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If we see the data of past ten years, it can be clearly discern that Bangladesh is one of the world's fastest-growing economies, owing to a demographic dividend, substantial ready-made garment (RMG) exports, and stable macroeconomic conditions. As per theWorlds Bank data, the exports and consumption would continue to recover in the fiscal year 2021-22, expediating the growth rates to 6.4.

Bangladesh was ranked 44th largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP in 2017 and 32nd in terms of purchasing power parity by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its World Economic Outlook, 2018. Bangladesh enjoys the membership of the D-8 Economic Cooperation Organization, the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Infrastructure constraints, bureaucratic corruption, and youth unemployment all pose problems for the economy but in recent years the country has overcome several challenges, and it has toiled hard to become one of the most developed countries in the south Asian region. This has opened a wide range of opportunities even in the educational sector of the country. From Atiur Rahman to Humanyun Ahmad, Bangladesh has given a diverse range of educators and top-class professionals to the world.

Bangladesh complies entirely with the United Nations' Education For All (EFA) objectives, the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), and other international education declarations. All children in Bangladesh are entitled to free and compulsory education under Article 17 of the Constitution. This makes Bangladesh a suitable destination for embarking on the educational journey of an individual. However, the universities in the country have set a very high standard for the evaluation of the assignments. This makes really difficult for the students to get good marks which eventually leads to the deterioration of their final scorecard. Assignment writing is an art, it comprises various skills and knowledge. Sometimes, students are unaware of the perfect structural pattern which needs to be followed to match the requirement of any particular university.

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There are two stages to the primary school system:

At all stages of education, students can choose whether to get their education in English or Bangla. The usage of English-based study materials is more common in private schools, whereas Bangla is more common in government-sponsored institutions.

Cadet colleges are very important in Bangladesh's educational system. A cadet college is a Bangladesh military-run room-and-board school. Discipline is necessary in all cadet colleges. Faujdarhat Cadet College was established in 1958 on an area of 185 acres (0.75 km2) in Faujdarhat, Chittagong district, as Bangladesh's first cadet college. There are now 12 cadet colleges in Bangladesh, three of which are for girls.

Bangladesh currently has 53 public universities, and all of them contain neck-to-neck and soul-crushing competition, which has managed to bring a high standard and opaque evaluation system. That is why students seek assignment help services, through they can make their assignments impressive which can help them in getting an A.

If you are also fed up with getting average marks and want someone to help you with the assignment writing, then you have arrived at your destination. Because we at THS provide the best quality services among our peers. We are elated to announce that we have a decade-long legacy of providing help to students which have made us the most efficient and trustworthy service provider in the town.

As mentioned above, Bangladesh is becoming one of the most efficient and desired educational destinations in South Asia. Our assignment help experts have gained their academic affluence from some of the top institutions of Bangladesh itself, through which they are well versed and aware of all specific formats followed by the top-notch universities.

University Of Dhaka:

The University of Dhaka (often referred to as Dhaka University or DU) is a public research university situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is the country's oldest university. The institution first opened its doors to students on July 1, 1921. With 37,018 students and 1,992 faculty members, it is now Bangladesh's largest public research university. AsiaWeek named it one of the top 100 universities in the region. From founding father of Bangladesh to Bhutanese PM Lotay Tsering to Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, the institution has marked its significant presence in excellence all across the globe.

BUET stands for Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and it is a public technological university in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is Bangladesh's oldest engineering, architectural, and urban planning institution, having been established in 1876 as the Dacca Survey School. The university's campus is in the Palashi, neighbourhood of Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital. Over the following three decades, the institution has continued to expand with the addition of additional academic buildings, an auditorium complex, a cafeteria, and residence halls. A considerable number of BUET graduates are employed in industry and academics in Bangladesh and abroad.

Being a technical university, this offers a wide range of practical courses to enable students to cope up with the real word problem. And giving assignments are the best way to do it. So, if you are thinking about who is going to write my assignment then dont worry, your search is over, because we have come up with the best solution in The Student Helpline.

Bangladesh Medical College:

Bangladesh Medical College (BMC) is the country's first private medical school, as well as the country's first private tertiary education institution. It was founded in 1986 at Dhanmondi, Dhaka. As a constituent college, it is connected to the University of Dhaka.

