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floor plans for grand design travel trailers

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Our Take On Grand Design RVs: 4.5 Stars

About grand design, grand design product line, grand design cost, grand design rv build quality, grand design rv reviews, grand design warranty, should you get a grand design rv, frequently asked questions.

Editorial Note: This content was researched and produced by Motor1.com ‘s expert review team. Links in this article may result in us earning a commission but do not impact our advice or recommendations. Learn More

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If you’ve wondered about how to buy an RV or perhaps even started the process of RV shopping, Grand Design RV is one option you might consider. The company is known for above-average build quality and strong after-sales service, and many Grand Design RV reviews reflect these qualities.

In this article, we’ll examine Grand Design’s product line, explore its build quality, and see what Grand Design RV reviews from customers tell us about the company and its reputation. Overall, it has a reputation for being one of the best RV brands to choose from.

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Based on our in-depth research and analysis of several more affordable leading RV brands, we give Grand Design 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. The company offers a nice variety of travel trailers and fifth wheels with reliable construction, and most customers are happy with their Grand Design RVs.

Read on to learn more, starting with a list of Grand Design RV pros and cons.

Founded in 2012 by former senior leaders with Keystone RV, Grand Design RV makes building lasting relationships and personal connections with customers its core focus. This strategy helps the Middlebury, Indiana, company serve customers better in both the shopping and after-sales experiences.

Grand Design carries an A+ rating on the BBB website and has an average of 3.9 out of 5.0 stars from Grand Design RV reviews on RVInsider.com.

Does Winnebago Own Grand Design?

Winnebago bought Grand Design in 2016 after noticing its fast growth in the RV industry. Today, Grand Design is a subsidiary of Winnebago, but Winnebago has allowed Grand Design to operate as an independent manufacturer and continue growing its brand.

Grand Design creates midrange to premium RVs. That means you can find travel trailers, 5th wheels , and toy haulers from the company, but not motorhomes like Class A RVs, Class B RVs , or Class C RVs .

Below is a basic overview of Grand Design’s 2022 product offering, as made available by the RV retailer. Some models come in dealer-only floor plans available at specific locations.

New Grand Design RVs range from about $30,000 MSRP to $160,000 and above, depending on features. Transcend Xplor and Imagine trailers are on the more affordable end, while Solitude and Reflection fifth wheels start at around $75,000 MSRP. Of course, you can save several thousand dollars by buying used.

Generally speaking, Grand Design tends to have a better reputation for build quality than other RV manufacturers. According to our research, Grand Design offers better-than-average build quality on its RVs.

Grand Design sells a few “stick and tin” trailers with an aluminum shell over a wood frame, but most products feature laminated construction. For these, Grand Design uses an aluminum frame with rigid foam insulation and a Luan board laminated to a fiberglass skin.

There’s a big debate in the RV industry about Luan versus Azdel. Luan is rigid plywood made from trees, while Azdel is a manufactured material. If installed correctly, Luan laminated walls last as long as Azdel and offer better strength. Grand Design sources only the best Luan for its RVs.

Grand Design Pre-Delivery Inspection

Grand Design’s pre-delivery inspection sets the RV company apart from many of its competitors. Before Grand Design ships an RV, a separate team inspects the RV on over 300 items, in addition to more minor inspections at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Because of this system, Grand Design’s team can catch any issues before sending the RV off to the dealer. RV dealers and customers typically find fewer issues with new Grand Design products than with some other brands on the market.

Grand Design GDR4Life And Owners’ Forum

No matter the product or brand, you’ll run into occasional issues when owning an RV. Grand Design doesn’t pretend to make a perfect product. Instead, the company offers a knowledge base at GDRV4Life.GrandDesignRV.com, where you can find lots of information on troubleshooting all systems of its RVs. The website also has instructions on towing, leveling, and how to get warranty service.

Another site, GDRVOwners.com, offers a technical forum with thousands of posts. Both newcomers and experts come together to share information on everything from electrical systems to HVAC maintenance, and these resources make handling repairs less of a hassle.

Grand Design has closed 60 customer complaints on the BBB website in the past three years. This number is small compared to other companies in the industry. Grand Design RV reviews on RVInsider.com give the company 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. Here’s what one reviewer said about the Grand Design Reflection:

“This is the third fifth wheel and fifth RV we have owned, and clearly the best. The overall quality is top-notch. So many features that are better than our previous unit. … I highly recommend this brand and manufacturer.” – George W. via RVInsider

Grand Design RV Reviews On Popular Models

Below, you’ll see how a few popular models fare according to Grand Design RV reviews on RVInsider.com. We’ll also note issues Grand Design RV owners have reported. Keep in mind that the majority of Grand Design RV customers have positive experiences. Our analysis didn’t find any type of issue that was reported much more often than others.

