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How to Register a Student for School

Historically, school registration has involved visiting the school to access forms, then filling them out and returning them either by mail or in person. The Internet has streamlined this process, making it possible to register a student for school online in many cases.

Overview of School Registration

School registration varies for each school and depending on the grade level, but generally this process will involve providing proof of the student’s identity and birth date, proof of residency, information about any special needs and details about custody (if applicable).

You’ll have registration forms to complete, which will include details about vaccinations, health exams and family information.

Registration generally involves paying a fee to the school as well.

Registering for Various Grades

Primary, middle and high school registrations tend to differ from college registrations due to the difference in learning institutions. Parents will be involved with registration, possibly discussing class placement, athletics, special needs, dietary restrictions and more. If you don’t provide all the necessary documents at the time of registration, the process won’t be finalized.

College registration often occurs fully online with students completing online forms and submitting fees via the Internet.

The Online School Register Process

To proceed through an online school registration process, navigate to your child’s school website and find the link that leads to the online school forms. The school may separate registration links for new and returning students, in which case you’ll choose the link that’s appropriate for your child.

If your child is a new student, you will probably need to create an account by entering an email address, choosing a password, entering your contact information and choosing a couple of security questions. From there, you’ll be able to log in to access, complete and submit the online registration forms. The process may also involve entering payment information to pay a registration fee.

Getting Support

If you have questions about registration, look on your school’s website for contact information for school administrators. You may find a phone number to the registration office or an email to use to reach out with your questions.

Registration Tips

Learn about the enrollment and registration process in advance to ensure that you complete the process in a timely manner. Schools may offer open enrollment and preregistration options for students, which can enable you to complete the process in advance. This can be ideal, especially if you want to enroll your student in accelerated learning or sports.

Expect the school to withhold scheduling ability and issuing of materials or equipment until you fully complete the registration paperwork and pay the fees.


controversial topics for high school students to write about

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21 Ways to Teach Students to Take Care of Other People’s Property

Religious idealism: everything you need to know, utilitarianism essay questions, most interesting urbanization essay topics to write about, most interesting urban planning essay topics to write about, research questions on united nations, most interesting uniform essay topics to write about, essay topics on unemployment, good essay topics on ultrasound, good research topics about uber, 120 debate topics for high and middle school students.

controversial topics for high school students to write about

Are you looking for debate topics for your middle and high school students? Well, you have come to the right place. Check out our list of 120 debate topics for middle and high school students.

General Debate Topics 

Topics Related to Education

Social Debate Topics

Environmental Issues

Political Debate Topics

Debate Topics Related to Parenting

Technology Topics

Healthcare Topics

Debate Topics Related to Leisure

Debating Financial and Policy Matters

Debating Historical Matters

Topics for Fun Filled Debates

136 Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

Should we take a zero-tolerance approach to ....

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Matthew Lynch

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controversial topics for high school students to write about

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controversial topics for high school students to write about

Teacher-Approved Kindergarten Workbooks

controversial topics for high school students to write about

6 Best Practices for Internal Communication in Public Schools

controversial topics for high school students to write about

The 20th Century and Growth of Federal Involvement in Curriculum

controversial topics for high school students to write about

10 Tips for Preventing Summer Slide

controversial topics for high school students to write about

7 Elements All Top Schools Have


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[…] Start with a question you want your students to explore. You can find a big list here. […]

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[…] DEBATE […]

[…] factors contribute to students’ success in summative assessments. Factors like the test type (120 debate topics), when the test occurs, the school environment, etc., can affect a student’s result on a summative […]

[…] relationships and quantities of a specific mathematical problem. This is used to help the learner (120 debate topics) develop a clearer understanding of a problem and assist them in solving […]

[…] be getting paid to study, making it a win-win situation. Charging money for your class notes is a highly debated topic, but I can ensure you that is nothing illegal or unethical about the […]

[…] may be produced due to the drawbacks of the formative assessment system. Where you stand on this debate topic will probably be guided by your philosophy of […]

[…] There are plenty of ways that schools can improve the learning opportunities for special needs students. For instance, the use of EdTech has proven to be quite helpful for such students. The IEPs are revised almost once a year to make sure it meets the requirements of your child. Many people will say that IEPs are better than service plans, and because of this, it is a topic of debate. […]

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[…] to make an educated and informed argument, and find their own unique voice. If you are looking for debate topics for high school students, check out the list […]

[…] It supports diversity: Connectivism supports the diversity of opinions and individual perspectives, theoretically providing no hierarchy for knowledge’s value. One way to use connectivism would be to teach students how to use debate topics. […]

[…] Difficulty with coordination and motor skills: Some kids with Asperger’s might find essential motor skills, such as walking or running, challenging. They may lack coordination and have trouble with riding a bike or climbing. Students with ADD would have a hard time using a debate topics. […]

[…] digital literacy is so important, educators are increasingly required to teach students digital literacy in the classroom. In many ways, this is similar to what educators have always done […]

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[…] debate topics […]

[…] Here are some of the advantages of debating: […]

[…] • San Francisco, the headquarter of Silicon Valley, attracts one-third of all venture finance investment in the United States. Teamwork, creativity, and risk-taking are encouraged in the area’s entrepreneurial atmosphere. Silicon Valley now has over 2,000 technological businesses, including several of the world’s largest. Startup entrepreneurs may discuss information on employment, funding, and other topics. […]

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controversial topics for high school students to write about

60 Debate Topics for High Schoolers

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What’s Covered:

What makes a good debate topic, good debate topics for teens.

