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How to Install Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an industry leader in word processing, and installing it on your computer after purchase is easy indeed. Here is an overview of the process.

Insert DVD and Run Setup

Microsoft Word is commonly available as part of the Microsoft Office package. For these instructions, we’ll look at the process of installing Microsoft Office 2007 or installing Microsoft Office 2010 from a DVD; Microsoft Word will be installed as part of this software suite.

Product Keys Explained

Next the Microsoft Office installation process will ask you for your 25-character Product Key. This is a form of software copy-protection and is used by Microsoft to prevent the user (or multiple users) from installing Office — and therefore Word — on more computers than the license agreement permits. A Product Key is much like a serial number.

The 25-characters of the Product Key are arranged in this fashion:


Some of the characters may be numbers, others letters. If your Product Key ever becomes unreadable, you can ask Microsoft for help in getting a new one.

The Product Key for you version of Office and Word will likely be somewhere inside the packaging that your DVD came in. Look for a sticker or a Certificate of Authenticity.

Enter the Product Key

Enter the 25-character Product Key into the dialog box. You don’t need to insert the dashes separating the sets of five characters; Windows will do that for you. Be sure to type the characters exactly as they appear on your Product Key sticker or certificate.

When you’re finished, the Office installation program will check the validity of your Product Key. When that’s done, click Continue.

Agree to License Terms

The Office installation program will bring up the Microsoft Software License Terms. You must agree to the terms in order to use the software and Word; you can cancel the installation at this time if you don’t agree, but you won’t be able to install Microsoft Word. After reading the terms, check the “I accept the terms of this agreement” box and click Continue.

Install and Launch Office and Word

Windows will ask you what type of installation you want. The default is “Install Now,” while “Customize” allows advanced users to choose particular components of the Office software to install. For this example, we’ll choose “Install Now,” which will install Microsoft Word as part of the Office suite.

Click “Install Now” and then wait while Office installs all the necessary files; this could take some time depending on the speed of your machine. When the installation ends, read the notice about opening the software, and then click Close. Now launch your new copy of Microsoft Word. On Windows 7 or Windows 10, it might be highlighted in the Start menu as a new program. Click on Microsoft Word to open it.

At this time, you can activate Word through the Internet by clicking the Office Button, choosing Options and clicking Activate Microsoft Office. If successful, you’re all done and ready to go.


assignment on microsoft word

Microsoft Word Assignments

assignment on microsoft word


14 Best Steps on How to Make an Assignment on MS Word

How to Make an Assignment on MS Word

Nowadays, it is very common for students to complete their assignments using Microsoft Word. Thus, they look up how to make an assignment on MS Word. Because of the numerous options provided by MS Word, it might be difficult for a beginner to handle. All you have to do is become familiar with MS Word’s options before moving on to the assignment. 

Here in this blog, CodeAvail experts will explain to you 14 best steps on how to make an assignment on MS word step by step in detail.

How to make an assignment on MS word 

Table of Contents

Yes, we understand that completing an assignment is challenging for most students. Because some of them are worried about completing the task like write my paper , and even if they aren’t worried, they don’t know how to use Microsoft Word effectively, which can be disastrous for many. Similarly, we are publishing this blog to teach you how to make an assignment in Microsoft Word.

If you need help with your MS Office Homework, please do not hesitate to contact our MS Office assignment help experts .

Yes, we understand that completing an assignment is challenging for most students. Because some of them are worried about completing the task, and even if they aren’t worried, they don’t know how to use Microsoft Word effectively, which can be disastrous for many. This blog is being published to teach you how to make an assignment in Microsoft Word.

1. Setting the layout of the page for your assignment

On the Toolbar, select the Page Layout tab. Likewise, Page Setup options will appear.

2. Set Margins

Set the margins as follows (Standard measure for the margin):

3. Setting Orientation of the page

4. Setting Size

5. Setting styles

Go Back to the Home tab, You will find the Styles options in the right of the toolbar you will need to use these steps to set the headings and paragraph text for your work.

6. For Headings

Always use the first three headings (Heading 1,2 and 3)

And the text type should be Normal text

7. To set the headings styles for your work, you will have to

8. Setting up your assignment as the one document

Also, your Work, including the title page and references ( not the Assignment Attachment form*), must be aggregated as a single word (.docx) report. 

Therefore, it is simpler to make one record, embed your significant headings, and enter the content from that point. But, if you decide to make separate documents while setting up your task (for example, a different record for references), you will need to copy and paste the final contents into the one-word document and finalize the formatting there.

*The assignment attachment structure is either submitted electronically as a different document or attached to a submitted printed copy.

If you face any issues related to PowerPoint or find it difficult to complete your PowerPoint homework, use our PowerPoint PPT Homework Help by Experts .