Grand Design Reflection Fifth Wheel

The Reflection Fifth Wheel is one of Grand Design RV’s most popular models. Over 250 Grand Design RV reviews on RVInsider rate the line with an average of 3.9 stars out of 5.0, indicating most customers have positive experiences. That said, some have had problems.

One reviewer who owned the Reflection for four years says they replaced the water pump and fireplace three times each, replaced the kitchen faucet, and replaced the bathroom faucet, among other repairs.

Another reviewer says they had problems with the awning and slideouts and that the RV was in service for six months without the issue being fixed.

Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer

The Grand Design Imagine travel trailer line has a 4.0-star rating out of 5.0  from reviewers on RVInsider. This is Grand Design’s mid-tier laminated trailer, and most customers appreciate the build quality and living area layout. Some potential concerns with this model include:

Grand Design Imagine XLS Travel Trailer

The Imagine XLS line is slightly smaller and lighter than the standard Imagine line, and it has a 4.0-star rating out of 5.0 on RVInsider based on just a few Grand Design RV reviews. Although it’s a relatively new model, most customers seem to enjoy it. Some Imagine XLS owners have experienced issues with the hot water system not heating correctly and the interior wall finishing peeling up after months of use.

Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel

Designed for full-time RV living and RV enthusiasts, the Grand Design Solitude line has a 4.1-star average rating out of 5.0 from RVInsider reviewers. One reviewer calls the Solitude a

“very spacious and well-built coach [with] probably the most interior room we have ever seen.”

Other reviewers have mentioned quality-control issues such as trim installation mistakes or extra holes in the interior. At least one owner noted problems with the water heater.

Grand Design offers two warranties for new RVs: the Base Limited Warranty and the Limited Structural Warranty.

Both of these warranties only provide coverage for issues resulting from everyday RV use: traveling and camping. Damage from misuse, commercial use, or lack of maintenance isn’t covered.

Also, the Grand Design warranties are only for factory-made components. Components and appliances made by other companies are excluded, but they may be covered under warranties from their respective manufacturers.

While the one- and three-year Grand Design warranties might seem short compared to auto warranties, they are better than many other RV warranties on the market. Some RV manufacturers don’t offer warranties that transfer to secondary owners, and others don’t offer plans that extend beyond one year.

Based on our extensive research, we consider Grand Design a solid choice for a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or toy hauler. If you have realistic expectations of build quality and customer support, you can have a terrific RVing experience with a Grand Design.

Is Grand Design a quality RV?

Generally speaking, Grand Design RVs are of high quality. The company employs a 300-point inspection process before delivery, and the vast majority of customers indicate having good experiences. However, no RV is perfect, so you should expect issues on occasion.

Does Grand Design make good travel trailers?

Grand Design focuses on travel trailers and fifth wheels. The company’s travel trailers have a reputation for good build quality, with fewer problems than other brands in the RV industry.

What is the most reliable RV brand?

A variety of reliable RV brands are available for different types and price points. Airstream, Entegra, Grand Design, and Newmar are all reliable companies that score well with customers on RVInsider.

What are the worst RV brands?

You can have a bad experience with almost any RV brand, but some brands have a higher number of negative reviews than others. These include Jayco, Hurricane, and Keystone. However, plenty of RV owners love those brands, too.

Who makes Grand Design RVs?

Grand Design manufactures its RVs. Winnebago owns the company, but Grand Design operates as an independent manufacturer.

Who makes Imagine campers?

Grand Design makes the Imagine line of campers. The two main models are the Imagine and the Imagine XLS. Both are mid-tier travel trailers, but the XLS is lighter than the standard Imagine.

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floor plans for grand design travel trailers

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1 Based on average weight of the standard build.

2 Hitch to rear

3 Equivalent R-Value

4 Units built before 12/1/18 have 52 Gal Fresh Water Capacity ( Imagine and Trancend Only ).

S - Standard M - Mandatory O - Optional





Hear what owners have to say...