Learning to view, think, and discuss ideas from contrasting viewpoints builds a host of skills that will benefit high schoolers both in and out of the classroom—including improving public speaking, reinforcing listening, and sharpening research. Good debate topics for high school students are key to lively discussion and an engaged classroom; they’re issues that students care about. 

A good debate topic for high school is one that inspires students to think and learn about both sides of the issue. There are a few factors to consider when searching for good debate topics for high school students.

controversial topics for high school students to write about

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Science and Technology

Government and Politics

Where to Get Feedback on Your Debate Arguments 

A vital part of debate preparation is to test your arguments to ensure they specifically address the topic and collectively form a cohesive point. Make sure you consider both sides of the argument to better be prepared for a rebuttal.

Before stepping up to argue your side of the issue, test your argument on CollegeVine’s free peer review essay tool to get feedback for free from a peer!

As you get ready for college, it is important to understand how your extracurriculars, like debate, factor into your chances of acceptance. Check out our free chancing calculator to find the best-fit school for you.

controversial topics for high school students to write about

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controversial topics for high school students to write about

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126 Debate Topics for High School That You'll Care About

high school debate topics

Are you looking for some interesting debate topics for high school students? There are plenty of issues to consider, from things related to students' thoughts on school-related issues to their perspectives on politics, technology, careers, health, and other important topics that really matter.

Education-Related Debate Topics for High Schoolers

By the time students make it to high school, they probably have some pretty strong opinions about their school experience and education in general. That's why education-related topics make great subject matter for high school debates.

Rule and Regulation-Related High School Debate Topics

High schoolers have also probably been impacted by enough rules and regulations to develop strong opinions on those. Give students a chance to argue in favor of rules they think should exist and an opportunity to argue against ones that they perceive as unjust or unnecessary.

Government and Politics Topics for High School Debates

With governmental issues and political campaigns getting so much attention in the news media and social media, high schoolers likely know quite a bit about politics even though most of them aren't yet allowed to vote. Encourage them to think critically about such matters with the debate topics listed below.

high school debate topic government spend money space exploration

Technology-Related High School Debate Topics

Advances in technology impact daily life for high school students and everyone else. Get them thinking about issues related to science and technology by assigning debate topics that touch on these areas.

Science-Related Debate Topics for High School

High school students study science in school, but they may not get a chance in science class to consider the implications of scientific developments on people or the planet. Encouraging students to debate scientific topics is a good way to get them to think about the consequences and implications of science.

Entertainment and Media Debate Topics

High school students can't focus solely on studying. Consider allowing students to select debate topics related to various types of entertainment of interest to their age group.

Job and Employment Topics for High Schoolers

Some high school students are already working and others are preparing to enter the world of work very soon. That's why it's a good idea for high schoolers to research and debate topics related to jobs and employment.

debate topic social media job applicant

Money-Related Debate Topics for High School

High school is a good time for students to start developing a deeper understanding of money beyond the fact that is currency needed to pay bills or buy things. Financially-focused debate topics provide an opportunity for students to take a deep dive into this topic.

Health-Related Topics for High School Debates

Health and wellness are important topics for everyone to consider. Help get high schoolers tuned in to how important these subjects really are by using a few debate topics from the list below.

Help Students Develop Strong Debate Skills

The extensive list of interesting debate topics should help students find a topic that's meaningful to them. You may also want to suggest some examples of social justice issues as potential debate topics. As students prepare to debate their topic, make sure they know the difference between an argument and a debate . This will help them properly frame their position. Once students understand that concept, take the time to share some strong rebuttal examples for debates . This will help them properly prepare and build their confidence.

100+ Interesting Debate Topics for High School Students

Jennifer has worked as a teacher and tutor. She has been a substitute teacher and paraprofessional in the public schools.

Learn about our Editorial Policy .

Whether joining the high school debate team or participating in topical discussions in class, debating current topics is an excellent way to develop speaking skills and build confidence. Debating helps you discover more about your views, think on your feet, and learn how to take a stand on issues. To prepare, consider this list of good debate topics for high school students.

Social Debate Topics for Teens

Whether it's the welfare system, sex education, or gay marriage , you can find different debate topics to relay your social consciousness.

Controversial Debate Topics for Teens About Ethics

You can't think about social topics without thinking about ethics. Tackle one of these ethical topics in your next debate.

Health and Health Care Related Topics for Teen Debates

You can find a lot of different health-related topics to use for your debate. You might also try adding current events to your argument by opting for a COVID-19 debate topic for students.

Political and Controversial Debate Topics

Controversial and political topics are great choices if you are looking for hard-hitting and impactful debate topics. Not only are there several topics, but research on both sides is vast. Delve into current events for teens and see what you can find.

Exciting Topics About Rules and Laws for Teens

Dive further into government debate ideas by looking at rules and legislation. Teens can have a field day with these debate topics.

Science Debate Topics for High Schoolers

Science is changing the world. Get in on the debate by looking at one of these science topics.

Educational Debate Topics for Teens to Dive Into

Want an impactful debate topic that is relevant to your fellow students? Look at educational debate topics that are trending.

Entertainment Debate Topics for Teens to Try

From beauty pageants to violent video games, the entertainment industry is rife with various controversial and hard-hitting topics that will surely resonate with high schoolers.

