than under the previous brand. On a Thursday morning last week, the property was 82 percent occupied for that evening at a rate of around $111.

The rates would tend to be around $180 per night when the hotel belonged to the Howard Johnson franchise, but occupancy was much lower, perhaps 55 to 65 percent.

When it was a Howard Johnson property, the rooms rates were seldom lower than $128 per night — for a very good reason, the general manager said.

Namely, with the room rate in the $111 per night range this week, the airport property is attracting some druggies, prostitutes, and partying kids, along with travelers looking for a convenient room near JFK. “They take the remote controls,” the general manager said. “I’m pretty sure if the TV wasn’t nailed down they’d take that too.”

As mentioned, Oyo is working on a guest rating system as a way of weeding out problem guests.

In talking with some U.S. hotel owners and operators, though, one might get the impression that the Oyo property management system they described had been designed by people who know little about running a hotel.

The general manager said he thinks Oyo can eventually resolve some of the kinks, but he suggested the company contract with third-party technology solutions such as SynXis instead.

Susan Sheldon, a retired school psychologist from Orange County, California who was on her way to Turkey, sat near the front desk at the Oyo Hotel JFK Airport last week on a Thursday morning, luggage at her side, and indicated she was satisfied with her stay the night before. Sheldon said her “room was lovely” and had plenty of outlets although the aromatherapy scent in it was “overwhelming.”

“It was something like a sexy woman with too much perfume,” Sheldon quipped.

The second Oyo branded property in the United States, the Oyo Hotel AirTrain Plaza — JFK Airport, is just a couple of miles away from its sister property in Jamaica, New York, but isn’t nearly as nice-looking. The property is a former homeless shelter and we observed one guest in the lobby wrapped in a blanket for warmth.

give your property to oyo

Garbage cans in front of the Oyo Hotel AirTrain Plaza — JFK Airport.

Founded in 2013 in India by Ritesh Agarwal, Oyo has disrupted the budget hotel industry in India and China, creating standards and providing revenue management technology and marketing to disparate and sometimes-downtrodden budget hotels. In the process, it has raised nearly $2 billion in funding, backed by Uber and WeWork funder SoftBank, and has gained a $10 billion valuation as a hotel unicorn.

Skift Research found that Oyo may be the second largest hotel brand in the world — with nearly 1 million rooms — it now claims 1.2 million — under its brand. Oyo has been aggressively expanding around the world, and announced in September that it had signed its 100th property in the U.S., and already had a presence in 60 cities. The hotel chain now says it has more than 200 properties in the United States.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjGzMnTlZs4&w=560&h=315]

One issue with the Oyo story to date is that despite all of its strides and the legitimate disruption it has wrought, the reality may not match all of the public relations spin. For example, the brand harps about its “next gen” technology prowess, and claims to have a 99 percent retention rate among franchisees despite the technology flaws and owner dissatisfaction that we uncovered.

Oyo’s shortcomings, however, as described by some of the U.S. hoteliers that we contacted, line up in broad strokes with a variety of criticisms leveled by property owners and hotel associations in India and China. For example, there’s more heat from hotel owners in India here .

Oyo Hotel New Philadelphia, Ohio

Oyo OS, the India-based chain’s web-based property management system, “is messed up,” said Sachin Patel, who helps operate the family run Oyo Hotel New Philadelphia, Ohio, a former Americas Best Value Inn, as he complained that the system is cumbersome and gives properties zero control.

What’s worse, though, is that the Ohio property signed up with Oyo in early August with one of Oyo’s revenue guarantees in its contract, but Sachin Patel alleged he hasn’t seen any of those payments yet.

“I’m paying from my own pocket to pay the housekeeper,” he said. “I’ve never seen the check yet.”

Not referring specifically to Oyo Hotel New Philadelphia, Ohio, the Oyo spokesperson said there are “isolated situations where we are yet to reconcile accounts” related to recovering capital that Oyo invested in the property; revenue leakage that Oyo identified in audits, or the hotel partner was seeking “to move out before the lock-in of any value-added services.”

When the Oyo Hotel New Philadelphia, Ohio was branded Americas Best Value Inn, the room rate might range from $65 to $95 depending on the occupancy level, Sachin Patel said. But the rate last week for a November 6-7 stay was $34 per night.

“That pricing is insane,” Sachin Patel said, adding that the occupancy level is roughly the same as before. Revenue, because of the low room rates, is way down, he added.

Like others we spoke with, Sachin Patel was unhappy with having little control over room pricing under Oyo. The hotel operator said he can only set the room rate for walk-ins, and he must honor the online rate if the guest mentions it.