floor plans for grand design travel trailers

“ We went through 4 travel trailers before ending up with the perfect layout for our lifestyle. Although this was our second Reflection in as many years, the newer model updates were totally well thought about and user friendly. Well done Grand Design! ”
“ The Grand Design is fantastic The materials and design is superior in every way. ”
“ From the towability, to the quality, to the comfort, you won't regret owning a Grand Design RV product. ”
“ We looked at a number of RVs in the design and price range we were comfortable with. Nothing matched the GD in quality and design. We even had one sales person tell us he didn't have anything that would compete with the GD Reflection. We are very happy with our GD. ”
“ In my research of RVs, and I study them all. I found Grand Design offered the RV that met our desires and provided a quality RV that was well inspected with the multi point PDIs before leaving the factory. Adam West and the sales team at Cookeville RV talked and advised us working with numbers to make our dreams come true. The response from Grand Design and the Cookeville RV team have been great! I would recommend Grand Design and Cookeville RV in Cookeville Tennessee to anyone. ”
“ We love our trailer! Weekend glamping perfected:) ”
“ I Love the floor plan, huge windows, big living area. ???? my only issue is the vent at the back for the microwave, when it rains hard and its open, rain comes in from that vent.???? I put gorilla tape to keep it close... nxt is the washer and dryer, wish you can make a better space for standard washer and exhaust vent for the dryer. The rest is perfect. ???? Marlon Jose South Texas, ???? ”
“ Grand Design puts out the best products, with the price of housing rising in my state going full time in my GD Reflection was a no brainer it has more than enough room for my black lab and I. The materials they use are so appealing with the hard wood cabinetry and pet friendly sofa. im in love and excited for my new journey!!! ”
“ My wife and I decided to explore the country by way of full time rv living. So the search started for the “ideal” travel trailer. My wife took to the internet searching all over the country. She was set on two other brands that had a design and space we wanted. We were preparing to drive half way across the country when a dealership close to us listed a Grand Design 2022 reflection. It was our first time in a GD. Let’s just say it was love at first sight…. Living the dream Grand Design style! ”
“ I did months and months of research before purchasing our Grand Design Reflection 315RLTS. I looked at so many brands and floor plans but kept coming back to this one. My mom and I have lived full time in our RV since April 2022. Four months later and we are still loving our floor plan.. I find this RV to be easy to manage on my own. I have not really found anything I don't like about it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Grand Design! ”
“ As a family of six we have enjoyed many vacations and camping trips over the past several years but, the kids are grown and it's time to move on... Good Bye to the 'Bunk House' floorplans and Hello to the Grand Design Reflection 315RLTS. I prefer travel trailers for numerous reasons and this is by far the best floorplan and RV we have ever seen! We have only had this unit for a month but, we love it! We are very pleased with this purchase and have lots of plans to use it. ”
“ We've been RV'ing for several years now and after hearing great reviews about Grand Design we decided to take the plunge. While transferring our things out of our older travel trailer into the new 315RLTS we sure noticed the quality difference between the two brands. Grand Design seems to be a step ahead when it comes to quality and paying attention to detail. We're looking forward to making many memories in our new RV. ”

Reflection 315RLTS Gallery

floor plans for grand design travel trailers

Because of our commitment to continuous product improvement, Grand Design RV reserves the right to change components, standards, options, specifications, pricing and materials without notice and at any time. Photos may show optional equipment which may not be included in the standard purchase price of the featured unit. Be sure to review current product details with your local dealer before purchasing.

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11 Must-See Travel Trailer Floor Plans

Published on February 12th, 2019 by Jim Harmer This post was updated on May 4th, 2021

5th wheel in desert campground amidst tall cactus at dusk.

When it comes to travel trailers, there are so many different floor plans and designs. But the real question is which one is best for you and your needs?

Here are the 11 Must-See Travel Trailer Floor Plans:

Each trailer has a different feel, and the way things are set up creates an entirely different atmosphere for your camper. You can have the same ammenities and capabilities, but without the right floorplan, it does not feel like it is truly yours.

Toy-Hauling Fifth Wheels

These are the campers you need if you are planning on making a long trip. Sometimes it is not possible to have two vehicles with two full-length trailers going to your families’ excursion. With it’s combination of form and function, this option is the best of both worlds.

Prime Time Fury 2910

The Outback is great for campers that are ready to go out for a nice ride. With a ten foot garage right behind the bathroom, there is plenty of room for your toys as well as a large ramp that lowers from the back of the camper.

This floorplan is great because the garage is located next to the bathroom and has a door on both sides. There’s space for a mudroom to clean your shoes off after a muddy or dusty ride. It also has a twenty-gallon fuel capacity, which is handy if you want to keep extra fuel for the vehicles or dirtbikes you bring along.

This floorplan is not only ready for your weekend of riding but also has everything you would want from a fifth-wheel. There’s a nice master bedroom with plenty of storage, a full kitchen and dining area for you to fuel up after your exploration, and plenty of seating for you and your buddies to relax after a long day.