Debate Topics About Parenting and Family for High Schoolers

Nothing is more fun than exploring your parents and family in your debate. Teens can have a lot of different opinions about the following topics.

Fun Debate Topics for High Schoolers

Not all debate topics need to be serious and weighty. Have a bit of fun with your debate by trying out some of these lighter topics.

Good Debate Topics for High School Students

Whatever topic you choose to debate, make sure it is something you can form an argument for or against. The more passionate you are about a topic, the better the debate will be. It's also great practice to debate for the opposing side of a topic or opinion you hold dear, which will help you learn even more about views that differ from your own.

The Tech Edvocate

Accessing Your Child’s School Records: Everything You Need to Know

Developing an ifsp: everything you need to know, what part do sight words play in the reading development process, helping your child with dysgraphia: everything you need to know, issues that education leaders should avoid, having an effective iep meeting: everything you need to know, tips for protecting take-home devices, parents and modifications: everything you need to know, how i would transform public education, finding books for your child to read: everything you need to know, debate topics for high school students.

controversial topics for high school students to write about

Remember back when you were in high school? If you are like many students, you were in the process of self-discovery, trying to find yourself and your voice. If you are a teacher attempting to find a way to help, considerable debate. Debating helps students build critical thinking skills, learn how to make an educated and informed argument, and find their own unique voice. If you are looking for debate topics for high school students, check out the list below.

Debate Topics for Elementary School Students

Interesting debate topics.

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Matthew Lynch

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How to Improve Remote Learning

controversial topics for high school students to write about

Comparing Grades Can Stunt Your Intellectual Development

controversial topics for high school students to write about

Educators Here is How You Can Make Your Voices Be Heard

controversial topics for high school students to write about

How Edtech Helps Teachers Respond to the Needs of Diverse Learners

controversial topics for high school students to write about

Debate Topics for Middle School Students

High School Debate Topics

Illustration: Hugo Lin. ThoughtCo. 

Debates tend to instantly engage students, but they can also sharpen their research and public speaking skills. No matter your reasons for using them, having debates in your classroom is a sure way to get your students thinking and talking.

You may require your students to research topics before debating them or even prepare speeches to state their point of view. Learning how to productively debate will improve your students' communication skills as they practice speaking and listening. These skills will serve them in college and the diverse career world beyond. 

Debate Topics

The following 50 debate topics  can be used in high school or advanced middle school classrooms. They are organized by genre and some can be modified for use in different subjects. Each item is listed in the form of a question to propose to your students that has at least two points of view.

Watch Now: Ideas for Great Classroom Debate Topics

Science and technology.

Laws and Politics

Social Justice

controversial topics for high school students to write about

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Top Controversial Topics for Teenagers To Engage Every Student

Sep 22, 2022 | Student Guide | 0 comments

Top Controversial Topics for Teenagers To Engage Every Student

Using Controversial topics for teenagers is an excellent method to engage students and get them invested in the discussion. Debates boost one’s vocabulary while also boosting their public speaking confidence. Additionally, it fosters children’s ability to think creatively and spontaneously while teaching them to appreciate and accept other people’s viewpoints. Teenagers are recognized to have distinct interests and favourite subjects to talk about when they get together. The most important discussion topics for teens will allow teenagers to gather a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives and hone their oral communication and debate abilities.

Although many teenagers may have a natural talent for debate, their workload from school, extracurricular activities, and other commitments may prevent them from engaging in it regularly. However, debate encourages youngsters to reflect on important issues and cultivate an interest in various subjects. Debate or extremely controversial topics may not necessarily have to be serious. They may be lighthearted, silly, and informal. Teenagers learn people and communication skills through debate, which also helps them become better listeners. Learning about expository essay topics is also crucial, which you will know by reading this entire article.

Table of Contents

What is Debate?

What is Debate?

We all have argued at some point because it is a typical occurrence. A contestant in a debate attempts to refute the reasoning and points made by the opposition while defending its points with convincing evidence. It is a fun and educational exercise that captivates the audience and advances their understanding in an academic setting. A debate is a procedure or action in which relevant arguments are put forward in support of a position. Debates typically occur in public speaking forums, legislative bodies, and academic institutions.

Also, learn the difference between Mediator vs Moderator .

What Kinds of Debates Exist?

What Kinds of Debates Exist?

There are four different categories of debate topics. Each type is utilized for a certain kind of argument, and they are all conducted differently and may be held for various objectives. The four categories of debates are listed below.

Oregon-Oxford debate

A planned remark or motion is used to launch this kind of debate. The action is the subject of debate topics between the two parties.

Rebuttal debate

In this kind of discussion, one side exposes the weaknesses of the other’s arguments. Because everyone involved must always be respectful, practice is required.

Lincoln-Douglas debate

There are typically time limits for research and presenting your views in this one-on-one discussion. It is called after the speeches made by Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln during the 1858 US elections.

Team policy debate

One of the earliest and most well-liked discussion formats is this one. Each team may present a few speeches based on their arguments on these debate topics.

How to Pick Effective and Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers?

How to Pick Effective and Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers?

Compelling debate topics will keep the audience interested and help them comprehend both sides of the argument, enabling them to make more intelligent conclusions. A few key considerations must be made when selecting solid debate topics. Here are some recommendations to help you in choosing a concrete subject for your discussion. You can also explore Compare and Contrast Essay Topics here in this post.

Before engaging in a dispute, you should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of your issue. You can persuade the audience by contrasting your position with the opponents.