“They don’t know how to manage properties,” Sachin Patel said of Oyo as he griped about the room rates that Oyo sets. “You need to research a whole area when you are managing properties.”

The Oyo spokesperson maintained the hotel chains uses sophisticated data science algorithms for dynamic pricing, inventory allocation, and revenue management, and this “allows each hotel to drive max RevPar (revenue per available room) based on its micro location.”

give your property to oyo

An Oyo-branded credit card machine.

One of Oyo’s selling points is that it is trying to raise and maintain standards among its properties. But Sachin Patel was unhappy that Oyo’s “audits,” or inspections, take place too frequently, meaning around every other week.

Sachin Patel said the Oyo inspectors check every room — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in our view — and sometimes leave the shower on, necessitating a repeat visit to clean the room from the housekeepers. “If you touch a pipe in the boiler you can tell that the hot water is on,” he said.

The hotel operator claimed he’ll wait another two to three weeks to see if his payments from Oyo arrive, and will contemplate leaving the brand if they don’t.

Scottish Inn, Willow Park, Texas

Chirag Patel, the owner of the Scottish Inn in Willow Park, Texas said Oyo “got my attention” because it had raised a lot of money, nearly $2 billion to date, and made a compelling offer, including providing a revenue guarantee, to switch to Oyo from its now-previous brand, Choice Hotels’ Quality Inn,

“The purpose of a franchise is to help an owner grow the business,” Chirag Patel said. “It wasn’t happening.”

Chirag Patel, whose property transitioned to Oyo at the end of September, said he’s been in the hotel business for 20 years, and Oyo’s “process and business model” is not making owners happy.

Chirag Patel charged that Oyo and its preferred credit card processor, Adyen Merchant Services , are “handcuffing the hotel business” because they collect credit card payments, and hold onto them long after the guest has checked out. Other payment processors compensate the merchant within 24 to 48 hours, he said.

“For two weeks, I haven’t gotten one dollar from them,” the Texas hotel owner said. “If a customer pays cash that’s the only thing I get.”

Chirag Patel said Oyo claims they are working on the problem, and that’s the only explanation he gets from the brand about delayed or missing payments.

As stated, the Oyo spokesperson said there can be several reasons that accounts don’t get reconciled in a timely manner. “As for payment-related issues in the U.S., over 95 percent of our asset owners are completely satisfied with Adyen, and have no issues related to payments or other aspects,” the spokesperson claimed.

Chirag Patel also said he’s unhappy with a lack of reporting that he gets from Oyo about his hotel’s operations, and he’s miffed about his inability to raise the room rate if a guest booked seven nights, but checked out early, for example.

“Oyo’s young and I like that they have been disrupting the market,” said Chirag Patel. “The other side of it is they are not respecting the owners.”

Like other hotel owners we contacted, Chirag Patel is upset that Oyo slashed his room rates from around $80 per night under the previous brand to sometimes $27. “That’s below my costs,” he said, adding that the low room rate has attracted narcotics users and prostitutes.

“Since I went with Oyo, I’ve lost nine TVs that were smashed,” Chirag Patel said. “Beds have been torn up with someone using a knife, and I’ve had fights breaking out.”

He added: “That’s embarrassing for a hotel owner to have when I’m used to a different clientele.”

The Scottish Inn has only been in the Oyo fold for a few weeks, but the hotel owner said he’s considering seeking to terminate the relationship.

“Oyo could be part of something new and exciting that’s growing, but it has started off on the wrong foot,” Chirag Patel said.

Positivity at Oyo Townhouse Houston Brookhollow

Rick Patel, the owner of Oyo Townhouse Houston Brookhollow, said hitching up with Oyo has been a “game-changer” for the property since it enrolled in March.

The property, which he said was the first Oyo Townhouse brand in Houston, went from around 30 to 40 percent occupancy under the previous Quality Inn brand to nearly 100 percent under Oyo in October, for example.

Those higher occupancy rates have come at the expense of lower room rates, which last week were around $36 for a stay October 24-25.

Rick Patel said Oyo drives demand through the major online travel agencies, such as Expedia, Hotels.com, and Booking.com, and the owners have to pay their relatively high commissions as well as Oyo’s franchise fees. Those brand fees are lower, however, than they were under Choice Hotels, he said.

Rick Patel worries that despite the robust occupancy rates, profitability might be a challenge given the low room rates, and the high online travel agency commissions.

“The profitability is there but it’s not ideally what owners would like to see,” Rick Patel said.