Keystone Outback 324CG

Stock exterior view of Keystone Outback travel trailer.

This camper is known for its diverse uses. Not only is it going to be great for bringing your all-terrain vehicles, but also easily converts to fit all of your passengers.

The front of the camper can be used to haul all your extra equipment, but it also easily converts to two bunk-beds in their own separate room of the trailer.

The master suite is in the back with a king-sized bed and plenty of storage. The main couch is also a sleeper couch which is ready for a quick conversion as soon as it’s needed.

The fully equipped kitchen is ready for your family’s large meals. There’s also a nice dinette that is very roomy since it’s part of one of the large slide outs. This camper is ready for the adventurous family that is ready to take it to the road.

Floorplan of Keystone Outback travel trailer.

Coachman Adrenaline 25QB

The Coachman has the largest mini garage out of the three we’ve discussed so far. The open design plan allows for convenient space and plenty of room for you and your friends.

The garage area is over twelve feet long, ready for a weekend riding with friends. It also comes equipped with a 30-gallon fuel up station to allow you to extend the fun of your weekend.

There is plenty of room for everyone in here with a queen bed, 2 optional sleeper couches, a normal couch, and a pull-down bed. There’s space for tons of friends and family to stay in this layout!

For those muddy rides, there is also an outdoor rinse-off station to keep the dirt out of your camper, no matter what the weather is like.

This is a great camper for families of older children that are looking to go long rides. The space and layout are also perfect for weekends with friends that want to experience the outdoors.

Floorplan of Coachmen Adrenaline travel trailer.

Full Family Camper Fifth Wheels

Theis style of camper is great if you are looking to bring the whole family comfortably on a vacation. These vehicles have plenty of room for everyone to sleep without having everyone packed like sardines.

Grand Design Solitude 372WB

The Solitude’s floor plans are known for their abundance of slide-outs, which just means more room for you. This is a full-luxury design with plenty of seating and sleeping areas.

The floorplan in this model is great for creating a nice open area in the main space of the camper, where everyone can see each other and the entertainment center. But it also gives a private and separated master suite for times you want to be alone.

This great fifth wheel has 2 options for sleeper beds. There’s also a nice large kitchen table for your family dinners on the go.

The slide-outs also have large awnings for some nice shade on a summer day.

KZ Durango Gold G380FLF

Exterior stock photo of Durango 5th wheel.

The great thing about the floorplan in this vehicle is that it creates more of a homey feeling. The setup of the vehicle creates the feeling of three separate rooms.

The master suite comes with a king-size bed and the kitchen area is split off by the bathroom on one side. In addition, the placement of the couches creates different sections like in most close floorplan homes. You have a feeling of separation and personal space in an area that’s pretty limited.

Another great aspect of this separation is that it creates barriers for sound. You can have the kids playing games in the front room and not be able to hear them from the back room due to the great sound buffer.

This is also great to keep everyone from being distracted by electronics during dinner time!

By having the separation, it also creates more privacy for those sleeping on the sleeper-beds. When someone enters the vehicle, they are not immediately stepping into someone’s sleeping space.

The full kitchen area is great for meals and has a nice slide-out eating area.

Floorplan of Durango 5th wheel.

Heartland Bighorn 3850ML

The Bighorn by Heartland sports a great open floorplan and is a vehicle that’s perfect for any adventure that you have planned. There is plenty of walking room as well, which is what qualifies it for our list.

It does not have as many beds as the previous two, but just the pure amount of walking space gives it a different feel.

The floor plan has a large master suite, with a ton of room and storage options. This bathroom is huge with a full bath for a nice relaxing weekend. The full-size stadium seating couches are prepared for you to entertain a group of any size.

This is a great vehicle if you are looking to go full-time in your camper. After a few days away in the camper, it is easy to feel cramped and the need for indoor piece begins to grow.

This vehicle does not just cram too many things in so there is room to breathe or follow along with your favorite yoga video.

Only the Necessities Camper (under 5,000 lbs)

These campers are perfect for people who do not want to commit to all the extra space, maintenance, and towing problems of a larger camper. These are perfect for people who are interested in lighter road trips and more minimalistic camping. The floor plans in these models are great, because they make the most of the space that they have.

Forest River R-Pod Travel Trailer RP176T

Forest River r-pod sits in lush field at edge of forest.

The great thing about the R-Pod Travel Trailer floorplan is that it has a lot in the small size of the trailer. It still has the basic accommodations that most campers need.

And the great thing it still has a bathroom! This is not the case with most of the trailers of this size.