Choose a subject that has the potential for a compelling argument. You will have difficulty developing a solid argument if there is only one correct side or if there is little material available.

Since you will be the one writing and presenting your topic to your audience, it is imperative that you have an interest in it. there is no chance that your debate topics will be persuasive enough to persuade your listeners if you are not interested in the subject..

This is the most important thing to consider while selecting a debate topic. Your topic should be appropriate for your audience’s level of education. Only then will they be able to comprehend what your argument is trying to convey.

Strategies for organizing a class debate.

Strategies For Organizing A Class Debate

The discussion is likely to get pretty heated when holding a debate with high school students on a contentious debate topic. But you can patiently agree or disagree controversial statements based on religious beliefs, capital punishment, animal testing, gender identity, gun control, etc . Follow these easy suggestions to ensure the debate goes smoothly and that the students get the most out of the exercise. To get Research Paper Topics , you can stay with us on this post.

It’s crucial to convey both sides of the argument when bringing up a contentious subject for the first time. High school students will benefit from this later when they have to defend either side of a controversial issue. You’ll probably discover that some of your middle school students have pretty firm ideas. The introduction of the opposing viewpoint will aid in their understanding of why the subject is contentious for some.

Start a quick discussion about some of the reasons why people might have different ideas about this topic once students have a basic understanding of both sides of the argument and why it is controversial. This will encourage students to consider the reasons behind the thoughts of those who hold different opinions from their own. When formulating their counterarguments, this will be helpful.

If at all feasible, locate a case study that addresses the contentious issue as you organize your argument lesson. Case studies assist students in relating the debate topic to actual events. Using real-world events will help students realize that topics for teenage discussion are rarely black and white and will motivate them to consider the topic carefully. Some students may even decide to modify their beliefs.

Students will need to prepare their points before the debate. Students can prepare their opening speeches and record their arguments and supporting details using the worksheet on debate planning.

Although you probably have strong opinions about the contentious topic, a teacher must serve as the moderator and guide conversation when holding a debate. Encourage children to voice their ideas, regardless of what they may be. Even if they are in the minority, students should feel free to voice their opinions. Futhermore you can watch the video to know how classroom debate can upgrade your skills.

Advantages of teaching teenagers how to debate

Advantages of teaching teenagers how to debate

Despite already said, discussing hard conversations and things to discuss seems to be how we advance addressing the trickiest issues of the present. Understanding the details and intricacies of the subject and comprehending your opposition’s arguments and your own during the debate are beautiful ways to win whether you’re contesting or simply engaging in a productive conversation if you’re participating outside of a formal context. Furthermore, if you’re searching for Persuasive Speech Topics , you can contact us to get all the details.

1. Diverse Viewpoints

Putting aside teen disputes and considering and going through debate topics for teens is an excellent approach to developing a fresh viewpoint on a subject that you might not have previously explored.

2. Critically analyzing

Many people who identify as “critical thinkers” don’t use these abilities; they just like how it sounds. Many individuals lack a somewhat important capability, thinking critically about an issue rather than merely formulating an opinion immediately. As a result, you will be in a better position than a sizable population by investing the time to develop critical thinking skills.

3.Greater convictions

Understanding an idea, comprehending how someone would defend it, and then taking the time to dissect those arguments to disprove them are some of the most acceptable ways. You will have stronger opinions to carry once you have put in this effort and completed this assignment. You’ll have a more excellent knowledge of something if you’ve thoroughly considered both perspectives on a problem or concept.

Dos and Don’ts When Debating Controversial Issues

Dos and Don'ts When Debating Controversial Issues

Fiery debates occasionally tend to spiral out of control, in order. This is the fundamental justification for why professors should act as debate moderators and provide some ground rules, making it clear that violent behaviour won’t be accepted during heated discussions of contentious issues. College students and teenagers are perfectly fit for the controversial adolescent definition. They are typically seen as aggressive since they aggressively support their position. There are a few standard Dos when debating. For getting all sorts of Accounting Assignment Help , you can rely on us.

In addition, there are some things to avoid doing when debating.

Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers

The ideal debate topics for teenagers will mostly depend on the age and maturity of the participants as well as the purpose of the discussion or argument. Sometimes it can be challenging to talk about contentious issues, so it can be helpful to do so with a friend who will engage in conversation or discussion with you in good faith and who won’t try to embroil you in any unfair conflicts. You’ll naturally want to be able to comprehend both sides of these arguments in-depth for a formal debate on interesting topics for teens.

Most Controversial Topics to discuss with teens

Most Controversial Topics to discuss with teens

Should there be a 16-person voting limit?

Is a 16-year-old drinking age appropriate?

What should the appropriate dating age be for teenagers?

Can cyberbullying be compared to real-life bullying in terms of severity?

Is peer pressure viewed as a positive or negative force?

Whether social media actively contributes to the rise in youth suicide rates.

Teens must not be allowed to consume energy drinks.

Mobile devices must not be permitted in classrooms.

Controversial Relationship Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Relationship Topics for Teenagers

Is a summer vacation preferable to a winter one?

Encouragement of teen book reading: Are the results positive?

Has technology altered the way that adolescents get sex education?

Has social media replaced our downtime?

Can daily leisure time be a substitute for a yearly vacation?

Is leisure time essential for workplace effectiveness?

Playing violent video games: pros and cons.

Has work-life balance changed with the advent of technology?

Has globalization and our increased mobility altered the way we view vacations?