9. Inserting section breaks, page breaks, and page numbers

The document has two sections

Section 1 Contains

Section 2 Contains

There are then page breaks within each section i.e

(e.g. between ‘Abstract’ and ‘Table of contents’; ‘Conclusion’ and ‘References’). 

To insert the Section break (i.e. make two sections)

Now to insert the page breaks

10. Now to add the page numbers

For section 1:.

For section 2:

11. Inserting the Table of contents

12. The title page

Follow these steps as the model for your work:

13. Word count

Show the word count properly for the body of your assignment, because it’s’ important.

14. Spelling and Grammar Check

Always keep an eye on spelling and sentence structure and Before you get a printed copy of your task,

What you have to do is

Get the Best Excel Assignment Help Now

6 Tips On How To Make an Assignment First Page Best

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4 Tips on How to Write an Assignment Introduction

6 Tips on How to Make An Assignment For High School

To this end, now you know the 14 best steps on how to make an assignment on MS Word in detail. Many times students are worried about their assignments but we are here to assist you with all your problems. You can contact our experts anytime if you have an issue with MS Office assignment help.

As a result, Our computer science assignment help experts are available for you to provide help 24/7.

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Tutorial Lessons

Computer Studies » Microsoft Word » Basic Text Formatting

For this assignment, you will create and format a business memo. Follow the directions below. If you get stuck on a step, review previous lessons and you can make use of some of the skills you learnt in Internet Research to browse the web for some solutions.

To: All Employees From: Sierra Rowan, Store Manager Date: September 1, 2019 Subject: New Shelves Some of you may have noticed in recent weeks that the shelves in the home goods section are beginning to sag. We will be replacing those shelves with new, reinforced metal shelves starting next week. The shelves will be replaced 1:00–4:00 a.m., during our least busy hours. Several aisles will be off-limits to customers during that time as a safety precaution. The following aisles will be affected: Kitchen appliances Kitchen & dining furniture Kitchen storage Home goods clearance Please direct customers looking for items in the affected aisles to the Outdoor Furniture and Patio Accessories areas.

Memo Directions

A memo addressed to "All Employees" is displayed.

Check Your Understanding: Paragraph Styles

Watch the five-minute video below. While the video shows an older version of Word (Microsoft Word 2010), the same features and many of the same buttons are also found in other versions of Word, including 2016.

After watching the video, answer some of these questions: In what situations would the Styles feature be useful? Would you ever use this feature? Why or why not? 

A piece of paper is displayed on a black table. The paper has ineligible text on it and a half black and half silver pen laying on top of it.

Now that you have some of the basic Word principles down, you can move on to more complicated formatting.

[Attributions and Licenses]

" Authored by : Lumen Learning", CC BY

This article is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

Note that the video(s) in this lesson are provided under a  Standard YouTube License .

This is a lesson from the tutorial, Microsoft Word and you are encouraged to log in or register , so that you can track your progress.

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Math Editor

Module 5: Microsoft Word, part 3

Assignment: create document with tables and images.

For this assignment, you will format a document with a table and an image. Follow the directions, then submit your assignment. If you get stuck on a step, review this module or previous modules and ask your classmates for help in the discussion forum.

A Microsoft word document with a table on it.

A Microsoft Word document is open with a graph showing the "U.S Online Sales as a Percent of Retail Sales" is shown. On the Y-axis are 9 different percentages going from 0 through 8. On the X-axis there are 25 months listed which is just December and June alternating starting in June of 2003 and ending in June of 2015. The graph is a typical line graph and it starts at just under 2 percent in June of 2003 and ends at just over 7 percent by June 2015. The line is blue and it grows about 1 percent every 3 years.

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Assignment on Microsoft Word Document

Profile image of Foysal  Hossen

Microsoft Word or MS-WORD (often called Word) is a graphical word processing program that users can type with

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Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above.


assignment on microsoft word

Create an assignment in Microsoft Teams

Create assignments for your students in Microsoft Teams. Manage assignment timelines, add instructions, create resources to turn in, and more.

Note:  Assignments is only available in class teams . You can assign assignments to classes of up to 1000 students. Classes larger than 300 can't use a Class Notebook or Makecode.

In this article

Create a new assignment, title and category, instructions and attachments, points, rubrics, and grading, assigning to students or groups, due dates and scheduling, assign, save, or discard.

Navigate to the desired class team, then select Assignments .

Select Create > Assignment .

Note:  Select Expand tab (diagonal, double sided arrow) to enter full-screen mode.

Enter a title for this assignment.

Optionally, add instructions, a rubric, or a due date.

Optionally, assign the work to a specific group of students.

Add the assignment to calendars, if you want.

Select the channel for assignment notifications.

Select  Assign at the top to assign the work.

Select  Save at the top to safe a draft of the assignment.

​If you don't want to save this assignment, you can select  Discard  to delete the draft.

Select Create, then Assignment.

Give the assignment a title. This is required. You can optionally add a category . 