I love this floorplan because it creates a nice one-bedroom apartment feel with a kitchenette, large bed and even a dining space place within the trailer. This is a great camper for beginners or for those who want to bring smaller groups. This has all the essentials that you need without the stress of investing in a huge trailer and truck!

With the different choices that the r-pod has, you can either chose between one large bed or two full-size bunk beds in a separate room in the trailer. Either option can give you a good amount of privacy in a limited space.

Forest River r-pod floorplan.

Aliner Expedition Travel Trailer

White Travel trailer pulled by white truck on scenic highway near river and mountains.

What is so unique about this floorplan is the triangular shape of the trailer’s roof. Over the sleeping areas, it is much lower, which creates a vehicle that is smaller and easier to transport.

It is definitely one of the smaller trailers, and the great thing about it is that still has a bathroom. Obviously, this is really important for anyone who’s going to be on the road a lot! The great part of this model is that there are three sleeping options you can choose from. These are a queen size bed, two twin beds or a full pull out couch bed.

There is room to eat and do some basic cooking in this trailer. This is a great option if you are looking to go to more remote places. It is a much safer option if you are planning on going up a lot of windy roads or if this is the first time you’ll be towing a trailer.

It is a diverse floor plan that gives you what you need. And for many campers who do not plan on being in their camper the majority of their trip, it is perfect. For the smaller campgrounds, you will have plenty of room for this trailer and your normal vehicle.

ICamp Elite

There are not going to be many campers smaller than the ICamp. Most cars will have the capacity to pull this little guy behind them. This is great for the new camper or for people that are just looking for a nice weekend escape.

The cool thing about this trailer is its ability to convert into whatever you need it to be. This makes the most out of the square footage. The dinnette transforms into a full-size bed!

The kitchen area has the capacity to convert into a countertop and the bathroom has all the essentials you need. I highly recommend models like this to new couples who want to begin camping.

But it also works if you are a lone fisherman or just someone who wants to keep things focused on the outdoors.

Tent Trailers/ Pop-Up Trailers

Tent trailers have a special place in my heart, as we had one when I was growing up. They’re great for growing families that want to spend more time out in nature.

Their unique design maximizes their limited space and makes it easy to tow them around. The large cloth pull-outs on these trailers are great for optimum space, and allow them to fold up to the smallest size possible.

Rockwood Freedom Series 1640ltd

Rockwood Freedom popup camper in fully closed state.

The floorplan of the Freedom by Rockwood is a great standard tent trailer. It folds up to the smallest size possible, allowing most vehicles to still be able to see out of the rear window of their vehicle.

The two queen size beds that are on both sides of the trailer both zip up for some form of privacy. There is a dinner table that can transform into a twin sized bed and there’s also a couch that pulls out to the size of a futon.

There is a small kitchenette for the basic cooking that you need to do, as well as storage which is conveniently hidden under the couch and table. There is also an option to have a porta potty to link onto the outside of your trailer if you are like me and want somewhere to do your business in peace.

This also includes a shower if you are planning on being gone for more than just a few days.

A tent trailer is a great option for people who are planning on being gone for a weekend once in awhile. They also do not necessitate as many repairs as the more full-stocked trailers.

Jay Sport Pure Escape 12SC

Stock exterior view of  Jay Sport pop-up camper fully opened.

Again the tent trailer options are great to get when you have a small space, and still want to have room to sleep in peace. With a king size bed on one side of the trailer and a queen on the other, this has the space to sleep multiple people in comfort.

It also has a dinette and couch to give it that home-like feel. I love having other options to sit so I can keep the outdoors out of my sleeping area.

There is room for you to do some basic cooking, plus plenty of space to hide things. There is storage under part of both the beds, under the couch and under the kitchen sink.

The cooking is going to be part of the outside attachment with a nice camping stove that gives you optimal space for whatever you are cooking up.

Floorplan of Jayco pop-up camper.

Related Questions

What are some essentials I need for my new trailer? For your trailer, you’ll want a generator, which will be used both to charge any electronics, and to operate powered slide-outs (which most large fifth-wheels and trailers have). You’ll also want dump hoses for your bathroom and any additional water.

What kind of hitch do I need? There are five different classes of hitches that you can get. It depends on the weight of your new trailer. For small trailers that are around 2,000 pounds, you would need a class 1. If you are pulling a fifth wheel, you’ll need a specific fifth wheel hitch. For the small trailer that I would say that you will want a class 3 hitch, and for a tent trailer a class 2 or 3 should work. The class 2 and 3 hitches are great for larger SUV and smaller trucks.