Women spend their leisure time differently than men.

Controversial Political Debate Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Political Debate Topics for Teenagers

Political campaigns shouldn’t accept money from outside sources.

Is it fair for governments to restrict the freedom of expression of their citizens?

Are taxes that rise at ever-increasing rates just?

Senator and representative term limits for the United States do more harm than good.

Voting rights should remain intact for ex-offenders.

Racial disparity in the US results from contemporary incarceration patterns that disproportionately harm blacks compared to whites.

Is social media activity a requirement for a political leader?

Is the US Constitution still relevant today?

Should Supreme Court judges be chosen for fixed, predetermined terms?

Controversial Religious Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Religious Topics for Teenagers

Does modern American policing of underrepresented groups contribute to the criminalization of youth?

Should the United States eliminate the death penalty?

Is it moral to abort a child in the first few months of pregnancy?

Peer pressure: Does it exonerate delinquent youth from responsibility?

Will physical libraries ever wholly be replaced by computer databases?

Is cloning morally permissible?

Is it a good idea to make marijuana legal?

Is legalizing euthanasia a good idea?

Is it necessary to increase the minimum wage?

Do drug addicts require treatment or punishment?

In the age of globalization, is nationalism advantageous or harmful?

Controversial Technology Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Technology Topics for Teenagers

Will technology increase human intelligence?

Is artificial intelligence dangerous?

Will robots improve the quality of life of people?

What impact do technical advancements have on us?

Will we soon settle on another planet?

Can all automobiles eventually be electric?

Can we say that technology enhances human communication?

Do you think that recent technological advancements are changing people’s interests?

Can technology protect (or damage) the environment?

Does legislation appropriately adapt to advances in technology?

Controversial Educational debate Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Educational debate Topics for Teenagers

Do you think private schools are superior to public ones?

Should all aspects of a college education be privatized?

Are student loans abused?

Does the traditional classroom meet the needs of modern society?

Is it a good idea to let instructors carry weapons on campuses?

Does the contemporary grading system function?

Should college be required for all students?

Is sex education in schools a good idea?

Is a private or public school education superior to one received at home?

Is it appropriate to mandate that every student study at least one foreign language?

Controversial healthcare Topics for Teenagers

Controversial healthcare Topics for Teenagers

Does it make sense to legalize marijuana for curing mental illness?

Is vaccine mandate constitutional?

Future of healthcare and the influence of alternative medicine.

Does technology advance our well-being?

Contemporary medical care and antibiotics.

Is it a good idea to legalize drugs?

Does globalization support public health initiatives?

Should the government provide total funding for all citizens’ access to healthcare?

Should parents be required to bring sick children to the hospital by the government?

Can competition raise the standard of medical care?

Controversial Sports Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Sports Topics for Teenagers

Drugs that improve performance ought to be permitted in sports. Do you concur or disagree?

Are athletes in the industry overpaid?

Professional sportspeople provide excellent examples. False or true?

Should collegiate athletes be paid in addition to receiving scholarships?

College players should undergo drug testing similar to what professionals do.

Can dance be considered a legitimate sport?

actual sports against e-sports?

If so, is it a legitimate sport?

Should dangerous sports like mixed martial arts be outlawed?

Should female athletes take part in sports competitions with male athletes?

Controversial Environment Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Environment Topics for Teenagers

Is there already irreversible climate change?

Is it appropriate to outlaw plastic packaging and bags?

Are foods that have been genetically engineered a good option?

Should zoos be outlawed?

How does tourism impact the environment?

Should the United States have more national parks?

Is it a wise idea to ban fracking?

Everyone should adopt a vegetarian diet.

What part does organic farming play in the future of agriculture?

Is it ethical to export living animals?

Controversial Parenting Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Parenting Topics for Teenagers

Should parents allow their kids to use smartphones unsupervised?

Is it acceptable for teenage girls to use birth control outside their parents’ presence?

Should parents choose the profession that their kids will pursue?

Is it true that parents always treat their kids fairly?

Do parents have the ethical right to decide on the genders of their future offspring?

Pros and drawbacks of gay couples adopting children.

Should parents monitor their children’s social media usage?

Does parental control equate to parental supervision?

Should parents permit teenagers to make fully independent decisions?

Is parental assistance necessary for children to succeed in the future?

Controversial Food and Nutrition Topics for Teenagers

Genetically altered food is dangerous. False or true?

Foods using genetic engineering should be labelled. Do you concur or disagree?

Manufactured food versus organic food.

Is fast food mostly to blame for obesity? Do you agree or disagree?

Can we reduce food waste?

Farming organically is sustainable.

Better than corn-fed beef is grass-fed beef.

Deforestation is one of the main effects of the production of palm oil. False or true?

Can biotechnological foods end world hunger?

Should there be nutrition lessons taught in schools?

Controversial Science Topics for Teenagers

Controversial Science Topics for Teenagers

Scientists must constantly maintain objectivity. False or True?

Businesses should support numerous types of scientific research.

Should science in schools be made optional?

Why don’t we see more women in science?

Humanities training is less critical than STEM education. Do you concur or disagree?

Should laws be passed to govern cryptocurrencies?

Robots ought to be given rights. Do you agree or disagree?

Should people be afraid of AI’s power?

Is AI the subsequent evolution?

Is modern technology suitable for the planet or bad for it?

Controversial Medical and Psychological Topics for Teenagers

Fun Debate Topics for Teenagers

Fun Debate Topics for Teenagers

Are males stronger than females?