On the positive side, though, Rick Patel said his property is getting the kind of support from Oyo that he was unaccustomed to as a Quality Inn franchisee. Oyo’s area general managers visit weekly to make sure everything’s in order, and that’s something “which we never had before,” he said.

But he worries that Oyo won’t maintain its brand standards across all its properties, and he’s also concerned that perhaps Oyo might locate another Townhouse property within five miles, which would hurt the value of Oyo Townhouse Houston Brookhollow if he ever tries to sell it.

Hotel Willcox in Willcox, Arizona

Sam Bhatt, the owner of Hotel Willcox in Willcox, Arizona signed with Oyo about a month ago, but he’s recuperating from surgery so the transition is in progress. He said he has confidence that Oyo will boost his property’s prospects despite relatively high fees.

“Oyo is a budget-friendly brand,” Bhatt said. “We are not a Holiday Inn Express or a Sheraton.”

He wasn’t happy with the property’s previous brand allegiance when it was a Magnuson hotel.

“Magnuson, I thought, would boost my revenue and support, but it went the other way,” Bhatt said. “They ruined my business.”

Bhatt said the property’s revenue under Magnuson wasn’t what he expected, and the brand’s representatives were difficult to get on the phone. Bhatt said he paid a $15,000 fee to sever ties with Magnuson.

Thomas Magnuson, co-founder and CEO of Magnuson Worldwide , said he couldn’t discuss the specifics of a property’s complaints due to confidentiality concerns. “If an owner decides to stop their contract there will be closure fees no different than a cable TV or mobile phone contract, but certainly less than the typical hotel franchise,” Magnuson said.

The Magnuson CEO claimed hotels that have “embraced” his brand’s revenue management, tech and branding have experienced an average 24.7 percent revenue per available room increase year to date compared to the same period in 2018.

Several hotel owner operators we spoke to complained they haven’t received promised payments from Oyo, have been trying to cope with room rates that Oyo drastically reduced, are subject to high fees and commissions, and have to deal with inexperienced Oyo representatives who have difficulty providing or obtaining useful answers from the home office.

The Oyo spokesperson “completely denied” that its property management system doesn’t have hotel operators in mind or that its area general managers are inexperienced. “We have hired some of the best talents in the region and continue to empower them with the tools and resources required to deliver high quality services to both the real estate owners and the customers,” the Oyo spokesperson said.

Seattle Hotelier Promotes His Oyo Ties

Sonny Parmar of Prem Hotel Group has converted a half dozen properties to the Oyo brand, and he’s very bullish about Oyo — so much so that he appears in Oyo video promotions, and talks about being proud to be “part of the Oyo family to bleed Oyo red.”

He said some of his properties were affiliated with Motel 6 previously.

“Honestly the way I look at it is that once Oyo becomes a bigger well-known name such as Choice or Wyndham it will be all the same,” Parmar said. “As a consumer you pull up the website or app, and you are going to be looking for price and ratings, and I believe  those are two things Oyo is doing well. And once they have the market presence they will be a top-tier brand.”

But critics wonder whether the high-flying Oyo brand will eventually see itself coming down a peg, or worse, if it can’t resolve some of these stubborn issues, and operator-unfriendly ways of doing business.

— The video was produced and edited by Skift video producer Jose Marmolejos. 

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Photo credit: An exterior view of the first Oyo-branded hotel in New York City, the Oyo Hotel JFK Airport in Queens, New York. Property execs says Oyo's technology doesn't work as promised. Dennis Schaal / Skift

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Hazana Crest is situated along Oyo-Ibadan Express way, Moniya, Ibadan. few minutes drive from the popular Iwo road and it is directly facing the express way. A smart city that is the first of its kind in the ancient city of Ibadan and its provides land and homes in a Tech-driven environment where sustainability meets precision and modern design. It is a masterpiece uniquely designed with innovative technology solutions and recreational facilities that give a world class smart City experience. *PRICE*: N2.5m per plot. *TITLE*: Government approved C of O. *NOTE* Make an initial deposit of 500k and spread balance for 6 or 12 months. Few minutes from the popular iwo road, flexible payment plan available *LANDMARKS* *Koladaisi University *University of Ibadan *Federal Housing Authority Estate. *Obafemi Awolowo Train station *IITA/NISER Research Centres *Ibadan dry seaport. *ESTATE FEATURES* *Gate house *Perimeter Fence *Security *Road network *Drainage System *Electricity *Water supply. For more information and site inspection Whatsapp/Call magaret on 08023783654

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