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Grand Design RV Review: 4.5 Out Of 5.0 Stars

Grand design overview, grand design rv cost, grand design rv models, grand design rv build quality, grand design rv warranty, grand design rv ratings and reviews, grand design rv review: should you buy one, faq: grand design rvs, grand design rv review.

Content on Jalopnik Advisor is commercial in nature and independent of Jalopnik Editorial and Advertising. Jalopnik Advisor content is free to consumers and always will be, however we and our partners may be compensated if you purchase a product or service through the links on this website.

Grand Design is one of the country’s most popular recreational vehicle brands. And, it would seem, for good reason. Owners of the vehicles speak highly of the company’s build quality and after-sales service in many Grand Design RV reviews online.

Our team took an in-depth look at the manufacturer to get a better idea of what the company offers, how much it charges, and what people think about its products. Overall, it’s one of the best RV brands on the market.

Through research, our team found that Grand Design offers a wide selection of consistently high-quality towables and looks after its customers. That was enough to earn Grand Design a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars and a place among the best RV brands in the country.

But that doesn’t mean the luxury RV manufacturer is without its downsides. Here’s a quick look at the brand’s advantages and disadvantages.

Grand Design RV was founded by former leaders from Keystone RV in 2012. As part of its brand strategy, the Middlebury , Indiana company puts an emphasis on building and maintaining relationships with its customers.

After watching the brand’s quick rise to prominence with popular models like the Grand Design Reflection and the Grand Design Solitude , RV giant Winnebago bought the company in 2016. However, Winnebago has allowed the company to continue to manufacture its campers independently, enabling it to maintain its strict quality and service standards.

Grand Design RVs come at a wide range of price points and tend to be a little more expensive than many of its competitors, with models starting at around $30,000 and climbing up well past $160,000 . Grand Design sells towable travel trailers, fifth-wheels , and toy haulers. It doesn’t sell motorized RVs like Class A , Class B , or Class C RVs.

Below, you’ll find a table of each of Grand Design ’s RV model groups along with their starting MSRP . Models range from the single-axle Imagine Aim to the spacious Solitude line for full-time RVers. Many floor plans offer slide-outs for expanded living areas. Be aware that, given the popularity of the RV lifestyle, these prices will likely fluctuate. Your local Grand Design RV dealer will be able to give you actual quotes on models.

*Price reflects Grand Design ’s pre-selected options on all models.

Grand Design has as strong a reputation for quality as any RV manufacturer in the world. The manufacturer’s build quality is a consistent talking point in Grand Design RV reviews from customers.

That’s not just anecdotal, either. For starters, Grand Design opts for higher-end materials. Many RV makers use Azdel, a lightweight manufactured material for their exterior panels. While this is cheaper, many consider it inferior to Luan, which is made from natural wood and stronger than Azdel. Grand Design only uses Luan on its campers .

Grand Design Pre-Delivery Inspection

Where Grand Design really excels, however, is in its quality control . Many companies save on labor costs by using their assembly team to conduct pre-delivery inspections. This can often result in things being missed and becoming problems down the line.

Alternatively, Grand Design employs a separate team just to do its pre-delivery inspections. This is a rigorous 300+ point inspection that rivals any quality assurance system in the RV industry . That level of inspection can offer you peace of mind in an industry where build quality is often an issue.

Grand Design Customer Support

Another of Grand Design RV ’s major selling points is its strong reputation for customer service. In addition to its helpful customer support line, the company launched the website GDRV4Life. GrandDesignRV .com to serve as a resource and knowledge base for owners around the world.

Another unofficial forum, GDRVowners.com, serves as an additional resource for information and community-building. The site has nearly 4,000 registered users and has over a dozen subcategories dedicated to issues such as electrical systems and HVAC.

Grand Design packages two warranties with its new RVs :

Both of these warranties come with important exclusions in the fine print. For starters, they only cover problems that arise from driving and camping. It won’t cover damages that come from commercial use, lack of maintenance, or any use outside of normal RVing .

These warranties may seem paltry compared to those you might find on a new car. However, these warranties actually exceed many of those offered by Grand Design ’s competitors. While many RV companies do package a one-year warranty with their campers , these often don’t transfer to secondary owners.

Grand Design RV reviews from both industry organizations and customers are overall positive. On the industry side, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued the company an A+, although it has not accredited the company. The BBB lists about 60 complaints about the company over the last three years . Given the amount of RVs it sells, that number is small.

On RVInsider , Grand Design has a solid 3.9 out of 5.0 stars overall, earning its highest marks in the Floorplan and Driving/towing categories. Below are samples of both positive and negative reviews for the RV manufacturer on the site.