Which is preferable—daydreaming or nighttime dreaming?

Are there differences in how men and women communicate between the sexes?

Healthy vs delectable pizza toppings: which is best?

Do children’s perceptions of reality change as they grow up?

Is it acceptable today to live together before getting married?

Should adolescents work after school?

What variables account for the differences in life expectancy between men and women?

Are women historically more intelligent than men?

Are you unsure about where to discover a writer with experience?

Yes, picking a topic is very difficult in and of itself. After selecting a topic, you will need to investigate it to construct a compelling debate thoroughly. Do you find that to be too much work? Don’t worry; we have a good solution. From the list of topics offered, pick one, and then hire an expert writer from Assignments4u to do the rest of the work. By now, you should have identified some intriguing subjects for your discussion. Visit Assignments4u if you require other teenage topics for discussion. There will be a list of subjects from which you can select. 

You should come to us at Assignments4u for different types of Assignments help , simply offer your topic and the necessary guidelines, and the professional writers will handle the rest. Some high school students find creating an argument more difficult than choosing a topic. We can also assist you there. Now that you’ve decided on a subject, you can ask one of our essay writers to create an essay on it according to your specifications. Order teenage topics to talk about right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are debatable topics for teenagers.

Interesting teenage topics for General Debate

Which topic is best for teenagers?

The best debate topic for teenagers involves a subject that the entire country has studied, usually a current issue. Students and coaches create instances and reasons for “their side.” Students compete individually or in two teams, seeking to persuade the assessor that their views are superior to those of their rivals.

What are some good debatable topics?

Good debate subjects and Topics to talk about with teens include:

What are some controversial topics for kids?

Debate subjects for preschoolers

Are animals helpful or valuable?

Which is more effective for education: instructors or the internet?

Is fast food appropriate for kids or not?

Should pupils dress in uniforms to class?

What time of day should kids watch television?

Is online education suitable for young children?

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460 Intriguing Debate Topics for High School and Middle School Students

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Jim Peterson has over 20 years experience on speech writing. He wrote over 300 free speech topic ideas and how-to guides for any kind of public speaking and speech writing assignments at My Speech Class.

debate topics for teens intro image

It seems that nowadays, everything is open to debate. In the era of mostly uncensored social media reign, it has become easy to express opinions on any topic you may come across on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

Teenagers may find it hard to agree with this statement. Finding themselves on the crossroad between childhood and maturity, high school and middle-school students want to be heard on a series of relevant topics. However, they often feel adults undermine their attempts to express their views when they are not taken seriously. The perfect way for teenagers to develop critical thinking, learn to use relevant arguments in discussions, and boost self-esteem is to join their school debate teams. Not only will they develop valuable social skills through debating, but teenagers may also increase their chances to enroll at prestigious US universities, according to the National Speech & Debate Association statistic.

While you can find an extensive list of general debate topics in our separate article, here we will focus on the teenage population, high school, and middle-school students, listing debate topics teens may find the most intriguing.

Let’s start with listing general debate questions that tackle issues which may affect their everyday life. For this reason, teenagers may find these topics interesting enough to form and express their opinions about it.

In this article:

General Debate Topics for Grades 6 to 8

General debate topics for grades 9 to 12, education debate topics, parenting and family debate topics, social debate topics, politics and legislation-related debate topics, environmental debate topics, technology debate topics, science debate topics, general history topics, us history topics, funny debate topics, simple debate topics,  gender-related topics, dating- and sex-related debatetopics, debate topics about books, film, art, and other media, debate topics about sports, health- and medicine-related topics, character and morality, miscellaneous debate topics appropriate for teens.

General Debate Topics for Grades 6 to 8

The following list of topics will provide an insight into the broad range of different questions middle-school students may be eager to discuss. Apart from school-related topics that directly affect their everyday life, middle-school students are also interested in discussing various topics related to technology, health, or politics, provided that debate questions are age-appropriate. Many middle-school debate topics may also be regarded as controversial, tackling race, religion, or other sensitive questions. These will be addressed in a separate article.

General Debate Topics for Grades 9 to 12

As expected, high school debates will take discussions to the advanced level, presenting students with an array of burning issues that are often the public’s focus. This list aimed at high school students will require in-depth research and argumentation, trying to provide answers to the questions of interest for this age group. Simultaneously, high school students will have the opportunity to tackle more controversial general topics. This said, the list can also be a useful resource for advanced middle-school debates. Let’s see what debate topics may draw the attention of the US high school population:

Can We Write Your Speech?

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Education Debate Topics

Educational topics are among the most intriguing ones when it comes to the teenage population. Being middle-and high school students, teenagers will be eager to share their opinions about burning topics related to teaching, grading, bullying, and other significant parts of school life they face daily. By discussing the following topics, Generation Z will offer their ideas of the educational system that will meet their interests and needs best, keeping up with the technological development.

Various education topics will allow middle- and high school students to share different opinions related to numerous aspects and challenges of their school life.

Parenting and Family Debate Topics

Teenage years are turbulent, and they bring numerous changes. Wanting to build an independent personality outside family homes, teenagers demand their voices be heard and appreciated. Thus, they tend to challenge their parents’ opinions and defy decisions, wanting more freedom to make their own choices. This list of debate topics regarding family and parenting will offer the opportunity to middle- and high school students to address numerous family issues and share their points of view.