It offers a five-year bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery (MBBS). Afterwhich, all graduates must participate in a one-year internship. Bangladesh's Medical and Dental Council recognizes the degree. Bangladesh Medical College Hospital, which has 500 beds, is connected to the college.

Apart from these colleges, our assignment writing services have success stories from all across Bangladesh. This list does not end here, we have the experience of serving institutions from all across the region.

Our online assignment help and writing services are not confined to generic and traditional courses. Our assignment help professionals have experience with cutting-edge courses and unusual themes such as:


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Our assignment help experts provide students with immediate assignment assistance via online support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From Enterprise Risk Management to Pestle Analysis, they have a wide breadth of experience.

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It Assignment


Computer Science is a systematic study of designing and analysis of algorithms that helps in solving programs determining the performance of computer hardware and software. The theoretical aspects and their practical application pave an easy way for human interaction with technology. Learning this discipline may sound like a hard endeavor for many students? However, your willingness to invest time in it may solve it all. For more contact us.

Accounting Assignment

Accounting and Finance

Accounting solves the real-life problems of businesses regardless of their size and helps in making efficient cost planning decisions and measuring the overall economic performance of a company. Accounting relates to information analysis for different aspects of business whereas finance solely concerns a business' monetary funds. Writing for such a discipline and channelizing our energy might seem a waste. But we have got you covered with our experts’ team working round the clock.

Statistics Assignment

Marketing is the process of flash any service or commodity to get a comparative advantage in the marketplace. It is among the most essential management roles since it assists to create new consumers and provide importance to the firm. Students are given marketing assignments so that they could reflect carefully about the importance of marketing as a discipline, method techniques employed by large businesses, and how to upgrade their abilities as marketing professionals.

Economics Assignment

In the words of Adam Smith, “Economics is an inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations.” The scope of study expanded over time and was divided into two branches namely macroeconomics and microeconomics. The former deals with how the overall economy that includes the market and other systems operates on a large scale along with the government as a major sector. if you are looking for help with economics assignment, contact us now.

Engineering Assignment


Building machines, complex structures, and creating an infrastructure requires the application of systematic scientific principles. The scientific study that uses theories of science and mathematics to reach logical conclusions for practical application in the real world are taught in Engineering. Be it mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, management, geotechnical, or other hundreds of different subcategories of engineering under each branch, we are here to assure you 24x7.

Law Assignment

As a discipline of study, Law denotes rules and principles that guide and keep in check unjust human behavior. As John Austin says, “Law is the command of the sovereign backed by the threat of punishment.” Law is not just a subject but it is an entire pool of discipline. There are diverse fields among law like Property law, International law, Criminal procedure, Civil procedure, The Law of Tort, etc. Be it any field, we have Ph.D. holders with the best of experience to help you with your task.

Management Assignment

Management is what we do and how we do it to generate the desired result. It revolves around four pillars of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The efficient and effective use of resources to get the desired objective is the prime focus of Management. It involves coming together of different resources like human resources, technical resources, natural resources, etc working towards a common objective in the organization. Nonetheless, we have experts who could you.

Nursing Assignment

Nursing is a discipline that specializes in complete health advancement, illness control, and providing holistic care to those who are mentally and physically unwell. It also includes campaigns and support for a secure environment to assist the community to prosper. Many students benefit from a Nursing assignment to grasp new regulations and evaluate current ones to master how to run the public health service appropriately. So that's why nursing is regarded as key area of study.

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Monday, october 5, 2020.

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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University Assignment help in Bangladesh. Top notch Research & Consultancy introduces University Assignment help in Bangladesh in 2020. We have been working for UK students for last 6 years. Our Assignment Writing Service will create a 100% custom written assignment that will help you to be the best. We work with a professional team of Bangladesh, Australia & UK based writers who, following your requirements and instructions, will develop a model answer which is flawlessly structured, well-sourced and written in perfect English. If you are looking for an assignment and dissertation writing service in Bangladesh, you are at the right place. Top notch research & consultancy promises to deliver 100% unique and plagiarism free university assignment writing service the students of Bangladesh at best budget. We have a special discount offers for Bangladeshi students for their university assignment writing help.

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