Positive Grand Design RV Reviews

Among favorable customer reviews for Grand Design , owners consistently mention the craftsmanship of their RVs as well as the campers ’ overall comfort.

“The RV designers planned a floor plan to meet the needs of a family or couple who enjoy traveling, and the outdoors with the comforts of home. The sturdy structure made towing smooth and safe.” – Cynthia, 2019 Grand Design Imagine
“This 5th wheel has been amazing for our family. With the size it made it comfortable to get out of the weather as needed on our trips.” – Kristy, 2017 Grand Design Momentum M-Class

Negative Grand Design RV Reviews

Unfortunately, some people do not have as positive an experience with their Grand Design RVs . Most of the complaints we see center around things coming loose on the vehicle. However, this is a common complaint across nearly every RV brand.

“Been in the shop for water leaks more than with us since May this year. Numerous small detail problems from backsplash glue coming loose, patio completely out of adjustment and patio awning same.” – Dave, 2021 Grand Design Momentum G-Class
“Trailer is falling apart after 1,500 miles and the warranty is no good. The doors won’t stay closed going down [the] road. Already ruined the back door… None of the compartment doors close correctly. The propane tanks are held in with banding iron and clips.” – Jim, 2017 Grand Design Momentum M-Class

If you are in the market for a high-quality towable RV and don’t mind paying a little more, a Grand Design RV is an excellent choice. The brand’s reputation for quality found in Grand Design RV reviews seems to hold up under scrutiny, and its after-sales service rivals that of any brand in the industry.

With the variety of models and floorplans Grand Design has to offer, you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for. You also have the ability to customize your RV on the company’s website and request a quote. However, it is always a good idea to find a Grand Design RV dealership near you and see one in person.

Is Grand Design a quality RV?

Based on the Auto Service Research Team study, Grand Design builds high-quality RVs. The company also uses an extensive 300+ independent inspection to ensure that quality remains consistent across every RV it sells.

Who manufactures Grand Design RV?

Although Winnebago purchased the brand in 2016, Grand Design continues to manufacture its RVs independently. This has allowed the company to uphold its strict quality standards.

What is the top-of-the-line Grand Design RV?

Grand Design ’s premier model is the Solitude. This luxury fifth-wheel RV offers the company’s highest trim and features.

What is the lightest Grand Design travel trailer?

Grand Design ’s Imagine XLS is the company’s lightest travel trailer . Starting at just over 4,500 pounds, drivers can safely tow the Imagine XLS travel trailer with most SUVs and medium-duty trucks.

*Data accurate at time of publication.

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Best Grand Design Imagine Floorplans

Grand Design Imagine Floorplan

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Have you found yourself drooling over the Grand Design Imagine floorplans? Even though we are in a Solitude , we love seeing what new features and updates are put into all Grand Design lines. Whether you’re looking to full-time or just take the kids out for the weekend, the Imagine line from Grand Design RV is an excellent choice for your traveling needs.

Grand Design RV is committed to providing long term value, customer focus, and offer an experienced workforce with beautiful craftsmanship. These values allow them to have an industry-leading warranty (3-year structural), the highest quality standards with multiple checkpoints, and superior service.

So the real question is why wouldn’t you want a Grand Design? Without further ado, let’s get into the best Grand Design Imagine floorplans!

Grand Design Imagine floorplan XLS

This trailer has a UVW of 5795, with a hitch weight of 594 pounds. The length is at 29’8”, getting you into the smaller hidden camping spots with ease! There is a generous 52-gallon freshwater tank, 82-gallon gray, and 45-gallon waste capacity. 

When you enter the unit towards the rear, the bathroom is on your left, with a 30×36” shower with skylight, linen closet, commode, and sink with a spacious counter. A slide-out is across from the door with a tri-fold sofa and a U-shaped dinette.

The kitchen on the curbside is full-featured, including a slide-out pet dish. The master bedroom is in the front of the trailer and includes a standard walk around queen bed with plenty of overhead cabinets. Lastly, a 21-foot awning and Step Above aluminum steps round out this unit.

Grand Design Imagine floorplan XLS

This Grand Design Imagine floorplan is larger than the previous rig with a UVW of 6386 and a hitch weight of 604 pounds. Additionally, the length is 32 feet. In this bunkhouse unit, the rear curbside has a double over double bed providing plenty of room for growing kids. Under the bunks is the coveted outdoor kitchen, including a fridge and cooktop! There is also an outdoor spray hose to clean dirty pets, cooking gear, or the kids before they get in the trailer.