Social Debate Topics

Here is a list of topics that may provoke strong emotions and divided opinions. This is why numerous teenagers will enjoy leading fiery debates about issues from this list. As the fresh voice of the new generation, teenagers may offer a new perspective on some controversial social topics. Some of the social topics that teenagers may find interesting to discuss refer to gender equality and stereotypes, substance abuse issues, or police brutality. Through debating these often controversial issues, middle- and high school students will have the opportunity to freely share their opinions without fear of being taken for granted.

Politics and Legislation-Related Debate Topics

Many may believe that debate topics related to current political issues may be overwhelming for teenage debaters because they require extensive research and strong argumentation. However, middle- and high school students may enjoy exchanging opinions about burning political issues. In reality, we are living in turbulent times with the US administration failing to face all the challenges COVID-19 has brought. There are also serious immigration and gun policy issues that may directly affect young peoples’ lives.

 For this reason, it is essential to hear the opinion of the teenage population on various political and legislation topics.

Environmental Debate Topics

Same as the topics tackling current political and legislative issues, debate questions about the environment may present an intriguing challenge to middle- and high school students. Young generations show a high level of concern for the current environmental problems. With that said, they are not afraid to take action, ask difficult questions, and seek plausible solutions to raise awareness of the dire situation our planet is in. Thus, we offer a number of exciting environmental debate topics that may appeal to teenage students.

Technology Debate Topics

For generations that grew up with the expansion of social media and advanced technology, it becomes natural to be widely interested in discussing technology-related topics. As technology consumes the majority of their time and creates desirable images via social media, teenagers are faced with a number of issues they will try to solve through peer-to-peer discussions. Some of the topics on this list will tackle loneliness, the impact of social media on self-image and self-esteem, and other technology-related issues important to middle- and high school students.

Science Debate Topics

Numerous middle- or high school students will enjoy discussing various science topics with like-minded people. Science covers numerous issues ranging from nutrition to genetic modification and space exploration. Thus, students who are into science will have the opportunity to lead engaging and informative debates, expressing their standpoint and offering hypothetical solutions for current science-related issues like obesity, vaccines, and overpopulation and mental issues. These debates may provide an opportunity for teenagers to share their opinions on burning questions without being undermined by adults, which is often the case when they try to comment on some of these topics online. Here is a list of inspiring science debate topics for teenage students.

History-Related Debate Topics

History-Related Debate Topics

Some may say that teenagers interested in debate may not put history-related topics on their top ten list. They are right to some extent. Living in the whirlwind world of advanced technology and the Internet as the main source of information, future-oriented teenagers may find history topics outdated and irrelevant compared to an array of current issues that affect their daily life. For this reason, the debate can be a great educational method that will bring some significant history questions closer to middle- and high school students. We have compiled a list of exciting history-related debate topics that may encourage teenage students to start researching historic events and make logical connections with the present state of things.

Funny Debate Topics

Debate doesn’t always have to revolve around serious or actual topics. Teachers can use light-hearted topics to bring some fun in debate classes and warm up the atmosphere. Besides being amusing, this debate section is always open for additions and changes. The topics do not require extensive research, and people can add a new one off the hand. This flexibility is appealing to those teenagers who tend to look on the bright side of life and avoid serious talks.

Simple Debate Topics

This section comes as a logical addition to silly debate topics because it is aimed at younger students who are making the first steps in the world of debating. This list will make it easier for teachers to break the ice with new members of school debate clubs by starting with the following topics that do not require research and students can derive arguments from personal experience

Relationships and Gender Debate Topics

Relationships and Gender Debate Topics

Teenage years are the most formative and sensitive years, which bring an array of questions about sexual identity and relationships that are often confusing and overwhelming to young people. For this reason, middle- and high school students will eagerly engage themselves in discussions about gender and relationship issues attempting to find answers and share their opinions. Here is a list of debate questions about gender and relationships that middle- and high school students may find engaging.

Debate Topics About Books, Film, Art, and Other Media

Although teenagers usually use the Internet as the essential means of communication and a source of information, more than other media like literature, film, art, TV, and video games, they certainly have formed opinions regarding these media. They like to identify with others by sharing the same taste in books, films, and video games. Teenagers seem to be interested in current topics related to showbusiness, art, and the music scene. Simultaneously, young people also enjoy discussing the future of the arts and entertainment industry. Therefore, the topics from this list may be included in any middle-or high school debate and may draw the attention of numerous young debaters.

Debate Topics About Sports

Besides books, films, and video games, sports play a significant role in the life of a teenager. Whether they are members of school teams or fervent baseball or basketball fans, middle- and high school students love discussing sports-related topics. These questions are often related to ethical or controversial issues involving players’ conduct, ethics, and even sexual orientation, For this reason, including sports topics into debate lists may be a desirable decision. In this way, students will get the chance to address some burning issues by discussing their favorite sports and athletes.

Health- and Medicine-Related Topics

Nourishing a healthy lifestyle seems to be among the top priorities for teenagers. They are well aware of numerous health risks they have to face daily. As a generation that deeply cares about wellness and healthy choices, middle- and high school students will be eager to discuss numerous health- and medicine-related topics regarding their lifestyle. Also, teenagers will be eager to tackle some important general medical issues and express their opinions on alternative medicines, vaccination, and public healthcare. Here is a short list of topics about health and medicine that teenage students may find exciting.