You can type out instructions in the text box or attach a file. You can also add existing files, links, or assignment integrations to your assignment and create and name a new file right from here for students to turn in.

Note:  You can add up to five files for students to edit. The total number of resources you can add to an assignment is 10, whether editable or non-editable. Read-only reference files can be up to 500 MB in size. Files for students to edit can be up to 50 MB in size.

Select Attach  to attach resources to the assignment. Choose a file from your OneDrive, upload a file from your device, or choose one of the other options set by your admin, such as MakeCode.

Note:  If you're assigning a Class Notebook page, check what version of OneNote your students are using to ensure that their assignment pages will lock after the assignment due date passes.

Select +New  to create a blank Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), PowerPoint (.pptx), or Whiteboard document, or a new video recording to hand out to your students.

Note:  Select  Apps  to attach content from an app to the assignment. Admins can  manage Teams apps in the Microsoft Teams admin center .

By default, Students can't edit  attached documents, which means the document is read-only. This is a great option for reference materials.

More options button

Note:  If you have older documents with the file extension .doc, .xls, or .ppt, students won't be able to edit them. You can either attach them as read-only reference material or create a new file in Teams, copy in the old content, and save it. All new files you create in Teams or other Office 365 apps will have the correct extension.

Assignment instructions box with editing toolbar.

Select the amount of points this assignment is worth, if any. You can use points on any number-based scale including whole numbers of 100 and set your own denominator. Examples: 88/100 or decimals 3.7/4.0.

Select Add rubric to create a rubric .

Add points or a rubric.

Choose multiple classes, individual students, or groups of students  in one class to assign to.

By default, only students who are in your class now will receive this assignment. To change this, next to Don't assign students added to this class in the future select Edit  ​​​​​​. Make your selection, and then select Done .

Note:  If you choose a close date, any student who joins will receive this assignment until the close date.

Edit whether this assignment will go to students in the future.

Select a time and date for the assignment to be due. To schedule an assignment, next to  Assignment will post immediately with late turn-ins allowed  select Edit . Here, you can customize when your assignment will be posted to students and when it will close for turn-ins. By default, no close date will be selected, which allows students to turn in assignments late.

Select Edit to edit assignment timeline.

You can choose whether to add this assignment to your calendar on Outlook, students' calendars, and other educators or staff in your class team. Set this preference for all assignments in Assignments Settings .

Next to Add assignment to calendars , select the dropdown and pick one of the following options:

Students only  adds the assignment to just student calendars.

Students and me adds the assignment to both student calendars and your calendar.

Students and team owners to adds the assignment to both student and other educators or staff in the class team calendars.

Add assignment to calendars dropdown with Students and me selected.

Choose the channel where you'd like notifications for this assignment to post. This allows you to keep student work and discussion organized by unit, topic, or subject. By default, assignments will be posted in the General channel or your selection in Assignments Settings.

To choose a channel to post in, next to Post assignment notifications to this channel ,   select Edit . 

Pick the channel you’d like this assignment notification to post in, then select  Done .

To post assignment notifications to a channel, make sure bot posting is enabled. You can check that here  or ask your IT Admin for help.

Assignments will post to channels that are visible to all students. Private channels will not appear during this step.

Assignments to multiple classes can only post to the General channel. Assignments to individual students do not post to channels.

When you're ready, you can finish the process of creating your new assignment by assigning it to students.

Note:  If your school uses Turnitin, you can sync assignment turn-ins to Turnitin .

Assign  will immediately publish the assignment and your students will be notified of the new assignment on the day you specified and the notification linking to this assignment will post in the channel you selected. They'll also have an entry on their Teams and Outlooks calendars if you've selected that option.

Save  will save a draft of the assignment. Students will not receive any notification, and nothing will be added to any calendar. 

Discard  will delete the draft of the assignment. Students will not receive any notification, and nothing will be added to any calendar. 

Choose Edit to choose where assignment notifications will post.

Create a group assignment

Edit an assignment

Save an assignment as a draft

Grade, return, and reassign assignments

Additional resources for educators

Ask the community


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assignment on microsoft word

assignment on microsoft word

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microsoft word assignment

User Generated


Computer Science



For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

assignment on microsoft word

Explanation & Answer

assignment on microsoft word

The solution is attached.Please, give me feedback. Whitlock 1 June Whitlock Henry Miller Marketing July 5, 2016 Hazardous Materials Found in E-Waste Most people in the United States are now aware that disposing of electronic equipment by traditional methods—such as dumping in landfills—is harmful to the environment. It is intuitive to people that placing large items that will never completely break down in landfills is a wasteful use of land, but the reasons for special treatment of electronic waste go beyond that. Electronics contain hazardous materials that can harm the planet if placed untreated in landfills. Also, many electronic devices contain valuable materi...

assignment on microsoft word

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assignment on microsoft word

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