A street-side corner bath has a nice window and curved vanity counter, along with a spacious shower and skylight. The slide-out has a tri-fold sofa, U-shaped dinette, and the curbside kitchen has the same layout and design as the 2600RB. Above all, the front master also has a walk around queen bed but has a second entry door for the parents.

Grand Design Imagine floorplan XLS

When it comes to Grand Design Imagine floorplans, this is one of our favorites. This trailer design has a mid-entry point, and the rear of the unit is dedicated to a spacious den with two tri-fold sofas, a 50” TV with fireplace, and double theater seating. The couch and kitchen area is in a slideout on the street side.

A free-standing, folding dinette makes a spacious dining/kitchen area that can be multi-purpose. A mid-bath divides the family area from the master bedroom, also featuring a walk around queen bed.

Grand Design Imagine floorplan

This is the smaller Grand Design Imagine unit, perfect for a couple or small family. For instance, it is 27’11” long and weighing UVW 5546, and with a hitch weight of 515 pounds, this trailer is elegant and easily towed by many full-size SUVs. The freshwater is a 52-gallon tank, the gray is a 90-gallon tank, and the black tank comes in at 45 gallons. 

This Grand Design Imagine floorplan has two entries to the trailer, one to the front queen walk around the bedroom, and one in the rear where the kitchen and living areas are. A theater seating dinette is optional with a removable table for those who don’t have many sit-down dinners and are more into eating in front of the telescoping 40” TV or relaxing in front of the 48” fireplace below. Lastly, a walk through bathroom divides the living from the master bedroom. 

The XLS line has many similarities to the Imagine line, however it The XLS line was created to stay under 5,000 pounds. This allows medium-duty trucks and SUVs to tow a well-built trailer that doesn’t skimp on quality or amenities. Similar to the Imagine line, the XLS line still has 78” ceiling heights, solid drawer fronts, ball bearing full extension drawer slides, residential walk-in showers, and large windows.

If you’re looking for a lighter Grand Design Imagine floorplan, the XLS line is for you. We wanted to highlight two of their awesome floorplans for your consideration.

Grand Design Imagine floorplan XLS

The 17MKE comes in at 4674 pounds, hitch weight of 480 pounds, and is 21’11” long. Freshwater is 43 gallons, the gray tank has a 45-gallon capacity, and waste is 37 gallons. 

The 17MKE has a front entry with a queen murphy bed to maximize floor space during the daytime. The kitchen offers plenty of cabinet space and countertops. The street-side rear has a shower, vanity, commode, and a theater dinette. The dinette is in a convenient slide-out to allow plenty of room!

Grand Design Imagine floorplan XLS

The back of the trailer is a toy hauler garage to accommodate all the toys. In other words, this floorplan is for the outdoor adventure family! Two stair entries to this trailer, one on each side, allow for multiple usage patterns. The rear ramp allows for easy loading and unloading of gear like ATVs, kayaks, bikes, and more. At the same time, a convertible sleeping system includes a queen or double bunk bed. The garage area is 10’ long with 1500 pounds of carrying capacity to bring all the toys on the adventure.

The middle of the trailer has an ample kitchen on the street side. It offers a mid bath with a walk-in residential shower, commode and sink, and a front murphy queen bed. The bed folds up to show chairs and a removable dining table. The outdoor area includes a spray off hose for cleaning the dogs, toys, and cooking gear before packing up. Lastly, this RV has an 18’ awning for outdoor living space, and an LP quick connect.

The Grand Design Imagine floorplans are some of the most popular on the market. Understandable, considering the wide variety of floorplans available to suit anyone. Whether you’re a couple, a large family, towing with a truck, or with an SUV, the Imagine line has you covered. In other words, there is sure to be an Imagine travel trailer floor plan to suit your adventure needs with many options to choose from!

If you’re ready to look through more floorplans, check out Best Grand Design Solitude Floorplans and the Best Grand Design Momentum Floorplans !

floor plans for grand design travel trailers

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That is a nice for plan for a couple. Right now we have the 337rls Reflection from Grand Design. We started out years ago with a couple different trailers with three daughters. They are grown so we bought a fifth wheel. We love it. Grand Design is a great company. We love watching your videos. Stay safe and have fun

I can relate to your comments about wanting a smaller trailer until you are all set up. We have pondered the idea many times to move down to a smaller trailer. Then we get all set up and sitting in ours, and don’t want to downsize. Although ours is only 30′, at times when we are boondocking it keeps us out of some areas and campsites. Other times we think about a bigger one when are on extended stays in big open area’s. After all is said & done we’re very pleased with our 30′ Jayco. We do like the Grand Design’s though and maybe the next one will be one (?).

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