Character and Morality

On their way to adulthood, teenagers are seeking answers to numerous confusing questions regarding character and morality. They are trying to build their independent identities and find a place in the fast-paced world that often sends mixed messages about what is right or wrong. Thus, debate topics related to character and morality may help the teenage population form their opinions on numerous exciting questions and find out more about their personalities

Miscellaneous Debate Topics Appropriate for Teens

Teenagers nowadays are curious about the world they live in and are eager to seek ways to make things better. For this reason, many of them will enthusiastically engage themselves in discussions about various current issues. Here are some versatile topics that middle- and high school students may find appealing which didn’t fit into previous sections.

Need more ideas for essay topics? Check out our page that includes over 200 essay topic ideas for your next writing assignment.

172 Controversial Debate Topics for Teens

16 Persuasive Essay Topics About Controversial Issues

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Best 4 Types of Student Debate Topics: 30+ Best Ideas in 2023 – 2024

Best 4 Types of Student Debate Topics: 30+ Best Ideas in 2023 – 2024

Jane Ng • 10 Jan 2023 • 5 min read

Debates are widely used in school, as both teachers and students come up with student debate topics for different classes!

Similar to two edges of the same coin, any issue naturally combines negative and positive edges, which drives an action of arguments between people’s opposing opinions, called debate. 

Debating can be formal and informal and takes place in various activities such as daily life, studying, and the workplace. Especially, it is necessary to have a debate in school that aims to help students broaden their perspectives and improve critical thinking.

In fact, many schools and academia set debate as an important part of the course syllabus and annual competition for students to perform their opinions and earn recognition. Getting deeper knowledge about debating structures and tactics as well as interesting topics is one of the major strategies to build up aspirational debating in school. 

In this article, we will give you the Go-To guideline with a range of debate topic lists that help you to find your own voice:

More Tips with AhaSlides

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Get free student debates templates. Sign up for free and take what you want from the template library!

Type of Students Debate Topics

As mentioned before, debate topics are diversified, which is appeared in all aspects of life, some of the most popular fields include politics, environment, economics, technology, society, science, and education. So, do you curious what is the most debated topics in recent years? 

Here is the answer:

Politics – Students Debate Topics

Politics is a complicated and versatile subject. It can be relevant to government policies, upcoming elections, newly enacted laws, and resolutions, recently dismissed regulations, etc…  When it comes to democracies, it is easy to see many controversial arguments and points of citizens on these related issues. Some common topics for disputing are listed below:

Environment – Students Debate Topics

The unpredictable climate change has raised more discussion about people’s responsibility and actions for environmental pollution deduction. Debating about environmental-related problems and resolution is vital to people from all walks of life which may help to raise awareness about protecting 

Technology – Students Debate Topics

As technological advancements have reached a new breakthrough and it is forecasted to replace plenty of labor forces down the road. The increase in leverage of disruptive technology drives many people to worry about its dominance threatening human beings is questioned and argued all the time.

Society – Students Debate Topics

Changing social norms and traditions and their outcomes are among the most disputed topics in recent years. The emergence of many trends has made the older generation considers their negative impacts on the new generation and concerned traditional rituals will disappear, meanwhile, youngers do not believe so.

Student Debate Topics

Expanded Student Debate Topics list in each Educational Level

There are no good or bad debate topics, however, each grade should have a suitable topic to discuss. The right opt of debate topic is essential for a student in brainstorming, organizing, and developing claims, outlines, and rebuttals. 

Student Debate topics – For Elementary

Popular High School Student Debate topics

Controversial Student Debate Topics – Higher Education

Student Debate Topics

What helps with successful debate

Beside best student debate topics list, like any skill, practice makes perfect. Delivering a successful debate is not easy, and a debating trial is necessary for your future in-stage one.  If you don’t know how to organize, we have helped to create a typical debate sample in class for you. 

Learn how to set up a debate in AhaSlides

Ref: Rowlandhall

' src=

A writer who wants to create practical and valuable content for the audience

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More from AhaSlides

How to Hold a Student Debate: 6 Steps to Meaningful Class Discussions (+ Examples & Topics)

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Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers

We Are Teachers

100 Winning Debate Topics for Middle School Students

Teach students to make effective arguments.

Jill Staake

When students learn to debate, they gain valuable life skills. Debates teach kids to research their topic, make informed choices, and argue effectively using facts instead of emotion. This list of middle school debate topics encompasses both serious and lighthearted ideas for kids ages 10 to 14. Each topic includes a link to an article from a reliable source that provides pros and/or cons to help kids make their arguments.

Choose from one of these middle school debate topics categories to get started:

School and Education Debate Topics

Technology and entertainment debate topics, life and ethics debate topics, fun and funny debate topics.

controversial topics for high school students to write about

controversial topics for high school students to write about

controversial topics for high school students to write about

controversial topics for high school students to write about

controversial topics for high school students to write about

controversial topics for high school students to write about

controversial topics for high school students to write about

controversial topics for high school students to write about

What are your favorite debate topics for middle school? Come share on the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook .

Plus, check out 60 funny debate topics for kids of all ages ..

' src=

Jill Staake is a Contributing Editor with WeAreTeachers. She has a degree in Secondary English Education and has taught in middle and high school classrooms. She's also done training and curriculum design for a financial institution and been a science museum educator. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida where she often works on her back porch while taking frequent breaks for bird-watching and gardening.

You must be logged in to post a comment.

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  14. 100 Winning Debate Topics for Middle School Students

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